Ahmadis lie all the time.  They present MGA as some type of scholar and etc, he wasn’t, he had a team of writersIt’s not their fault, Ahmadi’s are trained and conditioned to lie, the Ahmadi mullahs lie based on job security, they need money and continue to officially lie on behalf of the Mirza family, this is why the Mirza family picks from the poorest families when it is selecting Mullahs.  Today, we present our readers with an authentic scan from the most prestigious newspaper in British India, the Civil and Military Gazette.  In this edition, which is Wednesday, October 24th, 1894, MGA’s death prediction vs. Abdullah Athim is mentioned.  MGA’s prediction that Athim would die in 15 months is the biggest proof that MGA was a stupid mullah and should not be a Messiah.  You can read more about MGA’s failure here:

Summary of this report


Under the caption of “ a dangerous fanatic” The Civil and Military Gazette Lahore, in his publication dated October, 24 1894, carried out a report about Mirza Gulam Qadiani which states that there is a well known fanatic in Gurdaspur Punjab. He calls himself Muslim and Messiah. His followers are no less fanatical than himself.

His prophesy regarding the death of a native christian of Amritsar has miserabley failed and the doomed man is still alive. A man of Such fanatic vision must be under police surveillance. His speeches create disturbance to law and order.
He is “anthema Maranatha” (a cursed new god) among orthodox muslims.
The newspaper (C&MG) gave an extract of article published in english daily “Muhammadan” as under:-

“Religious zeal by the curse sayers of Kadian is no matter but this shows the mental health of these peoples.They are of narrow vision and this renders them crude reactionist. His (Mirza),s writing reflect his hostile attitude to modern civilisation. He continue to fight with all around him. A railway train is a hateful conveyance for him. He thinks Christians have made all this modern machines with magic.

C&MG says they endorse the above report of the “Mohammadan”. Mirza,s such activities are under their observation for last many years and he is gaining strength. We should watch him more carefully in future.

Screen shots of Newspaper attached