In 1956, the Khalifa of the Ahmadiyya community, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad expelled the sons of Noorudin, Abdul Mannan and Abdul Wahab.  Noorudin left his children in Qadian with no money at all.  He famously said,

 “…My children are young and there is no money in our house. Allah is their Guardian. No provision should be made for them out of any fund for orphans and the needy. A loan might be provided for them which should be repaid by those of my sons who grow up into a position to do so….”

The 1956 speech of your Khalifa 2, which is on your Jamaat’s website at this link, and ponder on his condemnations of the family of Hazrat Maulana Nur-ud-Din sahib. For example, he says:

“At this time Shaitan has chosen the sons of Hazrat Khalifa 1, just as at the time of Adam he chose the tree of life …” (p. 5). On the same page he says that the sons of Khalifa 1, and their sons also,  are expelled from the Jamaat.