Ahmadi’s are inventing arguments all the time.  They are radicalized by the Mirza family and can’t simply just work, provide for their families and enjoy their lives, NOOOO, they are forced to do Jihad for the Mirza family.  This is a Jihad wherein you give your life to the Mirza family through free labor, donations, and ultimately your children’s lives.

An Ahmadi claims that MGA came after the 30 DAJJALS, hence, he is true
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Musailma kaazab
Sajah kahena
Saf son of sayyad
Tulayha son of khalid
Aswad anse
Muhammad jaunpuri
Muhammad ahmad
Arnold potter

John nichols thom
Bernhard muller
Ann lee
Muhammad son of Said
Al harith son of said
Abu Mansoor eessa
Saleh son of Tarif Burghwati
Shabbatai Zevi
Al mizra Abbas
Mahmud son of al-Faraj

Al-Mukhtar Al-Thaqafi
Jacob Joseph frank
Lobele prossnitz
Miguel cardoso
Jacob querido
Sabbatai zevi
Solomon molcho
Asher lammlein
David alroy
Abu ‘Isa (also known as Ovadiah, Ishaq ibn Ya’qub al-Isfahani, Isaac ibn Jacob al-Isfahani)

Here’s your list. Therefore Mirza Ghulam ahmad is true 🙂

Error’s in this Ahmadi’s theory
1.  Firstly, he claims that after 30 DAJJALS, then MGA appeared.  He made the argument that since 30 Dajjals had appeared before MGA, then MGA can never be a DAJJAL, or a false claimant to prophethood.

2.  However, he forgets that Bahaullah was alive when MGA made his initial claim of divine revelation, which is 1882.  Bahaullah died 10 years later.   Based on this fact, his list is wrong, since MGA was there on the scene, while a DAJJAL was just 1000 miles away from him.

3.  The hadith on DAJJAL’s specifically states that they will claim prophethood/messengership.  However, the list that this ahmadi gives has many christians on it.  Hence, the list doesn’t even reach 30.

4.  MGA claimed that the Christian clergy were DAJJAL, not any person, or any claimant.  This Ahmadi contradicts his own prophet in this regard.

This Ahmadi doesn’t care about the implications of his stupid arguments
Most Ahmadi’s are sooo brainwashed that they don’t care about what they say or do, they simply exist to annoy others and thus continue to make silly and stupid arguments, as they give their life away to the Mirza family.

The hadith on DAJJALS
“…Verily by God, the Last Hour will not come until 30 liars of prophecy will appear and the final one will be the One-eyed False Messiah.” (Narrated by Imam Ahmad as a sound Hadeeth).

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