Ahmadi’s are no different then the average Desi person.  Ahmadi’s have criminals, murderers, fraudsters, liars and etc etc etc, hence, there is no purpose in joining AhmadiyyaAhmadiyya INC doesn’t change people from their habits, its a family business which only cares about laundering more and more money overseas.  In today’s story, we report that a young Ahmadi girl from Toronto has been found lying about getting her Hijaab ripped off of her head or some man cutting her Hijaab, the entire story sounded strange from the get go.  The original story is in French, however, just click on translate.  We feel sad about this young girls decision to lie, what most likely happened is that her parents were forcing her to do Hijaab, and that forcing caused this girl to lie.  This incident proves that most western-born Ahmadi’s hate Ahmadiyya and only do it out of respect for their parents.

The story

An english translation of the story
Toronto police said Monday that the story that a man scissored the 11-year-old Muslim headscarf last week was unfounded.

The Toronto Police Service investigated what was then considered a hate crime: it now concludes that the allegations were unfounded, and announces that its investigation is now closed. No charges will be brought against the girl.

The case was touring the country on Friday, and even Prime Ministers Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne condemned the move.

“We conducted our investigation, gathered a significant amount of evidence, and we conclude that what has been told has not happened,” said police spokesman Mark Pugash on Monday.

The young Khawlah Noman said last week that on her way to school with her younger brother, a man who was following them had lowered the hood of his coat and started cutting the bottom of his hijab. She recounted that the attacker had fled, but returned a little later and resumed his ride. The girl claimed that the abuser had finally smiled at him before fleeing.

Investigators have not been able to determine how this whole thing has gone so far, but Mr. Pugash does not believe it’s up to the police now to find out. According to him, it is “very rare” for citizens to make false allegations of this kind, but he hopes that this incident will not discourage future denunciations.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Canada also expressed the same sentiments, while admitting that such incidents could provoke hostile reactions to Muslims. “Even though this incident did not really happen, let’s remember that a few years ago, a Muslim mother was brutally beaten in Toronto while driving her children to school,” she said. Safwan Choudhry, spokesperson of the association.

Following this alleged assault in 2015, police reported that the woman was beaten and her cell phone stolen by two men before she could find shelter at the school.


Several of those who had denounced the aggression last week sighed with relief on Monday. Prime Minister Trudeau did not want to comment specifically on the results of the police investigation, but he felt that there was nevertheless a strong trend towards hate crimes against religious minorities, particularly against women, and that this phenomenon was to be fought.

“We need to address this issue in a very, very, very serious way, and the trends we are observing (…) are one of the forerunners of intolerance,” he said. “We are a country that protects freedom of religion, freedom of expression, the right to go to school without living in fear or intimidation – that’s part of us,” he said. .

“I add my voice to those Ontarians who are grateful and relieved to learn that this aggression has not taken place,” Prime Minister Wynne commented on Monday, thanking the police for their work.

Toronto Mayor John Tory defended the speed of his reaction last Friday. He promised to speak loud and clear “whenever there are reports or allegations of hate or intolerance in our city”.

“It’s nice to hear that it did not really happen,” he said in a statement. We must all remain vigilant in the fight against hatred, racism, sectarianism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, to ensure that our city remains an inclusive space. ”

A spokesman for the Toronto Board of Education also said Monday that the assault did not take place. The Council offered help and support to the alleged victim, his family and other students.

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