The Ahmadi-imam, Ibrahim Noonan is a terrible person. He has been ordered to terrorize people on the internet, and in real life. All of his activities are controlled by the Mirza family, they own Ahmadiyya INC. Why are we writing this? We have had dialogue with Noonan for a few years, Noonan is obviously a token Irish-Ahmadi, in other words, Ahmadiyya INC needed a local Irishman as a Mullah so that they could properly spread their business in Ireland with a local white spokesman. Ahmadiyya does this in every country. Or they try. Nonetheless, as the essay in the below will prove, Noonan is a miscreant, who was only made a Mullah by the Mirza family, he isn’t qualified, he isn’t properly trained and one last thing, he is an idiot of epic proportions who terrorizes people on the internet, in fact, he has ordered ahmadi’s to cyber attack a fellow Irishman, watch here.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The story is as follows

Michael Dennis Peter Noonan aka Ibrahim Noonan was a lazy fellow his entire life. He never did any type of manual labor. When he was 18, he was sent off to the London area to pursue college studies. Noonan was a devout Catholic type of Christian, his parents wanted him to become a Catholic priest. Thus, Noonan claims that in college he was studying theology, aka religious studies.

Frances Kelly with Imam Ibrahim Noonan presenting Sandra Carroll and Carmel Spelman with a cheque at a “Galway Night for Syria” in the Clayton Hotel.
Photo: Andrew Downes, xposure

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Did Noonan graduate from College?

It’s unclear if he ever graduated. It’s highly unlikely, we are sure that Noonan dropped out of college and began working in night clubs. He was either a bartender or a dancer. However, Noonan claims that he was a bouncer (security) and claims to have worked as such for 7 years. We have to assume this was from age 18-25. Noonan lies all the time, he claims to know Greek and Arabic, which is a total lie. He may be able to pronounce a few words or read a few words but he is not fluent in any of those languages, in fact, his english is terrible.

He claims to have worked at a club called Hippedrom. Then he contradicts his story, he claims to have been a bouncer in Ireland before England. We know he never went to college and was just hanging around bars, chasing women and drinking Irish beer.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Noonan loved fighting, just like all raging drunk Irishmen

This is a snapshot into the type of man Noonan really is. He is an average Irishman. They love fighting, drinking beer smoking cigarettes, and chasing women. Noonan was exactly like that, however, he lied about the drinking and smoking (he denied it in the video).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________By age 25, Mr. Noonan was a lazy good for nothing

Noonan goes on to say that he finished his studies, and then began travelling the world (North Africa) with girls and thus committing adultery. In fact, Noonan admits to committing adultery for over 10-20 years and totally living in this condition. He then says that as he was committing adultery, he felt bad and thought it was immoral.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The real story is that Noonan met an Ahmadi girl and got her pregnant

We have inside sources that tell us that at this point in Noonan’s life, he met an Ahmadi girl and began having adultery with her. He got her pregnant and then was forced to marry her. She introduced Noonan to Ahmadiyya. The story that Noonan gives is a total lie. In fact, many years ago, we encountered Noonan’s eldest son from his first marriage on (via twitter) and he confirmed all of this.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Noonan claims that he became Ahmadi after reading Jesus in India and just 2 other books

This is the proof that Noonan is an idiot, firstly, he should have done a better investigation, secondly, he lied, he only joined for a girl and her behalf.

New data found on Noonan’s first Ahmadi wife

We found ^^^^^ those references from here
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Ahmadi girl complained that Noonan was a lazy good for thing

The Ahmadiyya Jamaat in the UK heard about Noonan’s fake conversion to Ahmadiyya. The local Ahmadiyya jamaat was excited that they had finally gained an Irish-white-Ahmadi. In fact, the famous Bashir Ahmad Orchard was the first Irishman to join Ahmadiyya and he was still alive in those early days (92–96) when Noonan had just converted to Ahmadiyya. Ahmadiyya INC hadn’t got many other Irish-white converts to Ahmadiyya and were excited showing off Noonan to the world and etc. Noonan was thus being treated like a God by the Pakistani Ahmadi’s. They immediately told the vicious Mirza Tahir Ahmad about Noonan. In the meantime, Bashir Ahmad Orchard died and Ahmadiyya INC needed another local Imam to further its business practices in Ireland. Also, in the same time frame, Noonan’s wife was tired of Noonan being lazy and just hanging around the house. They eventually divorced. Mirza Tahir Ahmad then told Noonan that he would personally get him a new Ahmadi wife and would even give him a job, as an Ahmadi mullah. The rest is history.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Noonan’s current Pakistani-Ahmadi wife sells homeopathy and beefed with Fiona O’Leary

The video clipping

The full video

Noonan and Ahmadiyya vs. Fiona O’Leary

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