MGA promised someone a son, in his weird way of praying for a son.

The quotes

June 7, 1906
“”””It has been conveyed to me by revelation that in the family of Miyań Manzur Muhammad, that is to Muhammadi Begum, a son will be born, who will have two names: (1) Bashirud-Daulah (2) ‘Alam Kabab Both of these names were revealed to me. My interpretation and understanding concerning these is as follows: (1) Bashirud-Daulah means that he would be a good augury for our glory and prosperity. After his birth (or after his achieving his discretion), the prophecy concerning the great earthquake and other prophecies will be fulfilled and a large number of people will turn to us and a great victory will be achieved. (2) ‘Alam Kabab means that within a few months of his birth, or before he achieves his discretion, the world would be overtaken by a great calamity as if it was coming to an end. That is why that boy has been named ‘Alam Kabab. In short, this boy will be called Bashir-ud-Daulah as he will be a Sign of our glory and prosperity and he will be ‘Alam Kabab because he will be an example of the Judgment Day for our opponents. [Badr, vol. 2, no. 24, June 14, 1906, p. 2 and al-Hakam, vol. 10, no. 20, June 10, 1906, p. 1]”””

Anyway, a few days later Allah changed his mind.

“”””Earlier, I had received the divine revelation that the earthquake that will be an example of the Judgment Day was imminent. The Sign appointed for it was that Muhammadi Begum, the wife of Pir Manzur Muhammad Ludhianavi will give birth to a son. Since that boy would be a Sign for the appearance of the earthquake, he would be named Bashirud-Daulah, indicating that he would be a good augury for our prosperity. Similarly, he would be named ‘Alam Kabab, indicating that if the people do not repent the world would be overtaken by great calamities. Similarly, he would be named Kalimatullah and Kalimatul ‘Aziz because he would be the Word of God that will appear at its due time. He will also bear other names. Thereafter, I prayed that the appearance of this severe earthquake may be delayed somewhat. The revelation from Allah the Almighty mentions that supplication and then provides the response to it. As He has said: [URDU OR ARABIC]

That is, Allah has accepted this supplication and has postponed the earthquake to another time. This revelation was published in Badr and al-Hakam about four months ago. Since the earthquake—the example of Judgment Day—has been delayed, it was also necessary that the birth of the boy be also delayed. Accordingly, a daughter was born to Pir Manzur Muhammad on Tuesday, July 17, 1906. This is a Sign of the acceptance of the supplication and the truthfulness of the divine revelation that had been published four months before the daughter was born. However, earthquakes of a smaller magnitude must continue to occur, but it is imperative that the earthquake of the example of the Judgment Day be postponed till that boy is born. Bear in mind that it is a Sign of the mercy of Allah that by creating a daughter, He comforted us regarding the predicted affliction, that is, the earthquake of the example of the Judgment Day. It has been postponed in accordance with . If the boy had been born, there would have been great apprehension and fear at the occurrence of every earthquake in fear that the appointed time has come and the postponement would have not been believed. But now the postponement has been tied to the fulfilment of a condition. [Haqiqatul-Wahi, p. 100 footnote, Ruhani Khaza’in vol. 22 p. 103 footnote]”””