Prem Das was an associate of Dr. Clarke.  He was a witness called in the case of Dr. Clarke vs. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.  He gave legal testimony in court about Abdul Hameed.  We found this testimony in MGA’s book,. “kitab ul Barriya” (1897), in a Lahori-Ahmadi translation, pages 175-176.

Statement of Prem Das on solemn affirmation
Son of Hira, caste Christian, at present resident of Amritsar, age 40 years. Stated:

The confession, exhibit ‘H’, was written by Abdul Hameed in my presence. He had also written in my presence another letter to Maulvi Nur-ud-Din sahib. Both these letters and the confession were written at Beas. In the letter, Abdul Hameed had written to Maulvi Nur-udDin sahib: “The Muslim religion is false and the Christian religion is true. I am going to become a Christian. At present I am at Beas. If you want to make me understand now, come and do so”. He asked me
for money to obtain the stamps. I had said: “If you like Maulvi sahib so much, send him a postage-due letter”. He did so. No reply to the letter came. Doctor sahib had gone to Beas. In his presence Abdul Hameed had said that firstly he was a Brahmin, his name was Ralya Ram. Then he became a Muslim. Now he was a Muslim and the name was Abdul Hameed. Eight days after the arrival of Abdul Hameed, I had gone to distribute the paper Masihee Din in the train. When I returned there was a man near the pit, and another was at some distance. One of them asked me: “Where are you going?” I said that I was going home. He asked: “Is there a boy Abdul Hameed with you?” I said, Yes. That man said: “That boy was Hindu formerly. His name is Ralya Ram. His people live at Batala. First he broke faith by becoming a Muslim. Now he has come to become a Christian”. I said: “There was darkness in his heart. It will disappear and he will not trouble you any more”. Then those two men stayed there and I went to my hospital. They were respectable men. I cannot say positively whether they were Hindu or Muslim. They had shaven faces, speaking Punjabi, not the Frontier language. I never saw those two men again.  That man had mentioned to the station master also that that boy was of the Hindus. The station master had told me. I had talked to Abdul Hameed about these two men, and asked whether they belong to his village or what? He had not made any reply to me.
Prem Das. Read out. Is correct. Signature of the Judge.

Statement of Prem Das on solemn affirmation on 13th August 1897
I have been a Christian for more or less 16 years. I have been under Doctor sahib for 12 or 13 years. At present I am posted at Beas. Abdul Hameed was sent to me on 21st or 22nd July 1897. Doctor sahib had written in the letter: “Teach this dear boy the Christian faith. Make him work. He can lift baskets. He is not delicate.” Till 31st July 1897 when the confession was written, Abdul Hameed had not said that he had come to kill Dr. Clarke. At Beas, a new room is under construction for Doctor sahib. There, Abdul Hameed had written a letter to Maulvi Nur-ud-Din in the presence of Yusuf Khan and myself. There had been no suspicion in my mind about Abdul Hameed till 31st July 1897. In fact, two men had said concerning him that the boy belonged to the Hindus. I have sympathy for him. Two snakes had been caught one day.
Prem Das in his own hand. Read out. Is correct. (Signature of the Judge.)

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