Prabh Dyal seems to be an owner of a sweets shop in Qadian and was called as a character witness on behalf of MGA.  This is the famous case of premeditated murder between Dr. Clarke and MGA (1897).  We found this testimony in MGA’s book,. “kitab ul Barriya” (1897), in a Lahori-Ahmadi translation, page 184.

Prabh Dyal prosecution witness on solemn affirmation 13th August 1897

Son of Ram Chand, caste Brahmin, resident of Qadian, age 50 years, stated: I have a sweets shop. He used to buy sweets from my shop. I do not remember the dates he had bought sweets. About a month ago I had seen him there, I do not know anything else. At that time he wore different clothes, red turban on head, feet in shoes, he had also worn a pyjama [loose trousers]. He used to remove [upper] garments and worked bare [backed] at lifting of baskets. I consider Mirza sahib a chief. He owns a mansion, houses, land. (On question from the lawyer of the defendant) Hindu people also think well of him. Today the policeman has brought me.
Prabh Dyal. Read out. Is correct. Signature of the Judge.

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