The Piggot prophecy was another failed prophecy of MGA, in fact, all of his prophecies failed.  MGA and his team of writers asserted Piggot would die in front of MGA’s eyes, i.e. in MGA’s lifetime.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Full English-RoR for 1911

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The ROR of June 1911, pages 250-251

“”””His enemies, who did their best to bring him to nought, met with dismal failure in all of their base pursuits.  One Lekh Ram of the Lahore Ayra Samaj dared to stand against him, but was crushed to death by the deadweight of his own insolence.  His own invectives and anathemas fell upon him like a stab and consigned him to eternal doom.  He was not the only victim of the Prophet’s righteous wrath, but many others suffered the same fate.  Abdullah Atham (Athim) who entered the lists against him in a religious contest was miserably worsted in the presence of a number of his respectable co-religionists, but at last the dogged pertinacity and the wilful perversity of the former proved fatal to him.  Quite recently the Christian Europe and the New World were shaken by the arrogant pretensions of Mr. Piggot and Dr. Dowie.  Both of the false pretenders soon raised a tempest in the teapot.  One claimed to be God himself, and the other, rather less arrogant claimed to be the fore-runner of Christ.  At once wicked and blasphemous were their pretensions, the Prophet of India, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian could not let them alone.  He took time by the forelock and challenged the false claimants to make good their pretensions or prepare to die.  The bubbles speedily burst and the hubbub instantaneously subsided.  Disgrace overtook both and sent one to the grave unregretted, and the other to the fathomless abyss of oblivion.  It served them right and the world was well rid of them.  Thus we saw with these very eyes how faithfully God sided with his righteous servant.  Nature in all its totality was placed at his service and success attended him wherever he turned his face””””
The Khalifa visited London in 1924, and never asked about Piggot

Another quick point to make. In 1924, the Khalifa famously went to London, however, he seems to have never inquired as to the status of the Piggot, who living less than 50 miles from the London Mosque. Piggot was living good in those days.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Akber C and Ak Shaikh discuss another case of Ahmadiyya editing in Tarikh e Ahmadiyya

In this video, our friends have found a serious case of academic dishonesty.
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