We have found a little known event in MGA’s life that the Ahmadiyya movement has desperately tried to erase.  As we all know, MGA and Batalvi were really good friends since childhood, Batalvi only turned his back on MGA in early 1891 when MGA claimed that Esa (As) died and that he (MGA) was the Messiah.  However, this is a lie, it wasn’t 1891, it was the summer of 1889 when MGA made his wildest claims of Messiahship and that Esa (As) was dead.  In previous essays, we had begun to uncover this issue.  We had also found references to the Ishaat us Sunnah of 1889, wherein MGA and Batalvi had began feuding.  Thus, proving that MGA made his wild claims in 1889, not late 1890/early 1891.  We also discovered how the first Part of Izala Auham was published in 1889 or early 1890.  We also found discrepancies in the publishing date of Fat-e-Islam.  We have just found an additional reference which proves our case entirely.  Its from MGA’s book, “Haqiqatul Mahdi” (Reality of the Mahdi)(1899), this book was written and published in 1899.  In this book, in the online english version of the book, which was published in 2017, it is stated by MGA that an announcement was published which was called “Mubahala” (see page 24).  However, if we check MGA’s book of announcements, this announcement simply doesn’t exist.  If we then check Ahmadiyya sources, we find the same thing, this entire event is totally missing from all Ahmadiyya sources.  It seems that the Ahmadiyya editors totally wiped this incident out of the historical records in an attempt to move MGA’s official date of claiming to be the Messiah to 1891.

1889 was important
Remember, this year was MGA’s big year.  His promised son was born in January, he held his bait ceremony a few months later in March, that bait form and list of names is also missing mysteriously.  MGA then went to Aligarh and backed out of his planned lecture to University officials.

November 1889
MGA claims to have written an announcement in November of 1889, this was an announcement of Mubahila vs. Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi.

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