Mir Qasim Ali seems to have been very involved with defending the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s after the split of 1914.  He seems to have written a few books, one of them is “Khilafat-i-Mahmud”, in english it would be, “The Khilafat of Mahmud”, he wrote another book, “Muslih Maud”, in english it would be “The Promised Reformer”. These books were quoted in 1966 by Qazi Muhammad Nazeer, as the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s responded to the criticisms of the Lahori-Ahmadi’s, specifically by Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqi. Mir Qasim Ali wrote a book in 1931 about Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi, called “Batlvi Ka Anjaam”, in english it would be “The End of Batalvi”. 7 October 1915:  Mir Qasim Alira started publication of his newspaper Al Faruq from Qadian. This powerful medium of tabligh continued rendering its services untill the sad demise of Hazrat Mir Sahibra in April 1942. In January 1911: Hazrat Mir Qasim Alira launched a new magazine called Risala Ahmadiyya. The magazine was in response to allegations raised against the Jamaat by opponents such as Maulvi Sanaulllah of Amritsar and Maulvi Ibrahim of Sialkot.

See “Truth Prevails” by 
Qazi Mohammad Nazir Lyallpuri, published on October 4, 1966, see the online english edition.

“””Would it not mean, that the agency to turn three centuries into four would be the fourth century, not the person of the Muslihil Mau’ud. Suppose the Muslih Mau’ud is not born in the fourth century; the fourth century, even then, would turn the third century into the fourth century or would it not? After the first century of any era has passed, does not the new century turn the first century into the second century? And does not the next century turn the period into the third century? Every one in his proper senses would perceive that the second century of any era turns the first century into the second century; similarly the third century turns the second one into the third century, and the fourth century would turn the third century into the fourth. No human being can turn the first, or second, or third century into the second, or third, or fourth century, quite irrespective of whether the Muslih Mau’ud had been born, or not. Only the fourth century would be able to turn the third century into the fourth century. This cannot be done by any kind of Muslih Mau’ud.”””” (Khilafat-i-Mahmud, page 40). 

“”””“The person of the Muslih Mau’ud can form no bar against the advent of the fourth century. If you say that the Muslih Mau’ud would be born at the end of the day of the third century, and at the earliest commencement of the night between the third and fourth century, even then it would not be said, in human parlance, that the person born at this particular time, had turned the third century into the fourth. 1) Because this statement would be just a statement that he would be born on that particular day. There is no argument or reason to establish it. 2) Let us assume that this can happen, and it has actually taken place, even then the person of the Muslih Mau’ud will not turn the third century into the fourth, just as in the case of the first and second centuries there was no human-being to turn the first century into the second and second into the third. What turns one century into the second and the third or fourth century, is the passage of the required measure of time, nothing else. In the same way, what turns the third century into the fourth is the rolling of the days and nights, nothing else.”””” (Khilafat-i-Mahmud, page 40). 

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