This book was published by MGA and his in 1894, as an Urdu/Arabic book, it was published from the Gulzar Muhammadi Press, Lahore.  In 1894, an Islamic Imam of Amritsar, Maulavi Rosol Baba, wrote a book entitled Hayatul-Masih, in which he contended that Jesus Christ is
alive and sitting in heaven. This imam was among those nine bad Maulavis who had been mentioned in another book, Anjam-e-Atham (End of Atham). This Maulavi issued a challenge to MGA in this pamphlet to demolish his arguments about the fact that Jesus Christ is alive. (see Hidden Treasures). Per Ahmadiyya sources, Maulavi Rusul Baba died on December 8, 1902, as a victim of plague in Amritsar.

“”””Though the booklet Nurul-Haqq has been written as a challenge to the Christians who claim to be divines yet Maulavi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi and those who follow in his footsteps, like Mian Rosol Baba, who have declared me a disbeliever and who reviled me, are not excluded from this challenge. The revelation received by me shows that none of the disbelievers, or of those who have declared me a disbeliever, will be able to write a refutation of the booklet Nurul-Haqq, because they are false and impostors, ignorant and stupid.”””” (Itmamul Hujjah, p. 24, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 8, p. 303)(see Hidden Treasures, and the 2009 edition of Tadhkirah).

“””…The man who in his being and his attributes and his actions and through his spiritual and holy faculties set an example of perfection, in knowledge and action and in sincerity and steadfastness, and was called the perfect man was Muhammad, peace be on him…. The man
who was most perfect as man and as Prophet, and came with full blessings, and who through a spiritual revival and resurrection manifested the first judgment in the world and revived the dead world, that blessed Prophet, the Seal of the Prophets, the leader of the righteous ones, the pride of the Prophets, was Muhammad, the chosen one, peace be on him. Our Lord, send down on that beloved Prophet that mercy and blessing that Thou hast not sent down on anyone since the beginning of the world. Had that grand Prophet not appeared in the world then we would have no proof of the truth of lesser Prophets like Jonah, Job, Jesus son of Mary, Malachi, John, Zakaria, etc. Though they were favourites and honoured and were beloved ones of Almighty God, they are under obligation to this Prophet that they were accepted in the world as true Prophets. O Allah, send down Thy blessings on him and on his people and on his companions, all of them. Our last word is that all praise belongs to Allah, Lord of the worlds””” (Itmamul
Hujjah, p. 36, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 8, p. 308)(see Hidden Treasures).

” what is jesus e.s .he is just an obedient person .If God wants he can within no time can make billions like him , in fact better than him (jesus e.s) ………….Maseeh was just a normal prophet .However he was one of billions of near ones (of God) .He was from the Normal group.Just a normal (person) not a special one and not more than that …….He came for the specific nation.Alas , he could not benefit any one spiritually .His prophet hood left an example that his loss was more than his benefit , and his coming has caused to increase (bad) fate and curse .’

(Roohani khazyian 8-page 308 -Atmamul hujjah )