Yasser Latif Hamdani became a major supporter of Ahmadi’s in roughly 2014, he also seems to have came to the USA in 1998 and graduated college in 2002, it is unclear how he immigrated to the USA. He seems to have novel and verbal knowledge about Ahmadiyya, not a thorough study like the writers and researchers on this blog. He wrote about #Ahmadis and the The All India Kashmir Committee (AIKC) in that same era. Dr. Mohammad Iqbal nominated and voted for QK2 to become president of the AIKC in 1931. Iqbal had been an Ahmadi over 30 years at this point in his life and he opened the door for the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s to challenge the government of the Dogra’s. The British government was even asked by the Dogra’s to arrest the Qadiani-Khalifa, since he was living in British territory, (British-India), but the British declined. Even Shaikh Abdullah became an Ahmadi and was a paid employee vs. the Dogra government. Even Shaikh Abdullah’s new wife became a Qadiani-Ahmadi in 1935. All of this allowed Ahmadiyya to spread quietly in Kashmir. The Khalifa visited many times from 1921 to 1929. As president QK2 asked all members of AIKC to take oath of confidentiality, i.e. what ever is spoken in meeting it will remain secret. This was done to give confidence to speakers to speak freely. But instead of keeping minutes of meeting secret, QK2 himself was providing information to Viceroy. Dr. Iqbal came to know about this when two Muslim office clerks in Viceroy office showed the original file to Dr. Iqbal. That was the origin of Dr. Iqbal turning away and against MGA. Or this is what is said. By 1935, Iqbal had “outwardly” told the world that Ahmadi’s are a dangerous organization and should be separated from Islam just like the Sikhs were officially separated from Hindus by the british government in the 1920’s. Remember, Iqbal never admitted to being an Ahmadi for the majority of his life, and he remained close friends with the Lahori-Ahmadi’s until he died.

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Copland, Ian, “Islam and Political Mobilization in Kashmir, 1931-34”, which was published in an academic journal entitled: “PACIFIC AFFAIRS”, Vol. 54, No. 2 (Summer, 1981), pp. 228-259 (32 pages), Published by: Pacific Affairs, University of British Columbia

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