Dear readers, MGA never led a Khutbah Juma, he never led salaat after 1888 (and even before, only for old women and little kids possibly), he never did any public speeches either.  Ahmadiyya INC turned the lectures of Maulvi Abdul Karim in different cities into books wherein they give MGA credit for giving speeches and etc. However, its a total lie. In May of 1904, the english-ROR reports that MGA was in Gurdaspur on the 20th of May and he gave a lecture, however, this isn’t reported by another Ahmadi sources and thus, its most likely a lie. In this alleged speech MGA claims to quote the Quran as saying, “when the camels will fall into disuse” and he quotes a hadith that seems to say, “Verily the camels will be given up and they will not be used for riding upon”, however, this hadith is a fake, no such hadith exists, and the Quranic verse isn’t properly given, the wording is changed, it should be (at-Takwir, 81:4)—“””And when the she-camels, ten months pregnant, are abandoned””””. This proves that Ahmadi authors were all academically dishonest and in many ways too. This specific verse was first twisted by MGA and his team of writers in 1900.

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MGA never led Salaat in his entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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