Aenas Sadaqat (Mirror of Truth) was written in the 1919-1921 era by the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad and his team of writers at Qadian, it was published in December of 1921(see the forward of “Haqiqat-i-Ikhtalaf”(1922)(Date of publication is 26th December 1921, it says it on the cover of the original urdu book, which seems to have been published and sold at the 1921 Qadiani-Jalsa at Qadian). This book was in direct response to Muhammad Ali’s “The Split in the Ahmadiyya Movement” (1918) and a few other essays of Muhammad Ali. The english version of Aenas Sadaqat was published in 1924 as “Truth About the Split”, presently, the 4th english edition (2007) is used on The Khalifa uses the word “Ghair-Ahmadi” for Muslims 100 times in this book, as opposed to barely 9 times wherein he calls Muslims as “Ghair-Ahmadi-Muslims”. The Khalifa also totally flips his opinion on the verse of Ismuhu Ahmad, which he and his brother (Mirza Bashir Ahmad) had been arguing was about MGA, rather than Muhammad (saw)(nauzobillah). By 1923, the Khalifa ordered #ahmadis to stop doing open Takfir, and thus, #ahmadis switched to silent Takfir. The second english edition of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad’s book The Truth about the Split was published in 1938. the third english edition was published in 1965 (month is unknown, the Khalifa died in this year also) and the 4th english edition was published in 2007.

This topic would flare up again in 1953, during the Munir inquiry. In 1965, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s published “Truth Triumphs”, in this book, they accused the Khalifa of changing his position on Takfir in 1953 and adopting the Lahori position, however, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s missed the main point here, i.e., the qadiani-Ahmadi’s had been practicing silent Takfir since 1923, and the statements of the Khalifa in 1953 were simply an extension of that. The Qadiani-Ahmadi’s responded with “Truth Prevails”, which was ordered by Mirza Nasir Ahmad via Qazi Muhammad Nazeer, (the Principal of the Jamia-Ahmadiyya at Rabwah) it was published on 10-4-1966 (See page xiv). They argued that the Khalifa, and MGA, only meant Kafir in terms of “small kufr” or kufr wherein someone remains a Muslim.

In 1974, at the National Assembly, Mirza Nasir Ahmad confirmed that Ahmadi’s consider Muslims as Kafir’s. In 2006, Ahmadi editors on edited the PDF version of the 2004 english edition of Tadhkirah and removed the famous quotation from 1906 wherein MGA tells the famous Ahmadi apostate, Dr. Khan that his deniers are non-Muslim. By the 2010’s, Qasim Rashid and other famous Ahmadi spokesmen totally deny Takfir against Muslims and call the quotation of 1906 as a clerical error of sorts.

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The Causes of Internal Dissensions in the Ahmadiyya Movement, By Khwaja Kamaluddin, 1914

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