Damon Stengel grew up as a racist and islamaphobe in the area of Osh Kosh, Wisconsin. He is extremely competitive and seems to be pain pills and etc. Damon Stengel was an autistic suicidal-teen, the Ahmadiyya Movement took advantage.

Kashif Shahzada was nice, professional and very polite. These Ahmadi’s however, have been acting rude in their responses to him and refuse to tell the truth how Damon Stengel was ordered to stand down, since he doesn’t know enough about Islam to have any debates. Damon Stengel only became an Ahmadi since he hates classical Islam and Muslims. Damon and Tarik Chaudhry think all Muslims are terrorists and evil people.

In 2020, after years of trolling me on social media, I finally had the chance to face Damon Stengel (see at the 49:00 mark). In this video I also talk about how #ahmadis are trained to hate ex-Ahmadi’s.

I have since made many videos about Damon Stengel, see in the below.

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Damon Stengel questions me

Counter Essay 


Recently, the well known anti Ahmadi preacher,  has made yet, another one of his essays against Islam Ahmadiyyat. He has specifically addressed the Canadian and fellow Ahmadi, Naveed Ahmed Kahloon.

His last essay was yet again another one of his gibberish rants about Islam Ahmadiyyat and criticism of the Canadian khuddam member. The self-proclaimed Sunni’s essay also talks about a brief history of his experience with Ahmadiyya and a brief biography of his life from his angle. Shaw then criticized the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community for being “brainwashed”.

However, as usual, his essays like this one are easily reputable. While I know for a fact it is not preferred to respond to someone who does not deserve a response, I, on the other hand am writing this to improving my own experiences with writing as I love doing this.

Let us begin the refutation.

There is another ahmadi that I have bumped into on social media, he goes by the name of Naveed Ahmed Kahloon, he seems to be a truck-driver from Canada. He is the classic “stupid-idiot-Ahmadi”.”

What Shaw asserts is that the Canadian Khuddam member is a “stupid-idiot Ahmadi”. However, there is no such label for a term and if anything, this is Shaw’s usual gibberish.

“He keeps asking me as to why I left Ahmadiyya and what religion should people join. I have answered this many times over…however, since he was taught to hate the critics of Ahmadiyya…he twists all of our answers and then makes wild allegations.”

This is not true. As a convert to Islam Ahmadiyyat, we can attest that what Shaw asserts about Ahmadis being taught to hate the critics of Ahmadiyya isn’t true.

Pointing out to Hazrat Khalifatul Masih (May Allah be his Helper), Mirza Masroor Ahmad’s recent sermons, he has repetitively pointed out that we are to treat our enemies with kindness.

Quoting an individual that Hazrat mentioned in his last sermon, the individual stated: ” What greatly impressed me was this point that praying for your enemies makes your heart pure. This is the teaching given by the Promised Messiah (as).”

Now, why would Hazrat Masroor (May Allah be his Helper) say this? It is because that was the example of the Promised Messiah (as) that you should pray for your enemies.

“Why did I leave Ahmadiyya?
I read about the split starting in 2005 and was shocked. It took me 5-6 years to completely research this topic. I read and read and read…and asked my local Ahmadi-Mullah many many questions, most of the time he didn’t know the answers, however, he would never admit to not knowing.”

With what specific individual the Sunni is referring to, I do not. He is not very specific in his essay. I am assuming he may be referring to his missionary at the time.

“By 2011, I was convinced that Ahmadiyya was false. However, I wasn’t totally convinced, I kept researching new topics, like the Mahdi, the Messiah, Mahmud Ahmad’s homosexual behavior of the 1930’s…his drug use. By 2015, I began reading about how MGA lied about his opium use. I then quit.”

This is false. Mahmud Ahmad (abu) never committed any acts of homosexuality. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II (abu) was obedient to God as he was the second Khalifa.

The Holy Qur’an forbids homosexuality.

Qu’ran 7:82: “‘You approach men with lust instead of women. Nay, you are a people who exceed all bounds.'”

If Hazrat Bashiruddin Mahmud (abu) committed homosexual behavior (God forbid), he could not have been appointed Khalifa by God.

Instead what Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II (abu) did in the 1930s was that he progressed the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community including establishing the Tehrike Jadeed in 1934.

Clearly no signs of any indecent behavior. None of the biographies of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II (abu) point out to this.

“What religion should an Ex-Ahmadi choose
I grew up in california, in america, we don’t care what people do with their lives, however, we warn people about cults and etc. This Ahmadi, Naveed Kahloon, when he heard this answer from me….he flew into a rage. He couldn’t believe it…he was taught that Islam should be forced upon all people….his Ahmadi-mullahs taught him this…”

Again, this is untrue. The Holy Qur’an prohibits compulsion in religion.

Qu’ran 2:257: “There is no compulsion in religion. Surely, right has become distinct from wrong; so whosoever refuses to be led by those who transgress, and believes in Allah, has surely grasped a strong handle which knows no breaking. And Allah is All-Hearing, All Knowing.”

This has been taken out of the Maulawi Sher Ali Translation of the Holy Qur’an, an Ahmadi Qur’an.

I continue to engage Ahmadis on social media, even though it is beneath my character and general love that I have for my species.”

Continuously lying to people is not love. It is a sign of weakness on the Sunni’s part.

“I only engage them as I am conducting a psychological examination on Ahmadis.”

From my personal experience of debating Shaw on various topics related to Ahmadiyyat, I can say this is false. His only goal is to criticize Ahmadiyya and lie about our organization flr his own personal benefit. His inconsistancy in his writings is proof.

“I will soon write that essay,”

Very well, we will look forward to responding to that as well. And our intention will be to say how much your essay is not about psychology, but rather the usual “Ahmadis are brainwashed liars” topic.

“moreover, I can confidently say that after engaging the most Ahmadis of any “ahmadiyya-awareness” personage, Ahmadis are all brainwashed idiots, they will never double check their mullahs, they do whatever the Mirza family tells them to do….”

This is not true. Ahmadis are not brainwashed idiots. Many Ahmadis go to colleges, universities, text schools, and jamias all around the world in order to attain an education.

To be brainwashed is to blindly accept something without a foundation.

As a convert, we did not blindly accept an Indian Messiah just because they claimed to be a prophet and messiah. It is because many of their prophecies came true and some are yet to be fulfilled.

And we do check in with our missionaries. We check in with my own missionary on a lot of things relating to religion and personal issues. What Shaw says is again gibberish nonsense.

And yes, he is absolutely right that Ahmadis will follow whatever the caliphate tells them what to do. Obedience is a great virtue in Islam. Obeying the Khalifa is obedience to the Holy Prophet (saw).

“Further, the Ahmadis who came to the West on Asylum on the worst humans on the face of this Earth”

This is offensive. To degrade Ahmadi refugees for fleeing from their oppressive countries is basically the hostile anti Ahmadi preacher admitting that the oppression of Ahmadis is justified.

We will state reasons and examples for why Ahmadis are not the worst humans on the face of the Earth and why they are here.

1. Ahmadis will bring lots of good to western countries. Especially in job growth and education.

For example, the well known American Ahmadi, Qasim Rashid is a lawyer. His brother, is a former marine.

Another example is Kashif Chaudhry, a doctor.

How could Ahmadi refugees be the worst people on this earth when they are willing to help their nations with all of their lives for the sake of Allah?

Condition 9 off of the Promised Messiah’s Conditions of Bai’at commands Ahmadis to help the world out.

It says: “That he/she shall keep himself/herself occupied in the service of God’s creatures, for His sake only; and shall endeavor to benefit mankind to the best of his/her God-given abilities and powers.”

With that, this debunks our opponent’s claim that Ahmadis are hateful and their refugees are the worst people on earth.

Should our opponent refute this condition, he must provide evidence for why the refugees are not a sort of benefit for the Western world and why they do not do good jobs at their positions.

We challenge our opponent, ———— to present various evidences to prove the refugees are bad.

2. Ahmadis are teaching the communities the true Islam. People need to be enlightened about Islam as their is a lot of misunderstanding of the Islamic faith. Alhamdulilah, our program in the United States, Coffee Cake and True Islam enlightens various people across the country.

3. As for leaving their country, they leave because their governments, especially in the likes of Pakistan persecute Ahmadis, making their lives nearly unbearable.

Also, The Holy Qur’an commands Ahmadis and other Muslims to migrate if they can:

Qu’ran 22:59:

“And those who leave their homes for the cause of Allah, and are then slain or die, Allah will surely provide for them a goodly provision. And surely Allah is the Best of providers.”

“Allah will surely provide for them a goodly provision.”

The Western countries, have more freedom than nations like Pakistan. As well as more job opportunities.

With the various careers of Ahmadis in the West, this verse is pretty accurate. And with the amount of freedom for Ahmadis to express their beliefs, life is easier for them.

The Holy Prophet (saw) for example, migrated from Mecca to Medina. Ahmadis follow his example.

Again, we propose to Shaw to please try and refute this. Shaw will never provide his evidences no matter how hard the self proclaimed Sunni tries.

“Naveed Kahloon is case in point. He flew into a rage once we asked as to why Mirza Tahir Ahmad lied about converts from 1995 to 2003…in fact, the entire mirza family has been lying about converts since MGA began doing it in the late 1890’s”

Again, this is false, the numbers are counted by various Ahmadi mosques all around the world and reported to the headquarters of Islam Ahmadiyyat.


The foolish notions by Shaw and his allies are ignorant and they will and have been repetitively debunked.

Their lies will be exposed and they shall, surely fail in their objectives.
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