Mirza Ghulam Ahmad disrespected so many Messengers (Rasul’s) of Allah. The list is quite lengthy, Mary, Yusuf (as), Esa (as), Muhammad (saw), the grandchild of Muhammad (saw), Hussain, the list is endless. MGA even claimed that if the signs that were shown to MGA (and the people of India) were shown to the people Noah (as), then the people of Noah wouldn’t have been drowned as such. My brother Omar Khan explains it here (at the 28:20 mark).

We know how MGA disrespected Esa (as). He also disrespected Esa (as)’s mother, Maryam (ra). We have a new quote from the infamous Seeratul Mahdi, wherein MGA was heard to have said that Maryam (ra) was not “truthful” because of her moral disposition, no, it was done to dismiss the divinity of Jesus (as god), not because she was actually “truthful”.
Haqiqatul Wahy, online english edition, page 721
The disrespectful quote towards Noah (as)

“””I have repeatedly announced that even if all my opponents from the east and the west jointly try, they cannot raise any objection against me which was not earlier raised against one or the other of the past Prophets. They always face humiliation because of their connivances and yet they do not discard them. On the other hand, God Almighty is showing so many Signs in my favour that if they had been shown in the days of Nuh, those people would not have drowned. But to whom can I compare such people? They are like the inherently stubborn person who, even upon seeing a bright sunny day, insists that it is night, not day.”””
MGA disrespected so many messengers and prophets of Allah, see in the below
Haqiqatul Wahy, online english edition, page 654

“””There has been no Prophet in the world whose name has not been bestowed upon me. Thus has God said in Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya that I am Adam as, I am Nuh as [Noah], I am Ibrahim as [Abraham], I am Ishaq as [Isaac], I am Ya‘qub as [ Jacob], I am Isma‘il as [Ishmael], I am Musa as [Moses], I am Dawud as [David], I am ‘Isa Ibn-e-Maryam as [ Jesus son of Mary], I am Muhammad sa by way of reflection since God bestowed all these names upon me in that book
and called me:

جری اللّٰہ فی حلل الانبیاء

Meaning: the Messenger of God in the mantles of all the Prophets.”””

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