Nowadays, Ahmadi’s cry all over social media when they are called as Qadiani’s, however, the reality is that since 1914, there were always two main groups of Ahmadi’s, Lahori’s and Qadiani’s. Both of these groups clashed with each other and had many beefs over the decades. Nevertheless, we have found a reference from the Al-fazl of 1920 wherein Qadiani’s Ahmadi’s are proudly calling themselves as “Qadiani, Mahmudi Ahmadi’s”. Archived.

The quote
Al Fazl, 18 & 21 October 1920

“””Ahmadiyya mosque

The designs for the construction of the Ahmadiyya mosque are being finalised and correspondence with architects is ongoing. On the 29th of this month, [mosque related] work will start in Ahmadiyya Dar-ul-Tabligh [mission house] on regular basis, insha-Allah. The construction of the mosque will also begin in the initial months of the New Year. The mosque will have a tall minaret that will be built in the style of the Minarat-ul-Masih [in Qadian]. It will announce the arrival of the Promised Messiahas in the Western countries and those who mocked us and asked for the sign of the Ahmadiyya mosque, will witness how the Unseen [God] shows His signs and how Ahmadis, yes, Qadiani, Mahmudi Ahmadis, progress in the valleys of the West with a resonant sound.”””
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