Watch my video on this herein. If any Ahmadi dies in Pakistan, the Ahmadiyya Movement will call it a targeted killing, based on faith. However, this is a total lie. 99% of the time, ahmadiyya fake news agencies never even give the proper information, there is never independent news reports, there are never witnesses, and there is never a proper police report (FIR). The tragic death of Abdul Qadir happened on February 2nd, at around 2PM, a lone gunman opened fire at a doctor’s clinic in Bazid Khel area of Peshawar and ended up killing Abdul Qadir, who was employed at the clinic. Rabwah times reports a one-sided story and no evidence that would corroborate the data from the Ahmadiyya community. Saleem ud Din has been on twitter totting the same story.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Why is the Ahmadiyya Community doing this?

The Mirza family, aka the Ahmadiyya movement uses the deaths of Ahmadi’s to substantiate the fake-asylum and human trafficking of Ahmadi’s to the USA, Germany, Canada and Germany. This is how the Mirza family makes money, since asylees are forced to pay high amounts of chanda to get citizenship. In the UK, the Ahmadiyya Movement uses Bindmans LLP, a jewish law firm to defend itself in British Court when ex-Ahmadi’s sue them. Similarly, in Germany, many Ahmadi’s have been complaining about being exploited for chanda by the Ahmadiyya jamaat, and lets not forget how Ahmadi’s killed their own daughter in Germany. We also have a video from Orya Maqbool, wherein he goes through many important documents and explains the asylum game that Ahmadi’s are playing (paperwork from Der Spiegel). This isn’t the first time that Ahmadi’s have been accused as such, watch my video herein. Even Pakistani-Christians have accused Ahmadi’s of faking asylum just to come to the West. Even Ahmadi’s have confessed about this asylum game.
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