As we all know, Mirza Tahir Ahmad (MTA) staged a bait fraud from 1993 to 2003. These were the last 10 years of his life, he seemed to want to experience the world converting to his father’s family business as he suffered from cancer. We found a Friday Sermon from 9-8-2000 of MTA wherein he explains how certain Ahmadi’s from Rawalpindi have been doubting the baits that have been reported by the Ahmadiyya Movement. That Ahmadi ended up becoming an ex-Ahmadi, and has given his testimony recently to many Ahmadiyya awareness channels.

Mirza Tahir Ahmad (MTA) lied about baits from many countries, mostly Africa and India, but also Albania. MTA addresses this issue at the very beginning of his speech. MTA says that all of these baits are in-fact true, they are not faked. By 2000, 40 million converts to Qadianism were reported by Mirza Tahir Ahmad. However, after he died, the new Khalifa indirectly admitted that these were not true, or people had left Ahmadiyya.



“”It is your thought that these statements of two crore (200 million) and four crore (400 million) are blatant lies and disorderly which I have made up from my own mind and I swear upon God that all of those statements are true! Not a single one is a lie!

Therefore, if this is your thought that you want (to see my) might then I call you to say “the curse of Allah be upon the liars” towards me and despite this I know that if God’s wrath descends on you then it will make you (teared up) in pieces.””


“”Aap ko khyal hai ke ye do crore aur char crore ki batein mehez jhoot aur mufsida hai jo main ne apne nafs se bana li hain aur main khuda ki qasam kha kar kehta hoon ke wo tamam tar batein sachi hain. Ek bhi un mein jhoot nahi hai.

Puss agar aap ka yahi khyal hai ke aap ko jalal chahiye to main aapko lanatullahe alal kazibeen kehne ke liye apni taraf bulata hoon aur us ke bawajood ke main jaanta hoon ke agar khuda ka ghazab aap par nazil hua to aap ke tukray tukray kar de ga””

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