We made this thread in an attempt to track Zafrullah Khan and his family.

His father

Chaudhry Nasrullah Khan (died on September 2, 1926), he was also a lawyer.
His brothers

See page 36

—Abdullah Khan (see page 37)
—Shukrullah Khan (younger than Zaf Khan)
—Hamidullah Khan (died at age 9)see page 294
—Chaudhry Asadullah Khan (also a lawyer)(younger than Zaf Khan)

—one sister (see page 37)


After retirement from the International Court of Justice Chaudhry Zafrullah Khan became a permanent resident of the top floor flat of the Mission House in the UK. At that time I occupied the first floor. During this period of 8 or 9 years, I was blessed with repeated occasions of being very close to him. It was our good fortune that, every day, he had all his meals with us. My wife took good care to serve him the kind of dishes that were suitable for his health. After dinner, Chaudhry Sahib would habitually talk about the current events and certain occurrences in his earlier years. For me his talk was like lessons provided in an academy. I learned a lot at the dinner table.

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