@Afzalupal is an amazing brother, I have known him for 5-6 years on social media. After his famous book on #Ahmadiyya was published in 2017 (Moderate Fundamentalist). The Ahmadiyya Movement Canada took action against him and his family. They immediately expelled @Afzalupal and also began to punish his family. We have posted the entire complaint in the below. It seems that the UK Charity Commission took no action since @Afzalupal doesn’t live in the UK and thus outside the jurisdiction of the UK Charity Commission.

In this video, Afzal Upal explains why he wrote his book, “Moderate-Fundamentalist”. He did a video herein explaining why he wrote his book. His book can be downloaded for free herein. His father was a Murrabi in the Ahmadiyya Movement, he worked mostly out of West Africa and got transferred to Pakistan and then Canada in the 1980’s. He died in a car crash shortly thereafter, his name was Maulana Ali Haider Upal.

Afzal Upal’s formal complaint filed with the U.K. Charities Commission

Case Charity Commission, @Afzalupal


The expulsion has effectively resulted in a circular being issued to AMA UK members refusing them contact with Mr Afzal.  This means that he and his family cannot attend weddings or other social functions or indeed have any discourse whatsoever with members of the AMA UK.  This is clearly an infringement of his human rights.


It is, in Mr Afzal’s view, the case that the AMA has neglected in their duty and indeed have mismanaged their obligations under their own rules as follows:-


  1. Under their Constitution, under article (iv) entitled membership under Section 1, it states as follows:- “The following shall be eligible for membership of the association :

Any adult Ahmadi resident in the United Kingdom whose initiation form has been accepted by the Khalifatul Masih or his specifically appointed representative on his behalf or spiritual guidance to the Khalifatul Masih has been otherwise recognised/confirmed by the Khalifatul Masih”.


  1. Section 2 (b) reads as follows: “Membership of the Association shall ipso fact cease forthwith upon the refusal of any decision or guidance by the Khalifatul Masih or with the cancellation/regulation of the acceptance of the initiation form of any member by the Khalifatul Masih or his special representative as aforesaid”.


The AMA UK is being mismanaged in that it is enabling personal disputes to interfere with the running of the organisation causing significant hardship to those who appear to have “fall outs” with influential members of the AMA or the managing committee thereof.


It should be made clear that Mr Afzal has never renounced his membership and remains eligible for membership under article 4 Section 1.  Further, there has been no cancellation/regulation of the acceptance of the initiation form by the Khalifatul Masih or his special representatives.


  1. Mr Afzal is of the view as that these procedures were not followed, the way that the AMA UK has been run is in breach of its own procedures and therefore the charity has been mismanaged.  The AMA UK is a charity and it exists to serve public purposes.  Mr Afzal seeks an intervention or even the imposition of a Scheme on the basis that the association is being mismanaged and is not working within its defined charitable object.  It is quite wrong for the AMA UK to be treated as its personal fiefdom and to expel a senior officer from the membership without cause or reasons.  We make it  clear that Mr Afzal does not seek a reversal of the AMA UK’s internal decisions, but Mr Afzal is of the view that AMA UK should be investigated by yourselves as set out above.


  1. It is understood that there have been changes to the AMA’s rules, which we understand have not been provided to the Charity Commission. These largely relate to the powers by the AMA UK to expel members.  These rules have been enforced by the Caliph, who is not a trustee of AMA UK.  The changes to the rules have had the effect of ostracising expelled members from their community.  You will see that the directive issued by AMA UK prohibits members from having any contact at all with our client.


In the circumstances, as you will see, Mr Afzal has attempted to address this with the AMA UK but sadly, to no avail.  In the circumstances, we seek an intervention or an imposition of a Scheme to look in to this particular area.  We understand from Mr Afzal that the AMA UK use expulsion to resolve person disputes and have done so on several occasions previously.  It is clear therefore that the mismanagement is widespread and used to satisfy personal vendettas.

In the circumstances, we await hearing from you as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully


From: RAU – Email Team (Queue) []
Sent: 10 April 2018 14:48

Subject: AHMADIYYA MUSLIM ASSOCIATION UNITED KINGDOM – 299081 – Mohammad Afzal – Your Reference VM/MB/28021-001 CRM:0192055

Dear Sirs

Thank you for your letter of 5 February 2018, which we received on 19 March, in which you raised concerns about the above charity on behalf of your client, Mohammad Afzal.

We note that Mr Afzal has been expelled from membership of the charity. Mr Afzal believes that his expulsion is not valid and that the trustees are mismanaging the charity by not adhering to the governing document. It is also stated that the GD has been changed without our knowledge. Mr Afzal is asking us to investigate.

The Commission uses its Risk Framework to ensure that its regulatory engagement with charities is proportionate, accountable, consistent, transparent and targeted as required by the Charities Act 2011. The Commission considers the best way of resolving an issue, based on its assessment of the nature and level of risk it is addressing. The seriousness of this risk affects what action the Commission takes to address it.

The Commission must prioritise its limited resources and focus engagement on the highest risk matters and therefore is unable to respond to every complaint it receives. There will therefore be cases where the Commission determines that a matter falls within its regulatory role but it decides not to engage following its assessment.

The Commission is notifying you that it has determined that at this stage we do not intend to pursue the matter you told us about any further. However, we may re-assess this matter should further information or evidence come to light.

Please note that your concerns have been duly noted and kept on file. We will monitor any further issues or complaints made against the charity and this information may be used in the future should we consider there is a regulatory role for us.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Deborah Bennett



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