As we all know, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad (Cha Cha Fooree) was mentioned in the famous 44 minute leaked audio which has shook the Ahmadiyya Movement to its core more than any other scandal ever. In the leaked audio, Nida Al-Nasser asked Mirza Masroor Ahmad if he had confronted his elder brother (Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad) about his sexual flirtations with his their niece (Nida Al-Nasser). Mirza Masroor Ahmad said NO, he said to forgive him and others, Masroor even called him his brother a “lucha” (out of control idiot). As we all know, in 2019, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad had been very aggressive in his approach to Ahmadi’s in the USA, he accused young Ahmadi’s in America as experimenting with alcohol and other drugs. There is more also. Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad explains how young Ahmadi’s in America are leaving Ahmadiyya at an alarming rate. This story is also on the islam_Ahmadiyya reddit forum.

In fact, on Dec. 31, the daughter of Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad came to his defense over allegations of sexual flirtation, she even asserted that their would be legal action against the journalist (Rana Tanveer). Moreover, the Ahmadiyya Movement in Canada published an advisory to its members directly telling them to disengage with famous Ahmadiyya awareness youtube channels like Aaqa Ka Ghulam, Shams ud Din RB, Khatme Nubuwwat Forum and Zaitoon FM.

A letter published by Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad on 12-31-21

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