We have found the real Identity of One of the True Islam Discord Server Members. His name is truth on their server but his real name is Aijaz Ahmad. All the umoomis work under him. He’s from Germany, he is ethnically Half Italian-half Pakistani. He spends a lot of his free time in America, we have even bumped into a woman who says that she was date-raped by him. I was told by an anonymous source that this person was engaged in sexually assaulting a relative of the person. He broke the rules when he joined the server as he was an umoomi according to my source. My source was traumatized by this experience which was the intended purpose behind the expose. Further, this guy is a racist against pathans, Hindus. Even Khurram Shah has worked with these people, he classically accused his own mother of adultery via the Ahmadiyya discord server. Zaryab Farooq from Baypoint, California is another koota ahmadi who works secretly.



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The Ahmadiyya discord server totally exposed


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Some silly responses

Ahmadi Rishta Server Owner (who is an Ex Ahmadi) leaks user’s personal information to Anti-Ahmadis who supports destruction of Ahmadi Mosques and deny that Ahmadis are persecuted

Exactly what the title says. Anyone who is in the server or plans to join, please be careful as the owner has been sharing personal information of the users with the Anti Ahmadis who are banned from this sub also. Those guys also own an Anti-Ahmadi server on discord.

This is what was posted on the AhmadiyyaFactCheckBlog website:

StarSprangledBanner is the owner of the Rishta server and is an Ex Ahamdi as he himself said.

Reddit account: /u/TypeOutside8598

Recently, they doxxed “me” in one of the posts which the mods deleted. They have now done the same thing again but now the victim is another user in the Rishta server. Although they are spreading false information about him, but it just shows that the owner has been actively sharing personal information about its users. This is the same guy who the owner forced to join the rishta server and then shared personal info of an Ahmadi girl from the server. This is what he send to him

He said,

Please join. We have a girl from … (hiding for her privacy)

Who is really sad. She needs someone

Not sure how many more user’s information has been shared with the anti Ahmadi sunnis. This information was then sent to another non-Ahmadi, who has published this on his website:

/u/ReasononFaith Only reason i did this because the owner advertised the server here so this deserves to be posted here too. Please delete if this is redundant. Just don’t want them to leak information about Ahmadi girls as these are the same guys who talk about our killing so casually and those who hack Ahmadi girl’s account and goes through their private chats (this happened last year on our server as you are already aware)