MGA psychotically stalked his triple-niece (Muhammadi Begum) after her family rejected his marriage proposal in the late 1880’s. MGA even said that the Muhammadi Begum prophecy was supposed to be a sign for all Muslims about MGA’s truth. As we all know, MGA died in 1908 and never re-married. However, in the first few edition’s of urdu Tadhkirah, a new reference was presented by the Mirza which came from the unknown Register of Miscellaneous Memoranda. It should be noted that in urdu, MGA was saying “Ya Allah ajaaaaaaa veeeee”, in english this doesn’t translate properly, since their is a huge sense of urgency.

Nevertheless, you will see a ref in the below wherein MGA is alleged to have seen Muhammadi Begum as naked, was this a wet dream? MGA had admitted to having many wet dreams and thus, this seems to have been an extension of those desires. We have also added another reference wherein MGA seems to see Muhammadi Begum and embraced her.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________MGA claims to have a dream wherein he sees Muhammadi Begum (a married woman) naked (See Tadhkirah, page 261, online english edition).
[Register of Miscellaneous Memoranda by from the Promised Messiahas, p. 34].

“””August 14, 1892 CE, Muharram 20, 1309 AH. I saw in my dream last night that Muhammadi (Begum), concerning whom a prophecy has been made, was sitting with some people in a village rest-house and perhaps her head was shaven and she was naked and she looked very repulsive. I said to her three times: The interpretation of your head being shaven is that your husband will die. I placed both my hands over her head and again stated the same interpretation during my dream. The same night Mahmud’s mother saw in a dream that my marriage with Muhammadi (Begum) had been performed and my wife had a document in her hand which specified that the dower for the marriage was one thousand rupees. Some sweets were sent for. Then Muhammadi Begum was seen standing near me in [my wife’s] dream. [Register of Miscellaneous Memoranda by from the Promised Messiahas, p. 34].”””

Via Tadhkirah
[Register of Miscellaneous Memoranda by the Promised Messiahas, p. 33]

“””This morning before dawn at 4:30 a.m. I saw a large house where my wife (Mahmud’s mother) and another woman were sitting. I filled a white water-skin with water and carried it into the house and poured the water into an earthen vessel of mine. When I had finished pouring the
water, the other woman suddenly came over to me wearing a beautiful red dress. I saw that she was a young woman and was clad in red from top to toe. Perhaps it was netting material. I thought to myself that this was the woman about whom I had published the announcement, but she appeared to me to have the features of my wife. It seemed that she said or thought: ‘I have arrived.’ I responded: ‘O Allah, may she come.’ Then she embraced me and thereupon I
woke up. [Allah be praised for all this.]

Two to four days before I had seen in a dream that [a woman of the name] Raushan Bibi [Lady of light] had come and was standing outside the door of my verandah and I was sitting inside. I said to her: ‘Come, Raushan Bibi, do come in.’””

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