In roughly 2010, Mirza Masroor Ahmad was yelling how he would kick out Ahmadi girls/women if they didn’t do pardah. However, in 2021, Mirza Masroor Ahmad totally changed his view on forcing Ahmadi women to do parda/hijab/niqaab. In this video, he clearly says that its up to Ahmadi women and none of his business. Ironically, just a few weeks after this video, the Ahmadiyya jamaat was circulating a Pardah form that they wanted Ahmadi girls/women to sign. It seems that he is pandering to different crowds, for the Pakistani’s, he is rigid, for the westernized Ahmadi’s he is liberal. A few years earlier, in the USA, in 2019, the Khalifa’s elder brother, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad told the world that Ahmadi women are rebelling to the jamaat’s pardah. Historically, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s wife doesn’t seem to have practiced pardah, and was allowed by MGA to frolic around at a train station for all to see. Mirza Tahir Ahmad and Mirza Masroor Ahmad told Ahmadis that it’s OK to beat their wives and to force Hijaab. At Rabwah, parda/hijab was always strictly enforced, and this is the environment that Mirza Masroor Ahmad grew up in. Recently, an Ahmadi-mullah spoke disparagingly about the Lahori-Ahmadis and how they have allowed their women to choose when it comes to Hjiaab.

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