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"Ahmadis kill ahmadis"

The Ahmadi-cleric, Maulvi Nooruddin wanted to kill all Ahmadis who ask that he step down as Khalifa

Noorudin was bed-ridden after his fall from his pony in the late 1909-1910 era.  He then had his leg amputated.  He died a miserable and painful death.  We only bring this up because Ahmadis always predict the death of others and pray for the deaths of all of their critics.  Nooruddin wasn’t in his right mind after his fall and was taken advantage of in many ways.  In fact, in the early part of 1914, Mahmud Ahmad even spoke ill of Nooruddin and later claimed that Noorudin was vacillating.

The data
Then quoting Hakeem Nooruddin from Al-Hakam, Qadian, 21-28 June, 1912, page 20, from Tareekh-e-Ahmadiyyat, Vol.3, new edition, page 401:

“””If you try too hard to make me abdicate, then remember that I have such ‘Khalid bin Waleed”s with me who will mete out the punishment of apostates to you.

Page 262: A person who demands that a Khalifa abdicate, whether an individual or a group, is wrong, mistaken, instigator of rebellion, and its punishment is to kill it/them.”””

The exact page


Ahmadis are hypothetically allowed to kill other Ahmadis


Mirza Bashir Ahmad wrote many controversial things about Ahmadiyya.  He declared Takfir on the Lahori-Ahmadis as well as all Muslims in 1916, then he wrote how Ahmadis condone the rape of prisoners of war, he also wrote the infamous Seeratul-Mahdi wherein he accidentally confessed that his father (MGA) never led salaat, never read out a Khutbah Juma, chased and lusted after Muhammadi Begum and etc etc etc.  He also wrote that the Ahmadiyya Khilafat wouldnt last pass the 4th Khalifa and would turn into a political Khilafat, Mirza Masroor Ahmad had to clean up that story in 2005.  In a recent find, I have found an essay that Mirza Bashir Ahmad seems to have written in 1959 or 1960, in this essay he explains how it is possible for Ahmadis living in India to kill Ahmadis living in Pakistan and other countries.  As we all know, India was at war with Pakistan in those days and thus many Ahmadis were in the Pakistani and Indian military and thus, a few may have even killed each other indirectly.  Nonetheless, I copied and pasted the translation of Mirza Bashir Ahmad’s essay from here:

The essay
“”The Question of Divided Loyalty Some Parallels From History””


Translated from Urdu by Professor Mohammad Aslam


During the U. S. Presidential election two contestants were in the field: Nixon and Kennedy. Kennedy being a Catholic, doubts were raised over his loyalty to the role of President. Catholics are followers of the Pope, and strict in their religious affiliation.If U.S. interests demand one thing and the Pope (or Kennedy‘s own faith) another,what will Kennedy do? Of two conflicting loyalties, which one will he choose? Will he choose his country and his high office? Or, will he choose his Catholic faith? Will he play the role of President hundred percent? Or will he compromise it by his fealty for the Pope?
Astute Kennedy survived the question and got away with a simple answer. Should the two loyalties-the Pope and the Presidential office-conflict, Kennedy said, he would give up the Presidential office but remain a simple Catholic. (Time, September 26,1960).Kennedy’s answer proved satisfying to Americans. The election swung in his favor and he became President. For the next four years now he will be the Head of the U.S.State. As U.S. Head, he will hold the reins of world politics; the reins of one of the two steeds which pull the chariot of world affairs, the reigns of the other steed being in the hands of the Russian dictator. Gog and Magog in mortal conflict! God help this poor world!

On closer view, however, Kennedy’s reply could not be correct even in Christian terms. Was not Jesus confronted by a similar question? And what was Jesus’ reply?Did he not say (Matt. 22:21-22) “Unto Caesar, Caesar’s and unto God, God’s”?Kennedy did not say this. Maybe, he did not wish to risk unpopularity with American voters. Maybe, if he had done so, American voters would have become confused,uncertain whether Kennedy was a good enough American. This does not make Jesus’reply, however, less clear or less correct. Loyalty belongs to different contexts. In each context it takes its own course. Determined to remain loyal in every context and honest to God in our judgment and understanding, we should have no difficulty,confront no conflict. Jesus, however, was speaking to the Israel, not to men in general.His reply was limited by his context, by his country and his people. He thought onlyof Caesar. He did not put the matter in universal terms. Islamic (or Ahmadiyya)conceptions are different. Islam (or the Ahmadiyyat) is universal. It is for all men,  everywhere, in all sorts of contexts. The teaching of Islam sets forth the subject of loyalties in terms, which cover every condition and all circumstances. The principles of Islam are universal. They relate to all kinds of situations. Muslims, therefore, have no difficulties, no reservations on the subject. No anxiety, conflict or confusion. We can hold our heads high. We are neither ashamed nor uncertain as to what we must doin any given circumstances. This clear conscience, we owe to the grace of our God.We concede this with humility. Read the verse in the Holy Qur’an (4:60):

“O ye who believe obey God and obey the Prophet and obey those in authority from among you.”

The Arabic expression “in authority from among you” should not mislead any one into thinking that loyalty to authority is limited only to Muslim authority. No, not at all.The verse teaches obedience to authority as such. “From among” (Arabic min) also means over or of or in. The verse teaches decorum and discipline in public affairs. It makes loyalty to ruling authority an Islamic duty. Ruler and ruled are pictured in the verse as one group. Always, the verse implies, a community or people consist of both rulers and ruled. The ruled owe obedience to the rulers. This being so, it becomes idle to dispute over the meaning of the verse; to construe that rulers whom Muslims are to obey must be Muslims is simply absurd.

The Promised Messiah, Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement (on whom be peace),writing about the verse laid down very clearly:

“The Holy Qur’an commands, ‘ Obey Allah and obey His Prophet and obey those in authority among you. ‘ Believers are to obey those in authority, besides God and His Prophet. To say that ‘

those in authority‘ does not include a non-Muslin-Government would be a manifest error. For, a government-or authority-whose ordinances are in accordance with the Shariah (that is, they are not in conflict with it) is ‘ authority from among you.‘ Those who are not against us are among us. The Qur’an, therefore, is unequivocal on the point. Obedience to governmental authority is one of its imperatives.” (Works and Speeches, Vol. (i), p. 261)

So also in the Hadith , the Holy Prophet (on whom be peace and the blessings of God)says:


“He who obeys me, obeys God; he who disobeys me disobeys God. He who obeys his authority obeys me; he who disobeys his authority disobeys me” (Muslim, Kitab alImarah).

In this hadith the whole subject of obedience becomes illuminated. Loyalty and obedience belong by right only to God, Creator, Master, Lord of Men and Nations.Others have authority derived from Him. They reflect the Authority, which is God’s.A Prophet is vicegerent of God, a Messenger, bearer, of divine ordinances. To obey the Prophet is to obey God. Similarly one who has authority among men is responsible for discipline, for order among God’s creatures; a guardian of their lives,property and honor. Obedience to such a one is most pleasing to God. It is obedience to God. Obedience, at whatever level, is one and the same: it is obedience to God.Truly said the Holy Prophet, ‘Obedience to me is obedience to God and obedience toauthority is obedience to me.’

In accordance with all this (the Holy Qur’an, the Holy Prophet’s Hadith, the writings of the Promised Messiah), the present Head of the Ahmadiyya Movement, Hadrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad, inculcated loyalty to one’s State. He said clearly:“Our belief is that Islam requires every one to be loyal to the state under which helives… To think that Ahmadis in India or Pakistan will remain loyal to their respective Governments only so long as the Ahmadiyya Head requires them to be so, is senseless and stupid. The Ahmadiyya Head has no prerogative in this matter. His role is to recapitulate, to implement, the teaching and spirit of Islam, not to alter one jot out of it. He is to fulfill not to destroy… Loyalty to a Government or State, according to us, is ordained by the Holy Qur’an and the Qur’an is the Book of God… The Ahmadiyya Head or Khalifa has no right to alter an ordinance contained in the Holy Book. The Khalifa is a deputy, not a dictator. A deputy it bound to authority in the same way as are all the others.” (al-Fazl, April 5, 1949)On another occasion, he said:
“Officers of Government, assistants, clerks, every one: your obligation to carry out orders or directions issued to you by the Government is a special and a serious one.When Government makes a thing binding, then, there can be no deviation, not even by a hair-breadth. Honest belief implies nothing else. When a person elects to serve a Government, forthwith he enters into a solemn covenant. It is that he will be unsparing, sincere and honest in carrying out the duties and obligations assigned to him. If he breaks the covenant, he makes himself answerable both to Government and to God. He engenders his faith, his relation with God.” (al Muslih, June 18, 1953)In common wisdom also, it seems but plain that a movement which seeks adherents,fellow-members, and believers, in all parts of the world cannot but hold on to the principle that every one has to be loyal to the Government under which he lives.Anything short of this would mean disaster. Disorder and disruption rather than peace and goodwill. Disastrous for the movement, and productive of large scale conflicts,such as might destroy good human relations all over the world. If Ahmadis have the least bit of wisdom, they will not entertain a policy which will put an end to their own existence, or jeopardize peace in general. Ahmadis today are to be found in many parts of the world, outside Pakistan and India; in Malaya, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Syria,Egypt, parts of East Africa (such as Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika), parts of West Africa (such as Nigeria, Ghana,Sierra Leone), Switzerland, Holland, Germany, UK,USA, Canada, South America and so on. Even outside Pakistan and India, in places their numbers run into thousands, and the numbers are on the increase. Such a movement brooks disaster, if it begins to oscillate between different loyalties. Divided loyalty can only be fatal for such a movement-fatal both spiritually and physically.
One imaginary situation is often posed. Two countries, both with Ahmadi populations,go to war, Ahmadis in the two countries profess loyalty to their respective Governments. What are Ahmadis going to do in such a contingency? Will they still side with their respective Governments and engage in mutual killing? The question is not a new one. Neither for us, nor for the rest of the world. Our answer has alwaysbeen this: Yes, even in such a contingency, Ahmadis will remain loyal to their respective Governments. This belief of ours is not of our making. It is a belief taught by God and explained by His Prophet. It is a belief we cannot alter or dilute. If loyalty to their respective Governments results in the killing of Ahmadis by Ahmadis, well that is there and, there is nothing more to be said or done. It is but a consequence, an obligation entailed by our religious belief. Principles have priority over persons.Persons may be sacrificed for the sake of principles, not principles for the sake of persons. Such mutual killing will be forgiven by the Wise and Merciful God of the Qur’an. It will be the result of His own teaching, of conditions, over which we have no control.The situation, however, is not so imaginary. History is full of instances in which professors of the same creed have fought each other. Hindus have fought Hindus,Christians, and Muslims.Believers have put to death other believers of the same religion sometimes several hundred thousand in number. The most cruel wars in history have been fought without cause, and with the most tragic consequences. What then if Ahmadis have to fight against Ahmadis? They will fight and kill one another, if necessary, to save a divine principle: the principle of loyalty to the state to which one belongs. Such wars are an understandable obligation. So, Ahmadis may fight on opposite sides. But while they fight they will also pray for the return of peace, a peace which makes the world safe for truth and justice.True, Ahmadis owe spiritual allegiance to one leader or Imam. How, one may ask, canthey be permitted to take part in mutual killing? The answer is again the same: The Ahmadi Imam is no dictator or ruler who can do what he likes or order his followers as he pleases. The Ahmadi Imam or Khalifa is himself subject to Islamic Law, the
Shariah. The Shariah is above the Khalifa, not the Khalifa above the Shariah. We may quote from the statement of the present Khalifa again (the second Khalita of thePromised Messiah):
“No Khalifa has the power to alter any of God’s ordinances. The Khalifa is no dictator.He is only a deputy. He is bound to. carry out a law, to put through some one else’s commands. He is subject to that law, those commands, as much as all the others in thefold.” (al-Fazl, April 5, 1949)We should also remember that the Ahmadiyya Khilafat is a spiritual institution. It has and seeks no political power, no statehood. Ahmadis seek to advance only by spiritual methods. They and their Head are content to live as loyal citizens under Governments,which guarantee freedom in religious matters.
Then, have not Catholics fought Catholics, belonging to different countries, different states? And yet Catholics owe allegiance to the Pope, believe in him and obey him, as though he were God on earth, (being successor of Christ, the God incarnate). And not Catholics only. Muslims also have fought Muslims. Muslims fought Muslims in the time of the Abb aside Khalifas, whose Khilafat was received as authentic by all Sunni Muslims? Again during the Turkish Khilafat, Muslims of different countries fought one another and yet they owed allegiance to one Khalifa or Imam. These facts are eloquent. They speak and speak loudly. They prove that followers of one and the same creed, owing spiritual loyalty to the same leader or chief, can go to war against one another. Why not Ahmadis? Why cannot they be trusted to do the same? Why cannot they be loyal to their Imam and yet be loyal to the states under which they live?To be brief, the Ahmadiyya stand is clear and clean. Need we reiterate that we Ahmadis living in different countries, under different states and Governments, are loyal to the countries in which we live, to the states and Government under which we live. Ahmadis of Pakistan are loyal to Pakistan, deeply concerned to exert and to prayfor its progress and prosperity. Similarly Ahmadis of India are loyal to India. The position is inevitable. It is the position the late Quaid-i-Azam perceived so clearly in1947. He commended to Indian Muslims the duty of loyalty to India. Ahmadis in Indonesia; are loyal to Indonesia, Ahmadis in Syria and Egypt to the UAR, Ahmadis in West Africa to their African Governments, Ahmadis in Germany are loyal to Germany, Ahmadis in Britain are loyal to Britain, in America to America and so on.This is the divine command and the voice of our hearts. And he who does not believe us and attributes some other belief to us, offends against God and grievously wrongs us. “And our last words are,
True praise is for Allah alone, the Lord of all the Worlds.”

Afzal Upal reveals how Ahmadis celebrated the State-killing of Bhutto at the 1979–Rabwah-Jalsa-Salana

I have mentioned before how Ahmadis wish death upon their critics and enemies, or anyone who opposes them.  They are taught by their mullahs to live like this.  For example, my father called me a Kafir and said that I would die violently and miserably, he said this the day that I told him that I quit Ahmadiyya.  However, this is normal behavior in Ahmadiyya, all Ahmadis believe along these lines.

Afzal Upal’s testimony in terms of Bhutto

Additional essays which prove my point

Ahmadis killed their own daughter in Germany

A Muslim man in Germany has confessed to strangling his 19-year-old daughter to death as her mother watched, because she was caught shoplifting condoms. The man was planning a forced marriage for his daughter and did not approve of the boy she was dating.

Asadullah Khan, 52, and his wife Shazia, 41, both Ahmadiyya Muslims originally from Pakistan, are accused of murdering their daughter Lareeb for bringing so-called “dishonor” on the family, reports German paper Bild.

They allegedly dressed her body, placed it in a wheelchair, and pushed it off a ravine near their home city of Darmstadt.

Khan, who speaks no German, was planning a forced marriage for his daughter, as he and his wife had been married in Pakistan. He told the court that he was angered because Lareeb, a dental technician, had stayed away from the family home for a number of nights and had stopped wearing a headscarf.

Lareeb had met a young man, also from the Ahmadiyya community, of whom the father did not approve. She argued with the father, and their relationship began to break down. Then a letter from the police was delivered to the house, informing them their daughter had shoplifted condoms.

“At this point it became clear that there was sexual contact. When I showed the letter to my husband he snapped,” read a statement from the mother in court.

Lareeb’s younger sister, Nida, 14, was sent to stay with a relative on the night of the killing, the court heard. Nida said that her sister had hit her father that night following a row.

Later, Kahn entered Lareeb’s room and strangled her as she slept. The mother watched.

The mother said that she was screaming, but claimed that as a subordinated woman with rheumatism she was powerless to stop her murderous husband.

Sister Nida denied this: “My Mama was not suppressed, she could do what she wanted. She used to hit me with a stick,” she said. “We were never allowed to talk about her boyfriend. My father used to say my sister should be forcibly married in Pakistan.”

Nida, who speaks perfect German, refused to acknowledge her mother in court, Bildreports. She has reportedly moved away from home and has no contact with her parents.

Taken from here:

The old Cult Girl confessions blog—Expontential Growth in Ahmadis? An Ex-Ahmadi shows otherwise!

About 7-8 years ago, there was an intestereing blog that popped up out of nowhere in this Ahmadiyya Awareness work.  It was ran by a girl who was trapped in Ahmadiyya.  She was from the UK and published lots of inside details about Ahmadiyya operations.  This specific entry is about the Ahmadiyya fake numbers game, which we have written about extensively here:

The full entry+ comments
The link–

Asalam o Alaikum readers… WASSSSSSURRRRRP! What it do in London today? How depressing is the weather? And what’s good Worldwide, I see thousands of clicks from the international community- BIG UP! Keep it coming, this is just the beginning, a ‘test stage’ if you like, but in between damning insider information on Sundays, I still need to keep you guys on the ball and so have a teeny treat for you!

This is old news, but now I have brand new readers, this will be NEW to thousands of you (yep thousands, my Blog had 8,000 hits by this morning subhanAllah).

Reason I chose this piece today is because since yesterday, I have received over 500 emails, and am being told, over and over and over and over (you get the point) how the Jamaat is growing and is huge and unstoppable! It’s doing it big time, it’s gone global, and it’s growing at the speed of light! Yes that’s right; it’s a nonstop rollercoaster ride to global domination. ERRR how about…NO! Ages ago, there was this guy who visited our forum called Khalid, and with him he brought along DAMNING inside information that showed the dismal reality of the growth of Ahmadis here in the UK. Want to take a look? OK I will show you, but be warned, it certainly isn’t a pretty site, especially for all of you who lectured me yesterday about ‘DA GROWTH OF DA AHMADIS’ (no joke ting, one guy said just that)…

(I am pasting what Khalid had written, late last year at some point):

I’ve been given the official bai’at figures for the last fifteen years in the UK. I’m sure they’ll open a few eyes as to just how much of a closed-cult the ahmadiyya really are. It shows the stark contrast between the numbers they claim (i.e. 200 million) and the dismal reality:

Official Bait Figures From 1995-2005 (UK):

Total Bai’at: 1084
Still with Jamaat: 218
Move to new Jamaat: 40
Left UK : 232
Unable to Contact: 594

So the shocking truth is that for the above ten year period, on average only 108 people joined the cult per year. Yet what’s even more shocking is that 55% of those who joined are unaccounted for!!! LOL…they can’t contact 594 out of the 1084 ahmedis that joined!!!

The below is a yearly breakdown from 2000 – 2010:

From 2000-2010:

2000-01: 122
2001-02: 48
2002-03: 58
2003-04: 95
2004-05: 38
2005-06: 45
2006-07: 75
2007-08: 67
2008-08: 25
2009-10: 61

The figures I have also show that more than 50% of those who joined are either no longer part of the jamaat or cannot be contacted!! LOL. MashAllah.. it’s wonderful how the jamaat looks after its new converts. The funny thing is a lot of those that are part of these figures where already Ahmedi, for each convert there is a comment alongside their name explaining their situation, i.e:

Born Ahmadis.renewed their ba’its. NOT right to say new ahmedi’s


Was born as an Ahmadi but never kept any touch with the Jamaat or did ba’it. Recently she did bait but still is very aloof and does not like to be contacted by the Jamaat. Pays her Chanda. Is related to mrs Amtul Rasheed and does not like to be put in this category. Her father was a sahabi.

So these figures are actually highly flattering, as a lot of those they consider new ahmedis (and are part of these figures) are in fact not new ahmedis.

The funny thing as well, is that only a small percentage of these “new ahmedi’s” are white british. For reference the breakdown by nationality for the 2009-2010 period is shown below:

English British: 7
Mix British: 2
Palestine/Egyptian: 1
Kenyan: 1
Kenyan/British: 4
Mauritian: 1
Pakistani: 22
Pakistani British: 3
Polish: 1
Somalian: 1
Indian/ German 1
Indian British: 2
Guinea: 1
Egyptian: 5
Bangladeshi: 1
Czech Republic: 1
Dutch: 1
Ghanaian/ British: 1

More than a third where pakistani!! Just shows that this cult really is a punjabi based business.

So… in the last 15 years they “converted” only 1312 people in the UK. An average of 87 a year. More than 50% of those they are no longer in contact with!!! This is the reality of the “True Islam”. For all their fancy propaganda to the white man it has got them no where.

What a sham “religion”.

Lo!! So much for “The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a dynamic, fast growing international revival movement within Islam”,quoted from their website @, and Allah’s promise to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of ‘I Will Cause Thy Message to Reach the 4 Corners of The World’ (Allah knows there are no corners and would not have said such a thing),

Yes OK I hear you!! I hear you already!!! ‘THIS ISN’T TRUE IT IS LIES OMG LIARS, HE MADE IT UP’… he didn’t, I think if we all ask him nicely and he is reading, he might be able to email us over the original (he did me ages ago and a few others on the forum who asked for it). OK. So next I am hearing ‘OMG GORSSSH THIS IS ONLY FOR THE UK, WE HAVE MASSIVE GROWTH IN THE AFRICA AND THE INDIA AND THE BANGLADESH AND THE TIMBUKTOO AND THE MOON…’ yeah…you get the picture right? This is the HUB of Ahmadiyya: HUBADIYYA. This is where it’s all that, THE UK is where at it is at! Your Khalifa, may Allah strengthen his hands and feet, lives here. This is the driving force of the Ahmadiyya! This is where the money is at! this is where the concentrated efforts are it! This is where the multi million pound Mosque is at! This is where the HQ is at! This is where all the tabligh efforts are at! This is the driving force for the entire Ahmadiyya community worldwide and look what IT has to show for itself… 1312 converts in a 15 year period!!!! **SHOCKING**

1315 in 15 years and not all were proper conversions anyways and majority of them were never seen again!!! Either that’s pretty pathetic or you guys’ idea of HUGE GROWTH is 1 addition to your Tajneed database every decade? Now compare this to almost 100,000 MUSLIM CONVERTS here in the UK, averaging at almost 5000 a year (source: ). So who is growing? Don’t try fool yourselves into thinking all the Ahmadis are in Africa, they aren’t! And even if they were, majority are uneducated and illiterate and would probably follow anything with a bit of persuasion! Why are they not converting en masse in the UK? I thought Ahmadis were the most engaged Muslims in the world, and you can’t even manage to scoop the educated non-Muslims of the UK but mainstream Muslims did? What is up with that blad? Tell you what is up, it’s a fraud and Allah SWT will keep those in genuine search for the truth away from falsehood!

And oh, did you know, according to OFFICIAL Jamaat statements, Ahmadiyya is NOT growing but is actually in decline and reducing rapidly in numbers? Did you know that? Bro Xia over at the forums shows us here @Ahmadiyya Jamaat Numbers Fraud:

Ahmadis, get off that sinking rubber dingy of yours and get on board the beautiful and safe Cruise Liner that is Islam: The proof is in the numbers! Stick with the majority and you will not go wrong. Start playing with the minority and the chances are, like most minority groups who are convinced too of world domination one day, and you WILL fail. Wave your white flag, get off that rubber dingy and come to Islam…this is no joke ting! WAKE UP FOR THE LOVE OF ALLAH WAKE UP!

Posted by Findings at 12:07  

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  1. Findings31 August 2011 at 13:17Reply
  2. dont try and hack my blog!! grrrrr! password has now been changed! silly person trying to edit my posts! NOT funny!
  3. XIA31 August 2011 at 14:44Reply
  4. Keep it safe u know that how Cult behaves :)All remember in that 2005 claim was of 200 Million + Ahmadis but in 2009 Claim was of 80 Million (even that is fake)

    May Allah guide them

  5. Anonymous31 August 2011 at 20:25Reply
  6. The prophecy DOES NOT CONTAIN THE NUMBER FOUR! It just says corners!lol, your comments seem to give me the impression that you’ve never had a discussion with anti-islamic atheists who’d love to try to prove that the Earth is flat from the Quran!

    4 corners comes from the bible, or am i mistaken?

    Four corners of the earth


    All parts of the Earth.


    From the Miles Coverdale’s Version of the Bible, Revelation 7-1:

    And after that sawe I foure angels stode on ye foure corners of the earth, holdinge ye foure wyndes of ye earth, yt ye wyndes shulde not blowe on ye earth, nether on ye see, nether on eny tree.

    A similar expression is found in Isaiah 11-12:

    And he shal set vp a toke amonge the Gentiles, and gather together ye dispersed of Israel, yee and the outcastes of Iuda from the foure corners of ye worlde.

    The reference to four corners does not imply that the writers of these texts believed that the Earth was flat (although they may well have done). the first citation above suggests more that the four corners were the four compass points.

  7. Anonymous31 August 2011 at 20:45Reply
  8. “This is where all the tabligh efforts are at”, this just explains your ignorance! Do you really think that the UK is our largest target audience just because the Khalifa is there?You need to use your resources to get stats from other countries as well, UK’s tabligh efforts have a lot of room for improvement. No comparison to other countries. I’ve assessed efforts in at least four other countries. You are just assuming! UK is nowhere near rank one in the world in tabligh efforts.

    BTW. Congratulations! If we’re decreasing. So, there’ll be a day when no one’s going to read your blog! That most certainly does not seem to be your ultimate objective. Why do I say that? Because u’ve done it the wrong way, the unislamic way. You are probably the only person on the team who’s not got the basics of Islam right, let alone ahmadiyyat. Not saying this to embarrass you but to encourage you to spend more time studying Quran and hadith rather than gossip. Because a lot of what you write is factually incorrect.

    May Allah guide all of us to the right Path. Ameen

  9. The Rash31 August 2011 at 21:08Reply
  10. Nice work Findings. Over here in the USA they are slowly dying. They train the Atfal to be Mukhliss Ahmadis..but, by the time they are Khuddam the Con is up.Many of my nieces and nephews are close to leaving. Hopefully websites like these will help people understand the fraud that is the ‘A’.

    Good Hunting!

  11. Anonymous31 August 2011 at 22:40Reply
  12. So, where are the 200000000 Ahmadis? Anyone? Or can you not stomach that Mirza Tahir, the fourth khalifa, leader of the true Islam, blatanly lied in front of the whole world? Or that you believed his BS?
  13. Anonymous1 September 2011 at 06:01Reply
  14. You’re not going to get any comments from Ahmadis except for the ones that insult your character. I don’t know you and maybe you don’t know a lot about Islam and maybe you are an awful person, but I would like to see an Ahmadi explain the figures.No, the UK might not be the center of tabligh activity, but then what is the center? What are the numbers from that place? Why should Findings have to find these numbers? Why doesn’t the Jamaat actually release the numbers of how many Ahmadis are in each country?
  15. XIA1 September 2011 at 09:37Reply
  16. There Centers are in parts of Africa where they can trade Food for Souls like Christian Missionaries while usinge the name of Islam to spread their own stuff :)But even there claims are fake

    like 200 million to 80 Million


  17. Anonymous1 September 2011 at 13:40Reply
  18. Surah al Baqarah 2:15 – 16And when they meet those who believe, they say: ‘We believe;’ but when they are alone with their ringleaders they say: ‘We are certainly with you; we are only mocking.’Allah will punish their mockery and will let them continue in their transgression, wandering blindly.
  19. Anonymous1 September 2011 at 18:37Reply
  20. So the thousands of Ahmadis that read this blog and send you emails (as you claim) don’t exist do they?
  21. Anonymous1 September 2011 at 19:45Reply
  22. LOL, What a loada rubbish cult girl. You think your clever hiding behind most likely a scraf pretending your muslim and reverted to ‘Islam’ but your nothing short of a coward. Have you ever been to Jalsaa lately have you seen how much the attendance has increased and you claim that it is on a decline, what a liberty. You probs already have boyfriend and all this blog is to get the message right in your head and excuse for you to run away,typical of girls like you. BTW ppl that are reading your blogs are Ahmadi’s and we are laughing at you not with you and disgusted at the way your parents have bough you up,poor people when they find out the real truth about you, you sure gna kill em and that too Alive then we’l see who goes to heaven. Mark my words we’l see where you are in 5 years time and if you dont change your attitude and ways you wont be too happy. Lanat on you what sad way of killing time,why dont you spend it doing Quran Hafz instead that way you are not spreading hatred in the world. One day someone will find you through hacking (won’t be long as I have ppl who can do it) and you will get slapped by your parents and I will want to personally meet them and you can get out of this so called ‘cult’ quicker than you thought.
  23. Hameed1 September 2011 at 21:10Reply
  24. Ahmadis always assume the growth that their leaders are talking about is happening somewhere else
    because in very jumah and jalsa all they see around them is the same old bored looking punjabis
  25. Anonymous1 September 2011 at 21:33Reply
  26. right… so these figures??? At the moment they are just hearsay to me. I would only believe this if you scanned in the original document.Also, are you not doing exactly the same thing that you suggest the Jamaat is doing, producing figures without proof? Are you not then as bad as you claim the Jamaat is. This argument of yours is void unless you can produce evidence rather than just writing some figures in a post.

    In your ignorance you have ruined your argument by doing exactly the same thing you claim that the Jamaat is doing wrong.

    I understand you get a lot of emails, but none of your responses have been to people that have questioned your articles. Unless you start doing so no one is going to give you much attention. I suggest responding to this comment as a starting point.

  27. Anonymous2 September 2011 at 19:52Reply
  28. i think this is xia or farhan pretending to be a girl to lead the woman astray from AHmadiyyat .If not, this is a very desperate girl trying to get attention and posting her personal life all over the web…..shoudldnt you be practicing purdah if your an obsreving muslimah?
  29. Yusuf2 September 2011 at 22:51Reply
  30. “Yes OK I hear you!! I hear you already!!! ‘THIS ISN’T TRUE IT IS LIES OMG LIARS, HE MADE IT UP’… “You claim that Ahmadis will say that you made up the figure? Now why on earth would you do that? Surly a good “Muslim” girl like you would never tell a lie right?
    Agh Hge wrong. You have allready lied. You said;
    “This is old news, but now I have brand new readers, this will be NEW to thousands of you (yep thousands, my Blog had 8,000 hits by this morning subhanAllah).”

    But on your ptofile page it says 665 hits.

    What a liar. Or should I say it in a way that you would understand (gang speak) YO CKICK I IZ COT U OUT INNIT. YOU AINT NOTHEN BUT A FAKER INNIT YO.


  31. Findings2 September 2011 at 23:32Reply
  32. Yo Yusuf blud.. 665 hits is for my profile page.. LOL! I’ve added a stats counter on the right side of the blog. As you can see there have been over 12,000 page views in the last week 😉
  33. Anonymous3 September 2011 at 10:08Reply
  34. Why are you so against Honurable Rafiq Hayat. He is one of a kind and is a UK Am’ir for life. People like him are born in generations. He is a big blessing for UK. Who else has qualities like him in the UK.
  35. Anonymous3 September 2011 at 14:16Reply
  36. You mean the same Rafiq Hayat who committed shirk?
  37. Anonymous3 September 2011 at 21:52Reply
  38. Hey Findings, I would like to hear your story do you have an email? I am a22 years old Ahmadi who is researching deeper into Ahmadiyyat.. Email me:
  39. XIA4 September 2011 at 20:59Reply
  40. Every 1 knows about Mirza Tahir and Jammat Lies about numbers200 million in 2005
    and 80 million in 2009 😀

    No Ahmadi cant deny that 🙂


  41. Anonymous7 September 2011 at 07:51Reply
  42. Can you plz condemn the recent murder of the Ahmadi brother Naseem Ahmad Butt.
    We Ahmadis are continuously condmening terrorsim, which YOU—>Sunnis are conducting, we hold symposiums, hand out flyers, have open houses for the Msoque, hold interfaith dialougues…etc….to cover your ass.
    BUT not once have i heard them (Sunnis) condenm the persecution against Ahmadis.
    I mean God forbid it come from a Mullah!PLease STOP terrorizing us.
  43. A khokar18 September 2011 at 13:35Reply
  44. Qadianis attempt to block build of New Masjid in London!Yeh; if this Mosque is being built with the aim of creating a masjid e Zarar and create disorder and mischief in the community residing in this particualr area. It must be stopped.

    Allah Loves not the disorder and mischief.

  45. A Khokar18 September 2011 at 17:02Reply
  46. [Expontential Growth in Ahmadis? An Ex-Ahmadi shows otherwise!]
    One may not be awarae of the facts that on what account ‘Findings’ or the ‘Cultgirl’ were shunted out of the Jammat and under what pretext. But believably in the light of the rancor and vengeance shown here— looks like a case of a ‘Divorcee’ —–who is crying for the breach / loss of relations contract and is desperately in need to get gather few sympathisers around.Sadly the loss may be that how suddenly they find themselves debarred; possibly for their own misconduct. Otherwise they say;
    Jissay saaf rakhna ho; ousay Maila naheen kartay

    So ‘Lagey Rahou Munna Bhai’; because any advice at this stage may not work that all the divorcees; they like to know not any logic or reasoning and neither will accept their fault for which he/she got the divorce.

    Once again; Lagey Rahou Munna Bhai; I think this must help Ahmadiyya that few more black sheep will also move off from the scene.

    Khas Kam jahaan Pak

  47. Findings18 September 2011 at 17:23Reply
  48. ^ thanks for addressing the point A.khokar.

    #ahmadiyya #ahmadiyyatrueislam #ahmadiapartheid #Ahmadiyyat #rabwah #qadian #meetthekhalifa #ahmadiyyat #muslimsforpeace #ahmadiyyafactcheckblog #nolifewithoutkhalifa #drsalam #AhmadiMosqueattack #AhmadiyyaPersecution #Sialkot #Mosqueattack

Ahmadis dont realize, everyone in heaven is alive, even Esa (as), hypothetically

Ahmadis are brainwashed to believe a slew of arguments.  All of these arguments collapse upon cross examination.  Another argument that Ahmadis make is that the Quran never says that Esa (As) is alive.  They will throw out challenges and etc in this regard.  However, the issue is that Ahmadis forget that everyone in heaven is alive, no one is dead.  In fact, the Quran tells us that all humans never really die permanently, instead, death is just the beginning of eternal life.  Thus, its no wonder why most Muslims consider that Esa (As) is alive in heaven, since 4:159 tells us that Esa (As) hasnt died yet.  Further, as Esa (As) awaits his return, he must be alive, since heaven doesn’t consist of the dead.

Some quranic evidence
(153. O you who believe! Seek help in patience and As-Salah (the prayer). Truly, Allah is with As-Sabirin (the patient).) (154. And say not of those who are killed in the way of Allah, “They are dead.” Nay, they are living, but you perceive (it) not.)

And do not think of those killed in Allah’s path as dead: indeed they are alive and receive their sustenance from their Lord. They rejoice in the bounty provided by Allah. (Surah 3, Aal-e Imran verse 169-170)

Some hadith evidence

Masruq reported: We asked Abdullah ibn Mas’ud about the verse, “Do not think those who are killed in the way of Allah are dead. Rather, they are alive with their provision in the presence of their Lord.” (3:169) Abdullah said: We asked the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, about this verse and he said, “The souls of martyrs are alive in the bodies of green birds who have their nests in chandeliers hanging from the Throne of the Almighty. They eat the fruits of Paradise from wherever they wish and they nestle among these chandeliers. Once their Lord cast a glance at them and he said: Do you want anything? They said: What more could we desire? We eat the fruit of Paradise from wherever we wish. Their Lord asked them the same question three times. When they saw that they will continue to be asked, they said: O Lord, we wish that you could return our souls to our bodies so that we could be martyred in your way once again. When Allah saw that they had no needs, he left them to enjoy.”

Source: Sahih Muslim 1887

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad ordered Ahmadis to never love Christians (1895)

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his team delivered a “sick” version of Islam to the people of India and eventually to the world.  In 1895, MGA and his team wrote a book entitled “Noor-ul Quran”, it had 2 parts.  MGA was unleashing a tirade of insults vs. Christian Missionaries, and without due cause, and against the Quran.  Never in the history of Islam had anyone ever used such language against Christianity, in fact, the Quran always told Muslims to never criticize the Gods of other religions.  However, MGA and his team didnt care, they continued on.  In this specific quote, MGA is ordering Ahmadis to never love Christians.  This is opposed to the “Love for All, Hatred for None” slogan that was launched by Mirza Nasir Ahmad as he toured Spain in 1980, further, it should be noted that all of Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s trips out of Pakistan were funded by poor Ahmadis, who were being forced to pay Chanda.

This quote from Nur-ul Quran, via essence of Islam, Vol-3, page 42
The Reality of Love

The fourth objection is that Islamic teaching never enjoins love for the followers of other religions; it only enjoins love for Muslims.

In reply, let it be clear that all this is the unfortunate outcome of the New Testament which is neither complete nor perfect, and because of which Christians digressed from the truth and reality. If one reflects deeply on what love is, when it should be exercised, and what hatred is
and when it should be exercised, then not only does one comprehend true philosophy of the Holy Qur’an, but the soul also achieves the perfect light of true understanding.

Remember, love is not pretence or affectation. It is one of the human faculties. The essence of love is to have sincerity for something and to be drawn irresistibly towards it. Just as the real characteristics of an object are only truly perceived when it reaches perfection, the same
is the case with love, in that its qualities are openly revealed when it is extreme and reaches perfection. Referring to this, Allah the Almighty says:


That is: ‘They loved the calf as if their hearts were permeated with it.’

In point of fact, when a person falls in love with someone and his love is total, it becomes his food and his drink, as it were. Indeed he takes on the complexion of the character and lifestyle of the beloved. The greater the love, the more a person is involuntarily drawn towards the qualities of the loved one, so much so, that he becomes his very reflection. That is why, consistent with his capacity, a person who loves God acquires, metaphorically speaking,
God’s light. Similarly, those who love Satan acquire the darkness which belongs to Satan. This being the reality of love, how can a true Scripture, which is from God, ever permit that you should love Satan as you love God, or love the successors of Satan the way you ought to love
the successors of the Gracious One.

The pity of it is that we had hitherto held the New Testament to be false only because it deifies a humble mortal. But now we can also prove that various other teachings of the Gospels are also impure. How can a teaching be pure which requires one to love Satan as he ought to love God? It would be an exercise in futility to contend that these sayings were a slip of the tongue on the part of Jesus because he was ignorant of the philosophy of the Divine. If this was so, why did he claim to be the reformer of his people? Was he a child? Did he not even know that true love demands that the lover should sincerely love the habits, morals and religious practices
of the beloved, and should endeavour heart and soul to be lost in them, so that he may attain through the beloved the life that belongs to him. The true lover loses himself in the beloved. He becomes the manifestation of the beloved and reflects in himself the image of the beloved to the extent that it becomes part and parcel of his person. After acquiring his complexion and by standing with him, he demonstrates to the people that for a fact he is totally lost in love for his beloved.

Muhabbat [love] is an Arabic word which literally means ‘to be filled’. The well-known Arabic idiom _______       is used when an Arab wants to say that a donkey’s belly is full of water. When he wants to say that the camel drank water to its full capacity, he says:. Hub, meaning grain, is also derived from the same root, meaning that it is full of the qualities of the grain. Similarly, Ihbab also means to sleep, for he who is filled with something else loses himself as if he
had gone to sleep and he had been deprived of all consciousness of his own self. If this is the reality of love, the Gospel, which teaches to love Satan and his followers, in other words it teaches that you too should partake of their wickedness. What a teaching! How can such a
teaching be attributed to God Almighty. On the contrary, it seeks to convert man into Satan. May God save all from this teaching of the Gospel.

If it is asked that since it is forbidden to love Satan and his ilk, what kind of treatment should be meted out to them? The answer is that the Holy Word of God Almighty enjoins that they should be treated with great kindness and compassion, just as a kind-hearted person is kind to the lepers, the blind, the crippled and the lame, etc. However, the difference between compassion and love is that a lover admires all the words and deeds of his beloved and desires that he too should become like his beloved; but a compassionate person looks at the recipient of his compassion with concern and is afraid lest the sufferer should perish in his pitiable state. The sign of a truly compassionate person is that he is not always gentle to his object of pity. Rather, he deals with him in accordance with the demands of time and occasion. At times he is gentle and at times he is harsh. Sometimes he offers him drink and sometimes, like a wise doctor, considers the amputation of his hand or foot to save his life. Sometimes he operates upon his limb, and sometimes he applies balm. If you happen to visit a big hospital, which is frequented by hundreds of patients of all kinds, and observe the daily tasks of an experienced doctor, you will then hopefully come to understand the meaning of compassion.

The Holy Qur’an teaches us to love the virtuous, the pious and righteous, and also to have compassion for the wicked and the disbelievers. Almighty Allah says:

35—Al-Taubah, 9:128

That is: ‘O disbelievers, this Prophet is so compassionate that he cannot stand the sight of your suffering and is highly solicitous for your safety from these hardships.’

Al-Shu‘ara’, 26:4

That is: ‘Will you die worrying why they do not believe?’ This means that, your compassion has reached the limit where your anguish for them has brought you close to death.

Al-Balad, 90:18

That is: ‘The faithful are those who counsel patience and compassion to one another,’ i.e., they advise patience in adversity and compassion towards God’s creatures. Here too Marhamah means compassion, for this is what the word Marhamah implies in Arabic.

In short, the true meaning of the Qur’anic teaching is that love, which in reality means to reflect in one’s person the qualities of the beloved, is not permissible except for God Almighty and for the righteous ones. Indeed it is strictly forbidden for all others. For instance, the Holy Qur’an says:

‘And those who believe are stronger in their love for Allah.’—Al- Baqarah, 2:166

It also says:

‘O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for friends.’—Al-Ma’idah, 5:52

At another place it says:

‘O ye who believe! take not others than your own people as intimate
friends.’—Al-e-‘Imran, 3:119

That is to say, do not love the Jews and Christians, nor those who are not righteous.

Reading these verses, the uninformed Christians are misled. They think that Muslims are enjoined not to love Christians and other non-believers, but they do not realize that every word is used with reference to the context. What constitutes love can be entertained for evildoers
and the disbelievers only when one partakes of their disbelief and impiety. Ignorant indeed would be the person who enjoined love for the enemies of his faith. We have pointed out several times that love means to look with pleasure on the words, actions, habits, morals, and faith of the beloved, to be pleased with them, and to accept his influence. But this is not possible on the part of a believer with regard to a disbeliever.

A believer will, however, have compassion for the disbeliever and will have full sympathy for him and will seek to help him in his physical and spiritual ailments. Allah the Almighty has repeatedly admonished that we should have sympathy for people regardless of their religion, should feed the hungry, procure freedom for slaves, pay off the debts of those burdened with them, and have true sympathy for the whole of mankind. He says:

Al-Nahl, 16:91

This means that: ‘God commands you to be just or, even more than just, to be benevolent like a mother to her child, or like a person who is kind to another because of the feelings of kinship.’

Al-Mumtahinah, 60:9

That is: ‘The fact that Allah forbids you from loving the Christians and others should not be taken to mean that He forbids you from doing good or showing compassion and sympathy. No. Be compassionate, sympathetic and just to those who have not fought to kill you, nor have
they driven you out of your homes, whether they are Jews or Christians, for Allah loves the people who do so.’

Al-Mumtahinah, 60:10

That is: ‘Allah forbids you from being friendly and intimate with only those who have waged religious wars against you and have driven you out of your homes, and have aided others in driving you out of your homes. Friendship with them is forbidden, because they are bent
upon destroying your faith.’

It is worth remembering that the reality of friendship is sympathy and well wishing. A believer can, therefore, have friendship, sympathy and goodwill for Christians, Jews, and Hindus and can exercise benevolence towards them, but cannot love them. This is a fine distinction,
which should always be kept in mind. [Nur-ul-Qur’an part 2, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 9, pp. 429-436].  

When we asked Qasim Rashid to comment…he blocks
Qasim Rashid has been ordered to cause trouble in America by Mirza Masroor Ahmad, he is not honest, and he refuses to engage any people who know about Ahmadiyya, he only wants to engage people who dont know anything about Ahmadiyya.

The screenshots and scan evidence

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and text
Image may contain: 10 people, people standing and outdoor
Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor

The full quote from Nur-ul-Quran
Ahmadis have never translated this book into english, however, they have translated an excerpt and posted it on their website.



2 Ahmadis were held in jail for inciting a riot at the Rabwah train station in June-1974—See Pakistan Times

Ahmadis are terrorists.  There is no doubt about it.  As soon as their Khalifa gives them the order, they are ready to maim and kill any of their critics, including me and other Ex-Ahmadis. As my previous blogs confirmed, the Rabwah terrorist attacks of May-1974 were planned by Mirza Nasir Ahmad and Bhutto.  Mirza Nasir Ahmad wanted to be declared Non-muslim, after 25 years of being a Muslim in Pakistan, which was a nation in ruins by the early 1970’s after multiple wars with India and the secession of Bangladesh.

Pakistan Times, Wednesday, June 12th, 1974 reports
“The Punjab Crimes Branch police arrested Abdul Aziz Phamdri Mohtasib, Nazarat-i-Umoor-i-Aamma, and Bashir Ahmed, Sadar Ummomi, Nizamat-i-Intazamia, Rabwa, on charges of inciting and supervising the people on the Rabwa railway station on May 29. 

Both these persons are responsible for law and order and administrative affairs of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat at Rabwa.  

The Crimes Branch police also interrogated the editor, “Al-Fazal”, Masud Ahmed Dehlavi, in connection with the Rabwah railway station incident.—PPI””””

The scan work

I will continue to post more on this soon.  Obviously, Ahmadis were involved in the planning of this terorrist attack by Ahmadis.  And the Khalifa is totally missing.  It seems to me that the Khalifa ordered the attack and then threw his workers under the bus, they took the fall, and they made sure the Khalifa was left as innocent.  As we all know…Ahmadis want to die for Ahmadiyya…and would gladly serve in jail for their cult as needed.  That seems to be exactly what happened in this case.

Also see these essays for additional info



A very brief translation of Izala Auham by the Lahori-Ahmadis…

Also see these essays:

Taken from here:

A question requiring answer is that Jesus, son of Mary, brought the dead to life, bestowed sight on the blind and restored the hearing of the deaf; which of these miracles has been performed by the ‘like of Jesus’ [meaning Hazrat Mirza due to his claim of being the Promised Messiah]?

In the first place, it is sufficient to answer that, as regards the Messiah whom the Muslims await, the Hadith reports do not mention his power of raising the dead to life; however, they do say that his advent shall cause the death of people. In any case, God the Most High has sent my humble self for the very purpose that the dead should be raised to life spiritually, the ears of the deaf be opened, the lepers be cleansed and those people who are in their graves be taken out.

Another reason for the likeness is that just as Jesus, son of Mary, presented in the Gospel the gist and the true spirit of the Torah, my advent is for the same purpose, namely to present the true teachings of the Holy Quran to make the uninformed people understand. Jesus only came to declare the commandments of the Torah firmly. Similarly I have been expressly sent to explain the injunctions of the Holy Quran very clearly. The only difference is that that Messiah was granted to Moses and this Messiah has been granted to the Prophet who resembles Moses [i.e., Muhammad, may peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him].

So the resemblance has been proven and I say truly that those raised to life by Jesus have died but the person who drinks the elixir I have been given shall never die. If anyone else can impart the kind of life-giving teachings and words of wisdom that come from me then know that I am not from God the Most High. But if this knowledge of Allah and wisdom, that acts like a life-giving elixir for dead hearts, cannot be obtained elsewhere, then you have no excuse for the offence of denying its source which was opened in heaven. None can stop its passage on the earth. So hasten not to contest me, nor knowingly and willingly render yourself guilty of the accusation which God the Most High has put in the words:

“And follow not that of which thou hast no knowledge. Surely the hearing and the sight and the heart, of all of these it will be asked.” [17:36]

meaning, exceed not the limit in giving vent to your misgivings and feelings of ill-will, lest you be caught because of your words and then in the abode of grief you may be forced to say: “What is the matter with us, we see not men whom we used to count among the wicked” [the Holy Quran, 38:62].

A wise man is not one who rashly rejects the truth because of his vain desires.

The truth seeker needs patience, for every seed in this world brings forth its fruit according to the hidden qualities it contains.

A person needs some insight, some light of his own so that the truth may become manifest to him.

The truthfulness of the truthful cannot remain hidden from the world. The spiritual light inside man illuminates him so that there is a glow on his forehead.

One who has had a taste of the nearness he desired can always savour the taste of his beloved company.

The arrival of the Messiah is a Divine blessing

O Muslims, if you truly believe in God the Most High and His Holy Prophet, may peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him, and if you await the help of Allah then you should know that the time of help has most certainly come. This is not the work of a human nor was its foundation laid by human design. Instead, this is the dawn of Truth, whose arrival was foretold by the holy scriptures. God the Most High has supplied you with help in a time of great need; you were about to stumble into a destructive abyss, but His Loving Hand swept you up. So give thanks and rejoice because the day of your renewal and refreshment has come.

God the Most High never wishes to let go to ruin the garden of His religion which was watered by the blood of His true believers. He most certainly does not want Islam to become a collection of old stories having no blessings in it for the present time, like the religions of other nations. He sends His Divine light at the time of the total predominance of darkness. Do you not await the appearance of the new moon after a dark night? Do you not, when you see the last night of darkness, recognize that the new moon will appear on the morrow? Alas, you are well acquainted with the physical law of nature but are totally ignorant of the spiritual law of nature which is just like it.

Pity be on you, O you worldly Maulvis and you spiritless pious men, that you just do not want the doors of heavenly wisdom to open; instead you want heaven to remain silent forever so that you remain the autocratic leaders. Look within your hearts and examine your inner selves: is your life free from all forms of worldly worship? Are not your hearts covered with the rust that makes you stay in the dark? Are you in any way better than the religious lawyers and Pharisees [of the Jews] who in the time of Jesus were engrossed day and night in the pursuit of their selfish desires? Then, is it not true that you are providing with your own hands one aspect of the resemblance that the ‘like of Jesus’ has to Jesus, so that the argument of God the Most High is established upon you in every way? I say truly that it is easier for an unbeliever to become a believer than it is for you to believe. Many shall come from the East and the West to take a share in this great blessing, yet you will die in the same state of ignorance. Would that you had considered!

The miracles and prophecies of Jesus were in no way extraordinary

As for the miracles shown by the first Messiah, which are demanded to establish resemblance, I have already explained that bringing the actual dead to life has no significance. I have come to raise the spiritually dead to life and this shall certainly take place. Moreover, if the actual work done by Jesus is reviewed, leaving aside the additional descriptions which have been added as fabrication or out of misunderstanding, we do not find anything out of the ordinary there. On the contrary, I do not think that the amount of objections and doubts that arise regarding the miracles and prophecies of Jesus are to be found in case of the miracles and prophecies of any other prophet. Does not the “healing pool” [John, ch. 5, v. 4] remove the glory from the miracles of Jesus? And his prophecies are in an even more decrepit state. Are these worthwhile prophecies, that there will be earthquakes, deaths, wars and famines? And an even more regrettable fact is that the number of the prophecies of Jesus that went wrong is more than the number that was fulfilled. He gave Judas Iscariot one throne out of the twelve thrones of Heaven, which he was eventually deprived of. Peter was given not only a throne but also the keys of Heaven and the authority to open or close its gates to anyone. But when Peter last took leave of Jesus, he cursed him to his face and swore that he did not know him!

Similarly, there are many other prophecies which were not fulfilled, but this is not a matter of objection because even prophets can make errors in interpreting their visions and prophecies. For example, certain prophecies of Moses were not fulfilled in the form he had envisaged.

The point behind all this is that the prophecies of Jesus went wrong more than those of others, but the error does not lie with the Divine revelation itself; rather, it is an error of understanding and interpretation as they were human, and the view of a human may be both right or wrong. So these mistakes were made while applying human judgment.

Jesus denies the ability to perform miracles

What is most strange here is that Jesus plainly denied possessing the power of showing miracles, saying that he definitely could not work miracles. Even then, the general public attribute a multitude of miracles to him without opening their eyes to the fact that he very clearly denies them. Hence when Jesus was presented before Herod, he was very pleased to see Jesus because he hoped to witness one of the miracles performed by him. But although Herod requested Jesus repeatedly for this purpose, yet he gave him no answer. From that time onwards, Herod with all his courtiers doubted the truthfulness of Jesus and regarded him with contempt. See Luke, chapter 23.

Now one should think that if Jesus actually possessed the power of performing miracles of his own accord, as the Christians believe, then he would surely have performed one to Herod who was a man of good faith and also the king of his country. But he was unable to comply. Instead, once when the religious leaders and the Pharisees, who were greatly respected in the government of the Caesar, asked Jesus for a miracle, he addressed them in a provocative tone and said furiously: An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but no sign shall be given to it except the sign of the Prophet Jonah. See Matthew, chapter 12, verse 39.{Footnote 1} And by referring to the sign of the Prophet Jonah he meant that just as the Prophet Jonah was not killed in the belly of the fish but he survived and came out alive, similarly he would not die on the Cross nor would he be dead when he entered the tomb [after his body was removed from the cross].

My critics and I

Some persons have found faults with me in order to criticize me. Although humans are not free from fault, and as Jesus rightly said: “Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone” [Mark 10:17], but since such criticism has an adverse effect on religious activities and prevents those people who seek the truth from turning to it, so I will briefly give answers to some of the objections made.

               The first objection made about my humble self is that I have used harsh language with regard to the opponents [of Islam] in my writings, and by this they have been provoked into being disrespectful about Allah the Glorious and His Holy Prophet, and have published scurrilous writings. The Holy Quran contains the clear command not to abuse and insult the deities of the opponents lest they too, out of ignorance and malice, wag their tongues to malign God the Most High. But here insult and abuse has been used, contrary to the way of those who are sent by God.

               Answer: Let it be clear that while raising this objection the critic has not mentioned the actual words which, according to him, I have used in my books and which really fall in the category of abuse and bad language. I say truly, absolutely truly, that I have not, to the best of my knowledge, used even one word which can be called abusive. A misconception arises because most people fail to differentiate between hurling abuse and narrating the truth, and consider them to be the same. They regard what is the relating of a fact in its proper place to be abuse, solely because of a degree of harshness in it which is unavoidable when speaking the truth. Actually, the definition of abuse and offensive language is that it is something which is against facts and false, and used merely to cause hurt. If we label every harsh and hurtful statement as abuse solely because of its bitterness, unpleasantness and hurtfulness, then we shall have to admit that the entire Holy Quran is filled with foul language. The harsh words used in the Holy Quran to degrade the idols and to disgrace the idol-worshippers, and to curse and condemn them, are not such as would please the idol-worshippers. On the contrary, they would undoubtedly further spark off their rage. When God the Most High addresses the unbelievers of Makka and says:

“Surely you and what you worship besides Allah are fuel of hell” [21:98],

is it not included in abusive language according to the criteria coined by the critic? Likewise, is it not abuse in the opinion of the critic when in the Holy Quran God the Most High calls the unbelievers “the worst of creatures” [98:6], and says that they are even worse than the most disgraced and filthy of creations. Has not God the Most High said in the Holy Quran: “be firm against them” [9:73]? Has it not been stated to be a sign of the believers that they are “hard against the disbelievers” [48:29]?

Jesus Christ used harsh language against his opponents

When Jesus calls the respectable religious lawyers and Pharisees of the Jews as swine and dogs, and their most honourable leader Herod a fox, and compares their respectable priests and jurists to whores, and as regards the revered leaders, who were accorded the highest respect by the Roman rulers and made to sit with honour in the Roman courts, he speaks of them in these offensive, very hurtful and uncivil words, calling them illegitimate, adulterous, evil, dishonourable, faithless, fools, hypocrites, satanic, doomed to hell, serpents and brood of vipers — are not these words very serious, filthy abuse in the opinion of the critic? From this it becomes evident that the objection of the critic does not only apply to me and my books but in reality he has attacked all the Divine scriptures and prophets with a burning heart. And this attack hits most at the Gospels because Jesus spoke more harshly than any of the other prophets. It is proved from the Gospels that, because of his harsh speech, the Jews attempted to stone him on several occasions, and he received a slap on his face because of disrespect he showed to their chief priest. As Jesus himself proclaimed, he had not come to establish peace, but to wield a sword. So he wielded the sword of his tongue so fiercely that the harsh and hurtful language as found in the Gospels cannot be found in the words of any other prophet. Jesus had to suffer much because of this sword of the tongue, and similarly John the Baptist who called the religious lawyers and leaders of the Jews as brood of vipers [Matthew, 3:7] was beheaded through their evil plans and schemes.

Expressing the truth cannot be taken as abuse

Now the question that arises is: Were these sacred people most uncivilized, and did they not possess even a trace of the modern day civilization and manners? The answer to this has already been given by our leader and master, the Last of Prophets, and the head of all the generations of the earlier as well as the later times, the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace and the blessings of Allah be on him, who is dearer to us than our parents, and it is as follows. When the verses were revealed which call the unbelievers as polluted, the worst of creatures, cruel, and the offspring of the devil, and their gods are the fuel of the fire of hell, then Abu Talib called the Holy Prophet, may peace and the blessings of Allah be on him, and said:

“O my nephew, you have made the people furious by your abuse. They are about to kill you, and me as well. You have declared their wise men as fools, called their elders the worst of creatures, named their revered gods as the fuel of Hell and the fuel of fire, and generally called them all polluted, offspring of the devil and a filthy people. As a well-wisher, I advise you to hold your tongue and refrain from abusing them; otherwise, I do not have the strength to fight with the people.”

The Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace and the blessings of Allah be on him, replied:

“O uncle, this is not abuse but an expression of truth and a statement of facts exactly as it is needed. This is the very work which I have been sent to do. If I am destined to die while doing my duty then I cheerfully accept this death for myself. I have dedicated my life for this very cause. I cannot refrain from making the truth manifest for fear of death.

“O uncle, if you are concerned because of your weak position and the trouble you receive, then withdraw the protection you give me. By God, I do not need your help at all. I will never refrain from delivering the Divine commandments. I hold the commands of my Lord dearer than life itself. By God, if I were to be killed while accomplishing my mission it would be my wish to keep on being granted life again and again and to keep on being killed each time in this path. I am not afraid, instead I find the utmost pleasure in being persecuted in Allah’s way.”

While the Holy Prophet was speaking, his face was radiating truth and an ecstasy full of spiritual light. When he had finished, Abu Talib could not restrain his tears, seeing the light of truth. He then said:

“I was unaware of the sincerity of your faith. Your position and status is beyond conception. Go and carry on your work. I will assist you as long as I live, as far as my power goes.” {Footnote 2}

Now the conclusion from this is that the answer that the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace and the blessings of Allah be on him, himself gave to Abu Talib by his own blessed tongue is quite sufficient to silence all the critics, because abuse is one thing and stating the truth, even though it may be harsh and unpleasant, is something totally different.

It is a duty binding upon every seeker and speaker of truth to deliver the facts to the ears of the misguided opponent. Then if he is incensed on hearing the truth, let him be so. The verses which our Ulama present at this point, “and abuse not those whom they call upon besides Allah, lest, exceeding the limits, they abuse Allah through ignorance” [6:108], I cannot think how this verse concerns us. This blessed verse only forbids us from hurling unjust abuse at our opponents, not stop us from expressing the truth. If the harshness and unpleasantness of the truth seems to our unwise opponents as being of the nature of abuse, and becoming incensed they respond by foul abuse on their part, then should it stop us from preaching the truth? Has this sort of foul language never been used by the unbelievers before?

The Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace and the blessings of Allah be on him, did not only use stern language in support of the truth but he also broke with his own hands the idols which were looked upon as gods by the idol-worshippers. When has Islam allowed compromising on the truth, and where in the Holy Quran is such an order to be found? Instead, Allah the Glorious clearly disallows such leniency, saying that people who compromise even with their unbelieving fathers or mothers are equally faithless. Allah refers to the unbelievers of Makka and says:

“They wish that you [O Prophet] should be pliant, so they (too) would be pliant” [68:9],

meaning that the unbelievers of Makka would like it if you adopted a lenient attitude by withholding the truth, and then they would also agree with you in your [toned-down] religion. But God the Most High does not approve of such expressions of agreement.

So we conclude that if the Quranic verse put forward by the critic testifies to anything, it is only that the critic has no idea of understanding the Word of God. He does not stop to think that if this verse condemns every form of harsh language then it becomes impossible to call people to do good and refrain from wrongdoing. Moreover, we shall have to admit that the Book of Allah contains two contradictory teachings. In other words, first Allah prohibits the use of all forms of harsh language and urges upon us not to offend the unbelievers in any way. Then He starts acting against His own teaching by using words of abuse against the deniers, even urging us to do the same. So we should realize that it is actually a defective understanding on the part of those Maulvis who think that God the Most High has altogether prohibited the use of every type of harsh language. Otherwise, it is not only justified to plainly convey to every opponent such harsh words as are necessary when expressing the truth and which contain within them the proof of their correctness, but it is the need of the time so that we do not fall into the evil of expressing agreement to placate someone.

The righteous servants of God the Most High have never feared receiving the curses and censure of anyone when preaching sternly in this manner. Is it not known that in the time the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace and the blessings of Allah be on him, the real reason why the enmity of the idolaters increased so much was just these harsh words which those unwise people took for abuse, and as a result their opposition ultimately went from being verbal to physical. In the beginning they were not like this; in fact they used to say with full conviction about the Holy Prophet, may peace and the blessings of Allah be on him, that he had completely fallen in love with his Lord. It is just like the Hindus of today, who do not condemn any ascetic living as a recluse, rather they bring him offerings.

Here I am also compelled to declare, with much regret and a grieving heart, that this objection against me has not only come from the general public but I have learnt that some Ulama are also at the bottom of it. In view of their status, I cannot imagine that they are unaware of the Holy Quran and the previous scriptures, nor can this be thought in any way.{Footnote 3} But I know that the misguided culture of the West today, in which there is no concept of having feelings of honour for one’s faith, has cast its influence on the hearts of our Ulama to some extent as well. Their vision has been blurred by the severity of this storm, and the natural weakness in their character has made them accept this ailment. That is why they lay stress on ideas which have no connection with the Quran and Hadith, but which can however be found in the code of ethics of the West. The morals of the West have so deteriorated that it is considered inappropriate for a grown woman to entirely refrain from having relations with a man who is eligible to marry her. But does the Holy Quran agree with these morals practised in the West? Does it not call such people immoral?

It is only for the sake of Allah that I warn such Ulama that, due to their fault-finding and their entertaining such ideas in their minds, they have gone very far from truth and being able to recognize the truth. If they wish to oppose me, then they can say whatever they wish out of their dry logic. On the other hand, if fearing Allah they apply their thinking then this is not a matter which can remain hidden from their view. It is the duty of a good and sincere person to keep hold of the ways of finding truth. Even if the lowliest and most ordinary person says what is right, and we ourselves are in the wrong, then we should admit our fault with gratitude and accept what that humble man is saying. We must not make the claim “I am better than he” [the devil’s claim over Adam in the Holy Quran, 7:12] because the proud are never guided aright and even the faith of such a man is always in danger.

There is another wisdom in the use of harsh language, that it awakens dormant hearts and rouses those people who like to nod in agreement. For example, the Hindus are such a people that most of them, unless you yourself challenge them, nod in agreement with you in religious matters, by way of conciliation, all life long as friends. Sometimes they speak with praise and approbation about our Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace and the blessings of Allah be on him, and eulogize and extol the saints of Islam. But their hearts are in the depths of darkness and far removed from the truth. If the truth is declared to them bluntly, with all its bitterness and unpleasantness, the good result of this is that their pretence to agreement is at once removed and they openly express their unbelief and ill-will, as if their suppressed ailment now manifests itself as burning temperature. So this incitement which severely provokes the minds, although it may be highly objectionable in the view of an unwise person, but an astute man can well understand that it is this arousal which provides the first step towards the acceptance of truth. As long as a disease does not manifest itself it cannot be treated, but when it shows its symptoms then all sorts of means of treatment may be tried.

The strong language used by the prophets was really for the same purpose of arousal, so that a stirring be created in the people, they awaken from slumber by this jolt and start pondering and thinking about religion, they make a movement for this purpose even if it is in opposition, they establish a connection with those who are proclaiming the truth even if it is a connection of hostility. It is to this that Allah the Glorious refers in the words: “In their hearts is a disease, so Allah increased their disease” [2:10].

We should believe with full certainty that one day the same people will accept the religion of Islam with a true heart who, having been awakened by strong and powerful arousal, have started studying religious literature and are taking steps in this direction fervently, even if it is a step of opposition.

The first attitude of the Hindus was disappointing for us because they preferred the approach whereby they would not hold religious discussions with the Muslims and would live with us nodding in agreement with our beliefs. But now, by coming into confrontation and entering the field of combat, they have been subjugated by our sharp weapons, and are like the nearly defeated prey who can be vanquished by one final blow. So we should not be afraid that they are rebellious like deer. They are not our enemies; they are our prey. That age will come soon when you will look for a Hindu and you will not find a single Hindu amongst the educated people. So do not lose hope by being worried by their fervour, because a subtle change is taking place within them preparing them to accept Islam, and they have reached close to the threshold of Islam. I say to you truly that those people you see today filled with strong feelings of animosity, after a little time you will not see them.

Lately the Aryas have, through our urging, taken the step of engaging with us in public debates. Then no matter how harshly they have behaved in this respect, and though they have published books filled with abuse and filthy material, yet by their vehemence they are in fact paving the way for their people to accept Islam. So our provocations do not really lead to any adverse results. Of course, these efforts appear ugly in the view of those who are short-sighted, but one day it will be evident that these very efforts attracted the most hard-hearted people towards this side. This is not conjecture or speculation but a sure and definite reality. Pity be on those who fail to distinguish between good and bad, and are the quick to raise objections.

God the Most High has clearly disallowed us from compromising on the truth but has nowhere ordered us to abstain from proclaiming the truth because of fear of its bitterness and unpleasantness. Ponder, O you impatient Ulama! Do you not read the Quran? What has come over you? How do you judge?

A sincere friend of mine is Maulvi Abdul Karim of Sialkot, a young man who has recently completed his education, having received modern schooling, and is a refined thinker who has been greatly influenced for the better, almost in an extraordinary way, through being nurtured and taught by my truly beloved friend Maulvi Hakim Nur-ud-Din. When he came to Qadian just now to meet me, he promised that he would write and publish a pamphlet about what is real civilization. He knows quite well that actually real civilization is the path which was followed by the prophets, may peace be upon them. It did not forbid them to use harsh words on particular occasions, like bitter medicine is used. In fact, it is the binding duty of every preacher to use harsh words on the proper occasion in accordance with necessity and wisdom, and if he fails to do so because of being lax and neglectful it indicates that he is overwhelmed by the fear of others more than Allah, which is a form of shirk (associating partners with Allah), and that his faith is as weak and frail as the life of a tiny insect.

Therefore I pray for this friend that God the Most High may help him by means of the holy spirit in his intention to produce this writing. I think it is best for him to entitle his pamphlet as ‘Civilization’. I have learnt that he was moved to do this by the objection of a Maulvi gentleman whom he met by chance in Lahore while he was coming to Qadian, and who raised an objection on my humble self in this respect.

O All-Powerful God! Although it has always been Your way and practice that You confer understanding on children and the unlearned, while You cast dark covers upon the eyes and hearts of the wise and the intellectuals of this world, yet I humbly and earnestly beseech You to draw a group of these people also towards my Movement, as You have already brought in some of them. Bestow on them also eyes and ears and hearts that they may see, hear and understand, and realizing the nature of this blessing which You have sent at its appointed time they may make an effort to obtain it. O God, You can do this if You will, for nothing is impossible for You! Ameen again ameen.

The second objection is that I have claimed to be the Promised Messiah because of suffering from melancholia or some other mental illness.

The answer is that I should not be unhappy at being called mad or insane by someone; on the contrary, I am pleased because foolish people have always been calling even every prophet and messenger in his time by these names, and since ancient times every nation has been giving exactly this title to reformers sent to it from God. There is yet another cause for happiness for me, for today that prophecy has been fulfilled which was published in Barahin Ahmadiyya, that people would call me a madman.

However, what is surprising is what is insane or irrational in this claim, on account of which the critics suspect that I have gone mad? I leave the judgment to the conscience and intelligence of the critics themselves, placing before them my statements and those of my opponents, as to which of the two parties has lost its senses, and whose statements are declared by sound reason to be madness and whose to be sane.

My explanation regarding the Promised Messiah whose descent from the heavens and reappearance in the world is awaited, as God the Most High has disclosed to me by His grace and favour, is as follows. The Holy Quran nowhere mentions the return of Jesus to this world; in fact, according to the Quran he has departed from the world forever. However, there are several Hadith reports, full of metaphors, which prophesy the return of the Messiah to this world. The context of those reports shows that it is most certainly not meant that Jesus, son of Mary, shall in actual fact return to the world.

It is, on the contrary, a subtle allegory denoting that in some age which would be similar to the age of Jesus son of Mary, a man will be sent for the reformation of mankind who will resemble Jesus in his nature, powers and the task assigned to him. Just as Jesus revived the religion of Moses and explained again to the Jews the essence and real meaning of the Torah which they had neglected, similarly the second Messiah would revive the religion of the one who is ‘like unto Moses’, that is, the Khatam al-anbiya the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him. This Messiah of the ‘like unto Moses’, in terms of the events of his life  and all the other consequences of his acceptance by his people or their denial, would entirely resemble the Messiah who was given to Moses. What God the Most High has revealed to me now is that I am that Promised Messiah.

Prevalent concepts among Muslims regarding the arrival of the Promised Messiah

In accordance with their old ideas which have been fixed in their minds, the Muslims claim that the Messiah, son of Mary, shall bodily descend from the heavens, with his hands resting upon the shoulders of two angels, and he shall land near a minaret in eastern Damascus. Some say that he will descend on the minaret itself and the Muslims will bring him down from the top by means of a ladder. At this point the angels will leave him. He will be finely dressed, not that he will be unclothed. Then he will meet the Mahdi and exchange greetings with him. Despite the passage of so much time, his age will still be as it was, thirty-two or thirty-three years. Time will have wrought no change in his body nor aged him. His hair and nails will be no longer than they were when he was raised to heaven. He will not have changed at all, but after descending on earth he will again be subject to the ravages of time.

He will not undertake wars and fighting of any kind but there will be such a power in his breath that the unbelievers will die as far as his sight reaches. So his breath will have the power of killing living people, just as in his first advent he could bring the dead to life. Then our ulama, forgetting their first statement, say something contrary to it, that wars and fighting is just what he will undertake, and the one-eyed Dajjal (Anti-Christ) will be killed by him. Jews will also die at his command.

Prevalent beliefs controversial and self-contradictory

Now on the one hand they accept that the Promised Messiah is the same Jesus, son of Mary, the prophet of Allah, to whom the Gospel was revealed, upon whom the Angel Gabriel used to descend, and who is a messenger from among the revered messengers of God. Yet on the other hand they say that after his return to earth he will not even mention that he is a prophet, in fact he will have been removed from the office of prophethood, and will have joined the Umma of our Holy Prophet, may peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him, obeying the law of the Quran like other Muslims and saying his prayers behind an Imam as other Muslims do. Some say that he will follow the Hanafi school of law and accept Abu Hanifa as his Imam. But they have not yet clearly explained which of the four spiritual orders he will follow: whether he will be a Qadari, a Chisti, a Suharawardi or a Naqshbandi like Hazrat Mujaddid of Sirhind.

Hence, after labelling him a prophet, they have reduced his status to a point that no one in his right mind can do. Then, by taking metaphorical descriptions in a literal sense, his special tasks are explained to be that he shall break the cross and kill the swine. Now one cannot imagine what is the benefit of breaking crosses, and even if he manages to break, say, one or two million crosses, can the Christians, who are devoted to the Cross, not make more of them?

His second task, to kill swine, also appears bizarre if taken literally. Is this how the Messiah, after his descent to earth, will perform his great mission? Will he just set out with a pack of dogs and begin to hunt and kill the swine? If this is true then it is good news for the Sikhs and others who love to go hunting for swine as they will have good company. However, it may not be possible for the Christians to benefit from the slaughter of swine because they have already attained perfection in hunting swine. There are a thousand shops in London itself that sell the meat of swine, and it has also been learnt from reliable sources that apart from these shops, twenty-five thousand pigs are sent daily out of London to the people living outside. So the question is: Is it worthy of the dignity of a prophet who has been sent to reform mankind to waste his precious time hunting a filthy animal like the swine? According to the Torah, even touching swine is a deadly sin. I would also say that, firstly, hunting is a pastime of the idle. However, even if the Messiah would have the inclination to hunt, and would like to indulge in it day and night, then are there not enough clean animals in the world, such as deer and rabbits, that he would have to defile his hands with the blood of an impure animal?

Now I have presented a complete sketch, as portrayed by the people of my nation, of the events of the life of the Messiah to take place after his descent on earth. All sensible people should ponder as to how far it contains things against the laws of nature, how it is a bundle of contradictions and full of flaws, and how it is derogatory to the dignity of prophethood. However, all this spurious material is not to be found in the two most authentic books of Hadith. Imam Muhammad Ismail Bukhari, may Allah’s mercy be on him, gives no indication whatsoever that the coming Messiah will be actually and really that same Jesus himself. In fact, he has narrated two Hadith reports from the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him, which establish conclusively that the first Messiah and the second Messiah are two different persons. For, the subject matter of one of the Hadith reports is that the son of Mary shall descend among you, and it is explained that he will be your Imam and shall be one of you. These words should be pondered upon seriously, in which the Holy Prophet Muhammad explains the term ‘son of Mary’ by saying that he will be an imam of yours who will be from yourselves, and will be born among you. In other words, the Holy Prophet, in order to remove the misconception that could arise in the minds from the words ‘son of Mary’, added these explanatory words so that people would not take him to be the actual son of Mary: “Nay, he is your imam from among yourselves”.

The second Hadith report which settles this point is that the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him, has described the physical appearance of the first Messiah as different from that of the second Messiah, and the latter description fits my humble self perfectly. Just think: does not the clear variance between these two appearances provide solid proof of the fact that the first Messiah and the second Messiah are two different individuals?

Another point deserving attention is that while our ulama stubbornly insist that the Hadith report about the descent of the son of Mary is to be taken literally, yet when some of the wiser ones among them are asked about the meaning of the report that the son of Mary will descend, and he will break the cross and kill the swine, although they still take the term ‘son of Mary’ literally but as regards the cross and the swine they quietly  give it a metaphorical and figurative meaning, as we do. Thus they are convicted by this admission of their own, for it can be argued to them that as regards the three factors, namely, the descent of the son of Mary, the breaking of the cross and the killing of the swine, they admit that two of these should be taken metaphorically to mean something else, so why cannot the third one, the descent of the son of Mary, also be taken metaphorically to signify someone else? Now I ask: is it the way of sense and wisdom to continue adhering to such a bundle of contradictory ideas, when the explanation revealed to me is more in accordance with reason and logic?

Besides this, these old ideas are also subject to the most serious and strongest objections on the basis of reason in many other ways as well, from which there appears to be no way of escape.

One of these objections is that it is not proved from anywhere in the Holy Quran that Jesus was taken up to heaven in his physical body. On the contrary, the death of Jesus is clearly mentioned on several occasions in the Holy Quran. In one place the admission is made by Jesus himself that he died:

“And I was a witness of them so long as I was among them, but when Thou didst cause me to die Thou wast the Watcher over them. And Thou art Witness of all things.” [5:117]

So when death has been proven, it is obvious that his body will have been buried in the earth like all others who die. For, the Holy Quran proves clearly that only his soul was raised to heaven, and not his body. That is why in the above mentioned verse Jesus clearly speaks of his own death. If he had risen to heaven as a living person, in his physical body, then he would never have mentioned his death and would never have said that he had died and left the world. Now it is clear that, as it was only his soul that rose to heaven, how can his body come along with it at the time of descent?

Impractical to believe in bodily ascension

Another objection is that all science, old and new, agrees that it is impossible for a human being to reach even the intensely-cold upper atmosphere in this earthly body of his. In fact, recent researches in natural sciences have shown that when the tops of some high mountains are reached, the air in that region is found to be so unsuitable for health that it is not possible to survive there. So it is quite absurd to think of this human body reaching the moon or the sun.{Footnote 4}

Another objection is that those people who believe in the existence of skies also believe that they are in motion, and that this motion is twofold. Now if it is supposed that Jesus bodily rose to the skies, it is obvious that he shall not remain in the upper direction all the time, but he will sometimes be above and at other times he will be below. Under these circumstances, it cannot be said confidently that he must descend from above. Would it not be possible that he rises up from below? For, his abode would not in fact be a fixed place; if in the morning he was above the earth, he would be below it in the evening! To accept that he should be in such a traumatic condition amounts to the worst kind of disrespect.

Yet another objection arises that, assuming for the sake of argument that Jesus bodily rose to heaven, we cannot deny that even there all animal and human bodies must undergo changes with time, and must inevitably and necessarily face death one day due to the passage of time. Thus, given this circumstance, firstly it must be accepted that Jesus, having completed his span of life, has died while still in heaven. And he must be buried in a graveyard belonging to beings who live somewhere else in space, as nowadays it is accepted that such beings do exist. If, however, we assume that Jesus is alive till now, then no doubt he would be an old and aged man after the passage of so many years, and he would by no means be fit to perform any service to religion. So, being in such a frail condition, his return to the world will not serve any purpose apart from causing him unnecessary distress.

Author’s footnotes

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Footnote 1

At this point a grave objection arises on the manners and moral condition of Jesus because in Matthew 23:3 Jesus himself says that the scribes and the Pharisees sit on Moses’ seat, which means that they are revered elders. He also knew that they were known as the leaders of the Jews and were made to sit with honour amongst the nobility in the Roman courts. But in spite of all these facts, Jesus used quite uncivil language while addressing them. The surprising thing is that those respectable old men of the Jews used gentle and respectful words and spoke very humbly when they addressed Jesus and said: “Teacher, we wish to see a sign from you”. In reply to this, Jesus addressed them using the words: An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign. And he did not stop at that but thereafter he always spoke of those respectable old men abusively. Once he called them: “You serpents, you brood of vipers”, see Matthew 23:33. Another time he said: “They are  blind guides”, see Matthew 15:14. He also said: You hypocrites, see Matthew 23:13. He addressed them in very foul words, saying: “harlots go into the Kingdom of God before you”, see Matthew 21:31. He called them pigs and dogs, as well as “fools”, see Matthew 23:17. He even said that they were doomed to go to Hell, see Matthew 23:15. On the other hand, he himself preached gentleness and good manners, even saying that whosoever calls his brother “you fool” shall be liable to the hell of fire. The answer to this objection will be given when I answer the allegations levelled against me regarding civility made by some naive persons.

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Footnote 2

The account of this entire incident of Abu Talib is contained in books, but the whole of the above narration has been revealed by God the Most High to my heart, with only a few explanatory words added by myself. This revealed account makes evident the sympathy and consideration of Abu Talib, but it is proved with full certainty that this sympathy was aroused at a later date, after witnessing the light of prophethood and signs of his steadfastness. For the greater part of his life, forty years, our Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace and the blessings of Allah be on him, lived as helpless, vexed and an orphan. In that period of lack of support, none of his relatives or close ones helped him as it was their duty to, so much so that in his childhood that spiritual King was, like a child without a family, handed over for upbringing to Bedouin women who lived in the desert. Hence this greatest of all men spent his infancy in helplessness and poverty. When he grew somewhat older, he was assigned the task of grazing the sheep of the Bedouin Arabs, like destitute orphans. In those days of hardship, there was no food except inferior grain or the milk of goats. When he attained maturity, none of his uncles cared about his marriage in spite of the fact that he was most handsome. And it was only by chance, at the age of 25, merely by the blessing of Allah, that an aristocratic lady of Makka chose the Holy Prophet for herself and married him. It is a matter of great astonishment that while the Holy Prophet’s blood paternal uncles Abu Talib, Hamza and Abbas were alive, and especially Abu Talib was a chieftain of Makka, a leader of his tribe and possessed worldly status, dignity, wealth and authority to a large degree, yet in spite of their high position, the Holy Prophet, may peace and the blessings of Allah be on him, spent his days in great hardship, hunger and destitution. He even had to graze the cattle of the Bedouins to make a living yet none of them cared about his painful plight.

When the Holy Prophet, may peace and the blessings of Allah be on him, attained maturity, it did not even occur to any of his paternal uncles that, being like a father, they should exert themselves for his marriage and other essential matters, especially when there were girls in their own families and relatives. Now one naturally thinks why the attitude of these people was so cold. The answer to this is really that they only saw the Holy Prophet, may peace and the blessings of Allah be on him, as an orphan, having neither father nor mother, possessing no property, friendless, indigent and penniless. They stood to gain nothing from helping the trouble-stricken youth, and to make him their son-in-law was tantamount to ruining the lives of their daughters. But little did they know that he was destined to be a prince and the leader of all the spiritual kings, who would be granted the keys to all the treasures of the world.

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Footnote 3

How openly the Holy Quran uses harsh language cannot remain unknown even to the most unintelligent and ignorant of people. For example, the civilized people of today consider it the height of abuse to curse someone. But the Holy Quran pointedly curses the unbelievers. It says: “These it is on whom is the curse of Allah and the angels and men, of all of them, abiding therein” [2:161-162], and: “These it is whom Allah curses, and those who curse, curse them too” [2:159]. Similarly, it is obvious that to liken a human being to a beast is a form of abuse. However, the Holy Quran not only calls them beasts but declares that the unbelievers and deniers are worse than all the creatures on the face of the earth, as it says: “Surely the vilest of beasts in Allah’s sight are those who disbelieve” [8:54]. In the same way, it is clear that it is against the manners of present day culture to make a particular person a target of abuse by taking his name or by referring to him, but in the Holy Quran God the Most High has applied to some the name Abu Lahab, and to some the titles dog and swine. Then Abu Jahal is well known as such. Similarly, regarding Walid Mughira the harshest possible words are used which apparently are terms of filthy abuse, as it says: “So obey not the rejectors. They wish that you [O Prophet]  should be pliant, so they too would be pliant. And obey not any mean swearer, defamer, going about with slander, hinderer of good, outstepping the limits, sinful, ignoble, besides all that, notoriously mischievous … We shall brand him on the snout” [68:8-16]. In other words, do not follow what these unbelievers say, who wish from the bottom of their hearts that you abstain from abusing their gods and disgracing their religion, so that then they shall also apparently approve your religion. Do not be misled by the slickness of their tongues. This man who has appealed for compromise is a man who takes false oaths, is of weak opinion, and a degraded individual. He indulges in fault-finding in others and causes division among people by back biting. He hinders from the path of goodness, is guilty of illicit sexual acts, in his character he is a man of the worst morals, and besides all that he is of illegitimate birth. Very soon We shall brand his snout, which has grown long like that of swine. By a long snout is meant adherence to the customs and codes of honour of society which are a hindrance to the acceptance of the truth. O All Powerful God, chop the noses of certain long-nosed ones among our people also!

Now tell us, respected Maulvi gentlemen, in your opinion, is there any abusive term which has not been used in the above comprehensive words? It is a matter of interest to note here that Walid Mughira adopted a lenient attitude so that the unbelievers should be dealt with gently. And in reply, all his faults were exposed. This is an indication to them not to expect compromise from the believers.

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Footnote 4

At this point the objection could be raised that, if it is impossible to ascend bodily to heaven, then how could the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace and the blessings of Allah be on him, have gone to the Mi‘raj in his body? The answer is that the journey of the Mi‘raj was not with this physical body; on the contrary, it was a vision of the highest order, which takes place in a state of wakefulness. In such a vision a person may visit the heavens with a spiritual body, in accordance with the capability of his soul. Since the capability of the soul of the Holy Prophet, may peace and the blessings of Allah be on him, was of the highest degree and had reached the uppermost point of development, so in his journey of Mi‘raj he reached the furthest point of the universe, known as the ‘Arsh Azim (the great Throne). Although this journey was in fact a vision which resembles a state of wakefulness to the utmost degree, I most certainly do not call it a dream nor consider it as an ordinary vision. On the contrary, it was a vision of the highest possible order which is really wakefulness; in fact this state is clearer and more vivid than physical wakefulness. I myself have had experience of this kind of vision. There is not scope here to write further. Allah willing, I will write in more detail elsewhere.


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