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Ahmadi-trolls continue to harass Professor Johnathan AC Brown

Ahmadis hate all Muslims in America and around the world.  Its no secret.  Recently, they asked Professor Brown if Ahmadis were Muslim.  He gave the standard opinion per the consensus of Scholars, basically, telling Ahmadis that they are non-Muslim.  This has infuriated Ahmadis, they now hate Professor Brown and are trolling him.

Professor Brown’s recent statements on Ahmadiyya on his FB page, Nov–2017
“””So is social media just packed Ahmadis who think that if they convince ME they are Muslims somehow that’s going to mean something? I keep saying, “Guys, I’m not the problem. I don’t know of ANY Muslim scholar who says you’re Muslim. Even if I did say that, I’d get pilloried for breaking with consensus.” But they just keep badgering me about how etc etc etc. I say, “Please, I’m genuinely asking for this, please find me a fatwa from a scholar saying Qadiyanis are Muslims.” They never reply to that! They just badger me more!”””

The Kashif Chaudhry vs. Professor Johnathan brown beef continues

Ahmadis hate Muslims, since 1889.  They have been attacking all Muslims within their reach. Ahmadis are vicious animals and their mullahs have brainwashed them to be difficult and evil.
Furthermore, Ahmadis go around social media harrassing Muslims and making silly parallels.  

Just today….Kashif has went after Professor Johnathan AC Brown once again and his comments on Ahmadis and etc.  Please check out Professor Johnathan Browns post here:

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Ahmadis lie about their Messiahs Takfir
So the issue here is that most Ahmadis have never studied the books of MGA properly, nor are they capable of critical thinking.  This is exactly the case with Kashif and his boyfriend, Qasim Rashid.  These people just keep yelling their Ahmadi arguments and never research ahmadiyya critically, further, they have no idea what MGA and his sons wrote on Takfir from 1906 to 1924.

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Professor Johnathan AC Brown vs. Qasim Rashid June–2017

Ahmadis are bad people…..they hate all Muslims….

Professor Johnathan AC Brown comments on his FB page vs. Qasim Rashid

Re: the Ahmadiyya question, I don’t generally talk about this because I’m not a specialist and there is a whole South Asian political history dimension that I’m not part of. But there are three points I feel comfortable making:

1) the Ahmadi tradition needs to be taken for what its representatives say TODAY, not what Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wrote or said a century ago. Every tradition has the right to redefine itself, so scriptural gotcha games are not useful. To clarify, what I mean is: for example, if Mirza Ghulam Ahmad said ‘Anyone who denies my prophecy is not a Muslim,’ but Ahmadis today say this is not what we believe, then their words should be definitive.

2) Ahmadi representatives have to stop throwing other Muslims under the bus and using tragedies to promote their narrow agenda. I first saw this after the San Bernardino shooting, when an Ahmadi representative came on CNN to say that this sort of thing would not happen if more Muslims would only embrace [insert name of current Ahmadi caliph, I forgot]. I almost choked on my comfort chips, and even the anchor wasn’t having any of it.

3) Ahmadi representatives need to stop using current geo-political crises like ISIS and terrorism to try to bully Sunni and Shiah leaders into accepting Ahmadis within the fold of Islam. Whether or not Ahmadis are Muslims is a real discussion of theology and identity that needs to take place with integrity, not as part of a PR ploy. Ahmadi representatives have to stop invoking grossly inaccurate and damaging bullying tactics like saying that Sunni extremism is the cause of Islamophobia (ala Kashif Chaudhry) or that saying Ahmadis aren’t Muslims is terrorism (ala Qasim Rashid).

Just my three cents.

The scans

Professor Johnathan AC Brown comments on Ahmadiyya

Professor Johnathan AC Brown is an amazing young muslim.  I appreciate his scholarly aptitude and have learned soooo much from his lectures.

He was recently recorded and prompted by Ahmadiyya press to comment on the Ahmadiyya Movement.  The video is posted in the below.

1.  He basically says that they have the right to be Muslim.  And he understands that they differ in terms of prophethood with the mainstream.

2.  However, not many people have researched Ahmadiyya as deep as me.  Hence, they don’t know the exact picture.  Ahmadis differ with Sunnis/Shias on almost every single subject inside Islam.

3.  Professor Brown doesn’t know how Ahmadiyya leadership purposely got themselves declared non-Muslim in 1974.  Nor does he know that MGA never led Salaat nor did he ever lead a Khutbah Juma.  

In conclusion
I love Professor Johnathan AC Brown and his comments were on point.

The video

Kashif’s Twitter Meltdown. American Journalist Cynthia D. Ritchie harassed and called “ISI Whore” after she refuses to let Ahmadiyya hijack her Reputation as a respected Journalist and retweet the fake prosecution stories of the Ahamdiyya sect!

Ahmadi’s are vicious and ruthless.  Especially the immigrants, the Ahmadi’s born in the West normally don’t care about religion in general.  Ahmadi’s are willing to call anyone a terrorist if they don’t support the Ahmadiyya cause.  They have fought the entire Muslim community in the USA, Canada, Germany and the Uk and many other countries.  Recently, they had a twitter beef with a respected journalist, Cynthia Ritchie.  Cynthia loves Pakistan and Pakstani people….she spent the night at Kashif’s house, has been very friendly with Ahmadi’s.  However, recently Ahmadi’s have turned on her since she wasn’t in full agreement over the false Ahmadiyya persecution narrative.

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A recent tweet by Cynthia
2 of your members R becoming some of the worst examples of your creed: “Love For All, Hatred For None”; these members, included, R bigots. Comparing me 2 the Taliban because I won’t RT their tweets & don’t agree 100% w/their thinking.

The screenshots

Cynthia’s twitter account

A video in Urdu explaining this whole situation

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Dr. Shadee Elmasry explains the falsity of Ahmadiyya prophethood, and how MGA died on the toilet, death by diarrhea/cholera

A few months ago, the Ahmadi trolls chased Dr. Shadee Elmasry, they called him a terrorist and asked the U.S. govt. to investigate himThis is the common Ahmadiyya tactic vs. their criticsThey did the same to Professor Johnathan Brown and basically all Sunni/Shia leaders here in America.  About a year ago, Dr. Elmasry recorded a lecture on Prophethood, we came across this by chance, we have cut out the specific part of this lecture wherein he explains the Ahmadiyya.  The full video is also posted.  It is important to note that he mentions the death of MGA on the toilet, you can read that full story here, and fully and properly referenced.

The video

The full video—see the 17:27 onwards..

Ahmadi’s launch cyber attack vs. Dr. Shadee ElMasry

Ahmadis are vicious people, they are taught by the Mirza family to viciously attack anyone who disagrees with Ahmadiyya, then they are taught to cry persecutionKashif Chaudhry and his band of miscreants have harassed every single major islamic personality in the USA and Canada.  Ahmadi’s were radicalized in the 1980’s by Mirza Tahir Ahmad, who also peddled homeopathic meds, which are proven to have never worked.  MGA, who was the founder of Ahmadiyya and grandfather of Mirza Tahir Ahmad loved to mix opium and take it as medicine, in fact, he gave pure opium to many of his sons.

Ahmadi’s have attacked Dr. Shadee Elmasry now.  They have no shame.  Dr. Elmasry considers MGA a liar.  The conversation is over.  But Ahmadi’s won’t stop, they keep trolling him.

The screenshot

Did some Deobandi Scholars refuse to call MGA a Kafir??


Professor Johnathan Brown is getting trolled by many Ahmadis these days.  He had publicly posted a statement asking for people to show any Muslim scholar who considered Ahmadis as Muslims.  Well…some people have responded.  

Abdul Majid Dariyabad
The opinion I attribute to Abdul Majid Dariyabadi is from an exchange he had with Ashraf Ali Thanawi on interpreting Mirza Ghulam’s nubuwwah, which is documented in volume 6 of Thanawi’s Fatawa Imdadiyya.

Ubaydullah Sindhi
He considered Hakim Nur al-Din as the most prominent Qur’an mufassir of his time. The extracts are effusive with praise for him. Further, Sindhi considers Ahmedism a sociopolitical movement and refuses to entertain any theological pronouncements against them.

Sindhi and Dariyabadi actively, not passively, abstained and refused to do takfir of Ahmedis at a time when it had become a call for doctrinal mobilization. Dariyabadi’s exchange with Thanvi is over doctrine: he makes a case for using ta’wil to exculpate Ahmedis from denial of khatam un Nubuwwah. Let me share a secondary source recounting that exchange. As for Sindhi, if you look at the recent spate of writings by Deobandi scholars against him, he is repeatedly singled out for refusing to do takfir of Ahmedis. This refusal was not grounded in lack of knowledge or lack of interest. In the entire chapter from Professor Sarwar’s book, he praises Hakim Nur al-Din as a faqih, muhaddith and mufassir (not as a good kafir) and criticizes Ghulam Mirza as a weak intellectual, but not once does he do takfir of the latter. He even points to the futility of the entire Khatm un Nubuwwa movement which is based on doctrinal takfir of Ahmedis. I do take your point that Ahmedism itself was an evolving movement at that time.

Anwar Shah Kashmiri
Allamah anwar shah wrote ikfaar ul mulhideen in which he wrips apart the qadianis

Kashif Chaudhry is at it again, he continues to accuse Muslims in America of Takfir and calls them terrorists


I have written about this fanatic before.  He was radicalized by Mirza Tahir Ahmad in the 80’s, further, his father is an Ahmadi-mullah, and many of his uncles have been jailed for breaking the law in Pakistan, in terms of Ord-XX and other behaviors of fanatical Ahmadis like purposely distributing Ahmadi books, when they know its against the law in Pakistan.

Professor Jonathan AC Brown’s recent post
On 11-25-17 he writes:

“””For those of you interested, what I find totally beyond the pale with Ahmadi PR operators like Kashif Chaudry is that they call Muslims takfiris for doing no more that following the consensus position of all Sunni and Shiah scholars. And we all know what it means when you’re called a takfiri in the West: surveillance and perhaps even referral to some CVE/Prevent program. So if you want to avoid this accusation, you have to go against the agreed-upon position of ALL Muslim scholars. How is this an honest attempt at dialogue? It’s bullying of the worst kind, denigrating the highest form of discourse by intimidating it with the most clumsy and thoughtless forces within reach.”””

“””I blocked Kashif Chaudhry because he repeatedly threatened to “out” people as “extremists” for not accepting Ahmadis as Muslims and also threatened to publish photos of them with other people to drag those people into his net of defamation as well. I could tell he was a lowlife because I have a good sleeze-dar (when someone keeps trying to meet you for coffee despite the fact that they are calling you terrible names, it’s not a good sign). I hope he improves his conduct and can rejoin polite society.”””

“””My response to Kashif Chaudry’s latest Ahmadi doorstepping (Will you condemn xyz Muslims for exercising their Constitutionally protected freedom of religion?!): Kashif, stop playing dumb. As I’ve said numerous times, if you and other Ahmadis go around calling people ‘Takfiris’ for just following what is the CONSENSUS Of Sunni and Shiah ulama, saying that Sunni extremism is the cause of Islamophobia, going on Fox News with ROBERT SPENCER (!) to say how mosques need to be surveiled (Yes, I saw that Ahmadi rep doing that), in short, using the climate of Islamophia to try to bully Muslims into accepting Ahmadis, you will continue to get the same reaction: total rejection. The merits of your case aside, your conduct is nauseating. I have never seen a Shiah scholar of any repute or any Shiah organization throw Sunnis under the bus the way you and other Ahmadi reps do regularly. If you want to be Muslim, take the hits like the rest of us and stop throwing law-abiding Muslims under the bus to advance your own mainstreaming-in-America agenda. I won’t have a dialogue with you because you are not interested in discussion. You’re interested in getting the hegemonic, Islamophobic, security-state public space to threaten Muslims into accepting Ahmadis. Do it on your own time, not mine.”””

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