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An interesting development in the Chakwal mosque incident

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‘Luckily I escaped’: Man accused of role in deadly Pakistan mosque attack tells of his return to Canada

Rashid Ahmed answered the phone at his suburban home in Mississauga this week, which would not be unusual except for the fact that he is being investigated by Pakistani police over a deadly sectarian clash two months ago.

“Luckily I escaped,” he said in an interview during which he acknowledged that Pakistani police had named him “as a terrorist” over the Dec. 12 incident at a mosque in Pakistan’s Chakwal district.

Ahmed said he had returned to Canada before he could be arrested. “That’s how I am safe here, thank God. It’s all work of God, I believe, because had I been caught it would have been not good for my health at all.”

After a mob estimated at between 1,000 and 3,000 stormed the mosque belonging to the minority Ahmadiyya sect in Dulmial, leaving two dead and a half-dozen wounded, Pakistani news agencies identified Ahmed as the key figure behind the attack.

They have claimed that we attacked. It was not an attack. It was an agitation. They attacked us

He denied that, and told the National Post a different version of events, saying a peaceful procession had entered the mosque after being taunted, pelted with stones and shot at. “They have claimed that we attacked. It was not an attack. It was an agitation. They attacked us,” he said. “The rest of what happened was a natural reaction.”

But leaders of Canada’s Ahmadiyya Muslim community said they were unsettled by Ahmed’s return to Ontario and the apparent lack of a Canadian investigation. Safwan Choudhry, a spokesman for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, said someone who had taken part in religious persecution in another country “should not have safe haven in Canada.”

In a Twitter post following the incident, the Canadian High Commission in Islamabad commended the government of Punjab “for undertaking to hold mob leaders in Chakwal to account.” But it is unclear what, if anything, Canadian authorities are doing themselves.


RAZA AHMAD RUMI/TwitterA mob estimated at between 1,000 and 3,000 stormed the mosque belonging to the minority Ahmadiyya sect in Dulmial, leaving two dead and a half-dozen wounded.

Upon his return to Toronto’s Pearson airport, Ahmed was questioned “and they were satisfied and said that I can go,” he told the Post. “And then CSIS (the Canadian Security Intelligence Service) came and asked me questions and they said, ‘Okay, no problem.’”

Global Affairs Canada referred questions to the RCMP, which declined to comment, as did Peel Regional Police. The High Commission of Pakistan in Ottawa said it was “premature to fix the responsibility” until the police investigation was complete.

“Rest assured, we have rule of law in Pakistan and all those individuals who are responsible for the incident will be taken to task with the due process of law,” said Nadeem Kiani, the press secretary.

The incident is rooted in the persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslims, who are prohibited by Pakistani law from identifying as Muslims and, like Shiias and Christians, are subjected to attacks.

According to Ahmed, the mosque in Dulmial village, about 150 kilometres south of Islamabad, was built in the 1800s and “occupied” by Ahmadiyyas in 1996. A court dispute over ownership of the mosque remains unresolved, he said.

Last December, Ahmed said he was in the village as it was preparing for a procession marking the birthday of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. “I was not the organizer of this procession,” he said.

He said the procession route was to pass by the Ahmadiyya mosque and there was talk of a protest. As “a high-profile person in good books” because of his community work, the locals consulted him and he suggested they write to the authorities.

The resulting petition, signed by 580 villagers, spoke of “extreme measures” unless police took action to remove the Ahmadiyyas from the mosque. Ahmed’s signature was among the first on the petition.

The Ahmadiyya community, meanwhile, wrote to the district authorities on Dec. 5 to ask for additional security, warning that locals had “incited to violence” and talked about taking “forcible possession” of the mosque.

Prior to the procession, Ahmed said, an announcement on the village loudspeaker system told people not to bring weapons. Once the group had reached the mosque, they asked police to seal the building and remove the Ahmadiyyas.

But police would not do so. “There was some frustration at the time and also quite a few people from close-by communities started coming because they learned about the incident,” Ahmed said.

Ahmed claimed the Ahmadiyyas taunted the protestors, who began to scale the walls. He said three were injured by gunfire from inside the mosque and one protester was pulled in while he was climbing and later died of a gunshot wound.

“I mean what do you expect from a large crowd? They will sit tight and get shot at and stones throwed at them and wrong type of words used against them? There are elements, they will do something and they did it. Some of them who are youngsters tried to climb the wall. But none of the Ahmadis got hurt at all, not even a scratch.”

I mean what do you expect from a large crowd? They will sit tight and get shot at?

However, one of the dead was reportedly an Ahmadiyya who suffered a heart attack inside the mosque. The Canadian Ahmadiyya group said the man had family in the Toronto area. The dead protester was identified by the Nation newspaper as Nahmeed Shafique, 28.

The protesters eventually forced their way into the mosque, where they prayed, said Ahmed, who said he had negotiated with the authorities to bring it to an end. He claimed the fires seen on videos of the incident were set by Ahmadiyyas, who torched their documents and furniture before fleeing.

“That’s nonsense,” said Choudhry, adding video footage showed otherwise. In the videos, protesters can be seen looting the mosque and throwing the contents into piles, which are later seen in flames.

Fearing he would be arrested, Ahmed said he had phoned the Canadian high commission to say “that this incident has happened and … I need your help.” But it was a Friday and the mission was closed, and he stopped using his phone.

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Members of the Muslim Community in attacked at their mosque by a mob of nearly a thousand – NO ARRESTS MADE!

Because of a heart condition, he said he had been told he needed an angiogram. “So I thought before I do that there, they will arrest me from the hospital and I may not get my treatment done which could cause death so I should leave. This is what I was suggested, so immediately I was able to buy a ticket and come out. I was lucky.” Upon returning to Canada he had bypass surgery, he said.

A Joint Investigation Team submitted a charge sheet against 61 suspects, according to a report in the Dawn newspaper, which named Ahmed as the “main suspect” and said he had fled before authorities could put his name on an exit control list.

Ahmed said he was among those Pakistani police had “unfairly” named. He said that in addition to “terrorism,” police had accused him of 10 to 12 more minor crimes but he believed the judge appointed to the case would drop charges against everyone, except against those suspected of killings and property damage.

“This is an incident where the government is trying to protect the minorities and working against the majority. That’s why we all are punished,” said Ahmed, who said he had lived in Canada for over 40 years.

Why are they occupying a mosque which is built for Muslims by Muslims?

Dawn reported the Senate Committee on Human Rights had recommended the government take up Ahmed’s case with Canadian officials and seek his extradition. But Canada does not have an extradition treaty with Pakistan.

Asked why the Ahmadiyyas could not have been left to worship at their mosque, Ahmed said that under Pakistani law Ahmadiyyas were not allowed to have mosques. “They should not have anything to do with mosques and they cannot be called Muslims,” he said.

He said Ahmadiyyas were free to worship but not in a mosque. “They could have used a home or build one place, no problem. But why are they occupying a mosque which is built for Muslims by Muslims? This is aggression.”

Choudhry said Canadian Ahmadiyyas were concerned that the persecution they fled was following them to Canada. The website of an organization affiliated with a Mississauga mosque Ahmed has attended calls the Ahmadiyya faith “evil” and an attempt “by anti-Islam forces to disunite Muslims.”

Choudhry said he hoped for a “measured response” from Canadian authorities, which could include taking action against those who “bring values that are both un-Canadian and dangerous to those living in Canada.”

National Post

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At Chakwal, everyone is guilty, All Pakistanis

I recently had the Ahmadi-trolls attack me on social media and accuse me of supporting the Khatme-Nubuwwat-Organization.  This is totally false.  I am an American.  I live in California.  I served in the US Air Force from 99-2004.  I don’t associate with any out-of-the-country organizations, whether global or otherwise.  I am a Sunni-Muslim, however, I don’t join sects per the Quran, the Quran is enough.  I attend a local Islamic center and am very peaceful.

What really happened at Chakwal?
Ahmadiyya leadership knew that there was tension in terms of this mosque, there have been many court cases as a result of the dispute.  Nonetheless, Ahmadiyya leadership failed to evacuate the mosque and continued to hold prayers, per the order of their Khalifa.  However, as we all know, these are silent order, a sort of black ops.  The Ahmadi Khalifa would never publically make such a statement.

Ahmadis lost court cases and were playing the lawyer-game
In 1997, Ahmadis were told to abandon this mosque and they seem to have lost a court case to that effect, however, some time passed, and Ahmadiyya seems to have been able to re-acquire the mosque, however, the details are sketchy.  As we know…under capitalism, if you are in court, the person with the most money normally wins.

Ahmadiyya reports are all lies
In a recent essay by Ayesha Noor, she makes false parallels in typical Ahmadi-argumentative -style and gives no references at all in her essay.    Ahmadis failed to report that the Ahmadi security guard shot at the crowd first, most likely because he was scared and had orders to shoot as needed.  Ahmadis then purposely set fire to furniture in an attempt to cause a mob scene.

The Sunni Muslims were overly aggressive
They should have waited for due process.  They should not have taken their procession near the Ahmadi mosque.  However, they were provoked.  Ahmadis always call their bluff.

One Ahmadi died of a heart attack and a Sunni-man was also killed
“””An Ahmadi man, recognized as Malik Khalid Javed, 65, who was present at the worship place, died on the spot subsequent to having endured heart failure, while a man — identified as Naeem Shafique, 27, and not having a place with the minority group — was hit by a bullet. Another non-Ahmadi man, who got injured due to gun fire, is said to be in a stable condition at the District Headquarters Hospital, Chakwal.”””(

Ahmadiyya leadership needs to be held responsible, the problem is, they are vicious mullahs and have purposely been radicalizing Ahmadis as needed.  They wont listen, and they love to provoke Muslims in Pakistan. 


Ahmadiyya security fired first at Chakwal

Ahmadis have been ordered by their Khalifa to spam the internet with lies and deception. Ahmadis have lied to NAFTA, the UN, the USA, Canada and etc etc etc.  They have been lying for years and years and years.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was above the law in British-India and his family was famous for being land grabbers in British-Punjab.

This tweet by a Geo news reported gives us a glimpse of the truth

Ahmadis lied on social media
What really happened at Shakwal is as follows:

1.  A peaceful protest was walking through the village.
2.  Ahmadiyya security got scared and fired upon the crowd, killing a Muslim.
3.  A mob scene erupted.
4.  Ahmadis lied on social media.

Ahmadis keep provoking the Muslims of Pakistan to attack them.  Then, they secretly pay gangsters to work with their critics and partake in processions, protests, raids and etc.  We all know that Ahmadiyya hides money overseas.  

Khatme-Nubuwwat accuses Ahmadiyya of staging the #rabwahraid and #chakwalattacks

Ahmadiyya is a dangerous organization.  Since the late 19th century anyone who has opposed Ahmadiyya has been murdered or threatened with murder.  Just recently, the Punjab police raided some offices of Ahmadiyya in Chenab Nagar as Ahmadis kept breaking the law and publishing their newspapers.  Mubasher Shah, who is a spokesman of Khatme-Nubuwwat in Pakistan claims that Ahmadis staged everything.  Check out his video explanation posted below.  He claims the same for the Chakwal attacks.  He also further explains how in Chakwal, the Muslims were only doing a protest, and were fired upon by Ahmadis.

The video

1.  He says that Ahmadis are only playing an Asylum game, as many leading Pakistani-Christians have recently told the world.

2.  He even explains how MGA and his father were in the business of land grabbing in British-India.

3.  Ahmadis fired upon the peaceful protest…which led to a mob scene.

The Chakwal attack is over a disputed property

Ahmadis always lie.  It goes back to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his tactics in British-India.  The so-called Ahmadiyya mosque in Chakwal is essentially the Muslims of the area demanding that their mosque be returned.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s father and MGA
These 2 people spent their entire lives in the courts of British-India.  In their attempt at grabbing the lands of poor Punjabee people who had finally been given land to build their farms.  And nowadays Ahmadis have kept up the same habit.

Here is a document which proves my case

1.  This is a letter written a month ago to the DCO Chakwal signed…… Haji Malik Rashid of Mississauga, Canada, is the 4th signatory.

2.  The letter claims that the Mosque is disputed property since 1860 and demands return of the land. I leave you to read the finer details

3.  What is clear and beyond doubt is the following:

– That this attack is essentially a land grabbing exercise, as such attacks often are. They are conducted in partnership with the land mafia, members of the civil administration and the Sipah Sahaba.

– That this attack was planned well in advance.

– That the District Administration had abundant warning from both parties, the Land Grabbers, and the Ahmedi community ….

Ahmadis keep provoking Muslims and not playing fair...Ahmadis grabbed land in the 1800’s..and now the chickens have come to roost.

To Win Its War on Terror, #Pakistan Must Accept Ahmadis as Muslims—another silly argument by the Mirza family

Ahmadi’s on social media like Qasim Rashid and Kashif Chaudhry has been spreading this nonsense.  But its not their fault, they have been told to spread this nonsense by the Ahmadi Mullahs.  The Ahmadi mullah is always concerned about job security, hence, they continue to plan an exodus from Pakistan via asylum.  As we all know, the Mirza family loves persecution, they call it free press.  Ahmadi’s should have been declared non-Muslim in 1954, however, they chose not to, or the current Khalifa chose not to.  However, his sons were different, his sons, namely Mirza Nasir Ahmad purposely got Ahmadi’s declared as non-Muslim in 1974.  His brother, Mirza Tahir Ahmad went one step further and got Ord-XX passed, just so he could officially move out of Pakistan and move his headquarters.

The full essay wherein Ahmadi’s argue that terrorism will only end when Ahmadiyya persecution ends

Copy and paste

To Win Its War on Terror, Pakistan Must Accept Ahmadis as Muslims

On Monday, a mob of more than 1,000 Muslims attacked a mosque belonging to the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Chakwal, a district around 150 km from the capital Islamabad. The mob opened fire, hurled stones, and set parts of the building ablaze in an attempt to take over the mosque. The attack came on Eid Milad-un-Nabi, the Islamic festival to commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad, with the religiously motivated mob desecrating the mosque as a “tribute” to the Prophet.

The Ahmadiyya community is accused of heresy by orthodox Muslim clergy owing to allegations of divergence from conventional Islamic beliefs. This led to the excommunication of the community in 1974 through the Second Amendment to Pakistan’s Constitution. In 1984, the government of Pakistan’s Ordinance XX barred the community from preaching their beliefs or using Islamic titles in their literature, epithets, or”‘places of worship.” According to the ordinance, an Ahmadi could be imprisoned for up to three years for “posing as a Muslim.”

The Chakwal “place of worship,” not acknowledged as a mosque by orthodox Muslims or the Pakistani state, was targeted over claims that the Ahmadiyya community had “taken over a mosque” and transformed it into their own worship place.

Enjoying this article? Click here to subscribe for full access. Just $5 a month.Even so, property disputes are used as a pretext to target the Ahmadis, with allegations of blasphemy and apostasy escalating amidst celebrations of Eid Milad-un-Nabi. This is why the Ahmadiyya community had requested the local law enforcement agencies to provide security for the Chakwal mosque, anticipating aggression.

The Chakwal attack came a week after Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif decided to rename a physics center in the capital after Dr. Abdus Salam, the first Muslim Nobel laureate, whose achievements have been discarded by the state owing to his Ahmadi identity. A day after the “Professor Abdus Salam Center for Physics” was announced, Punjab’s Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) raided the Ahmadiyya headquarters, and detained four Ahmadis affiliated with publishing the community’s magazines.

Targeting Ahmadiyya literature, as a “counterterror” maneuver or clampdown against “hate speech,” is a regular occurrence. But after the recognition for Dr. Salam, the authorities possibly felt the need to appease Islamist hardliners, who eventually took matters into their hands in Chakwal.

As Pakistan battles jihadism on multiple fronts, the Ahmadiyya question remains central to the state’s counterterror efforts. This is because all efforts to recognize the community’s contributions for Pakistan, or to safeguard their rights as citizens, remain subordinated by the Constitution’s codification of the Ahmadiyya community’s excommunication. Not only does this give Islamists the license to target the Ahmadis at will, it reaffirms the Sunni Muslim supremacy in Pakistan, which in turn sidelines other religious communities, including various Islamic sects.

A couple of weeks ago Masroor Jhangvi, a leader of the banned anti-Shia jihadist group Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP), was elected to the Punjab parliament. Jhangvi and SSP vociferously call for the genocide of the Shia Muslims in Pakistan, and former Sipah-e-Sahaba parliamentarians have proposed bills to apostatize the Shias along the lines of the Ahmadiyya excommunication.

When the state succumbs to declaring one Islamic sect heretics over ideological differences, it inadvertently sets a chain reaction in motion, maintaining the status quo of the narrowest brand of Islam.

According to Article 18 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, to which Pakistan is a signatory, “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.”

Pakistan denying the Ahmadis their right to self-identify as Muslims is a blatant breach of the UN stipulations, which has been condemned by global rights groups and other states.

The ostensibly unanimous view of Muslim clerics to exclude Ahmadis from Islam is often cited as the rationale for apostatizing the community, even by those sections that might call for their rights as individuals to be protected. Not only does this line of argument put fundamental human rights – including the right to self-identify – at the mercy of others’ opinion, it gives credence to Islamists’ verdicts on blasphemy and the glorification of jihadists. This also gives Islamist hardliners a say over the rights of other marginalized sections of the society, including women, members of the LGBTQI community, or freethinkers.

Takfir, the act of declaring an individual or a group outside the fold of Islam, is the founding principle of jihadism. This is why most of the victims of jihadist terror are Muslims who are deemed not Muslim enough. As long as the Pakistani Constitution indulges in takfir, the state can never claim to challenge jihadist ideology. Pakistan’s fight against terror, therefore, hinges on the state accepting Ahmadis as Muslims.




There seems to have been another scuffle between Ahmadiyya and the people of Pakistan.  The twitter hashtah #FaisalabadMosqueAttack has been used in regards to this situation.  However, there is no clear data on the incident.  As we know, Ahmadiyya sources always lie, further, some Pakistani news channels aren’t always trust worthy.  In contrast, in the USA, Fox news shouldn’t be trusted and neither should CNN.  Fake news has been a big problem in society since the dawn of freedom of press.  It should also be noted that Ahmadiyya has been publishing fake news since 1889.  During the Chakwal mosque incident, Ahmadi sources purposely failed to mention that Ahmadi murdered a Muslim in the incident.  In terms of the Sialkot Mosque incident, Ahmadi sources purposely failed to mention that Ahmadiyya failed to tear down their minarets per law.  In fact, Ahmadiyya owns over 100+ mosques in Pakistan wherein the minarets are in violation of Federal law.

The story so far from Ahmadi sources only

“”””Over a minor dispute between 2 persons that was manipulated by mullahs & miscreants an armed mob attacked Ahmadiyya Baitulzikr in Chak 69 RB (Ghaseetpura) district Faisalabad. 6 Ahmadis got injured in the attack. Situation is relatively under control but tense.””

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Another Ex-Ahmadi assaulted at Chenab Nagar (Rabwah), Pakistan

Ahmadi’s have always harassed and disturbed ex-Ahmadi’s.  My Pakistan team has recently reported on a case from 8-4-2018.  The report is in the below.  Remember, Ahmadiyya sources never properly report on anything.  We uncovered the data on the Chakwal Mosque incident wherein an Ahmadi fired and killed a Muslim during that altercation, the Ahmadiyya press was silent.  We have also uncovered how Ahmadiyya sources lied about the Rabwah incident on May 1974, which eventually got Ahmadi’s declared as Non-Muslims.  Nevertheless, the report is posted below.  One last thing, there are many gangsters in Rabwah and all the police officers are paid off by the Mirza family.

The story
Esteemed national daily Ummat published this report in its publication dated 04.08.2018. English translation is as under:-

Qadiani goonda force tortured and injured father and three sons and threatened them of murder. The victims have filed an application before District Police Officer Chenab nagar to lodge an FIR against the Qadiani hooligans.

As per details, a father, namely Zahoor Ahmad and his three sons namely Tahir Mahmood , Aqeel Ahmad and Abrar Ahmad resident of Shokatabad Nankana Sahib Punjab, had announce to leave Qadianism and embraced Islam 6 weeks ago. However the wife of Tahir Mahmood, Sana Shad did not agree to accept Islam and had shifted to her Qadiani father,s house along with children at Chenabnagar.

Yesterday Tahir Mahmoud along with father and two brothers approached Chenabnagar to see and take his children. The father in law Rustam Ali Shad Qadiani called his Jamaat, ‘s goonda force who badly beat up the newly converted muslims fathers and sons and threatened them for their life. While talking to media, Molana Ilyas Chinioti has demanded the government to take notice of qadiani hooliganism and cause an end to it. Qadianis may be brought under the ambit of Anti Qadianiat Act otherwise he would call for a direct action.


#ahmadiyya #ahmadiyyatrueislam #ahmadiapartheid #Ahmadiyyat #rabwah #qadian #meetthekhalifa #ahmadiyyat #muslimsforpeace #ahmadiyyafactcheckblog #nolifewithoutkhalifa #drsalam #AhmadiMosqueattack #AhmadiyyaPersecution #Sialkot #Mosqueattack

Ahmadiyya mosque vandalized in Sialkot, May–2018, but it’s all Ahmadi’s fault, since they were trying to build a museum to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

The Ahmadiyya Movement is not persecuted in Pakistan at all, its all a lie for asylum.  The Mirza family want’s Ahmadi’s out of Pakistan so that they give more money to the Mirza family and then Mirza Masroor Ahmad can spend it on growing his family fortune, i.e. through the purchase of land all around the world.  In today’s case of fake Ahmadiyya persecution, we have read reports of how an official Ahmadiyya building was demolished by the Sialkot city authorities, since it was being constructed without the proper approval.  This house was owned by the father Mir Hamid Sialkoti.  Further, Maulvi Abdul Karim was born on the same street.

A museum dedicated to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad?
A few months/years ago, the Ahmadiyya jamaat bought the house where MGA used to stay from 1864–1868.  They bought it with the intention to turn it into a sort of mural/museum dedicated to MGA.  If our readers remember correctly, MGA was forced into an exile by his father in 1864, this was because MGA was sent to pickup his family’s yearly pension money, MGA went with his big brother/cousin, Imam ud Din.  They both never returned home, they were on the run for most likely a year, until finally the money ran out.  MGA must have sent a letter home asking if he could return, however, his father banished him from Qadian, and specifically told MGA that he would never see his mother again, and would have to work in Sialkot, for a small wage.  Thus, MGA moved to Sialkot and lived there for 4 years, he never saw his children or his family, finally, MGA’s mother died and he was called back to Qadian.

Muslims of Pakistan explain the situation

If Ahmadi’s are facing genocide, why were they able to buy this property? 
Ahmadi’s are working hard to be declared as under genocide, they are doing this to get more Ahmadi’s out of pakistan and into the west so that the mirza family can reap the benefit of chanda money.

Other Ahmadi mosque related issues in Pakistan

Remember…in this disturbance, an ahmadi security guard murdered a Muslim

Rabwah is trouble free
It should be noted…Rabwah is free from all of these types of incidents,

The real news report of what really happened
“””Gali Hassamuddin in Sialkot is a place where Mirza Qadiani had stayed in a rented house during his exile after he stole pension Money of his father and he remained a low grade Court clerk.

For many years Qadianis were planning to build a Mirza Ghulam Qadiani Museum here. They have purchased this house with one adjacent to it on the pattern of Allama Iqbal Museum which is very near from here. Majority of population in this place are sunny muslims on their protest the work was stopped. At distance from here there is a Qadiani temple known as Baituzzikar which was closed for many years.

Few days back Qadiani’s again started the construction work which sent a wave of anger among muslim of area. So they approached Local administration which allowed demolish of the building.””””

Why was the mosque vandalized?
Here at this blog, we don’t promote any violence against anyone, nor do we promote vandals.  However, we know how things work in 3rd world countries, which is the majority of the planet.  In this case, the Muslims of Sialkot were aggravated because of the illegal building, and took it tooo far and vandalized an Ahmadi place of worship.

The scans

Some additional pics

Some newspaper/other reports

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