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Noonan accuses Hani Tahir of being a fake Ahmadi 1999

The fake imam Noonan has publicly attacked Hani Tahir for being a fake Ahmadi as far back as 1999. Hani Tahir has responded herein.

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Hani Tahir vs. Ahmadiyya

Hani Tahir is the famous ex-Ahmadi who was once an employee of Mirza Masroor Ahmad aka AMJI aka the Ahmadiyya Movement. Back in 2008, we have records of his conversations on the old forum, they can be seen herein. From 2008–2015, he was giving arabic tilawat’s at lots of the Ahmadiyya Jalsa’s (2010 Jalsa) and seemed to be an official Qari of the Ahmadiyya Movement. He openly quit Ahmadiyya in August of 2016, see the letter in the below, he made his first video immediately (see here). The Ahmadiyya Movement claims to have kicked him out for espionage. You can listen to Hani Tahir’s exit video in Urdu herein.

Hani Tahir interviewed with Ak Shaikh in January of 2017. In 2017, Hani Tahir gave a list of arabic grammatical errors in MGA’s writings. In 2018, Hani Tahir has wrote a new document (available in english), as he exposed the internal workings of Ahmadiyya Movement. Hani Tahir made a video of MGA’s vulgar language. He even investigated cases of Ahmadiyya “back-dating” references and announcements herein. He exposed the 2nd Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad herein. He also did a video on plague and the Ahmadiyya context. Hani Tahir explained Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s Prophethood, pre-1901 vs post-1901. Hani Tahir explained how Ahmadi’s have distorted hadith.

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Hani Tahir and Jinn

It seems that Hani Tahir was discussed in the old discussion forums on website in 2008 by one of our really good arab researchers, Fuad. Muhammad al-Shafeae wrote one Arabic book titled “The Jinn, a Fact or a Myth”. This book is just a translation of some of Mirza Mahmoud’s writings about the Jinn. The book shows that its writer, like every Arab Qadiani I know, was totally ignorant about MGAQ’s Arabic Ilhami writings. Muhammad al-Shafeae rejected the existence of the Jinn, while MGAQ confirmed in his writings that proving the existence of Jinn and Angels was one of his main roles!

I don’t recall the story of Muhammad al-Shafeae with Qadianiyyat, however I know the stories of some other Arab Qadiani leaders; one of those was my Palestinian colleague in the Engineering College of Baghdad University during early 90’s. His name is Hani Taher and he is currently one of the main Arab Qadiani leaders; he wrote eight Arabic books to defend Qadianism and since almost 6 years, he appears in MTA Qadiani channel on a daily basis.

During early 90’s, Hani was an extremist Takfeeri activists and joined a Takfeeri group in Palestine called “Jama’at al-Muslimeen”. From the name of this group you can rightly understand that they consider every single person outside their Jamaat to be a non-Muslim. Anyone who doesn’t belong to their Jamaat is a Kafir.

For many years I discussed the thoughts of this funny Takfeeri group with Hani. During one of our discussions in 1995 I proved to Hani that he himself is a Kafir according to his own terms and conditions; Hani totally agreed with my evidence and immediately recited Kalima/Shahadah to embrace Islam again!!

Since he had already considered all Muslims to be Kafirs, it wasn’t difficult for him to join Qadianiyyat late 1998. He told me later that he got sick of the Takfeeri ideas and that he loved the Qadiani ideas about the Jinn, the Naskh and the Miracles. As you may have noticed, all the ideas that he loved about Qadianism had not been accepted by MGAQ at all; for MGAQ believed in Jinn, Naskh and miracles of Musa (as).

One common thing about Qadianis, both Arabs and non-Arabs, is that they don’t read MGAQ’s books, even those books which had been written in their native language. In fact, Mirza Masroor himself confessed during his Khutba of last Friday that Qadianis do not read MGAQ books, and most of those books have not been translated to any other language.
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Ahmadiyya-Takfir and their cover-up job


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Hani Tahir has written a new document (available in english), as he exposes the internal workings of Ahmadiyya

Our beloved brother and Ex-Ahmadi Hani Tahir has recently released an english document via Google Docs.
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Hani Tahir gives a list of MGA’s grammatical errors

Hani Tahir has pointed out many errors and omissions by MGA and his team. He has recently published a list of grammatical errors that MGA made. MGA and his team of writers claimed in 1908 that even the Quran had grammatical errors. In 1908, MGA and his team of writers/editors accused the Quran of having grammatical errors in their attempt to explain away MGA’s errors.
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Dr. Tahir Ijaz vs. Dr. Zahid Aziz, the famous debate from 2003-2004, Lahori-Ahmadi vs. Qadiani-Ahmadi

When I first started reading about Ahmadiyya (2005), I came across an interesting debate between Dr. Tahir Ijaz and Dr. Zahid Aziz. Dr. Tahir Ijaz (the Qadiani-Ahmadi) is still a medical doctor and doesn’t have the proper academic background to discuss highly complicated literature and Dr. Zahid Aziz (the Lahori-Ahmadi) has ran the famous Lahori-Ahmadi blog and their website for many years. He seems to have gotten sick recently and even the Lahori-Ahmadi website has lost lots of documents and etc.

Nevertheless, I have reproduced their debate in the below. You can download some of the PDF’s herein:


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Mirza Tahir Ahmad and his weird prophecy of “Friday the 10th”

During his Friday Sermon of 28 December 1984, Mirza Tahir Ahmad told the Ahmadiyya world about a dream of his. He says:

“Two or three days ago, I was feeling very anxious due to some news I had received. After Zuhr, I laid down to rest, when I started uttering the words ‘Jumuah, Jumuah’, and at the same time, I saw the dial of a clock on which ‘10’ began to shine brightly at the spot where the figure of ‘10’ normally appears [on a dial]. This was not a dream, but a vision seen in a state of wakefulness […]

“Despite the fact that the ‘10’ was exactly at that spot where ‘10’ happens to be on a clock, my mind was perceiving it to be the 10th date i.e. ‘Friday the 10th’. I was uttering in English, ‘Friday the 10th’ […] Allah the Almighty knows better as to which Friday it will be when God Almighty grants this bright sign […] Whenever severe worry has been faced, Allah the Almighty has continuously granted glad tidings in regard to the Jamaat.” (Khutbat-e-Tahir, Vol. 3, p. 777)

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“”Mirzaeon Kee Ruhani Shikargah””(1979) by Abdul Razzaq Mehta

We have a found book that was published by Anjuman khasmaan e Rasool Lahore, at the end of the book the date given, 12 Dec 1979. This book was written by Abdul Razzaq Mehta, who was the son of Abdul Rahman Qadiani, who was called intimately as Abdul Rahman bhai. They seem to have all quit Ahmadiyya by 1947. This book contains letters from the Sadr-e-Anjuman, some very controversial interviews.

The famous book, “Ashab e ahmad”, Vol. 9 is all dedicated to him and his brother Abdul Rahim Qadiani. Abdul Rahman Qadiani was a sikh who wore huge bangles, he became ahmadi in 1904. Mir Hamid Sialkoti sent him to qadian with a letter of confirmation in 1895.

On page 20 of this book, a story is given wherein the 2nd Khalifa was raping/sexually assaulting his own daughter, Amtul Rasheed. The 2nd Khalifa even gave a friday sermon about this incident, it seems that he took his women-folk down to the river Beas and was witnessed fondling them (1934). Miss Rufo (she was an italian prostitute) was also there and seems to have objected to the Khalifa fondling his daughters and etc. Miss Budd was also most likely there (the 2nd wife of Mufti Muhammad Sadiq). The mother of the current Khalifa (Mirza Masroor Ahmad) was also there, her name is Nasira Begum. You can watch Mufti Mubasher Shah’s explanation herein (from 2:14 to 6:12). Also check out the testimony of Professor Ghulam Rasul herein and Fauzia Faizi’s testimony on sexual abuse in the Mirza family and lastly, the recent testimony by Nida Al-Nasser wherein she accuses many top ranking Ahmadi’s of rape.

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Mirza Tahir Ahmad was afraid of Suzanne Olsson’s potential DNA test of in Roza Bal

In the mid-to-late 1990’s, Suzanne Olsson seems to have gotten permits from the Indian government to take bones from the gravesite of Yuz Asaf. These permits were revoked it seems and we think Mirza Tahir Ahmad secretly convinced the Indian government to revoke these permits. The reason we think as such is because there is clear evidence of Mirza Tahir Ahmad in 1996 casting doubt on the Yuz Asaf theory and thus telling Ahmadi’s that even if the bones tomb ends being proven as less than 500 years old, Ahmadiyya isn’t false.

Mirza Tahir Ahmad did this since he had heard that Suzanne Olsson (check out her facebook page) was planning on conducting DNA testing on the Yuz Asaf grave site. Mirza Tahir Ahmad got scared and began planning for a situation wherein “if” it was proven that the body and gravesite were less than 500 years old. You can listen to Suzanne Olsson herein explaining how she had gotten permits from the government of India, however, abruptly, it was all stopped. There is also a video of local Kashmiri’s who claim that Yuz Asaf came from Egypt and is not Eisa (As). You can watch the full video herein, its from Bj Witelus‘ youtube channel. Check out Suzanne Olsson’s website herein. Her book on this topic was published in 2018. You can listen to her interview on “The Indo-Aryan Israelites of Kashmir”.

Nowaday’s (2021), after the Shams ud Din challenge, Ahmadi’s are totally avoiding 23:50 and MGA’s assertions. Ahmadi‘s like Yahya Khan and Saleem Mir refuse to properly review MGA’s writings on this matter from Haqiqatul Wahy and many others places.

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