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"Hyat e Nasir"

Hyat e Nasir (1927) 1st edition vs. 2nd edition

Ahmadis are fond of editing their books.  They do it all the time.  Their team of mullahs sits around all day editing and inventing new arguments to keep their flock in line.  In 1927, a scholar of Ahmadiyya, Sheikh Yacoob Ali Irfani, he published the biography of the father-in-law of MGA, Mir Nasir Nawab.  The book was most likely written in 1924-25, since Mir Nasir Nawab died in 1925.  Nonetheless, Mir Nasir Nawab gave the first ever Ahmadiyya explanation of the death of MGA.  He claimed that MGA spoke out, as he was suffering from the pangs of death, “Mir sahib, I have contracted Cholera”.  After this book was published, the critics of Ahmadiyya seem to have noticed this fact and began arguing with Ahmadis that MGA did in-fact die of Cholera.  Farquhar had wrote in 1915, that MGA died of Cholera, these allegations were nothing new.  The 3 Ahmadiyya doctors who were present in Lahore and treated MGA are all silent on the cause of death, they are Noorudin, Muhammad Hussain Shah and Dr. Beg.  They even gave MGA an unknown injection at roughly midnight.  MGA fell-out after that.  IMHO, MGA died right before the injection, and Ahmadis have lied about the rest of the story.  And what was in this injection that he got?  And did they stab him in the heart with it?  All of these details are missing.

The scan work

Hayat e nasir first edition published in 1927

“””Ab bari (big) aour sakhat (hard) tabdeely mairay haal (person) main paida hooyee aour aysee sakhat museebat nazil hooyee-kay gis kee talafee bohat mushkil hay-Allah taala kay sivaa mairee takleef ko koee naheen jaan sakta-hazrat sahib giss raat ko beemar hooya-us raat ko main apnay maqaam per jaa ker soo (sleep) chukka tha-jub aap ko bohat takleef hooyee to mujahy jagaiya gayaa tha-jub main hazrat sahib kay pass pohncha aour aap ka haal daikha to aap nay mujhay mukhatib ker kay fermayia – mir sahib maujhay wabaee haiza ho giyaa hai-is kay baad aap nay koee aiysee saaf baat mairay khiayl main naheen fermayi –yahaan tuk kay doosray roaz (next day) dus (10am) bajay kay baad aap ka intiqaal ho gayiaa.”””

Now the second edition which is changed –it does not give the year of printing.

“””Ab bari (big) aour sakhat (hard) tabdeely mairay haal (person) main paida hooyee aour aysee sakhat museebat nazil hooyee-kay gis kee talafee bohat mushkil hay-Allah taala kay sivaa mairee takleef ko koee naheen jaan sakta-hazrat sahib giss raat ko beemar hooya-us raat ko main apnay maqaam per jaa ker soo (sleep) chukka tha-jub aap ko bohat takleef hooyee to mujahy jagaiya gayaa tha-jub main hazrat sahib kay pass pohncha aour aap ka haal daikha aour doosray roaz (next day) dus (10am) bajay kay baad aap ka intiqaal ho gayiaa”””

These books are not on the official Ahmadiyya website,  We have found these books from our contacts in the UK and Pakistan.  Nonetheless, Ahmadiyya Khalifas authenticated this book.  However, they refuse to comment on the editing job in the second edition.

Obviously, Ahmadiyya leadership was embarrassed that the truth got out in terms of the cause of death for MGA.  They then attempted to destroy all of the first editions of Hyat-e-Nasir and then they published a second edition.  The cover-up job continued, Ahmadiyya leadership then had Mirza Bashir Ahmad write “Silsila-Ahmadiyya” and he wrote a different narrative in terms of the death of MGA.  Then, Dr. Basharat Ahmad wrote his famous, “Mujadid-e-Azam”, this is where he seems to entirely fabricate the story of how Dr. Sutherland signed some certificate at the Lahore Train Station which allowed MGA’s body to travel via train to Batala.  This entire story is bogus, there is no proof.

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Hyat-e-Nasir by Mir Nasir Nawab–the full pdf book

This book was written by Shaikh Yacub Ali Irfani, however, it was dictated to him by Mir Nasir Nawab, as he was in his retirement phase of life.  This book has many juicy details about the life of MGA.  Specifically, it told us that MGA screamed out that: “i have infected with cholera” just before his death.

Rich people didnt write books in those days, they dictated and had other people write and read for them
Just like MGA, Mir Nasir Nawab probably never wrote anything, just a few letters here and there.  Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad never wrote anything either, he had his fanatical followers do all the writing and then he ascribed his name to it.  His commentaries on the Quran are exactly that.

The full book

Some comments about this book
We need those people who are fluent in Urdu to begin reading this book and finding interesting and controversial stories, and then to post them in our discussion forum.

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Mirza Tahir Ahmad authenticated the book, “Hyat-e-Nasir” (1927)

Ahmadis will give various excuses in terms of the VERY FIRST statements by any Ahmadi author in terms of the death of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.  Mir Nasir Nawab and Sheikh Yacoob Ali Irfani (editor of Al-Hakam) (see Dard, page 563 and 564) seem to have collaborated in the mid-1920’s and a biography of Mir Nasir Nawab was written by the famous editor of Al-Hakam. However, Mir Nasir Nawab passed away (1925) before the biography was published. Nonetheless, Hyat-e-Nasir was published from Qadian in 1927.

Ahmadis on social media have doubted the authenticity of this book
Mir Nasir Nawab told the world that MGA thought he had contracted Cholera, the Ahmadiyya jamaat never published a reason of death, however, an independent researcher told the world that MGA died of Cholera (1915).  The Ahmadiyya movement, Lahoris and Qadianis were silent for almost 20 years.  After this book was published, the Indians (muslim, hindu, sikh and etc) began publicizing the fact that MGA thought that he had contracted Cholera and was dying in that state.

Mirza Bashir Ahmad then published Silsila-e-Ahmadiyya, and gave a different story
“On May 25 after offering Maghrib and Isha prayers and taking some food, his father went to bed. At around 11 Pm, he felt the need to use the bathroom. He would often suffer from upset stomach and diarrhea. He had a loose motion and consequently felt weak. He woke up his wife, who immediately got up to look after him and started massaging his feet. Soon after he felt the need to use the privy again. When he returned, he was weak to such an extent that while he was about to lie down on his bed, he wasn’t able to support his own body weight and almost fell on his own bed. Soon, his eldest son and two doctors were also summoned to his bedside and all possible humanly efforts were made to save him. Due to his weakness, Ahmad(As) was also having trouble speaking. The only words that could be heard from him were “O Allah, My Dear Allah” I (Hazrat Mirza Bashir Ahmad(ra) speaking) was standing by him at the time of Fajr prayer. After inquiring whether it was time for prayer he performed Tayammum and tried to offer his prayer in bed. But he fell unconscious. After regaining consciousness, he again inquired about Fajr prayer and offered his prayer while lying down in his bed. He was becoming weaker by the moment and all you could hear were the words “O Allah, My Dear Allah!”At last at about 10:30 AM with his family by his side, he breathed his last and his soul departed from this world towards Allah.””””(((Silsila Ahmadiyya volume 1)))

Mirza Bashir Ahmad lied
He was only 15 at the time.  In fact, he doesn’t even mention that his grandfather was present.
Mirza Bashir Ahmad wasn’t woken-up in the middle of the night, he showed up in the morning.
Obviously, this was a story that was cooked up.  Most likely, MGA died at midnight….after he collapsed and was given an injection (the content of this injection is unknown).

Mirza Tahir Ahmad authenticated Hyat-e-Nasir

Mirza Tahir Ahmad didn’t address the controversial quote

“The night his holiness fell ill, I was sleeping in my room.  When his illness grew severe, they woke me up.  I went over to his holiness and found him in great pain.  He addressed me saying: ‘I have been stricken with cholera.’  After this, he did not utter a single intelligible and coherent word till he died on Monday, after ten O’clock in the morning.”

(Hayat-i-Nasir, P. 14)  Statement of Mir Nasir Nawab in his autobiography compiled by Shaikh Yaqoob Ali Irfani Qadiani.  He was the editor of the Al-Hakam magazine, and thus a very good source of information in terms of Ahmadiyya.

NO children were awoken
All of the children of MGA were not present in the middle of the night when MGA was dying. Noorudin was there, many prominent Lahori-Ahmadis were there.  However, all of them were silent on the topic and remained silent, until they died, as-if they were harboring the truth.

Death by Diarrhea??
I wrote an entire essay on this topic.  Dr. Sutherland seems to be an Ahmadiyya-friend, who was willing to write that MGA died of Diarrhea, which is a lie.

This is another classic case of a cover up by Ahmadiyya leadership.


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In 1915, Yaqoob Ali Arfani wrote “Hyat-e-Ahmad” and confirmed that MGA was born in 1839

We continue to collect information which proves that MGA was born in 1839 at the earliest.  We have recently found a book by the famous Shaikh Yacub Ali Irfani.  He was the editor of the Al-Hakam and was an a newspaper editor with another newspaper before moving to Qadian.   He wrote 4 historic books in 1915, Sirat-ul-Nabi, Sirat Ahmad, Hyat-e-Ahmad and Sirat Masih Maoud.  We have found a scan from Hyat-e-Ahmad which indicates that mga was born in 1839.  The Khalifa began to officially change this date in 1916 or so.

Some summaries/quotations
Here is a page from recently found old Hayat e Ahmadiyyat, written by Yaqoob ali Irfani. It says that “For instance, one of the special events, travel to hoshiar pur and Ludhiana was taken on the indtigation of Allah. He (mirza ghulam) had the good news (basharat) that this travel has been blessed for you. Indication of all these barakats were given in the ishtihar of 20 Feb 1886. This ishtihar is the foundation for this silsila (foundation stone for silsila ahmadiyya).

The full book
Hayat e ahmad Mukamal

The scans


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Most of Mir Nasir Nawab’s family were killed by British-Soldiers during the 1857 mutiny

Mir Nasir Nawab was the second father-in-law of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.  While MGA’s family was busy helping the British kill “Indian-mutineers”, the fate of Mir Nasir Nawab’s family was quite the opposite.  We have recently uncovered writings from Mir Nasir Nawab’s famous controversial biography, “Hyat-e-Nasir“, which was written by Yacub Ali Irfani (editor of the Al-Hakam magazine, which was the first Ahmadi newspaper), and published just a few years after Mir Nasir Nawab died.

The scans


On page 3&4 of the book HAYAT E NASIR Mir Nasir Nawab says:-
“A grave situation developed for muslims of India in mutiny of 1857 , English Army revolted against King of India and besieged Delhi (capital of India) Residents of Delhi were upset with this sudden attack. Anarchy prevailed all over no law and order existed in the city. Every body feared for life and wealth.

British artillery starts shelling the city. Heavy shelling continued day and night destroying many housed causing casualties. After a few days Delhi was occupied by Britishers. The Britishers unleashed an era of great atrocities, revenge and brutalities. Thousands of innocent Muslims were hanged to death,their families were displaced.

This humble self (Mir Nasir Nawab) had to flee from Delhi with family to stay at a Mansion near Qutab ki Lat some 11 km from Delhi. After few days when i was sitting in that Mansion suddenly Harson sahib a white Military Officer broke into house and killed all male members of the house with a gun shot. Those who survived were killed with swords. Many of our relatives were died. Then he ordered to leave the place which we did,we left behind dead bodies of our men without funeral. We reached Basti Nizamuddin in the dark of night where we kept crying for our dead.”

On the contrary Mirza in his book SITARA QAISARIYA at page 5& 6 makes flattery of British Queen in the following words:-
“O blessed Queen may God bless u with the salvation. Your ruling time is full of light. O Queen in your rule children play with snakes, Lion and goat drink water from same stream. your govt is full of justice . I pray for u from god to keep the umbrella of your government upon our heads for ever.Mirza says he has published more than 50000 books in support of queen”.

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Mir Nasir Nawab wrote poetry vs. MGA, initially (1891), 2 years later, he accepted MGA’s claims

I have written detailed entries on Mir Nasir Nawab, feel free to read those.  In this entry, we have found some poetry that Mir Nasir Nawab wrote vs. MGA. This is from the summer of 1889.

The scans

A rough Summary
Mir Nasir Nawab was an enemy of Mirza & Party. During this period (1889) He was so harsh towards Mirza that he compiled defamatory poetry against Him and sent it to Molana Muhammad Hussain Batalvi for publication in his magazine Ishaatussunnah. Mir Nasir declared Mgaq as the Muselima of the time.

See the Urdu poetry of Mir Nasir Nawab against MGAQ. I have attempted a raw translation for my english speaking friends as under:-

“””Listen to my submissions o muslims
There does not exist piety in the world.

Peoples are active in deception today
The world is full of this menace today.

Making Mureed is only for wealth today 
This is the wrath of Allah on world today

Every moment they are in search of riches.
To avail the opportunity of making money.

If a chance of earning comes to hand
All Grievances are removed at once.

All debts would be paid and settled
If money comes from Zakat and sadaqat,

No matter it is the money of orphans and widows
Or the wealth may belongs to prostitutes .

They would not bother to investigate the source
They are in deep sickness of wealth lust.

The advertisements of publishing books
The source they earn money from simple fellows

Receive money in advance for service of islam
money is eaten up without any service of islam

Whoever asks for his money back 
Is the biggest accursed

As if He paid money 
to buy defamation

He is right who ate up money
No harm reaches to his piety.

Badmash became most pious 
Yesterdays Muselima became ahmad

Essa of time became dajjal 
Has Spread his net every where

How to earn money 
All the time making plans

Swallow money as much as possible
Showing the world a new trick for this

They are rich themselves but accept zakat
Don,t have any connection with religion

Acquired knowledge to earn money
Eat wealth in place of food

Write and fill the book with self praise
Verses of Quraan are like their dreams

Break hundreds of promises
But do not stop tall claims. “””

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Hyat e Ahmad—some new quotes–2017–wet genitals? and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad spends his nights with women

This is another book by Mir Nasir Nawab, or a book that was created based on the verbal utterances of Mir Nasir Nawab, who was the father-in-law of MGA.  He exposed MGA badly in this biography and the other, and Ahmadiyya leadership has been scrambling to delete these books from the records.  Read more here:


Summary of the quote
Mir Nasir Nawab in his book Hayat e Ahmad page 150 telling his dialogue with a muslim. While quoting this dialogue Mir Nasir Nawab uses highly filthy abusive language in his book here is what he says:-

” He (muslim) said do u think are we Jews. I said just have a look at your self, do u think your actions are in conformity to your deeds.? Do u act upon what u say? Listening to this that man got infuriated and said your mirza does misdeed with woman whole night and at morning with wet genital he states I have received this revelations or I have received that revelation and I am Mehdi and Messiah.”


The scan

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Mir Nasir Nawab, the father-in-law of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad


Mir Nasir Nawab (born 1846, died September 1924) (see Dard page 132), was the father-in-law of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad circa 1884, it seems that he 10-15 years younger than MGA. He worked for the British government in an official capacity. He worked in the “irrigation department” and even worked in and around Qadian from 1866 -onward (see Dard, page 70)(also see Dr. Basharat Ahmad, Mujadid e azam, page 180, vol-1). This is the famous father-in-law who told the world that MGA thought he had contracted Cholera as he gasped for air and eventually breathed his last.  It is also important to note that he didn’t accept MGA’s claims in 1891, however, after a few years, he eventually accepted them. Its unclear whether his daughter (MGA’s 2nd wife) ever signed MGA’s bait form. His daughter was the famous Nusrat Jehan Begum who married MGA as a child marriage in 1884. He also had 2 sons, Dr. Mir Muhammad Isma’il and Mir Muhammad Ishaq. Ahmadiyya sources claim that he has become Ahmadi by October of 1891, he was mentioned in the famous list of the first 313 Ahmadi’s of 1896, he is listed as #25, as Sayyid Nasir Nawab, Dehlvi, Qadiani (see page 845, Life of Ahmad).

Mir Nasir Nawab met Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s father and worked with MGA’s brother
Sometime before 1883, Mirza Nasir Nawab worked on the canals in and around Qadian and eventually visited the house where MGA lived. He was a guest of Mirza Ghulam Qadir, MGA’s eldest brother. He seems to have met the entire family at Qadian, even MGA’s father, as well as MGA’s sons, Mirza Sultan Ahmad and Mirza Fazl Ahmad.

Manshure-Muhammadi Newspaper of 10-25-1874 mentions Mirza Sultan Ahmad and Mir Nasir Nawab
Dard tells us:

“””The Manshur-e-Muhammadi Vol. 3, No. 24, dated 13 Ramadan, 1291, (25. 10. 1874) contains a note from Mirza Sultan Ahmad to the effect that through the efforts of Mir Nasir Nawab a Hindu of Sathyali, Bansi Dhar by name, who was secretary to the then canal contractor, had been converted to Islam and given the Muslim name of Abdul Haq.””””

Mir Nasir Nawab become a really close family friend, roughly 1877
Through the pages of Dard, (70-75) it is explained how Mir Nasir Nawab first met MGA and his wife and their entire family.  Mirza Nasir Nawab knew that MGA wasn’t taking care of his children and lived a life of comfort instead.  He seems to have seen giving his daughter away as a positive economic idea.  He gave his daughter in marriage and gained lots of land through his grandchildren and etc.

Mir Nasir Nawab asks MGA to marry his daughter
Dard tells us that Mir Nasir Nawab asked MGA to marry his daughter and MGA showed up to Delhi within a week (see Dard page 133).  Without any delay.  MGA was older then Mir Nasir Nawab, this was a very odd match, the underlying reason was most likely that MGA’s brother had died and lots of the family land had been given to MGA and his eldest son Mirza Sultan Ahmad, who was the family representative to the British Govt and he worked for the Govt.

1884-Nov, MGA gets married to the daughter of Mir Nasir Nawab 
The month wherein BA-vol-4 was published is unknown, Ahmadis will never tell, however, in November of 1884, MGA was married to Nusrat Jehan Begum (see Dard, page 133).   Mir Nasir Nawab seems to have disappeared from the scene for the next 6-7 years,  He shows up again in late-1891, MGA had already claimed to be Esa (as), and he visited Mir Nasir Nawab, who was working in Patiala at the time (see dard, page 299).

Mir Nasir Nawab outwardly opposes MGA, as MGA claimed to be the Messiah. Mir Nasir Nawab doesn’t attend the bait ceremony in February of 1889 and works with Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi and other Ahl-e-Hadith Muslims to oppose MGA. He even writes satirical poetry about MGA and has it published in the Ahl-e-hadith magazine, The Ishaat us Sunnah.

1891–Oct 28th
MGA flees from Delhi after his loss in his written debate with Maulvi Muhammad Bashir Bhopali, with the excuse that his father-in-law, Mir Nasir Nawab is sick and thus MGA and his team arrived in Patiala on roughly Oct-30th, 1891.

Although he didn’t attend the first Jalsa, he is mentioned in the book, “Asmani Faisalah”. He is mentioned as someone who has lots of copies of MGA’s books, Fath-e-
Islam and Taudih-e-Maram, at one rupee each, and also some copies of the book Izala-e-Auham, at 3 rupees each. Postal charges are not included. These can be obtained from Mir Nasir Nawab, draughtsman, Canals Department, Patiala. This book is published in May of 1892.

At the Jalsa of 1892, Mir Nasir Nawab accepts MGA as the Promised Messiah
Dard tells us that Mir Nasir Nawab didn’t accept MGA or take his bait in 1889, nor did he accept his claims in 1891.  As he attended the Jalsa of 1892, in Qadian, he seems to have converted to Ahmadiyya and left Islam.  He had also been working with the famous Muhammad Hussain Batalvi in opposition to MGA for almost 2 years and seems to have abruptly changed his mind.  However, Mir Nasir Nawab worked with Batalvi for about 1-year in opposition to MGA and even wrote satirical poetry vs. MGA (see Dr. Basharat Ahmad, page 437,

September 1895, Mir Nasir Nawab accompanies MGA to see the Chola of Baba Nanak
By 1895, Mirza Nasir Nawab appears to be securely in the inner-circle of Ahmadiyya, Dard tells us that MGA and many others including Mir Nasir Nawab, travelled to see the clothing of Baba Nanak and etc.

He was mentioned in the famous list of the first 313 Ahmadi’s of 1896, he is listed as #25, as Sayyid Nasir Nawab, Dehlvi, Qadiani (see page 845, Life of Ahmad).

1900-1901 and the case of the Wall
Dard tells us that Mir Nasir Nawab helped MGA in his case against his cousins.  He had helped in creating a site-plan for the property (see Dard, page 716).  He also seems to be a worker around Qadian in that era, Dard doesn’t tell us as to when he retired from Government service.

Other Ahmadi sources tell us that Mir Nasir Nawab retired from Govt. service and moved permanently to Qadian in roughly 1900-1901 (see video on  

1900–Mir Nasir Nawab’s eldest son goes to Medical College in Lahore
Dr. Mir Muhammad Ismail is sent from Qadian to Lahore to complete his studies in the hope that he can become a doctor someday.

MGA has a dream about Mir Nasir Nawab

1906—“”I saw in my dream that Mir Nasir Navvab had come carrying a fruit-bearing tree upon the palm of his hand and when he gave it to me, it became a large tree resembling a mulberry tree. It was very green and heavily laden with fruit and flowers. Its fruit was very sweet and, strangely enough, even its flowers were sweet. It was not an ordinary tree; it was a tree the like of which has never been seen in this world. I was eating its fruit and flowers when I woke up.  I consider that Mir Nasir Navvab means God the Helper, and the meaning of the dream is that God will help in a manner that will be extraordinary.”””

[Badr, vol. 2, no. 11, March 16, 1906, p. 2 and al-Hakam, vol. 10, no. 9, March 17, 1906, p. 1]

1907--Mir Nasir Nawab clashes with the Sadr Anjuman

1908—When MGA died…Noorudin reccomended Mir Nasir Nawab as Khalifa

1912—Mir Nasir Nawab accompanied Mirza Mahmud Ahmad for Hajj in 1912
Mahmud Ahmad tells us that in 1912, Mir Nasir Nawab met Mahmud Ahmad in Mecca as they both performed Hajj(See Truth about the Split, page 157).  Mahmud Ahmad claims that Mir Nasir Nawab was told by the Khalifa (noorudin) that it was OK to read prayers behind non-Ahmadi Imams whilst in Mecca, and all the Ahmadis did so.  However, Mahmud Ahmad only did it since it was ordered…he wasn’t sincere…hence, he re-did all of those fake prayers(See Mahmud Ahmad, truth about the split, page 157-160).  

He died in Sept 1924
Per 12-7-16, Dard is the only source that gives us this data.  3 years later, his autobiography is published from Qadian, with the famous Ahmadi Scholar, Sheikh Yaqub Ali Irfani as the writer.  This is where the famous quote comes in wherein MGA seems to scream to his father-in-law that he has contracted Cholera…MGA died just a few hours later.

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When did MGA’s marriage with his second wife Nusrat Jehan take place? What year?

As we continue to sift through the books of Ahmadiyya we find inconsistencies and cover-up jobs by the Ahmadiyya mullah team.  In this specific instance, we have found inconsistencies in terms of MGA’s marriage to Nusrat Jehan Begum.

Per “Life of Ahmad” (2008)(1947), current online english edition
On page 133 it states that MGA was married in November of 1884, however, an exact date isn’t given.

Nusrat Jehan had a baby on On April 15th, 1886
Per Ahmadiyya records (dard, page 192), Nusrat Jehan gave birth to Ismat on 4-15-1886.  If we assume that the marriage happened 10 months prior to this, we get July 1885 as the date of marriage.  Ismat died of cholera in 1891, just a few months after MGA’s wildest claims.  

However, in Seerat Nusrat Jehan, they claim that the marriage happened in 1883 and secretly,
Seerat Nusrat Jehan was written by Irfani, who also wrote Hyat e Nasir.  Its the famous Shaikh Yaqub Ali Irfani.  

Date of marriage

The scan of Seerat Nusrat Jehan

Hyat-e-Nasir states that the marriage happened in 1885
Hyat e Nasir and on page 8, says that nikah was performed in 1885. So that is the reason, Irfani who is on the qadiani side, correcting the record by saying that, “mir sahib said that it was 1885 but the correct date is 1883. It is from  official seerat of nusrat jahan writen by Mahmood ahmad Irfani. so it is official.

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