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Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad’s rape incident of 1905, which caused MGA to create an investigative committee

In 1965, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s told the world about an incident of rape by Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud from 1905, when he was only 16 and married (See Faruqi). See the scans in the below, they come from a book about the life of Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad from the 1940’s, in this book, they tried to explain away the entire issue as a mis-understanding. However, deeper research tells us that the daughter who was raped was that of Qazi Muhammad Zahuruddin Akmal (unconfirmed). This incident seems to be nail in the coffin which proved to all #ahmadis that he was not the Musleh Maud.

The Highschool/middle school was started in Qadian in 1898, Mahmud Ahmad entered as a student. Mahmud Ahmad was married at the age of 11-12 (1900-1901 era), he had lots of support from home, Noorudin worked around the clock to help him and other Ahmadi-mullahs would tutor him as needed. Even when he failed, the corrupt Ahmadi mullahs, Sher Ali and Mufti Sadiq would pass him. Nonetheless, he was a terrible student as a matter of fact, he would go on to fail his matriculation examination at the age of 15 and was thus done with all studying by 1903. We have to think that this allegation (and the plague) and Mahmud Ahmad’s failure at matriculating caused this school to close down. Mahmud Ahmad most likely engaged in some homsexual behaviors while he was there, in fact, many years later he was accused of raping men and women.
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Ahmadiyya Jamaat of the USA has kicked out an entire family of Ahmadi’s, since their children married Muslims (2021)

We have recently came across an official letter of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat USA, wherein they seem to have kicked out an Ahmadi man after a few of his children married Muslims. Watch my tik tok video on this here and Instagram here. Watch my youtube video explanation herein.

The Ahmadi’s in the case seem to be from the Seattle Jamaat, (see their twitter account here) which is very small, barely 400 men, women and children. Nevertheless, the member codes were also given. The father seems to be member code 29755, and he seems to have paid and/or willfully supported his 3 children as they married outside of the Jamaat with Muslims or non-Muslims. His daughter seems to be mentioned last, she lives in south Virginia. We have also talked about mass expulsions from 2010.
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Humanity First Exposed!!!!!!!!! Its a fraudulent organization that colludes with the Ahmadiyya INC

When it was first started, one of the principles of Humanity First (HF) was that it always tried to stay separate from the Jama’at (at least I felt so). But recently, the Khalifa took the matters into his own hands and made it extremely clear that HF is very much linked to the Jama’at & Ahmadiyya faith. Now this is problematic as it is against the foundation & identity of the Humanity First. It should be noted that in 2018, HF raised 4.1 million dollars. The Khalifa’s brother, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad is the Chairman of the Board, Munum Naeem is the fixer, aka President and Executive Director.

Let’s take a look at HF’s “About Us” page. The very first sentence:

Humanity First is a non-political, non-religious and impartial international relief and development agency that focuses on protecting human life and dignity.

Humanity First seems to invest most in areas where there is substantial Tabligh infrastructure and high potential like certain African countries and Guetemala. It’s a subtle way to win hearts of people towards Ahmadiyyat. It wouldn’t be so wrong if they didn’t pretend to genuinely help Humanity keeping beautiful principle of Humanity First.

There is big conflict in Humanity First’s mission statement and Khalifa’s proposed mission statement interjecting Ahmadiyya needlessly and scolding his members who strived to make Humanity First into a secular, humanist organization.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________When Mirza Masroor insist it is part of Ahmadiyya & it is very much related to faith, he’s essentially denying the statement that HF is a non-religious organisation.
Let’s take a look at the statement of Mirza Masroor:

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih said that some time ago he felt that the workers and management of Humanity First had the idea that if they gave their services unconnected with faith, perhaps the world would appreciate them more. Huzoor explained to the central management here that their significance was in being connected to faith and the Jama’at is mentioned in their works somehow or the other. And there was nothing wrong to, if need be, mention the Jama’at in some instances. What should be in sight is that we have to serve humanity to gain God’s pleasure. And we serve humanity because it is God’s commandment to pay the dues of mankind. We also need to have a connection with God and need to safeguard our worship because without this, there is no benefit in serving humanity either.
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The different editions of “wasiyyat” (the will of MGA) and 10% of monthly income for those who own NO property

Per Ahmadiyya sources, the first urdu edition of Wasiyyat was published in December of 1905. The word-for-word english translation was published in the English ROR of 1906. There was a 2nd edition published in 1907, which seems to be identical to the original. In Islam, assets are divided per the Quran to family members, however, in Ahmadiyya, they were looking to stop this and to steal money from Ahmadi families, hence the introduction of the Wasiyyat Scam. After the split of March-1914, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s published their own english translation of the split by Muhammad Ali.

Per Ahmadiyya sources, many urdu editions were published after this one. However, on the Ahmadiyya website, there is a 2005 english edition which seems to be different than all other editions. In fact, it includes 3 pages from an alleged meeting of the Sadr Anjuman from January of 1906 and it seems to have been signed by Noorudin by July-1906 and MGA. In this extra piece of information, Ahmadiyya strategist were able to collect 10% of someone’s monthly income if they owned no property at all. However, by at least 2003, when Mirza Masroor Ahmad took over, 10% of monthly income and 10-30% of assets after death are collected as part of the Wasiyyat scam.

The first edition (Urdu) of Wasiyyat is published.


An english translation is published in the Review of Religions. There is no appendix, it is identical to the original Urdu edition.

Ahmadiyya sources tell us that the appendix was published in the Al-Hakam, however, we don’t have the scan for that yet.

Per the Lahori-Ahmadi’s, via the Badr, 16 February 1906, p. 5, and 23 February 1906, p. 8 contained a more comprehensive rules and regulations of the Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya, as approved by the MGA (See page 48) . The Qadiani-Ahmadi’s have never used these references.

Per the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s, in the 2005 english edition of Wasiyyat (the Will)(See page 46), on July 1st, 1906, Noorudin and MGA approved some new conditions of Wasiyyat. The most important of these would be 10% of monthly income being paid in cases wherein a person owns NO property. We are unsure if this event ever happened, since the Lahori-Ahmadi’s have never mentioned it.
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Leaving Ahmadiyyat: The Islah Pasand Incident

This entire entry was taken from here.

The story

I would like to start off with this: I have the utmost of respect for my parents. Although I do not agree with them theologically sometimes, I have nothing but appreciation for everything they have provided me with. Many of the things contained within are my own opinions however, I never state an opinion without at least providing one source from the Holy Qur’an, Ahadith or Ahmadi literature itself. My intention is never to offend any person’s beliefs and if you disagree with what I have written, you have that right.

This is an account about our experience with Jama’at-e-Ahmadiyya Islah Pasand. Note: AGJ stands for Abdul Ghaffar Janbah.

Mother’s Experience

One afternoon, 3 years ago, my Mum was listening to a Friday Sermon of KMIV in which he spoke of the divorce of his daughter. My Mum was confused as to what the meaning of his speech was but allowed AutoPlay to continue to the next video. The next video was of a man (AGJ) claiming that he had told KMIV about some prophetic dreams that he had. KMIV told him that if he wanted to continue this line of enquiry, he would have to do it on his own and that he was thus excommunicated from the Jama’at. She sat there and thought “who is this guy?” Bear in mind, my Mum is blind, so she had no control over what comes on next. The next video had something to do with KMII and some very ungentlemanly accusations laid at his feet…

Days… Weeks… Months went by and my Mum was still listening to these videos. One night, my Dad confronted my Mum and said, “what on Earth are you listening to?”, my Mum replied, “you have to listen to this.” After a few minutes of listening to the video my Dad says, “what so you don’t believe that Hadhrat Musleh-Maoud was the Promised Reformer?” She said, “no that’s not it, but you have to listen to what this man has to say.” Then came the big claim that he made, “I am the Musleh-Maoud with whom the prayer of Hadhrat Muhammadi Maryam at Chilla Hoshiarpur was answered.” “WHAT???” said Dad. “He’s claiming to be the Promised Son? But Hadhrat Mirza Basheer-Ud-Din Mahmood Ahmad reformed the Jama’at as per the prophecy of Musleh-Maoud!!!” He told Mum to stop listening to ramblings of this Satanic person. That night, my Father had a dream about AGJ to the effect of him giving a sermon and Dad was sat on the ground listening, I don’t remember the details exactly. He had a similar dream the next day.

Herr Janbah and his claims

I want to say that my parents thoroughly researched his claims. But how do you research the claims of a man who hasn’t done anything yet? Could it be that he just found some loop-holes in the Ahmadi narrative and is exploiting them for his own gain? I want to briefly mention what exactly he claims to be. His most pedestrian claim would be that he is the Mujaddid (Spiritual Reviver) of the 15th Century AH. Okay that’s fair enough I suppose… (It gets a bit bookie from here on so put your seatbelts on). So, remember how Mirza Ghulam Ahmad received a revelation about a Promised Son? Yeah that’s him as well. But not only is he the Zaki Ghulam… as per that same prophecy it is told that this son will have messianic qualities, he is, as a result ‘Isa ibn-e-Maryam (the Second Manifestation of Jesus and the Messiah) as foretold in the Hadith. Okayyyy? I thought Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed to be that??? So, is he saying that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is a liar? Nope he says that his claims are in line with the writings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Okayyy then what is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad? He never claimed to be the Messiah he was simply the Mahdi described in the Hadith about the latter days or was confused by the signs of these two people. I have discussed this further in the section titled- Analysis of Claims.

Moreover, he speaks of how KMII created the concept of Khilafatul Masih to establish a Gaddi Nashin (hereditary successorship). Before this, there sat a group that made executive decisions together (called the Anjuman) but at the death of the first Sadr of the Anjuman (Hakeem Maulvi Noor-ud-Din), the succession problem created a split in the movement of Lahoris (under Muhammad Ali) and Qadianis (under Basheer-ud-Din Mahmood Ahmad). Of course, most people joined the son of the founder for the old Gaddi Nasheen traditions.

There are other supplementary claims, like the standard “Allah speaks with him” so that makes him a prophet too. He had a series of dreams in which Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is walking with him in the gardens of heaven and told him to pray more and have taqwa. Allah informed him in one night during prostration about his fate. He says, something to the effect of ‘the Ghaffar that went into prostration was not the same Ghaffar who arose’. I believe this is a reference to the following Hadith,

It was narrated from ‘Ali that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:

“Mahdi is one of us, the Ahl-ul-Bayt. Allah will rectify him in a single night.” (Sunan Ibn Majah 4085; English translation: Vol. 5, Book 36, Hadith 4085)

Which doesn’t make sense because this Hadith is about the Mahdi and not the Messiah (he claims the latter).

I guess by the style of that last paragraph, you may have gathered that I don’t buy this. Well the last (almost) three years have been rough for me. In my own time, I had continued some research about Ahmadiyyat, but I was still following the same message. I thought that, “if Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is true, then I will remain in his Jama’at if it means paying the chanda, attending meetings and giving speeches in defence of the Khilafat”. No matter what I think of individual Ahmadis or my feelings about the glorification of Huzoor and his being surrounded by guards 24/7 and driving around in a supercar… These are simply the worldly rewards of leading a pious life.

Credit where it’s due

The one piece of credit that I can give to AGJ is that he led me to a path of questioning Ahmadiyyat as a whole. My parents started to listen to his lectures and watched his Friday Sermons. They gained enough confidence to accept his Bai’at. My Dad attended an Islah Pasand Jalsa in the UK on his own. Along the way he managed to convert my grandmother, Uncle and Aunt to this sect. When my Dad came back, he told us stories about intellectuals in this new Jama’at. Around this time, I had been going through a bit of a crisis of faith, but I still respected Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as an extremely vital scholar of his age.

Later, I became a bit of a religious zealot and wanted to read the books of the Promised Messiah. In June 2018 I started with Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya. I finished parts I & II in one night (it is a very short volume). In these volumes, I found many references to three hundred incontrovertible, rational arguments for the divine origin of the Holy Qur’an which was just a bit annoying to keep reading if I am honest. These parts are like 137 pages long and part II is literally a preface to the entire rest of the book. Continuous mention of a Rs. 10,000 reward for anyone who can produce a book of the same standard seemed a bit ostentatious to me. Given that the quality or standard of literature is extremely subjective. If someone did, for instance, produce three hundred incontrovertible, rational arguments for the divine origin of the Baghavad Gita – I’m not so sure he would have given away his estate.

The Jalsa

I was encouraged to visit Germany for their Jalsa. I flew there with my family. We visited his place and it was about 1am in the morning. It was like going to some distant relative’s house who you don’t know too well. This continued for an hour and then we left for the hotel. Around 9am we were dropped off at this centre and there were a few people there. Over time, this increased to 30 or so. There was this one older guy (I won’t name his out of respect for their privacy) who kept talking with me about how Ahmadis are so illogical etc. I felt like I had no right to be there. All these people had joined because they had extensive readings of the Promised Messiah. But all they talked about how great it is that I’ve joined the true Jama’at of the Promised Messiah.

There was a Q&A session which was 3 hours long. When I was listening to the questions, it felt like the people asking the questions had full knowledge of the answers. One guy even asked about the Musleh-Maud prophecy and prefaced the question with something like “we already know the answer but…” So, I was thinking that this is literally an echo chamber to substantiate their pre-existing beliefs. This isn’t a very healthy kind of environment to be in. Though asking questions was very much encouraged, I wasn’t sure about the kind of response that I would receive. I was sat with my Uncle and I was speaking with him about his views. I said to him “I’m not so convinced about this stuff”. He said, “what do you mean?” I said “Well he’s saying that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s Jama’at was messed up only like 6 years after his death. So, what’s the point in all of this?” he replied, “that’s a good point and started talking to me about Victory of Islam and how he is working on some plan to unite the entire Ummah.” I sarcastically said, “sure”. So, I got the courage to get up and ask him a question along the lines of:

“If corruption was spread thought the Jama’at of the Promised Messiah just 6 years after his death, then what kind of protocol or plan do you have in place so that after you, your Jama’at stays on the path of Allah, the Holy Prophet and the Promised Messiah?”

He said that my question was valid, and that these problems would continue throughout human life so long as Nafs (ego) continued to exist inside the people. So, Allah sends his prophets, but the problems are the fault of the humans who don’t receive clear instructions. I would say that his answer was honest. But really… hearing that, made me doubt religion more. Isn’t Messiah supposed to cancel the Jizya, break the cross and kill the swine? Don’t these people exist as signs for the end times? Isn’t the world supposed to end after the Imam Mahdi and Isa arrive? And yet the Imam Mahdi has arrived over a century ago and Isa himself is back on the Earth and all he is doing is posting YouTube clips about how the false Promised Son has loads of money and it upsets him. This is the kind of thing that puts me off prophecies. There is so much legroom to interpret, that any single thing could allow the prophecy to be fulfilled.

No one can doubt that the Jama’at had its Golden Age under the auspices of Khalifatul Masih II. But the glad tidings of a Promised Son problem that I had could not be reconciled to be honest. And I didn’t see AGJ as a suitable replacement.

Analysis of Claims

So, AGJ claims to be the Mujaddid of the 15th Century. I cannot really dispute this because it is a kind of general claim that anyone can make if they focus their work on the “true Islam”. But it is also confusing because previous Mujaddids didn’t really claim to be such before Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. This was something attributed to them after their deaths. Like “oh Shah Waliullah must have been the Mujaddid of the 12th century”. Perhaps there can be multiple Mujaddids in one age. Anyways, this is not falsifiable until we all die and find out.

Secondly, the 1886 announcement of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad states that the Promised Son will be from his progeny (tukham). AGJ claims this is a bit misleading because this means spiritual progeny (as opposed to physical). He justifies this by quoting the verse in the Qur’an:

“Muhammad is not the father of any man among you, but he is the Messenger of Allah and the Seal of the Prophets; and Allah has full knowledge of all things.” (Qur’an 33:41 Ahmadi Referencing).

Which can be coupled with the Hadith in ibn-Majah which I will paraphrase: “…if [Ibrahim] had lived he would have been a Siddiq and a Prophet” (Ibn-Majah Volume 1, Book 6, Hadith 1511). He says that this illustrates that hereditary Prophethood in Islam has no basis. In the Mosaic dispensation a relative of the previous Prophet would usually take the mantle of Prophethood. An example would be the Prophethoods of Moses and Aaron (who were brothers). So, his apologists say that this proves that the Muhammadan dispensation of Prophets, mujaddids, Khalifas etc. cannot be hereditary because all the Holy Prophet’s sons died. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was merely the Muhammadi Maryam (Mary-like figure for Islam) who “gave spiritual birth” to the Messiah (AGJ). Surah Hud provides some insight into this idea as well,

“And Noah cried unto his Lord and said: ‘My Lord, verily, my son is of my family, and surely Thy promise is true, and Thou art the Most Just of judges’ (46) He said: ‘O Noah, he is surely not of thy family; he is indeed a man of unrighteous conduct. So ask not of Me that of which thou hast no knowledge. I advise thee lest thou become one of the ignorant (47).’”

Here, Allah consoles Noah that his son was not his family because he was a disbeliever and didn’t join his father on the Ark. And so a son is one that carries the legacy and not necessarily physical progeny. So, more definitions essentially. Again, this is not falsifiable so I will leave it at that.

The third claim is one that I can apply more analysis to because there are actual apologetics by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. AGJ’s most controversial claim is that he is the Messiah ibn-Maryam and that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was confused about his actual claim. He takes this claim back and forth sometimes (he mostly calls himself Zaki Ghulam Masih-uz-Zamaan probably through not wanting to be scrutinised harshly by non-Ahmadi muslims). I find this to be quite ridiculous. The following passage illustrates that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had a full understanding of the concepts of Mahdi and Messiah. This is from a segment of Barahin V called “Laying to rest some doubts” which is a dialogue between Syed Muhammad Abdul Wahid (SMAW) and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad:

SMAW- “With regard to the Promised Mahdi, there are found in some ahadith words such as ‘from among the progeny of Fatimah’, and ‘from my progeny’, and ‘from among the people of my household’, and it is also written ‘his name will be my name, and the name of his father will be that of my father’. Please explain what is meant by each of them.”

MGA—“My claim is not that I am the Mahdi who conforms to the progeny of Fatimah, from my progeny, etc. Rather, my claim is that of being the Promised Messiah, and regarding the Promised Messiah, there is no statement of any muhaddith [scholar of hadith] that he would be from among the progeny of Fatimah etc. Nevertheless, at the same time—as every muhaddith says—I also say that all the ahadith regarding the Promised Mahdi are moot and suspect and not one of them is authentic. The degree to which fabrication has taken place in these ahadith has not taken place in any other hadith. During the time of the Abbasid Khulafa’ etc. the Khulafa’ were very fond of pronouncing themselves the Promised Mahdi. So, for this reason, some ahadith describe the Mahdi as being from the progeny of ‘Abbas and some from the progeny of Fatimah. There are some ahadith which also say that ‘He will be a man from my Ummah.’ But essentially all of these ahadith are not worthy of any trust. This is not just my word; all eminent scholars of the Ahl-e-Sunnah have been saying the very same. As opposed to these ahadith, this hadith recorded by Ibn-e-Majah is very authentic: there is no other Mahdi; ‘Isa is the very same Mahdi who is to come.” (Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya pt. V: English Translation, Laying to rest some doubts, pg. 477-478, 2018)

Which is interesting in many ways: First, practically every hadith that you read about Mahdi being from the Ahl-ul-Bayt and the progeny of Fatimah is graded either Hasan (good) or Sahih (authentic). It starts to get problematic when the hadith about Mahdi become more detailed, that’s where they become da’if (weak). Second, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad uses the following to justify with a physical sign that he is the Promised Messiah and Mahdi:

“For Our Mahdi, there are two Signs which have never appeared before since the creation of the heavens and the earth, namely, the moon will be eclipsed on the first night of Ramadhan and the sun will be eclipsed on the middle day, and these signs have not appeared since God Created the heavens and the earth.” (Sunan Darul Qutni)

We all know about this hadith. The hadith is talking about the Mahdi who, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad said, is a fabrication. But he says that the eclipses are a sign of his [Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s] truthfulness. Okay but in Barahin V he says he’s claiming to be the Messiah and not Mahdi. “Isa and Mahdi are the same”. Yeah but you just said that Mahdi doesn’t exist. Furthermore, this hadith is attributed to al-Daraqutni.

What’s the problem? Well… it is historically well-known that Daraqutni contains many da’if and moudu’ (fabricated) hadith. This is not at the fault of Daraqutni himself as his purpose for writing his Sunan was so that there was a reference book for these kinds of hadith so they could be spotted. But this makes it very difficult to separate the authentic from the fabricated. Looking more closely at the hadith, the Holy Prophet states that this phenomenon “has not appeared since God created the heavens and the Earth” and that this is a sign for the Mahdi. Although total solar and total lunar eclipses in the same month are extremely rare, they have in fact occurred in Ramadhan (rarer still) and on the appointed days as early as 283 AH.

So, was there also a Mahdi present at that time? If the Mahdi is a fabrication, the attribution of this as a sign to MGA is illogical because it’s not a legitimate hadith according to himself. If the Mahdi is authentic, the attribution of this as a sign for MGA is still illogical because he claims to be the Promised Messiah and not the Mahdi. One could say that the classical scholars mixed up the two characters and this was supposed to be a sign for the Messiah, but that would require substantial evidence. Interestingly, I read somewhere that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad said that he would pay so many Rs. if someone could prove that this hadith is fabricated. It is impossible to prove whether someone said something if that person is not present to verify it. But if you have multiple accounts of someone saying something, then that is more reliable representation of that person’s speech.

Finally, there is a strange footnote in Haqiqatul-Wahi where Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claims that he is not of Mogul descent but is rather Persian and some of his grandmothers were Sayyeds (Haqiqatul-Wahi English translation, footnote 1, sub-footnote, pg. 103-104, 2018). Well, what is a Sayyed? A Sayyed is one who claims direct descent from the Holy Prophet through his grandchildren Imam Hasan and Imam Husayn who of course were the children of… Ali and Fatimah. So, a Sayyed is one who claims to be from the progeny of Fatimah. Here lies an inconsistency. He could have easily used this to leverage his claim of being the Mahdi. So why didn’t he? He, in fact, did in many ilham and announcements which you can find in books such as Tadhkirah and looking at the original sources in the books he wrote. My preferred strategy is to download a pdf copy in Acrobat Reader and searching for keywords such as “Mahdi”. A significant portion of Haqiqatul-Wahi is dedicated to refuting his interlocutors about why he is the Mahdi.

Essentially, there is a myriad of evidence which shows that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed to be the Messiah and Mahdi, though I am not so sure why he retracted this later in Barahin V. This shows, at least that, AGJ is in the wrong about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his supposed confusion. So there is a contradiction in his and in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s claims.

Some supplementary beliefs

It is also said that Allah had told AGJ that he would marry KMIV’s daughter (the one referred to before) and if this didn’t happen then he would incur Allah’s displeasure. That’s why she was divorced according to him. So Muhammadi Begum pt. II. He also offered a Mubahila (prayer duel) with KMV & Co. and he was supposed to die or something (clearly didn’t happen). He also has a cute slogan which is “Freedom for All, Slavery for None”. He has written this book called Virtue is God which is supposed to be a response to Socrates’ Virtue is Knowledge idea. There is also a deadline on his reign to which he says he is going to unite the entire Muslim Ummah, live for a few years and then he will die in 2028.

Final notes

Anyways, this situation had fragmented my relationship with my mum quite a bit, even though she means the world to me. There was constant guilt-tripping about not accepting the Imam of the Age and it had a terrible effect of my self-esteem. Though we are in a good place right now and we constantly talk about religion and Ahmadiyyat and there is a lot more understanding between us. My mum is nothing but a pious and god-fearing woman and I have the utmost respect for the extent of her belief, but I have to call out logical inconsistency when I see it.

I really appreciate the support (from the ex- and questioning Ahmadis) and the scrutiny (from the well-intentioned Ahmadis) I receive here. It really helps me to look at my arguments more objectively to make sure that I am being representative in my analysis of people’s beliefs. I apologise for the length of this post, some of the quotes were quite long and the narrative and explanations of my views were probably long-winded but that is just what learning to be a writer is like. I would like to leave you with the following quote and parting words:

We take our inspiration, not from the sky and the unseen, but directly from life itself– Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Truly the only certainty in this life is that we are born and will one day die.كُلُّ نَفْسٍ ذَآئِقَةُ الْمَوْتِ. But what we do in between is how we are remembered after we are gone and it is critical to the legacy and values we leave to our children.

Peace be upon you and thank you for your readership.

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The Charity (Ahmadiyya INC) attacks like other Money Launderers–by Akber Choudhry

Our brother Akber Choudhry has written a new essay on the Ahmadiyya non-profit global business model. We have also re-produced it in the below. Also check out Akber’s previous amazing work on Ahmadiyya and how they stored money illegally overseas. Akber and AK Shaikh have made videos about all of this too. They proved that Mirza Masroor Ahmad owned companies that held money tax-free in Panama.

The essay

In response to the investigation on the offshore accounts of a global charity, a venomous ad hominem piece was posted online. I had not planned to reply to it as it failed to address the questions raised.

I am glad that my investigation resulted in the admission that the Pakistan Qadiani Ahmadiyya organization does use offshore accounts to send money abroad. The donors in Pakistan are generally very poor and if the offshoring of their donations is not in their direct benefit and it never comes back, then where does it go? With the focus on anti-corruption and anti-money-laundering (AML) on the world today, it is worth an investigation. I hope it all turns out to be innocuous, but what is the harm in the truth or ‘giving a money trail’ as so many people involved with money laundering have been asked in recent years? Why attack me like other accused money launderers have attacked everyone under the sun, but not provided a money trail?

Due to the FATF spotlight on Pakistan especially with reference to charities, and on the insistence of a couple of close friends, I have been asked to write a point-wise response. The list actually starts with ‘0’ so as to keep the rest of the numbers the same as in the attack piece.

0. ‘Kill . . . hate group’. I have never been part of, or associated with any hate group. When in the United Kingdom, I was spokesman for the Khatm-e-Nubuwwat Academy in East London that is run by Sohail Bawa. By the same definition as in the attack article, it is also a registered charity and supervised and audited by the UK government. I volunteered to be their spokesperson as the Qadiani Ahmadiyya were falsely trying to connect the terrorist attacks in Lahore in 2010 with this organization in London UK. Since Sohail Bawa was a friend, and was worried about this attack, I helped him out and successfully showed in the media and to the Crown Prosecution Services that the Qadiani attack was ill-founded and full of malice

1. ‘Full-time anti-Ahmad fanatic . . .devoted his professional career’. I am a software architect by profession and rarely find the time to write on Ahmadiyya issues despite hundreds of requests. Maybe I should write more!

2. Offshore accounts are used for international transfers and parking of funds. Even if each country’s charity was legitimate, the question is about international transactions and transfers and why a group of charities needs that channel. Regarding the personal attack on my companies, I was living in UK under the HSMP (Highly Skilled Migrant Program) but was denied renewal due to a technical days’ count issue as I had spent some time in Canada. Instead of appealing, I moved back to Canada and wound up my software company and publishing company in UK. What is so sinister about that? Is there anything wrong?

3. An offshore account is definitely not a crime. My question was simple: what purpose are these offshore accounts serving for a group of international charities? A charity is supposed to be more transparent than a for-profit company. Isn’t it so?

4. A classic straw man attack. The Qadiani donation-collectors hound poor people, thus the leader has to ask them to back off as per the quote in the attack piece. That, in itself, defeats the purpose of voluntary contributions and the religious concept of ‘cleansing’ through financial giving.

5. An example of the ‘dubious’ organization is ‘Mirza Sharif Ahmad Foundation’ (MSAF). The accountant is shared between it and the parent international organization (AMJ International), and so are some of the directors and the goals are almost the same. In its last statement (2018), MSAF and AMJI both says that there are no shared directors and they both claim that Mirza Masroor Ahmad is the spiritual and official head of the organizations and yet they do not declare him as a PSC (person with significant control). AMJI gives millions to MSAF to buy and maintain property in the UK and elsewhere. Why can’t AMJI or AMJ UK do the same work when the people who are ostensibly housed in these properties are AMJ UK employees or designated missionaries?

6. Balancing books for a single organization is a tactical task. Funneling money between related and non-arms-length charities within the same country (UK) and under a single leader is dubious and points to strategic coordination. What is the purpose? Pray tell. For example, if MSAF were to be dissolved tomorrow, its finances would not flow back to AMJI as they were ‘grants’. And since a member of the Mirza Family (Mirza Mahmood Ahmad) is the main MSAF director, would he not have control over any winding up or delegation of funds? Would this be discussed in the Shura of AMJ UK or International Shura? Why does money from Canada and Germany and USA need to be collected in UK under a charity that sends it out to other charities that are not under the checks and balance system of the national charities?

7. Why did Mirza Masroor Ahmad need to dissolve his predecessor’s offshore accounts and set up new companies, new charities and new offshore companies when he came to power in 2003. The investment in properties that is one-way, i.e. money from donations ‘granted’ to newly formed end charities for purposes that are within the remit of the established charities.

8. Unrelated

9. So, are we to assume that the Pakistan organization is saving its money offshore to save it from the government of Pakistan? Isn’t it registered in Pakistan with audited accounts and immense real estate property? Why does it need to hide? Does it ever bring it back? Those are the questions that are not answered. Why try to conflate individuals’ experiences with an organization that is regulated by the government of Pakistan and enjoys all its assets and has not once been threatened with asset freezing. Is cash its only asset that needs to be protected from the government? If it is sent abroad, and not laundered or not brought back, isn’t that the definition of hoarding?

10. Out of the unrelated statements, the only concrete phrase is ‘security, not evasion’. Security I have addressed in (9) above and evasion is not something I accused anyone of. Laundering and transferring to other countries is what I was proposing as the reason of offshore accounts. The question is, if the Pakistan Qadiani organization has billions of non-cash assets that are safe and its accounts are audited annually by the Pakistan government and the government has never confiscated any cash, why park the cash outside in offshore accounts through personal channels? At the risk of repeating myself, is it ever brought back, and if not, where does it end up? What is the benefit to the donor in Pakistan, who is poor and contribute fresh sums every year? In other words, the internal cash flow of the Pakistan organization is steady and continuous.

I will elaborate more on this as time goes on. Now that the fallout from the Panama Papers in Pakistan is well established, I hope that this Qadiani Ahmadiyya setup gets looked into and I hope that it turns out to be all innocent. If there is something amiss, the culprits need to be caught. The disconcerting thing is that a charity had to go to these troubles and mark itself as the only substantial multi-national charity doing this type of financial dealing. And then it had to attack me for asking questions!


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MGA said that camels will become extinct and replaced with the train, this was a prophecy by Allah about the Messiah

In 1902, MGA and his team of writers wrote “Tohfa Golarhviyyah”. In this book, MGA mentioned a sign and proof of his claim of being the Mahdi that the camel would be rendered useless. This is total nonsense, she-camels are used for milk and re-production (camel meat in some cases), and this is what the Arab bedoin’s based their economies on for years and years. In fact, even til this day, camels are used in all around the world by bedoin tribes of North Africa and the Arab world. MGA and his team had also written about this in 1900, in MGA’s book, “Jihad and the British Government” (see page 19, online english edition 2018). MGA quoted 81:4 (81:5 in the Ahmadi quranic numbering system), even in 1988, Malik Ghulam Farid connected MGA’s arrival to this verse. MGA also quoted a hadith, however, he didn’t give the reference, his editors claim that it is from Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal in 2006. In Lecture Sialkot, MGA quotes another hadith which seems to say “And the she-camels shall be abandoned for riding”, however, no reference is given, only the word “hadith”. This is another example of Ahmadi’s being academically dishonest. We found the hadith in Sahih-Muslim, obviously, MGA and his team of writers purposely mis-translated it.

The truth about 81:4
81:4 is about the day of judgement, not about the return of the Messiah. per Tafsir ibn Kathir, it is only about how men will abandon the camel while she is about to give birth, since the end of the world will occupy everyone’s attention.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________The quote from “Jihad and the British Government”
“”””O ye who yearn and thirst for truth, listen! These are the days that have been promised since the beginning. God will not permit much delay in these affairs. Just as you can see that the lamp placed on top of a minaret spreads its light far and wide, and just as lightening in one part of the sky also illuminates all other parts, so too will it be in these days. God has Himself provided the means for fulfilling His prophecy that the message of the Messiah will spread in the world like lightening and will encompass all four corners of the earth like the light from a tower. The railways, telegraph, steamships, excellent postal services, easy modes of travel and tourism and other such means have been established to fulfill the prophecy that the message of the Messiah will illuminate every corner like lightening. The true nature of the tower of the Messiah that is mentioned in the ahadith is that the Messiah’s invitation and message will spread on this earth very quickly just as light or sound from a tower reaches far. Therefore, trains, postal services, steamboats and ease of preaching and travelling are all special signs of the time of the Messiah that have been mentioned by many Prophets. The Holy Qur’an also says:

(at-Takwir, 81:4)—“””And when the she-camels, ten months pregnant, are abandoned,””””

This means that the age of open invitation, which is the time of the Promised Messiah, will occur “when camels would be rendered useless.” Some new modes of travel would be invented
and therefore camels would no longer be needed. It is also stated in the hadith that:

Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal is written in by the editors

In other words, camels will be rendered useless in that age. This sign has not been appointed for the time of any other Messenger. So be grateful that preparations are being made in heaven for spreading Divine light. Blessings are also stirring up in the earth. You are witnessing an ease in travel and movement that was not known to your parents and grandparents. It is as if this is a new world. Fruits are available out of season, trips that once took six months can now be completed in days, news is instantly transmitted thousands of miles and there are devices
and machines to assist with every task. If you wish, you can travel by train with the same comfort that you would have in an orchard at your home. Has the earth not undergone a revolution? Just as there is an astounding upheaval on earth, God also wills that an astounding upheaval take place in the heavens. Both of these are signs of the days of the Messiah. The revelation below, mentioned twenty years ago in my book Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya, alludes to these signs:

See Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 1, p. 611

This means that the heavens and the earth were tied up like a bundle and their elements were hidden. God has untied both of these bundles in the days of the Messiah and has revealed their secrets.””””

1902—September, Roohani Khazain Vol 17 Pages, 195-196, Tohfa Golarhviyyah

“””This is a sign and proof of his Mahdawiyyat that before people used to travel on camels but now the travel of camels will become extinct and be replaced with rail. People will be able to travel in security, luxury and peace without fear of being looted etc. This work is being carried out at such a pace that it will be complete in only 3 years”””
1902–October–Noah’s Ark, online english edition, page 14

“””Similarly, in fulfilment of the prophecies of the Prophets, He also showed two earthly signs:

You read the first of these in the Holy Quran as stated:

And when the she-camels, ten-month pregnant, are abandoned. (Surah At-Takweer, 81:5) [Publisher]

Then, in the Hadith as you read:

The she-camels shall be abandoned and shall not be used. [Publisher]

For the fulfilment of this a railway in the land of Hejaz i.e. between Mecca and Medina is being constructed.”””
1903–October–Tadhkirat-ush-Shahadatain, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 20, pp. 30-41, Via Essence of Islam, VOl. 3

“””The eclipse of the sun and the moon occurred in themonth of Ramadan after the announcement of my claim, but people rejected this sign; the plague spread over the country; the railway was started in accordance with the prophecies in the Ahadith and the Qur’an; camels were discarded; the Pilgrimage was stopped; the time came for the spread of the doctrine of the cross; hundreds of signs were shown at my hands; the time of my appearance was appointed by the Prophetsas;””””

1904, Lecture Sialkot, see pages 12-14
MGA claims that some hadith says: “””And the she-camels shall be abandoned for riding.”” However, there is no such hadith.
1904–English Review of Religions

In May of 1904, the english-ROR reports that MGA was in Gurdaspur on the 20th of May and he gave a lecture, however, this isn’t reported by another Ahmadi sources and thus, its most likely a lie. In this alleged speech MGA claims to quote the Quran as saying, “when the camels will fall into disuse” and he quotes a hadith that seems to say, “Verily the camels will be given up and they will not be used for riding upon”, however, this hadith is a fake, no such hadith exists, and the Quranic verse isn’t properly given, the wording is changed, it should be (at-Takwir, 81:4)—“””And when the she-camels, ten months pregnant, are abandoned””””. This proves that Ahmadi authors were all academically dishonest and in many ways too. This specific verse was first twisted by MGA and his team of writers in 1900.

1913-March, in the magazine Tashheez-ul-Azhan under the title دس ابری تعالیٰ 􀋄 دلائل ہستی (Das Dalail Hasti Bari Ta‘ala) before being reproduced in Volume I of Anwar-ul-‘Uloom, the same argument is mentioned.

“””Ten Proofs for the Existence of God”””
ROR-English-June-1913, page 240

MGA’s son, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad quotes from the Sahih-Muslim claims that it says, “the camel will cease to be used”. 

Muhammad Ali in his famous commentary of 1917
In his word for word translation of 81:4, Muhammad Ali was totally dishonest and wrote: 

“”And when the camel’s are left”

Muhammad Ali purposely mis-translated this verse.  The proper translation should be “””And when the she-camels, ten months pregnant, are abandoned””””. Further, in his commentary, he does mention she camels, 10 months pregnant, however, he purposely doesn’t tell the world how she-camels are used for milk and re-production (camel meat in some cases), and this is what the Arab bedoin’s based their economies on for years and years. In fact, even til this day, camels are used in all around the world by bedoin tribes of North Africa and the Arab world.
Mirza Tahir Ahmad in 1998

In his book, “Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge & Truth”, he discusses most of Chapter 81. He covers 81:4 and gives the same arguments that MGA gave, however, he doesn’t quote any hadith.

Scans from Tohfa Golarhviyyah


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In Ahmadiyya, Muslims die in Earthquakes since they reject MGA, however, in 1935, the Ahmadiyya mosque in Quetta was totally destroyed and 14 Ahmadi’s killed

Ahmadi’s have been told that the reason there are natural disasters in the world is because the world has totally rejected MGA. On 31 May, 1935 between 2:33 am and 3:40 am at Quetta, BalochistanBritish India, now part of Pakistan. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.7. [2] and anywhere between 30,000 and 60,000 people died from the impact. This ranked as the deadliest earthquake that hit South Asia until the 2005 Kashmir earthquake.[2] The quake was centred 4.0 kilometres south-west of Ali Jaan, Balochistan, British India.  Immediately after this earthquake, the Ahmadiyya Khalifa wrote “The Quetta Earthquake – A Mighty Divine Sign”.  In this book, he wrote that since the Muslims of Quetta has totally rejected MGA, they were thus punished with death. However, 18 Ahmadi’s died in Quetta as a result of this earthquake (See ROR of April 1935, page 273). In 1935, there were barely 174 Ahmadi’s in Quetta, this men, women in children, they also seem to have had a mosque. This is the beginnings of the Ahmadiyya jamaat in Quetta. 2 or 3 Ahmadi’s also died in the famous Bihar earthquake of 1934.
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and the Splitting of the Moon incident of Muhammad

MGA copied Sir Syed’s entire playbook when it came to denying miracles and the unlimited abilities of Allah. It was Sir Syed who first wrote that Esa (as) was dead and never returning, he also wrote that the concept of the “Mahdi” was totally false and nothing more than Muslims exaggerating about their greatness. Ahmadi’s are known to waffle on this subject and many more. Normally, Ahmadi’s reject all miracles and give them a “rational-explanation”, totally downgrading their status as miracles. MGA had the famous incident of the red drops appearing out of thin air, this was boasted by MGA as a total miracle with divine help.  However, this was in the 1886 era and MGA hadn’t totally rejected miracles as of yet. In fact, in 1886, in MGA’s book, “Surma chashma Arya”, MGA defended the physicality of the splitting of the moon by saying that all the laws of Allah are unknown, this was another written debate that MGA had, the very first argument made by the hindus was the falsity of the splitting of the moon argument, MGA defended the common Muslim position, which was that it was a physical miracle, he did the same in terms of the miraculous Birth of Jesus also, he also defended the fire-incident that was related about Abraham, MGA also called that a physical miracle. MGA waited til 1891, then, he rejected the physicality of the Miraaj, and many other miracles that were divinely ordained. In terms of the splitting of the moon, it comes from the Quran, Chapter 54:1-2. It is also mentioned in many Sahih hadiths. In 1892, in Ainah Kamalate Islam, MGA again concurred that Muhammad (saw) did in fact pray for miracles and had many, the splitting of the moon is mentioned, however, at this juncture, MGA and his team didn’t go into detail, they also mentioned how Muhammad (saw) was able to feed many and hydrate many from a simple cup or bucket (see the reference in the below). It seems that MGA was publicly lying, he rejected all miracles, however, in 1892, he was paying lip service, just like he did on the topic of prophethood. In Malfuzat, Volume-1, MGA is recorded 4-5 times confirming that the splitting of the moon and other miracles were physical, just not understood by humans yet, MGA even admonished people who counter-argued that this miracle was simply a type of Lunar Eclipse (see page 137). In 1902, MGA totally changed, in “I‘jaz-e-Ahmadi”, MGA wrote a poem wherein he claimed that “For him (Muhammad) was shown the Sign of a lunar eclipse and for me, Of lunar and solar both. Will you persist in your denial?”. After MGA died, in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya Volume-5, MGA’s team of writers dismissed the physicality of the splitting of the moon and called it a type of lunar eclipse. In 1909 via Nuzul Masih, the same argument is given.

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