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IKRIMA NAJAMI, A Kababir Ahmadi from birth, a major Arab-desk employee, ANNOUNCES his apostacy from AHMADIYYA

Another Ahmadi has left Ahmadiyya.  This time its an Arab-Ahmadi. He seems to be from Kababir.  Read about the Odeh family and that whole situation herein:  Be sure to read about Hani Tahir here:

His open letter on his FB page
See here:

I declare to all of my friends, and to the world, that it is clear to me that the founder of ahmadiyya was a deliberate liar, a bad creation, and his jamaat after him continues to spread lies. It is very shocking that one reaches this conclusion, but the alternative is eternal concern. This is a betrayal of generations.

My independent research led me to the right path. It was very painful and shocking for me to know that whatever I was following with my sincere belief was lie and beyond Islamic faith and beliefs After reaching certainty in this regard, I thought it was imperative for me to convey to people my testimony and experience in this group, so that God may save the innocent respected faithful of Ahmadis, who do not know the painful truth, or are not able to face it.

I was in charge of the ahmadiyya community in a number of Arab countries, and I was in charge of the Arab area offices and many other posts in the Jamaat. I was a born Ahmadi and my grandfather was the first ahmadi of the family. He joined Jamaat 90 years ago. And ever since We made a religious commitment and came to think of the Jamaat closely, I have endeavored to apply all the teachings in full and to abide by its rules in letter and spirit, and I have been a member of the administrative body in Jamaat. When I moved to London in 2007, I worked at the ahmadiyya public center, in close coordination with khalifa. My house and office were near to his home, and office. I offered prayers in the same Masjid where Khalifa used to offer his and sometime I led the prayer in his place.

I was beginning to see that the Jamaat did not respond to what brother Hani Taher was asking. The Caliph once asked me about my opinion, and I said to him, “I didn’t see any real answers, and he said,” carry on your Search. In next stages I have to undergo phases of denial, fear, distress and extreme anxiety, then the stage where I question myself-honestly, that what would I do when I come to know that we were actually showing a fake belief to people? And how are we gonna handle our life? What about thousands of people serving in the Jamaat who know me ? And what with the parents, the relatives and the peoples of all ages? How will you justify them all? And how will their reactions be? Can they get hurt psychologically?

The intense prayers and the blessings of Allah swt led me to a conclusion where I decided to stick to the truth, no matter what it takes, I only want to please God almighty, first and last. It made me shocked and hurt when in my research in Arabic I found that the beautiful Arabic expressions used by the founder of the Jamaat in his book were the biggest lies, all his arbic texts were stolen directly from famous arabic book AL MUQAMAT UL HARIRi AND JANNAT BY ALHAMZANI. Some 1000 expression were stolen from 40 pages of Hariri (a big Arabic author and scholar), and distributed to a number of Arabic books!! Under immense stress and shock I gave Khalifa a detailed message conveying him that:-

I witness God that I never imagined being in this painful situation. My heart is filled with aches from the trauma I am living in these days. This has been reflected negatively even in health. Those were beautiful days we spent with you. How much we love to work for Islam through this Jamaat and how happy we were that we sacrificed too much for Jamaat. All because of our love for the founder and successors of this Jamaat. And how we tried to run away from the facts.

The responses to what Hani Taher was asking, were far from objectivity, lacking substance and were full of personal insults without mercy. Our people showed up like a haughty group who wanted to keep people away from critical thinking. While Hani Taher was calling for affection, peace, prudence and objectivity in research. He did not change his approach to subtraction and did not whittle into the rhetoric that some had tried to drag him into.

No learned member from Jamaat could come forward to defend its founder, as Jamaat left the job to peoples who were incompetents and unable to come up with a logical responses to deny what Hani had raised objectively. Since his questions were so serious in nature, why haven’t the answers been officially issued on behalf of the Jamaat or even on behalf of Khalifa.?�
When Hani said, ” how was the number of Jmaat followers as 4000 in 1906, and then rose to 400,000 in 1944, even though the Caliph says it is now a hundred times what it was at the time of promised messiah .” they wanted to repeat that phrase only, as if they responded. When he published hundreds of grammatical errors in the founder’s books, they did not address any of these articles except in a way that no one accepted, and Jamaat did not ask a specialist to respond, even though brother Hani demanded it. And when Hani published dozens of articles showing that the founder of Jamaat had stolen text from Hariri, their responses were contradictory, and once they said: the founder had never read any book of Al Hariri, and once they said He was only influenced by Al Hariri, and once they said ” he deliberately took the text of Al Harir so that peoples know it, but in all cases they failed to respond to a very large resemblance of texts for example: in the first 30 pages of Al Hariri, the founder took at least 500 words distributed on his Arabic books, they responded that the Founder could not come in strong terms without taking the words of Al Hariri. This eliminates the idea of his holy learning from Allah swt for 40 thousand material. One way Jamaat says Allah has directly revealed to founder on the other hand Founder was heavily depended upon Hariri in his writings.

When Hani Taher spoke about forgery in referral to Quran, Hadith, by the founder, there was no reply, even though he had mentioned more than 20 texts that the founder claimed to have brought from these sources, without having A trace on any of it.
This is the case when he spoke about faking the founder in referral to his books and declarations which does not exist.�
When Hani Taher pointed out contradictions in the book of “AIJAZUL MASEEH” from all sides, he said that he had broken the challenge, and called for a neutral commission of government, no Ahmadi had commented on it, and it had not been reversed.

Our friendship was great when we were surprised by the morals of the founder and his very many abuses, which we cannot accept that our children will hear or be proud to publish for the world. We did not feel any relief from a continuing curse in one of his books, nor in his insistence on the inevitability of marrying a married woman and spreading advertising among people, that we have a crime and a shame and no one accepts it.

There are also some texts of the founder for which we can be judged by contempt of religions, such as: The criticism of founder of the jamaat on Christianity when he said its description and beliefs are unclean!!!�
As he said about Abdullah Athem. He said, ” Christianity occupies the first place in the world in perjury, those who have not even sped away from betrayal in divine books�He described the Christian religion by saying: “revolting”.

The Founder’s prophecies were clear that they had not been achieved or even reversed, and that the community’s justification for not achieving were not true. Most of them were fake. After founder, said to be written in advertisement in October 1907 that a liar will remain alive after sincere, but we do not find any trace of such Ishtihar in Majmua Ishtiharat.

�I wish I could stay a good relationship with you and the group. But I regret to inform you that I no longer look at the founder of the community a honest in his prayers. The members of my family are in their own hands. And it wouldn’t hurt if any of them chose to stay in the Jamaat . But I don’t see a lot of people working in the Jamaat anymore. if you remove those who don’t believe in the founder. �

Sir, I’m much better at thinking, and I see you’re the only one who has the solution to this ahmadiyya case. You can work to save ahmadis, their offspring, and generations coming from this mess, and you will be able to take good care, and that is if you set up a long-term plan to turn this group into a charity or something like real peace. I am willing to work with you together to bring the group gradually to safety no matter how long.�

I know that telling people the truth at once is shocking to them and that its negative effects may be more than positive, but silence entirely will increase the problem.�If you are to solve this case from its roots, history will write you a great and unprecedented position, and you will receive the greatest rewards from God and people. I can help you with that to the end if you accept my proposal. God is behind the point. Message finished..�

I gave him the message, and he said to me, ” what did you write I said, ” I can’t talk before you read it and I hope you’ll meet with you after reading it, but it’s a big deal and I wasn’t expecting my whole life a nightmare like that. He said, ” What’s wrong with you, do you want to leave the Jamaat or�I said, please, to postpone the talk after seeing the content of the message I wrote to you in detail. He said well, give me a day or two and I’ll read it and meet again.�

40 minutes later, one of the guards came to my office troubled and said, “attending ( means Caliph ) wants you now, so I went to him, and when I walked in.. He said to me,” what I said about the founder And he said to me, and he was trembling in his words, so that his hands were so shaking, and his voice was spotty: I read all your message, and I find myself obliged to release you from your work and let you go.�

So he ended the topic instead of discussing or showing hard evidence of his practical and spiritual experiences and miracles in response to his daily claim that we didn’t see! Yeah, instead of showing me an example to say to the founder, he soon said, ” I’m gonna have to fire you from your work and get you out of Jamaat. (IKHRAJ).�

There are other important details I will mention later God willing, but I want to mention here at last this meeting I asked the Caliph: for God’s sake, what would you do if you were in my place? He replied “probably I would have done �the same what you did.”�

Since that moment, a terrible series of defamation, abuse, insults and cruelty has begun, so that every ahmadi is intimidated from just thinking about what I have thought, and from just looking at what I have looked into, and from just breathing the breezes of freedom that I will talk about these details later, God willing.�

In conclusion, I pray to God to guide the ahmadis and their people in delivering the truth to their families, children and relatives. If they do so gradually and in stages, it is important not to contribute to the spread of falsehood and lies, but to help each other in research, reading and understanding, and to demand that everything be accurate and documented, and that The responses are official, and from specialists, especially with regard to the Arabic language that has all known the low level of ạlmyrzạ.�

My heart will remain open to all ahmadis, in hope that they will not obey it, nor will they respond to any denied, or hear false rumours, and rule on something before they hear all parties
Humble self.
Ikrima Najami


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“Ahmadiyya, beliefs and experiences” (2000) by Hassan Bin Mahmood Odeh–An Ex-Ahmadi from Kababir, Haifa, Israel

We have written extensively about Ahmadiyya in Kababir, Haifa, Israel.  We wanted to add one more piece research information to our blog.  We have found and posted a book by Hassan Bin Mahmood Odeh, who is an ex-Ahmadi from Kababir, Haifa, Israel.  He is from the famous Odeh family.  Under Mirza Tahir Ahmad, he worked as the “Director-General” of the Arabic section of the Ahmadiyya Movement.  He had also lived in Qadian and had learned Urdu and thus was able to read directly from the books of MGA.

Hassan Odeh Book

Mirza Tahir Ahmad badmouthing Hassan Odeh in a Friday Sermon

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Kababir: an Ahmadiyya community in Israel by Ray Register (1970)–Hartford Seminary Foundation–Thesis/dissertation


My team and I have found a Thesis that was written about the Ahmadiyya Movement in 1970.  It specifically highlights the Ahmadiyya community in Kababir.  The PDF’s are upside down, remember to rotate them.  This blog has posted many rare articles on Ahmadiyya, we will continue to do so.  We also provide opinions on the data that we find.

Related Essays

1—It seems that the entire village population of Muslims in Kababir converted to Ahmadiyya in the early 1930’s.  This story is fishy.  We need more data on why and etc.  Jalal ud din Shams was the missionary/vicious Ahmadi-mullah and he had came from Damascus where he was almost killed.

2—In 1970, the Ahmadiyya policy in Israel was that of neutrality, they never spoke up in terms of the human rights violations of the Israeli government.

3—Ahmadi’s had segregated themselves from the local Muslim Community on a social level.

4—It should be noted that the headquarters of the Bahai religion can be found less then a few miles from the Ahmadiyya center in Kababir, it is located in the greater city area of Haifa.

5—There also seems to be a small community of Baptist-Christians in Kababir.  They seem to have worked with Ahmadiyya over the past 10+ years and til today in 2018.  Register notes that NO muslims have ever converted to the Baptist type of Christianity.

6—Ray Register was a Baptist preacher that was sent from America to Kababir in 1964, he thus has an amazing vantage point and is neutral.  Ray register spent 5 years in Israel as a Baptist missionary, mostly outside of Kababir, he thus came into contact with Muslims of Israel as well as Ahmadis.

7—Register quotes Farquhar as he explains the creation of the Ahmadiyya Movement.  However, what Register didn’t know was that in 1915 Farquhar had written that MGA died of cholera.  Register quotes the same book, which is
“Modern Religious Movements in India” (1915).  Farquhar also edited Walter’s historic book on Ahmadiyya, which was published in 1918.

8—Register makes a few errors, first he thinks that the ROR started in 1892, which is wrong, it started in 1902.  He also asserts that MGA read out his lecture, “The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam” (1896), which is wrong Maulvi Abdul Karim read it out.  And in fact, Khwaja Kamaluddin didn’t think it was a good paper (see Truth about the Split” {1924}).

9—Register writes that Christians weren’t attracted to MGA’s new set of beliefs, however, Sunni Muslims were, since MGA offered some arguments vs. Christianity.

10—Register writes that MGA died of an intestinal disorder, he got this from Walter, however, he totally ignores the comments of Farquhar.

11—Register mentions how Zafrullah Khan boycotted the funeral of Jinnah.


The PDF’s
Kababir, Register, beginn to 23
Kababir, Register 24 to 50
Kababir, Register, page 51 to end (1)
Kababir page 28
Kababir, page 68

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wanted Muhammadi begum’s husband to be killed

Dear readers, we have covered the topic of Muhammadi Begum at length.  Read all of these entries first.  We have found some interesting information to add to this saga.  As we were going through Hassan Odeh’s book on Ahmadiyya, we found this reference:

“We will kill her husband, as we killed her father, and will return her to you”

Tadhkirah, page 226. As quoted by Hassan odeh in 2000 in his book on Ahmadiyya, see page 96-97.

What did the Ahmadi’s change?
The word translates as kill, however, Ahmadiyya leadership decided to use destroy.  The word in arabic is used is “mohlaikoon” it is derived from the word “halaaq” means halaaq kerna, or to say ” main nay us murd ko halaaq ker diya, maar diya.

MGA and his team wanted other people to be killed also, Lekh Ram, Abdullah Athim and Dr. Clark

The reference in the 2009 edition of Tadhkirah was changed from kill to destroy

The exact same translation was done in the 2004 edition of Tadhkirah, the 1976 english translation remains unchecked.  

The reference from the 1967 edition of Tadhkirah, URDU


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Who is Manzur Ahmad Chinioti?

Manzur Ahmad Chinioti was a major opponent of Ahmadiyya.  He interviewed Hassan Odeh when he famously left Ahmadiyya in the late 1980’s early 1990’s.  We have collected lots of the data and posted it in the below.

The data

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An Ahmadi couple has left Ahmadiyya and joined Islam

Dear readers, Check out our FB forums,

Wajih Ahmad and wife Binte Tahir resident of Chak 37 District Sargodha left Ahmadiyya  and embraced Islam at the hand of Molana Muhammad Akram Toofani. Both husband and wife were born Ahmadi’s.


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#ahmadiyya #ahmadiyyatrueislam #ahmadiapartheid #Ahmadiyyat #rabwah #qadian #meetthekhalifa #ahmadiyyat #muslimsforpeace #ahmadiyyafactcheckblog #nolifewithoutkhalifa #drsalam #AhmadiMosqueattack #AhmadiyyaPersecution #Sialkot #Mosqueattack

The Review of Religions (ROR) of November 1931, Front page and pages 290-291

As we continue our work on Ahmadiyya in Kababir, we have collected an article from November of 1931 which gives us additional evidence.  It seems that Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad had sent Jalal-ud-din Shams in roughly 1925 and had him return in 1931.  The Khalifa replaced him with another Ahmadi-Mullah, Maulvi Abul-Ata Allah Ditta, who was a new graduate of the Mullah-training-school in Qadian.

This report has lots of info on Islam in Palestine, Egypt and Syria, which were all property of the British Government.  It also tells us that before Jalal-uddin Shams, there was another Ahmadi-Mullah sent to Damascus.  His name was Syed Zainul-Abideen Wali-ullah Shah.  This person has never been mentioned before in the annals of Ahmadiyya literature.  Moreover, the British government forced Jalal-uddin Shams to leave the Damascus area and they seem to have directed him towards Kababir, wherein there was a family of Muslims living in a village.  Finally, a report of the operations of Ahmadiyya in Bengal is also given.

The Review of Religions (ROR) of November 1931, Front page and pages 290-291

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The Review of Religions (ROR) of January 1932, pages 30-34+images

My team and I continue to collect archival material on the Ahmadiyya Movement.  In this instance, we have found the ROR of 1923 and some specific pages.  This article in the ROR specifically tells us about Ahmadiyya operations in Syria, Egypt and Damascus.  To read additionally about this topic, read here:

Jalal-uddin Shams mentions hows Jews are taking over Palestine
Firstly, the British Government was administering these lands and was allowing Jews to move in and buy land.  The same British Government had helped Ahmadi’s in Israel and most likely led them to Kababir.

Cement of Superior quality?  From Kababir? 
Jalal-uddin Shams mentions how there was a huge family business in Kababir in cement work.  This seems to have been a multi-million dollar enterprise (by today’s standards).  Register mentions this fact also, it seems that the family that owned this business was totally converted to Ahmadiyya before Shams left.  However, Shams tells us that some Jewish people had bought and taken over this business.  We are not sure of the implications of this quite yet.

The Review of Religions (ROR) of January 1932, pages 30-34+imag

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Review of Religions, August of 1932, “Factors which contribute to the success of a new religion and their application to the Ahmadiyya Movement”


My team and I have found an old edition of the Review of Religions (ROR) from August of 1932.  Malik Ghulam Farid was the editor in those days, he went on to write the 5-volume official commentary of the Quran, which can be found here.  Malik Ghulam Farid (1897–1977), was a notable Ahmadiyya scholar. He was deputed the task of preparing the 5 Volume The English Commentary of the Holy Quran,[1] in 1942, by Mirza Mahmood Ahmad, the second Khalifa.[2] He published the said Commentary in 1962. Later, in 1969, Malik published the Abridged Edition.[3] Malik Ghulam Farid also produced a Dictionary of the Holy Quran, but it could not be published in his lifetime. He died in 1977.[4]

The essay itself
Ahmadi’s claim that Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad wrote this essay and many others, however, that’s a lie, he rarely wrote anything.  Just like MGA, he had his resident mullahs write everything, he was simply their figure head.  This is another case of exactly that.  In fact, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad claims to have written a Tafsir of the Quran, however, that’s a lie, it was really written by his Mullahs.

Important points made in the essay
1—The Ahmadi’s of Kababir are mentioned, it is possible that this is the first time that they were ever mentioned in the literature of Ahmadiyya.  Also see here:

2—The essay is essentially calling Ahmadiyya a new religion, and thus giving examples/criteria of how new religions have historically formed.

3—Qadian is backward province, and thus produced backward ideas.

4—MGA and his movement have always told people to follow their government (colonialism) and to never revolt.

5—MGA and his sons require Ahmadi’s to sacrifice their monies, time and children to the Ahmadiyya Movement.

6—Most Ahmadi’s pay between 10–30% of their earnings to Ahmadiyya aka the Mirza family.

Factors Which Contribute to The success of a New Religionand Their Application to The Ahmadiyya Movement

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