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Kashif N Chaudhry is the son of an Ahmadi Mullah aka employee

Kashif N Chaudhry (@KashifMD on twitter) is a fanatical Qadiani-Ahmadi, he has been a major unofficial spokesman of the Ahmadiyya Community ever since he came to America about 10 years ago. Why has he been so fanatical? It seems that his father was an Ahmadi mullah aka employee. Thus, he grew up in the Gambia. He seems to be very rude and arrogant, which is common with the sons of Ahmadi murrabi’s around the world. He seems to have had his college education paid by the Ahmadiyya Movement and thus, he is extremely loyal to them. Ironically, a few months ago, he challenged homeopathic medicine and was called a hypocrite by Ahmadi’s on twitter. Qasim Rashid is also the son of an Ahmadi employee aka Mullah. 

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The Great Ahmadiyya Homeopathy Fallout–@KashifMD, #Ahmadiyya #ahmadiyyat #ahmadiyyfactcheckblog

Recently, a prominent Ahmadi doctor (@KashifMD) (a proper, medical doctor, not homeopathy quack), sparked off a twitter war with his tweet about homeopathy not having any evidence to suggest its more than a placebo. Click here for a gallery of screenshots to see just how crazy it got.

Whenever ex Ahmadis bring up the absurdity of homeopathy, we are labelled as “obsessed” with homeopathy and that its okay to not believe in it as an Ahmadi – “it has nothing to do with Jamaat”. Well this was very quickly proved wrong, as you can see in this collection of screenshots from the recent Twitter war. According to some Ahmadis on the side of homeopathy, disbelief in homeopathy is “quasi-kufr” or questioning of Khalifa himself. This isn’t just kneejerk twitter trolling: its a clear position within Ahmadi theology. The rest of this post is a comment I made a few months back.

I absolutely appreciate individual Ahmadis who have a liberal (read: scientific) approach to homoeopathy. This is a sane and reasoned approach to negotiating the issue of homeopathy, as an Ahmadi, in light of decades of research showing it to be nothing more than sugar pills (aka placebo).

But, if we look at what actual, official Jamaat source AskAMurabbi says, you must believe in homoeopathy fully. Some points:

  1. You cannot simply believe that it is a placebo, as that would deny the medicinal value of it, as preached by KMIV and KMV.

  2. God would not let his Khulafa institute homoeopathy as a Jamaat institution and allow them to continue in error and cost Jamaat money.

  3. Rejection of homeopathy is a rejection of a Jamaat institution and so it affects your belief in Jamaat and Khilafat.

“For an Ahmadi, the outright denial of homeopathy invariably affects aspects of our belief in Khilafat, because the Khalifah made homeopathy a part of the organization of the Jama‘at of Allah.”

I feel sorry for all Ahmadis who try to reason through this problem, but sadly you can’t. If you are an Ahmadi, you HAVE to believe in homeopathy. Not just that it works through placebo, or because of the blessings of Khilafat: you have to believe that it has the full medicinal benefits touted by the Khalifa.
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Cynthia Ritchie has reported Kashif Chaudhry to his employer—The Iowa Board of Medicine

Kashif Chaudhry is a bigoted and fanatical Ahmadi.  He has been ordered by his Khalifa to attack and harass anyone who won’t agree with his silly notions.  He had a long and protracted beef with Cynthia Ritchie in the past, however, now we have legal action to report.  It seems that Cynthia Ritchie reported Kashif to his employer in Iowa.  Cynthia is in fact correct, why is a heart doctor harassing people on the internet?  Its is unethical.  How can Kashif claim to work to help people when he hates everyone/anyone who calls Pakistan as good?  See @CynthiaDRitchie  for further details.  

The screenshots

Cynthia Ritchie

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Kashif activates the A-Team trolls and takes the Bullying of Cynthia D Ritchie to the next Level! No More Love for Cynthia D Ritchie from Ahmadis

Ahmadi’s have been harassing people since 1879, as MGA published the first volume of his Braheen series.  Kashif Chaudhry is the number 1 Ahmadi troll for the past 4-5 years.

The story

Cynthia D Ritchie is popular on social media for portraying Pakistan’s soft image. While many admire the fact that a foreigner—a woman at that too– cycles freely in an otherwise conservative society, there are others who have taken exception to her hard-hitting tweets at ‘pseudo-liberals’ and those who mock her.

Cynthia took to Twitter and slammed Yasir Latif Hamdani, a lawyer who wrote an opinion piece in The Daily Times against her. In his piece, Hamdani referred to Cynthia as a ‘shady operative’ who arrived in Pakistan and declared herself as resident expert on Islam by making a negative statement against Ahmadis.

The piece got Cynthia’s attention (not in a good way) and she took to task Hamdani (understandably) but also Raza Rumi, editor of The Daily Times.

Cynthia D. Ritchie


I am now looking to hire an attorney for a defamation suit against @theRealYLH.

Hamdani, your lies will be your undoing. If you think I’m going to sit by while you & Daily Times et alia, spit venom, you’ve got another thing coming. CC: @StateDept @shehryar_taseer @Razarumi

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There were some who took her threat lightly, prompting her to tweet this.

The controversy grabbed eyeballs on micro-blogging site Twitter with many siding with Cynthia and spawning the hashtag #ISupportCynthia. Cynthia’s name was subsequently removed from the opinion piece but she was still infuriated.



Qayamat ki Nishani: When two master trolls are unable to turn people against @CynthiaDRitchie because she has a lot of goodwill. PS, trend is actually doing much better.

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Engr.Saad Kaleem🇵🇰@ZarbeKaleemi

I strongly condemn the conspiracies on social media against @CynthiaDRitchie
Her contributions for highlighting positive & soft image of Pakistan are immensly appriciable

Cynthia!We are indebted to u,keep doing ur bit for peace&Pakistan
Stay strong & committed

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Waseem Khan@aqu_a_rius

A planned game is started against. @CynthiaDRitchie

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Mudasar Ch™🇵🇰@Mudasser_Pk

Cynthia are representing Pak 🇵🇰 positive image to the world.
Who recommended to world to visit Pak.
He is realized after being hospitalized by Pakistanis that there people are peaceful and loveable careable .
Thank You so much more.
God bless@CynthiaDRitchie

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Cynthia D. Ritchie


I expect more from the owners of this paper. They know how to remedy the situation.

Otherwise I am preparing for action, including the writer, Hamdani.

Mawish Moulvi@mawish_m

@CynthiaDRitchie your name has been removed.

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In between the Twitter jibes and ‘You’ve messed with the wrong bi**h shots, Cynthia continued to portray a positive side of Pakistan.

Cynthia D. Ritchie



MOON KHAN 🇵🇰@moonkhanpaki

The Kalash region is an amazing sight-seeing place for the tourists. Visit the place during their festivities and you, like Cynthia, will fall in love with it too. She always supports us as #WeSupportCynthia thank you madam @CynthiaDRitchie @peaceforchange

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She ended up abusing Raza Rumi as well in a tweet (which she has now deleted).

“F**k you Raza Rumi, you t**t,” she wrote in a tweet and all bets were off.

Here’s why she did it though.

Yes, part of the irony is that I’d apologized to Rumi a day or two before, for sharing a picture of him with @theRealYLH & KashifMD (YLH & Kashif both cyber bullies). And then I find out he edits the heinous article about me, written by YLH who is no Pakistani Patriot. Upsetting.

— Cynthia D. Ritchie (@CynthiaDRitchie) January 1, 2019

Cynthia D. Ritchie


2/ me and others for months. I apologized to Raza, because I did not intend to show him (I don’t know him) as a cyberbully. My intent was to show YLH and Kashif are friends; & they both gang up on people to try and push their narratives. Both YLH & Kashif have shown themselves…

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Cynthia D. Ritchie


2/ me and others for months. I apologized to Raza, because I did not intend to show him (I don’t know him) as a cyberbully. My intent was to show YLH and Kashif are friends; & they both gang up on people to try and push their narratives. Both YLH & Kashif have shown themselves…

Cynthia D. Ritchie


3/ to be vile creatures who write libelous materials, attempting to defame character, with lies.

So it hurt me, when I learned @Razarumi edited the write-up from YLH, defaming me. I received the original copy, with my name “shady operative” in it. And it was impression Raza…

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She even gave props to the people who were instrumental in trending #WeSupportCynthia

Cynthia D. Ritchie


Thank you all, including @IK_Force and @foto_masters – it’s a lovely surprise to see trending in Pakistan. Big hugs. And Happy New year!

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The apology

A couple of hours later, Cynthia realized she had made a mistake by abusing Raza Rumi and in a mature way, apologized to him in a tweet.

Cynthia D. Ritchie


Agreed. Thank you. Sometimes my patience runs out. No excuse however, and apologies to @Razarumi for the abuse.

We should each do our best to set the example of civil discourse and respect for differences of opinion.


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Raza Rumi, who had demonstrated maturity by being silent all the time, finally responded to calm the Twitter storm. He appreciated Cynthia’s offer to reconcile over a cup of coffee sometime and in turn, informed Twitterati about his first day of the new year.

Raza Ahmad Rumi


Dear @CynthiaDRitchie: thanks. V gracious. I didn’t respond earlier because when we are angry we tend to say things which we might regret. I appreciate your concerns and have asked colleagues to be more vigilant. Yes, coffee is appreciated. On me.

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Raza Ahmad Rumi


My first day of 2019 was not that joyful. Full of online abuse and hate. But I thank all the friends and well-wishers who defended me & gave me strength. I don’t wish to prolong Twitter duels. Just want a peaceful evening in real time with friends I haven’t seen in years.

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Enters the idiot

Farhan Virk, a social media celebrity (of sorts) in Pakistan known for operating various fake accounts, trolling the PTI’s opponents and harbouring jingoistic opinions, saw fit to involve himself in the dispute. He claimed that Cynthia had no right to abuse Raza Rumi as he had gotten shot for his views against the Taliban.

Not only that, he recorded a ridiculous video in which he urged Pakistanis to dissociate themselves from Cynthia as ‘We (Pakistanis) despite our difference of opinion with each other, should not allow a foreigner to abuse one of us.”

Hain? Why, Virk, why?

Cynthia responds to the troll by telling him to make a sandwich

Cynthia D. Ritchie


Virk beta, my apology to Raza came for using language I normally don’t and shouldn’t use.

You and your ‘buddy’ had nothing to do with it, so please, go make a sandwich. Your blood sugar is low.

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She proceeded to say she didn’t even know who Virk was. Ouch.

Cynthia D. Ritchie


Frankly, I don’t know who Virk is. I didn’t know there was a ‘spat’. I just told him to “make a sandwich”, since he was poking his nose into my affairs (which stemmed from bad editing & YLH slandering me in @Dailytimes).

Just realized I am sounding more Pakistani every day. 😃

Maleeha Hashmey@MaleehaHashmey

Who are you siding with, in Cynthia VS Virk Twitter Spat?

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The troll apologizes

It was then that Farhan Virk came across ‘thousands of documentaries’ that Cynthia had done to highlight and promote the positive side of Pakistan and apologized to her in a tweet. He took his words back and deleted all his tweets against her. Sigh.

Dr Farhan K Virk@FarhanKVirk

I have made quite a research on your work inside Pak @CynthiaDRitchie I have noticed that you have made thousands of documentaries and millions of UK and US citizens have watched them. I am sorry. I will explain my apology in a vlog today 🙏🙏 I never knew you contributed so much

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So, that was all. And Cynthia went back to celebrating the new year.

Cynthia D. Ritchie


Yes, – let’s start this new year right.

No one likes to be falsely/wrongly accused of anything, be it individual or state level, by intent or mistake. Prefer conversation over conflict any day.

Peace to you and yours.

Raza Ahmad Rumi


Thanks @CynthiaDRitchie#HappyNewYear2019 

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Cynthia D. Ritchie


Good morning everyone. And thank you, Ali. We’re all doing our bit to start the new year off right.

Pakistan Zindabad! ❤️🇵🇰

Ali Malik@AliHasnainMalik
Replying to @CynthiaDRitchie

Cynthia, you’re wasting your time on a ateention seeker. Ignore him and he will commit suicide lol. You’re a hero of Pakistan. God bless you and attached friendly reminder for him and everyone

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Cynthia D. Ritchie


Picture One: my face when I see fake accounts run by desperate, mentally diseased trolls.

Picture Two: how I feel after receiving so much love from Pakistan. ❤️🇵🇰

Let’s move on and make it a great 2019 & focus on positive stories in the country!

Pakistan Zindabad!

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The only good thing to come out of the Twitter spat—hilarious tweets

Stray observations—why does Cynthia love to tag the State Department in her every tweet? Why did she say ‘You all are fuc***g with the wrong b**ch?

Well, as usual, Twitter doesn’t let such things slide. And it didn’t.

Manal Faheem Khan@ManalFaheemKhan

KFC: Ma’am we are out of diet 7up so we’re sending you regular 7up instead. Okay?

Me: You all are fucking with the wrong bitch.

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Imtiaz Haidery@imhaidery

I am fucking with the wrong bitch 😦

See Imtiaz Haidery’s other Tweets

Maham Ali@Mahamali05

Cynthia walks into a store and asks for Coke. The shopkeeper tells her they don’t have coke – only pepsi.


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The Uber Driver: Madam, please put the exact pin location.

Me: you all are fucking with the wrong bitch.

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Ali Warsi@thealiwarsi

“Yeh aansu ponchh dou Pushpa. I hate tears” ~ Rajesh Khanna

“Paro meri maa mer gaee” ~ Dilip Kumar

“I love you, K-k-k-kiran” ~ Shah Rukh Khan

“You all are fucking with the wrong bitch” ~ Cynthia D Ritchie

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It is 1st day of 2019 & it already give us this powerful line.

“You all are fucking with the wrong bitch” ~ Cynthia D Bitchie

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Naila Inayat


Raza Rumi: Happy New Year everyone
Cynthia: You’re fucking with the wrong bitch

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The saga seems to be over. For now. Toning it down a notch, we’d like to end with the question–did they really mess with the wrong woman, though?

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Kashif’s Twitter Meltdown. American Journalist Cynthia D. Ritchie harassed and called “ISI Whore” after she refuses to let Ahmadiyya hijack her Reputation as a respected Journalist and retweet the fake prosecution stories of the Ahamdiyya sect!

Ahmadi’s are vicious and ruthless.  Especially the immigrants, the Ahmadi’s born in the West normally don’t care about religion in general.  Ahmadi’s are willing to call anyone a terrorist if they don’t support the Ahmadiyya cause.  They have fought the entire Muslim community in the USA, Canada, Germany and the Uk and many other countries.  Recently, they had a twitter beef with a respected journalist, Cynthia Ritchie.  Cynthia loves Pakistan and Pakstani people….she spent the night at Kashif’s house, has been very friendly with Ahmadi’s.  However, recently Ahmadi’s have turned on her since she wasn’t in full agreement over the false Ahmadiyya persecution narrative.

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A recent tweet by Cynthia
2 of your members R becoming some of the worst examples of your creed: “Love For All, Hatred For None”; these members, included, R bigots. Comparing me 2 the Taliban because I won’t RT their tweets & don’t agree 100% w/their thinking.

The screenshots

Cynthia’s twitter account

A video in Urdu explaining this whole situation

#ahmadiyya #ahmadiyyatrueislam #ahmadiapartheid #Ahmadiyyat #rabwah #qadian #meetthekhalifa #ahmadiyyat #muslimsforpeace #ahmadiyyafactcheckblog #nolifewithoutkhalifa #drsalam #AhmadiMosqueattack #AhmadiyyaPersecution #Sialkot #Mosqueattack

Kashif Chaudhry is at it again, he continues to accuse Muslims in America of Takfir and calls them terrorists


I have written about this fanatic before.  He was radicalized by Mirza Tahir Ahmad in the 80’s, further, his father is an Ahmadi-mullah, and many of his uncles have been jailed for breaking the law in Pakistan, in terms of Ord-XX and other behaviors of fanatical Ahmadis like purposely distributing Ahmadi books, when they know its against the law in Pakistan.

Professor Jonathan AC Brown’s recent post
On 11-25-17 he writes:

“””For those of you interested, what I find totally beyond the pale with Ahmadi PR operators like Kashif Chaudry is that they call Muslims takfiris for doing no more that following the consensus position of all Sunni and Shiah scholars. And we all know what it means when you’re called a takfiri in the West: surveillance and perhaps even referral to some CVE/Prevent program. So if you want to avoid this accusation, you have to go against the agreed-upon position of ALL Muslim scholars. How is this an honest attempt at dialogue? It’s bullying of the worst kind, denigrating the highest form of discourse by intimidating it with the most clumsy and thoughtless forces within reach.”””

“””I blocked Kashif Chaudhry because he repeatedly threatened to “out” people as “extremists” for not accepting Ahmadis as Muslims and also threatened to publish photos of them with other people to drag those people into his net of defamation as well. I could tell he was a lowlife because I have a good sleeze-dar (when someone keeps trying to meet you for coffee despite the fact that they are calling you terrible names, it’s not a good sign). I hope he improves his conduct and can rejoin polite society.”””

“””My response to Kashif Chaudry’s latest Ahmadi doorstepping (Will you condemn xyz Muslims for exercising their Constitutionally protected freedom of religion?!): Kashif, stop playing dumb. As I’ve said numerous times, if you and other Ahmadis go around calling people ‘Takfiris’ for just following what is the CONSENSUS Of Sunni and Shiah ulama, saying that Sunni extremism is the cause of Islamophobia, going on Fox News with ROBERT SPENCER (!) to say how mosques need to be surveiled (Yes, I saw that Ahmadi rep doing that), in short, using the climate of Islamophia to try to bully Muslims into accepting Ahmadis, you will continue to get the same reaction: total rejection. The merits of your case aside, your conduct is nauseating. I have never seen a Shiah scholar of any repute or any Shiah organization throw Sunnis under the bus the way you and other Ahmadi reps do regularly. If you want to be Muslim, take the hits like the rest of us and stop throwing law-abiding Muslims under the bus to advance your own mainstreaming-in-America agenda. I won’t have a dialogue with you because you are not interested in discussion. You’re interested in getting the hegemonic, Islamophobic, security-state public space to threaten Muslims into accepting Ahmadis. Do it on your own time, not mine.”””

Kashif Chaudhry admits to having a “troll” account, back in 2010


Most Ahmadis are robots.  They never use their own brains and double check the data that their Mullahs feed them.    They simply repeat the “few” arguments that they have memorized and don’t care if anyone has a response or not.  They then move on to the next group of people who are unaware of Ahmadiyya and restart their marketing.

In this particular situation, Kashif Chaudhry is one of the “super-brainwashed” Ahmadis, and he has a death-wish.  Ironically, the guy has never gotten into any fist-fights in his life, nor has he ever worked a manual labor job for any extended duration, he is a soft-guy and would probably run if he ever had to fight.  In fact, most Ahmadi-men are like this, their bodies and soft and incapable of hard-work or any sports that would require muscle. Instead, they lived the life of “rabwah” where most young men are unemployed and simply hang out all day with nothing to do, other then surf the internet at those “Internet-cafe’s”.  And most of these rich-kids dont even pay for their education, in Kashif’s case, it is chanda-dollars that eventually pay for the education of the off-spring of Ahmadi mullahs.

Kashif was a troll.  He used the word psuedonym.  However, this is just the academic way to call yourself a troll-piece.  Kashif went around the internet looking for Muslims to engage, and I’m sure he is still using his “troll-account” as he harrasses countless of his country men.

Kashif will never double check Ahmadiyya
I have tried to talk to this clown.  Ahmadis don’t want dialogue, they want to cry persecution to the UN, NAFTA, NATO and everyone else who is willing to listen.  They don’t want an honest conversation??  Why???

Kashif Chaudhry disowns Rabwah times

Kashif is the infamous son of an Ahmadi-mullah who openly hates Pakistan.  He was running many videos on Rabwah times and even went so far as to try to make a Sunni Cleric say that Ahmadis are liable to death, which he didn’t.  Mubasher Shah simply said that in Pakistan, there are many crimes that people will get the death penalty for.  Nonetheless, recently he got in trouble with his Khalifa in terms of his attendance at an islamic conference in the UAE.  The back lash was overwhelming, the Khalifa seems to have ordered Kashif to disown Rabwah Times and to announce that they do not represent the Ahmadiyya Movement.

Here is the FB posting by Kashif

It has been the modus operandi of the Ahmadiyya movement to always lie about who can officially comment on Ahmadi issues.  They have been doing for years and will continue to do it.

Kashif Chaudhry vs. Shaykh Hamza Yousaf

In the wake of the recently held Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies Conference held in Abu Dhabi, a controversy has been initiated by a delegation of Ahmadis that were, according to themselves, invited to partake in the event as Muslims. The Ahmadi delegation consisted of, among others, no other than the famous Ahmadi apologist Kashif Chaudhary.

There were people from other religions present in the event as well. A Christian priest is very well visible on the picture to the left. A multi-religious event that seek to promote love and mercy across all faiths is of course commendable and also the need of the hours. This article is not written to criticize the Ahmadi participation on this event, but rather to draw the readers attention to another serious matter.

Hamza Yusuf has written a very famous article regarding the Ahmadis titled “Sticks and Drones May Break Our Bones, but Fitna Really Hurts Us”. The fitna he is referring to is the Ahmadiyya religion. The Sheikh clearly writes that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is a false Prophet and that both him and his followers are outside the fold of Islam. This article led to fierce criticism by Kashif Chaudhary, who called Sheikh Hamza Yusuf an extremist on his own blog.

So it happened on the recent event held in Dubai that Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and Kashif Chaudhary stood face to face. Chaudhary recalls the meeting on his facebook-page:

 Had the honor of having a conversation with renowned Islamic scholar Shaikh Hamza Yusuf. He is clear in his stance against Takfir and invited the Ahmadi Muslims with open arms. It was heart-warming. This is the tolerance, peace and pluralism that the Forum for Promotion of Peace in Muslim Societies is trying to spread around the Muslim world. The simple and basic idea that we can disagree and yet break bread and work for the common good of our societies and wider communities.

I have always considered Shaikh Hamza Yusuf a great scholar. My disagreement with him was based on a statement he had made in the past. But I am glad I had the opportunity to clarify that small misunderstanding. I admire the Shaikh’s knowledge and humility and look forward to more partnerships with his good initiatives.

May all of us Muslims continue to work together, despite our theological differences, for the common good of ALL mankind. For this is the purpose of Islam. inshAllah! #PeaceMS2016

One of the past statements from the Sheikh that drew fierce criticism from Chaudhary was when he in one sentence in the article referred to Ahmadiyya as a fitna. Chaudhary was asked on his facebook-wall whether the Sheikh still hold the view that the Ahmadiyya is a fitna. To this, Chaudhary responded: “No. He considers us a Muslim Community. He has deleted that article from his website too”. He was right in one thing, the article was in fact unaccessible. This led many to believe that the Sheikh had deleted the article and changed his stance on the Ahmadiyya.

So I sent an e-mail to Sheikh Hamza Yusuf asking for a clarification. I just received an answer. I’m sharing the whole correspondence with you below:

Me: As salamu aleykum wa rahmatAllah

My name is ………., from ………… I’ve been listening to you for many years and by the grace of Allah swt I hope to have benefitted a lot from listening to you. I write to you with outmost respect and humbleness, as a student and a seeker. 
I hope you can help me sort this out, inshaAllah. 

My reason for writing is that for some years now I have been involved in very friendly inter-faith dialogue with the Ahmadiyya Community in ……, as well as with some Ahmadiyya acquaintances on the internet. 

One Ahmadiyya who is very active online is Kashif N. Chaudhary. It has come to my attention that you recently met him during the recent Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies Conference held in Abu Dhabi. Kashif N. Chaudhary is a dedicated Ahmadiyya-rights activist who works against oppression of the Ahmadiyya community (a dedication which is commendable) but he is also an apologist who is often seen on sosial media campaigning for the Ahmadiyya religion at the expense of traditional Islamic creed and making hateful remarks about those who dare to disagree with him on mere theological matters. 

Dear Shaykh, you have previously written an article about your view on the Ahmadis. The article called “Sticks and Stones May Break Our Bones, but Fitna Really Hurts Us” was an excellent article that many benefitted from. In this article, you clearly stated your opinion that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is a false Prophet who is outside the fold of Islam and so are his followers.  Kashif N. Chaudhary reacted to your article by defaming you and calling you extremist on his blog. 

According to his facebook-page, he met you at the conference and you cleared a misunderstanding that was between you. I know that you know have deleted the article from you website, and Kashif has also deleted the pages from his blog in which he openly defames you. He now claims that you don’t consider Ahmadis to be outside the fold of Islam anymore. He told me that you have retracted a previous statement of yours in which you called the Ahmadiyya faith a fitna. I’ve attached two screenshots that will illustrate this further. 

As a seeker of knowledge with great respect for our esteemed Scholars, I’m seeking your advice to how I should view this. Is it such that Ahmadis are now Muslims again? Or is Kashif Chaudhary lying about you? Perhaps you two again have a misunderstanding to clear up? Or have I misunderstood everything here?

Kashif Chaudhary also claims that the Ahmadiyya delegation was invited to the conference as Muslim participants. Is it any truth in this? 

I apologize for the length of this mail. I hope you can take out som of your busy time to respond to this. 

Ma assalama. Team (Sheikhs Official Website): 

Salam, We are looking into this matter, I pressed send too soon. Hopefully we can respond with a better response soon. The blog has not been deleted from the website, for some reason it is inaccessible on mobile browsers. Thank you for your patience!

Sandala Team

The article is now is now accessible again. There is no need to believe that Sheikh Hamza Yusuf has changed his stance. However, it remains a mystery why the article was taken down (if that was the case) because one article written by Kashif Chaudhary in his criticism of Sheikh, titled “Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Zaytuna College and the Takfir of Ahmadi Muslims” was also taken down and is still unaccessible as I write (20.12.16). See screenshot below:

(All above screenshots were taken on the 19th of december 2016)

The article on is back online. However, a question remains, was this a coordinated step taken by Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and Kashif Chaudhary? Did they agree to take down these pages? What is the misunderstanding they clarified between each other according during the meeting, according to the statement of Kashif Chaudhary? Before we reach a final conclusion, let us wait for a further clarification as promised by the team.

Kashif Chaudary also claims that they were invited to this event as Muslims. A closer look at the event website reveals that close to anyone can register to participate in the event and that an invitation is not necessarily needed. Did the Ahmadis invite themselves? Or were they invited? And if they were invited, were they invited as Muslims? This will be the topic of my next article as I dig deeper.

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