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Who is Abdul Mannan Omar (1910-2006), the youngest son of Noorudin?

Abdul Mannan Omar the youngest son of Maulvi Noorudin, his maternal grandfather was Sufi Ahmad Jan of Ludhiana, he passed away at midnight on 28 July 2006, Innalillah wa inna aleyhei raji’oon. He was born on 19 April 1910. He was very highly educated and authored a dictionary and concordance to The Holy Quran as well as many volumes of commentaries on books of Ahadith. He was excommunicated from the Ahmadiyya Nizam – E – Jamaat in the late 1950s for conspiring to depose the Khilafat. The second Khalifa discussed this in detail in his famous speech Khilafat – E – Haqqa Islamiyya.

Thereafter he attended the Sunni mosque in Delaware – America where he was staying with his daughter at the time of his demise (and where his son Hibbatul Mannan lives) and where his funeral was held on 4 August 2006 before the burial which took place in Pakistan. The funeral service (obviously) did not mention the name of his revered father or of Ahmadiyyat. It is said that in his last hours his house echoed with the recording of the recitation of The Holy Quran and that he passed away during the recital of the final verse of Surah Ya Sin. May Allah forgive his shortcomings and raise his spiritual status worthy to that of his father.


He seems to have been mentioned in the Al-Fazl of August 22nd, 1956 in a strange way. Azizah Begum was the wife of a Qadiani missionary, name Muhammad Siddiq, who was sent to Sierra Leone in the 1940’s. Azizah was the daughter of late Mehboob Ali of Malerkotla (he seems to have been murdered by Sikhs in September of 1947). Munawwar Shah son of Fazal shah who was employed at the guns shop of Mirza Sharif Ahmad in the year 1950-51. He reported this story to Azizah Begum.

On December 27th, 1956 after his forced eviction from Rabwah on orders of the Khalifa, marhoom Abdul Manan Omar sahib (son Maulana Noor ud Din sahib) was employed as editor of Encyclopedia of Islam (Urdu), published by Punjab University, Lahore. In this capacity he worked there 18 years.

Abdul Mannan was ex-communicated by the Khalifa

When Mian Mannan Omar Sahib was in the USA to deliver a seminar at Havard University, in his absence an unfortunate incident happened when his wife Amatur Rahman Sahiba was alone with three young kids. In the night a man named Mohamnmad Ali Cycle Wala jumped the wall of Mian Mannan Umar Sahib’s house and started dancing bare naked. He was certainly sent by the Goondas of Ammore-Aama upon the instructions by their So-Called Mausleh Maud the Head Goonda of Rabwah. Mian Mannan Omar Sahib narrated this incident to many Ahmadies including myself.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________After he was ex-communicated

Once Mian Mannan Omar Sahib visited Rabwah after the expulsion from Jamaat to attend the Funeral of Mirza Shareef Ahmed. The Goondas of Ammore-Aami were instructed by Mirza Mahmud Ahmed to beat and ultimately kill Mian Mannan Omar Sahib when get chance. Mian Mannan Umar Sahib after after attending Janaza Prayer went to see his NIECE Amatul Rashid daughter of Mirza Mahmud Ahmed. These gundas of Ammore-Aama were chasing him. They thought that Mian Mannan Was going to spend a night in the house of Amatul Rashid but Mian Sahib left Rawah in the night which the goondas did not know. In the middle of the night thinking that Mian Mannan Omar was in the house of Amatul Rashid. These goondas jumped the wall of the house of Amatul Rashid and found a person they thought was Mian Mannan Omar. They started beating him with Hockies and Bats. The man kept on saying that he was not Mannan Omar but they continued beating that person. Amatul Rasheed came to rescue and appealed that she is the daughter of Musleh Maud and this man you are beating in not my uncle Mian Mannan Omar but some one else. This is how that innocent person who was staying in the house of Amatul Rasheed was spared. These Goondas even attacked the houses of the Mirza Khandaan. Amtul Rashid is still alive and lives in USA. She can be contacted and let her deny on Oath that this incident never happened.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ In 1964-65, he helped the Lahori-Ahmadi’s write vs. MGA

Interestingly in Urdu section of said book in introduction Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqui sahib’s “Truth Triumphs” he writes on page 5:

“””Here I want to thank Maulana Shaikh Abdur Rehman Misri sahib and Maulvi Abdul Mannan Omar sahib M.A. They read manuscript of this book and gave helpful advice, and made some corrections. May Allah SWT reward them.”””
He represented the Lahori-Ahmadis to the NA of 1974

Oddly enough, it seems that after leaving the Qadiani branch of Ahmadis, he joined the Lahori-branch. This is ironic. He was only 4 years old when the split occurred, however, he grew up in the household Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad, who was the Khalifa at the time, Mahmud Ahmad had married a daughter of Nooruddin in 1914, just a few weeks after becoming Khalifa (see Walter). Nonetheless, he believed in Prophets after MGA, as a member of the Qadiani-branch, as soon as he switched sides, he seems to have changed his belief.

He is seen in this photograph standing beside the grave of the first American Muslim, Alexander Russell Webb.

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Who is Sughra Begum? The 3rd wife of Noorudin?

Sughra Begum is an interesting case. She was forcibly married to Maulvi Noorudin in 1889. She was the daughter of Sufi Ahmad Jan of Ludhiana. The first ever bait ceremony of 1889 was held in her house. Ahmadiyya sources tell us that that the daughter of Sufi Ahmad Jan was married off to Noorudin in March of 1889, just before MGA’s bait ceremony. Noorudin was married to Sufi Ahmad Jan’s daughter (Sughra Begum, she was most likely 12-14 years old)(see “Maulvi Noorudin” by Zafrullah Khan, online english edition of 2006, pages 82-83)(see also, “Hakeem Noorudin” by Syed Hasanat Ahmad, online english 2003 edition, pages 3, 41 and 73) in the same month of March 1889, they seem to have held this wedding on 7 March 1889 and the  bait ceremony a few weeks later. Sughra begum must have thus moved to Jammu with Noorudin, its unknown. Noorudin moved to Qadian from Jammu in 1893. Sughra Begum thus lived in the same house as MGA’s wife and Maulvi Abdul Karim’s wife.

She lived in MGA’s mansion until roughly January-1914, wherein she was forced to move out to Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan’s house. A year later, she tried to poison the Khalifa (See Tareekh e Ahmadiyya)(See the scan in the below, which was found by @zafarim786). In 1914, as soon as Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad became Khalifa, he married Sughra Begum’s daughter, Amtul Haye. After 1915, Sughra Begum goes missing in Ahmadiyya records. Her son, Abdul Haye died mysteriously in 1915 also, is there a connection? Her daughter died mysteriously in 1924. In the 1950’s, her 2 youngest sons were kicked out of Ahmadiyya. That left one son in Ahmadiyya, Maulvi Abdus Salaam who seems to have remained a Qadiani until he died in 1955. After the partition of 1947, they moved to Quetta. His son recently popped-up in an Ahmadi magazine.

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Who is Mirza Khalil Ahmad? The grandson of Noorudin and son of the Khalifa?

Mirza Khalil Ahmad (also spelled Mirza Khaleel Ahmad) is the son of the 2nd Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad and Amtul Haye (the daughter of Noorudin). Mirza Khalil Ahmad is not mentioned at all in any english books of the Ahmadiyya jamaat, not even Fazl-e-Omar. He had to have been born from 1916–1924 era, its unknown. His mom was dead by 1924. He was married to Asma Tahira (born in 1935 and died in 2016). She passed away in Canada on 23 December 2016 at the age of 81 (see the Khutbah of Mirza Masroor Ahmad of 1-6-2017). They seem to have been married 52 years earlier in 1964. She married at the age of 29, which is high in the cultural standards of 1964 in Pakistan. Mirza Khalil Ahmad must have been 42+ years old at the time of marriage, which is also high. They HAD NO CHILDREN.

His sister, Amtul Rasheed was raped by her own father, the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad, the dates are unknown. His other sister, Amtul Qayyum was married off to the famous MM Ahmad, they had no children, it was a cousin marriage.

It is also plausible that Mirza Basheer ud Din’s father was also Maulvi Noorudin, and thus, the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad married his step sister and had these children from that marriage. The reason is that MGA was impotent and incapable of getting an erection. They all lived together in MGA’s mansion too, even after MGA died.
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Who is Abdul Wahab Omar? The son of Noorudin?

Abdul Wahab was the elder brother of Abdul Mannan Omar (1910-2006), they were both the sons of Noorudin (the 1st Khalifa). His only sister was Amtul Haye (the eldest sibling) and his elder brother who was killed was Abdul Haye, his other elder brother was Abdus Salaam (died in 1956). He was born and raised in MGA’s house, since Noorudin lived exclusively with MGA, in MGA’s mansion complex.

2 brothers were excommunicated from the Ahmadiyya Nizam – E – Jamaat in the 1956 for conspiring to depose the Khilafat. The second Khalifa discussed this in detail in his famous speech Khilafat – E – Haqqa Islamiyya. The 3rd brother was Maulvi Abdus Salaam who doesn’t seem to have been ex-communicated, by died in 1956.
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AL-SHIRKATUL ISLAMIYYAH is an Ahmadiyya non-profit company that owns MTA and spends 6 million a year on fundraising

Watch my quick video introduction on this topic herein. Another way that the Ahmadiyya jamaat operates is via AL-SHIRKATUL ISLAMIYYAH. This is a another charity that is operated by the Ahmadiyya jamaat via proxies. The main man is Abdul Baqi Arshad, who is a director of MTA, he also has stake in many other related companies. Mirza Masroor Ahmad doesn’t legally control anyone or anything. In reality however, Mirza Masroor Ahmad controls every single part of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, however, its not legal control, its manipulation and bullying that he uses against his own Mullahs, aka employees as he gets them to keep working to market the Ahmadiyya movement and thus gain converts. Abdul Baqi Arshad owned important companies that were storing money in Panama for the Ahmadiyya Movement, they are TJ Holdings and Bilal Investments Inc.

Also, why does the Mirza Sharif Ahmad Foundation hold the Ahmadiyya headquarters as an asset?

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Who is Maulvi Syed Muhammad Sarwar Shah?

Maulvi Syed Muhammad Sarwar Shah was a Qadiani-Ahmadi. He became an Ahmadi sometime between 1897 and 1901.Per Ahmadiyya sources he was a heavy smoker and opium addict. The reference which explains how Sarwar Shah took opium is from Tazkiratul Mahdi, it was written by Sahibzada Sirajul Haq, and very early on in this history of Ahmadiyya, in fact, Upal recently quoted it. Nu’mani, Sirajulhaq (1915). Tazkiratul Mahdi. Qadian, India: Zia-ul-Islam Press. See Upal’s bibliography, page 128 of the book. Continue reading “Who is Maulvi Syed Muhammad Sarwar Shah?”

The 1956 Jalsa Salana at Rabwah, Pakistan

The 1956 Jalsa Salana (December 27th) is important in the history of Ahmadiyya. The Khalifa, Mirza Basheer-ud Din Mahmud Ahmad seems to have given his final public speech, which is now famous known as Khilafat-i Haqqa Islamia. The next 9 years of his life were spent in pain and agony. The Khalifa appointed his eldest son, Mirza Nasir Ahmad to lead all the Friday sermons and to manage the day-to-day operations of the Ahmadiyya Movement. In this famous final speech by the Khalifa, he ex-communicated the sons of Noorudin. These were the brothers of Amtul Hai. It should be noted that the youngest son of Noorudin, Abdul Mannan was rumored to have been a front-runner for the Khilafat all throughout Rabwah in 1956. Continue reading “The 1956 Jalsa Salana at Rabwah, Pakistan”

The #muslehmaud prophecy is a total fraud

In the 1880’s, after MGA’s second marriage and his claim to receive Quranic revelations as his own, he also prophesied the birth of a son who would carry on his legacy. Ironically, he already had 2 fully grown adult sons, who he barely he even spoke to, he even boycotted their funeral. Nevertheless, in the early part of 1886, he publicized the prophecy. A few months later, a girl was born to him, she ended up dying of cholera just 5 years later, MGA had published an announcement just a week before her birth wherein he totally backpeddled, he assume that the girl as already born in MGA’s house and he was now egregiously lying. What’s interesting here is that MGA had guaranteed a son from that pregnancy, he was now walking-back that prediction. In 1887, Bashir-1 was born, MGA began to celebrate.
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In 1933, the Ahmadiyya Khalifa said that women should not work

Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad is said to be worse than MGA when it came to women/men and his sexual desires, in fact, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s have commented on this topic extensively.  Nevertheless, in 1924, the Khalifa’s second wife (Amtul Hai) had died mysteriously.  The Khalifa had just came back from his tour to England, it is said that this wife of the Khalifa had been writing letters to newspapers and telling them how bad her husband really is.  She (Amtul Hai) seems to have lived with the Khalifa’s first wife and mother in MGA’s home in Qadian (as well as wife #3).  This 14-15 year old girl, Sara Begum (the Khalifa’s wife #4) seems to have also met Amtul Hai (the Khalifa’s wife #2) in 1923, in the Khalifa’s house, the Khalifa heard her speaking about how she read the Ahmadiyya newspapers and etc.  Sara Begum’s father was Abdul Majid Bhagalpuri (Central India).  Sara Begum would become the Khalifa’s 4th wife.  Abdul Majid Bhagalpuri is totally unknown in Ahmadiyya history, he seems to have been a professor in Arabic somewhere in Baghalpur, the Khalifa was in Baghalpur for a Jalsa in 1923, which led to the engagement.  In urdu, the Khalifa describes his marriage to this “bachee”, which means female child.  The quote in the below is from Anwarul Aloom on 23 June 1933.  “meri sarah” was also published in 27 June 1933, just 4 days later.  His wife died on 27 june 1933 as quoted in  Al-Fazl.  Al-fazal of 16 May 1933, “Date and time of death: Sarah Begum Sahiba died on Saturday, 13 May 1933 at 1.45 pm.  Sarah had went into labor on the same day 13 May 1933, a girl was born, and after about 2 and half hour, she died of heart failure, (her heart stopped) in them days real cause of death was not ascertained. In any case she died.  Anwarul Aloom vol 13 page 94, 95 and 96, that is where he says “purpose of writing this article” that women should stay at home and serve the man, and not go out to work.

Pakistani’s disagree with the Khalifa
As we all know, Benazir Bhutto became the first ever elected female leader in the Muslim world.  She was the daughter of the famous Bhutto who Ahmadi’s had voted for in 1970-1971, he also made Ahmadi’s as non-Muslims per the request of Mirza Nasir Ahmad in 1974.  Thus, Pakistani’s have evolved faster than the Mirza family.

The children of the Khalifa from this marriage were all controversial
There were 3 children, 1. Mirza Rafi Ahmad, son–Born on March 27, 1927, 2. Amatul Naseer Begum, daughter, born in roughly late 1930, was 3 1/2 years old when her mother died. and 3. Mirza Hanif Ahmad, son, born in 1932, died in 2014.  Sara Begum was dead by 1934, she seems to have died while giving birth, both the child and the mother died tragically.

Who is Dr. Hashmatullah?
He accompanied the Khalifa to England in 1924. He was from Patiala.  He seems to be the person who brokered the deal for the Khalifa to get married in this instance.  Dr. Hashmatullah tells us that Sara Begum was a friend of of his own wife.

Why was the Khalifa talking about this subject?
The Khalifa had already had been speaking to a new potential wife in 1923, when he seems to have visited Bhaghulpur.  The Khalifa was speaking to the young daughter (aged 14-15) of Maulana Abdul Majid Bhaghulpuri via letters.

The quote

The quote typed out
“”””Many girls are studying just for earning and employment, although the work of a woman is not employment.  This trend of employment is one reminiscence from the cursed reminiscences of western culture.  Islam has placed the responsibility of providing income on men.””””(Anwar ul Ulum, vol. 13; Meri Sarah, page 23).

Some additional quotes from this same era, most likely this same essay
“…my own thought was turned towards this that to inculcate the habit of higher learning among women and to create a strong bond between them and the Organisation, I should marry a woman who should be educated and whom I could train to carry out the duties of education.”

“I have not forgotten my loss and to this day, I have not offered a single obligatory prayer in which I have not prayed for the late Amtul Hai…Seldom is there a soul who keeps alive the memory of the deceased. However, God has blessed me with loyalty and faithfulness…I believe that to keep alive the memory of the deceased is an edifying grief, a delightful sadness and a gratifying hardship. This grief is better than a thousand joys and this sadness better than a thousand delights. The pain of love is not a pain but an elixir. The pain of faithfulness does not burn rather it is like a kiln which cleanses the heart and leaves it shining and polished. And the soul of man becomes free of all impurities as it breathes at a superior blissful station where the air is remarkably pure and gentle. If I was not burdened with the leadership of a Community. If through foolishness or cleverness, I was not mindful of the progress of a small Community, far from marriage, the very idea and its thought would have been a blow for my wounded heart. But I am hopeful of the favours of Allah Almighty.   “…I believe this (marriage) is also not a source of happiness for the other party. One cannot have high hopes from a man who is not very healthy, who is financially impoverished, who has no love for the world and whose first two wives
are alive…Therefore, I believe they are also making a sacrifice.”
(See Fazl-e-Omar, online english edition, pages 219-220).  

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