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Most of Mir Nasir Nawab’s family were killed by British-Soldiers during the 1857 mutiny

Mir Nasir Nawab was the second father-in-law of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.  While MGA’s family was busy helping the British kill “Indian-mutineers”, the fate of Mir Nasir Nawab’s family was quite the opposite.  We have recently uncovered writings from Mir Nasir Nawab’s famous controversial biography, “Hyat-e-Nasir“, which was written by Yacub Ali Irfani (editor of the Al-Hakam magazine, which was the first Ahmadi newspaper), and published just a few years after Mir Nasir Nawab died.

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On page 3&4 of the book HAYAT E NASIR Mir Nasir Nawab says:-
“A grave situation developed for muslims of India in mutiny of 1857 , English Army revolted against King of India and besieged Delhi (capital of India) Residents of Delhi were upset with this sudden attack. Anarchy prevailed all over no law and order existed in the city. Every body feared for life and wealth.

British artillery starts shelling the city. Heavy shelling continued day and night destroying many housed causing casualties. After a few days Delhi was occupied by Britishers. The Britishers unleashed an era of great atrocities, revenge and brutalities. Thousands of innocent Muslims were hanged to death,their families were displaced.

This humble self (Mir Nasir Nawab) had to flee from Delhi with family to stay at a Mansion near Qutab ki Lat some 11 km from Delhi. After few days when i was sitting in that Mansion suddenly Harson sahib a white Military Officer broke into house and killed all male members of the house with a gun shot. Those who survived were killed with swords. Many of our relatives were died. Then he ordered to leave the place which we did,we left behind dead bodies of our men without funeral. We reached Basti Nizamuddin in the dark of night where we kept crying for our dead.”

On the contrary Mirza in his book SITARA QAISARIYA at page 5& 6 makes flattery of British Queen in the following words:-
“O blessed Queen may God bless u with the salvation. Your ruling time is full of light. O Queen in your rule children play with snakes, Lion and goat drink water from same stream. your govt is full of justice . I pray for u from god to keep the umbrella of your government upon our heads for ever.Mirza says he has published more than 50000 books in support of queen”.

Mir Nasir Nawab wrote poetry vs. MGA, initially (1891), 2 years later, he accepted MGA’s claims

I have written detailed entries on Mir Nasir Nawab, feel free to read those.  In this entry, we have found some poetry that Mir Nasir Nawab wrote vs. MGA.  Enjoy..

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A rough Summary
Mir Nasir Nawab was an enemy of Mirza & Party. During this period (1891–1893) He was so harsh towards Mirza that he compiled defamatory poetry against Him and sent it to Molana Muhammad Hussain Batalvi for publication in his magazine Ishaatussunnah. Mir Nasir declared Mgaq as the Muselima of the time.

See the Urdu poetry of Mir Nasir Nawab against MGAQ. I have attempted a raw translation for my english speaking friends as under:-

“””Listen to my submissions o muslims
There does not exist piety in the world.

Peoples are active in deception today
The world is full of this menace today.

Making Mureed is only for wealth today 
This is the wrath of Allah on world today

Every moment they are in search of riches.
To avail the opportunity of making money.

If a chance of earning comes to hand
All Grievances are removed at once.

All debts would be paid and settled
If money comes from Zakat and sadaqat,

No matter it is the money of orphans and widows
Or the wealth may belongs to prostitutes .

They would not bother to investigate the source
They are in deep sickness of wealth lust.

The advertisements of publishing books
The source they earn money from simple fellows

Receive money in advance for service of islam
money is eaten up without any service of islam

Whoever asks for his money back 
Is the biggest accursed

As if He paid money 
to buy defamation

He is right who ate up money
No harm reaches to his piety.

Badmash became most pious 
Yesterdays Muselima became ahmad

Essa of time became dajjal 
Has Spread his net every where

How to earn money 
All the time making plans

Swallow money as much as possible
Showing the world a new trick for this

They are rich themselves but accept zakat
Don,t have any connection with religion

Acquired knowledge to earn money
Eat wealth in place of food

Write and fill the book with self praise
Verses of Quraan are like their dreams

Break hundreds of promises
But do not stop tall claims. “””


Hyat-e-Nasir by Mir Nasir Nawab–the full pdf book

This book was written by Shaikh Yacub Ali Irfani, however, it was dictated to him by Mir Nasir Nawab, as he was in his retirement phase of life.  This book has many juicy details about the life of MGA.  Specifically, it told us that MGA screamed out that: “i have infected with cholera” just before his death.

Rich people didnt write books in those days, they dictated and had other people write and read for them
Just like MGA, Mir Nasir Nawab probably never wrote anything, just a few letters here and there.  Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad never wrote anything either, he had his fanatical followers do all the writing and then he ascribed his name to it.  His commentaries on the Quran are exactly that.

The full book

Some comments about this book
We need those people who are fluent in Urdu to begin reading this book and finding interesting and controversial stories, and then to post them in our discussion forum.

How MGA and Mir Nasir Nawab met from Seeratul Mahdi

This entire reference is taken from Sirat-ul-Mahdi, Vol. 2 through Dr. Basharat Ahmad’s famous biography on MGA, Mujadid-e-Azam or “the greatest reformer”, see page 180-183

“””Your grandfather (Mir Nasir Nawab) and your paternal uncle, Mr. Ghulam Qadir, became acquainted when your grandfather was working on the construction of the canal that passes a few miles

west of Qadian. As luck would have it, I fell ill and your uncle recommended his father, who was a skilled physician of Indian medicine, to Mir sahib for my treatment. Accordingly, I accompanied

your grandfather in a palanquin to Qadian. When we arrived there, your uncle had some company and was sitting with them on the ground floor, and your father (Hazrat Mirza) was reading the Quran by the window of a small room also on the ground floor.


Your paternal grandfather (Mirza Ghulam Murtaza) was in the upper story of the house. He examined my pulse, wrote out a prescription, and then chatted for the rest of the time with Mir sahib about his medical studies under the tutelage of Hakim Muhammad Sharif in Delhi. Your paternal grandfather had passed away by the time of my next visit to Qadian. This second visit happened to be on the day of his death anniversary, which was observed in accordance with

old traditions and a considerable quantity of food was sent to our house as well. During this visit, your uncle invited Mir sahib to move from Tatla, where we resided, to his house in Qadian. Tatla, he said, was not a comfortable village to live in and its dwellers were reputed troublemakers. Your uncle said that as he stayed most of the time in Gurdaspur and Ghulam Ahmad (Hazrat Mirza) rarely came inside the house, we would enjoy complete privacy. Mir Nasir Nawab sahib accepted his invitation and we took up residence in Qadian.


On his visits to Qadian, your uncle brought betel leaves for us and I would cook some good food and send it to him. Once I prepared some shami kabobs for him, but learned that he had already left for Gurdaspur. Since the kabobs were ready, I decided to send them to his younger brother. The maid who took the kabobs to your father came back and conveyed his sincere thanks. She reported that he ate the kabobs with great relish and did not even touch the food that had come for him from his own house. After that, I sent him some of my home-cooked food every two or three days, which he ate happily. However, when your aunt (the wife of Ghulam Qadir) learnt about the food I was sending your father, she was very upset because she disliked him intensely. As the running of the house was in her hands, she took every opportunity to inconvenience him, but he bore all the provocations with great patience. Although Mir sahib’s contact was mostly with your uncle, he did remark sometimes in the house that the younger brother of Mirza Ghulam Qadir is a very holy and pious person. After some time, we went on leave to Delhi.


By then, your mother was an adult and we began to worry about finding a suitable match for her. Mir sahib expressed this concern in a letter to your father and asked him to pray that we receive some marriage proposal for her from some pious person. In reply, your father expressed his own wish to marry her and wrote “As you are aware, I do have a wife and children, but for all practical purposes I am single.” Mir sahib did not even mention this letter to me for fear that I may take offence. During this period, we received several marriage proposals for your mother but I was not fully satisfied with any of them although some were from affluent persons who expressed great desire for this match. Maulvi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi, a good friend of your maternal grandfather, wrote several letters to him in support of your father’s proposal, in which he emphasized Mirza sahib’s piety and nobility. However, I was not fully satisfied with this proposal either; first, because of the age difference and second, because the people of Delhi looked down upon the Punjabis. One day, Mir sahib suggested that we accept the proposal of an individual from Ludhiana who, he said, was a very nice person and also very desirous of the match. I enquired about his caste etc., but found no inclination in my heart to accept the proposal and turned it down. Mir sahib was annoyed, and remarked: “The girl has turned eighteen. Are you going to keep her unmarried for the rest of her life?” I replied: “Compared to this proposal, Ghulam Ahmad is many times better.” Immediately, he took out a letter from his pocket and put it before me. “Well,” he said, “I have a letter here from Ghulam Ahmad too. We must now make a decision.” I then told him to write to Ghulam Ahmad to convey our acceptance of his proposal, and Mir sahib immediately took pen and ink and wrote the letter. Eight days later, your father

arrived in Delhi. He was accompanied by some Hindu and Muslim friends and one or two servants. Our friends and family were generally very unhappy with our decision to accept the proposal of a person advanced in age and a Punjabi on top of that. Some of them expressed their displeasure by not attending the wedding. However, we had made our decision. The marriage was solemnized and the bride left for her new home. Your father did not bring with him any jewelry or clothes for his bride but gave just two hundred and fifty rupees in cash. This gave our relatives a further opportunity to taunt us. “What kind of a marriage is this,” they said, “without any clothes or jewelry?” Our reply was that Mirza sahib did not have an intimate relationship with his family, that the women of his house were against him, and that he came in such a hurry that there was no time for him to get jewelry and clothes made. In short, our family chided and reproached us on this marriage.”””

Mir Nasir Nawab, the father-in-law of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad


Mir Nasir Nawab (born 1846, died September 1924) (see Dard page 132), was the father-in-law of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad circa 1884 and he was 6-7 years younger then MGA.  He worked for the British government in an official capacity.  He worked in the “irrigation department” and even worked in and around Qadian from 1866 -onward (see Dard, page 70)(also see Dr. Basharat Ahmad, Mujadid e azam, page 180, vol-1).  This is the famous father-in-law who told the world that MGA thought he had contracted Cholera as he gasped for air and eventually breathed his last.  It is also important to note that he didn’t accept MGA’s claims in 1891, however, after a few years, he eventually accepted them.  Its unclear whether his daughter (MGA’s 2nd wife) ever signed MGA’s bait form.

Mir Nasir Nawab met Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s father and worked with MGA’s brother
Sometime before 1883, Mirza Nasir Nawab worked on the canals in and around Qadian and eventually visited the house where MGA lived. He was a guest of Mirza Ghulam Qadir, MGA’s eldest brother.  He seems to have met the entire family at Qadian, even MGA’s father, as well as MGA’s sons, Mirza Sultan Ahmad and Mirza Fazl Ahmad.

Manshure-Muhammadi Newspaper of 10-25-1874 mentions Mirza Sultan Ahmad and Mir Nasir Nawab
Dard tells us:

“””The Manshur-e-Muhammadi Vol. 3, No. 24, dated 13 Ramadan, 1291, (25. 10. 1874) contains a note from Mirza Sultan Ahmad to the effect that through the efforts of Mir Nasir Nawab a Hindu of Sathyali, Bansi Dhar by name, who was secretary to the then canal contractor, had been converted to Islam and given the Muslim name of Abdul Haq.””””

Mir Nasir Nawab become a really close family friend, roughly 1877
Through the pages of Dard, (70-75) it is explained how Mir Nasir Nawab first met MGA and his wife and their entire family.  Mirza Nasir Nawab knew that MGA wasn’t taking care of his children and lived a life of comfort instead.  He seems to have seen giving his daughter away as a positive economic idea.  He gave his daughter in marriage and gained lots of land through his grandchildren and etc.

Mir Nasir Nawab asks MGA to marry his daughter
Dard tells us that Mir Nasir Nawab asked MGA to marry his daughter and MGA showed up to Delhi within a week (see Dard page 133).  Without any delay.  MGA was older then Mir Nasir Nawab, this was a very odd match, the underlying reason was most likely that MGA’s brother had died and lots of the family land had been given to MGA and his eldest son Mirza Sultan Ahmad, who was the family representative to the British Govt and he worked for the Govt.

MGA gets married in Nov-1884
The month wherein BA-vol-4 was published is unknown, Ahmadis will never tell, however, in November of 1884, MGA was married to Nusrat Jehan Begum (see Dard, page 133).   Mir Nasir Nawab seems to have disappeared from the scene for the next 6-7 years,  He shows up again in late-1891, MGA had already claimed to be Esa (as), and he visited Mir Nasir Nawab, who was working in Patiala at the time (see dard, page 299).

The account of Mir Nasir Nawab and the Mirza family from Seeratul-Mahdi by Mirza Bashir Ahmad

Feel free to read the entire story from Seeratul Mahdi here:

Mir Nasir Nawab opposed MGA in 1891, as MGA claimed to be the Messiah

In 1891-1891 Mir Nasir Nawab wrote poetry vs. MGA

At the Jalsa of 1892, Mir Nasir Nawab accepts MGA as the Promised Messiah
Dard tells us that Mir Nasir Nawab didn’t accept MGA or take his bait in 1889, nor did he accept his claims in 1891.  As he attended the Jalsa of 1892, in Qadian, he seems to have converted to Ahmadiyya and left Islam.  He had also been working with the famous Muhammad Hussain Batalvi in opposition to MGA for almost 2 years and seems to have abruptly changed his mind.  However, Mir Nasir Nawab worked with Batalvi for about 1-year in opposition to MGA and even wrote satirical poetry vs. MGA (see Dr. Basharat Ahmad, page 437,

September 1895, Mir Nasir Nawab accompanies MGA to see the Chola of Baba Nanak
By 1895, Mirza Nasir Nawab appears to be securely in the inner-circle of Ahmadiyya, Dard tells us that MGA and many others including Mir Nasir Nawab, travelled to see the clothing of Baba Nanak and etc.

1900-1901 and the case of the Wall
Dard tells us that Mir Nasir Nawab helped MGA in his case against his cousins.  He had helped in creating a site-plan for the property (see Dard, page 716).  He also seems to be a worker around Qadian in that era, Dard doesn’t tell us as to when he retired from Government service.

Other Ahmadi sources tell us that Mir Nasir Nawab retired from Govt. service and moved permanently to Qadian in roughly 1900-1901 (see video on  

MGA has a dream about Mir Nasir Nawab

1906—“”I saw in my dream that Mir Nasir Navvab had come carrying a fruit-bearing tree upon the palm of his hand and when he gave it to me, it became a large tree resembling a mulberry tree. It was very green and heavily laden with fruit and flowers. Its fruit was very sweet and, strangely enough, even its flowers were sweet. It was not an ordinary tree; it was a tree the like of which has never been seen in this world. I was eating its fruit and flowers when I woke up.  I consider that Mir Nasir Navvab means God the Helper, and the meaning of the dream is that God will help in a manner that will be extraordinary.”””

[Badr, vol. 2, no. 11, March 16, 1906, p. 2 and al-Hakam, vol. 10, no. 9, March 17, 1906, p. 1]

1907–Mir Nasir Nawab clashes with the Sadr Anjuman

1908—When MGA died…Noorudin reccomended Mir Nasir Nawab as Khalifa

1912—Mir Nasir Nawab accompanied Mirza Mahmud Ahmad for Hajj in 1912
Mahmud Ahmad tells us that in 1912, Mir Nasir Nawab met Mahmud Ahmad in Mecca as they both performed Hajj(See Truth about the Split, page 157).  Mahmud Ahmad claims that Mir Nasir Nawab was told by the Khalifa (noorudin) that it was OK to read prayers behind non-Ahmadi Imams whilst in Mecca, and all the Ahmadis did so.  However, Mahmud Ahmad only did it since it was ordered…he wasn’t sincere…hence, he re-did all of those fake prayers(See Mahmud Ahmad, truth about the split, page 157-160)

He died in Sept 1924
Per 12-7-16, Dard is the only source that gives us this data.  3 years later, his autobiography is published from Qadian, with the famous Ahmadi Scholar, Sheikh Yaqub Ali Irfani as the writer.  This is where the famous quote comes in wherein MGA seems to scream to his father-in-law that he has contracted Cholera…MGA died just a few hours later.

Before Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad took a loan from a Hindu on interest

As we continue to dig into the life of MGA before Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya we see a pattern that has developed, i.e., that MGA was a good-for-nothing-lazy-punjabee-fraudster.  In this specific instance, we have found information which proves that MGA never had property valued at 10,000 rupees in 1879.  In fact, in those days, MGA’s brother was ruling the family dynasty, and MGA’s eldest son (Mirza Sultan Ahmad) had already been chosen to take over the family management of Qadian as soon as MGA’s brother died.  So…when MGA claimed that he would give a reward worth 10,000 rupees if anyone could refute his book, it was all hogwash.  It was all a lie.  In fact, Dard did cover up job and added the idea that MGA had property worth 10,000 in 1879 (see Life of Ahmad by Dard, page 91).  Most of this correspondance was recorded by MGA in his book Shahn-e-Haq (1887).

MGA was penniless in 1884
Even after getting money sent to him by many rich Muslims, by 1884, MGA was broke (see Dard, “Life of Ahmad”, page 134).  He had no money, he relied on his friends to send him money.  In Qadian however, MGA had no bills to pay, all he needed was money for food and transportation.

The income tax case of 1898 proves that MGA was broke in 1884

Also see “Life of Ahmad”, Dard, page 595.  By 1898, MGA was claiming that his annual income was 7200 rupees, of which roughly 70% came from MGA’s followers.  MGA claimed to own some land, but not very much, he didn’t list his own house as property in the case, nor did he list any of his properties in Qadian.

Additional info
In Maktoobate Ahmadiyya page 36, Vol-5, Number 3 there is a letter that Mirza wrote to Munshi Rustam Ali on 9th May, 1887, that he wanted to set up a printing press at Qadian which will cost Rs. 1500/- So He shall be thankful, if loan of Rs.400. Is given to him. He says That he will arrange balance Rs. 800 or 900/. from some other place.
It proves that either Mirza was a penny less even in 1887 or he wanted to mint money from simple fellows.

Summary of the situation

When Mirza Qadiani published Ishtihar with challenge if somebody publishes satisfactory answers to his book Baraheen e Ahmadiayya he would pay a reward of Rs. 10,000/-, Pandit Lekhram said in his book Takzib e Baraheen e Ahmadiyya that announcement of cash reward of Rs10,000/- by Mirza Qadiani, was only a lie and deceit because Mirza Qadiani,s total moveable and immoveable property was not worth Rs.10,000/- at that time because all men and women Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs knew the state of insolvency and indebtedness of Mirza Qadiani.

This can also be judged from the fact that after marriage with Nusrat Jehan, Mirza remained a permanent guest of his father in law. Mir Nasir Nawab was a Draught man at Canal Irrigation Department. Wherever he was transferred and moved, he found Mirza there as an uninvited guest. Mirza spent many years at Ludhiana and Ambala Cantonment, breaking the breads at his fathers in law,s house.

In those days Mirza obtained a loan on interest from a Hindu Mahajin (a money lender) of Ambala Cantonment. After publishing and country vide sale of Baraheen e Ahmadiyya Mirza Qadiani got financially eased out a bit, he wrote two letters to this Hindu Mahajin to get his loan settled, calculate and receive the amount payable by him.

But unfortunately for him, his letters reached to the hands of Hindu Ariyas of Qadian. These ariyas, just to show the world that Mirza took loan on interest whereas usury is not allowed in Islam, published these two letters. Mirza Qadiani wrote these letters to Bishan Singh Ambalvi. The publication of these two letters, infuriated Mirza Qadiani.

Clarifying his position, in his Book Shahna e Haq page 37- 39, Mirza Qadiani writes:-

“ in this objection the factual position is only that I have wrote to a Hindu shopkeeper to settle my old accounts which was long pending and receive money and return the loan security. Although I don,t exactly remember the text yet I think somewhere i had requested him not to disclose that he has been called for the settlement of loan. So that our enemy may not do false propaganda. Yet Ariyas with few bad character peoples of Qadiani stole these letters which is a theft and a cognizable offence under the criminal laws. Actually these evil minded, tried to steal some money from the cash box of Bishan Singh in his absence and got hold of these two letters. After which these criminals in collusion with each others published these letters just for the defamation of us. Lala Bishan Singh being a gentle man did not bring the case to the court as these were business letters, publishing of which is a cognizable offence. So in my opinion a suit should be filed against this theft”.

(Quoted by Rafiq Dilawari in his book Raees e Qadian).

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Angels dance and sing for Mirza Ghulam Ahmad


Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was an opium addict.  When he was growing up, his teachers took opium, so did Noorudin, Sarwar Shah and mostly all of MGA’s inner circle, aka his team, MGA even gave pure opium to Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad when he was just an infant.

Side effects of Opium is crazy dreams
It is a medical fact, that if anyone takes opium, they will have crazy dreams, this explains all of MGA’s dreams that were recorded.  It must be noted that most of the controversial dreams/visions of MGA were deleted by MGA’s team.  However, my team has uncovered yet another dream from an old biography of MGA.

The dream
“”Peer Sirajul Haq a close associate of MGAQ in his book Tazkiratul Mahdi at page No. 47 part 1, writes that once he had a dialogue with Mir Nasir Nawab. I told him the correct word is peer e peeran (biggest peer) not peeran e peer. Then He says he went to Hazrat sb (MGAQ) for routine matter, hazrat sb, MGAQ told him that once at night i was lying at the veranda of my house I saw a malkooti Kashf (angel site) that many angels wearing beautiful dresses, were orbiting around me singing and dancing. The angels were orbiting around me in a way that each angel, while passing in front of me, does extend his arm pointing toward me and reciting verse from the poetry and the last line of poetry ends at word peer e peeran.””

The scan work

Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s first marriage—1934

This entry is about the first wife of Mirza Nasir Ahmad.  Which he married in 1934.


Mirza Mahmood second khalifa of Qadiyani jamaat married his son Mirza Nasir, who eventually became the third khalifa, to Syeda Mansoora Begum daughter of Mubarika Begum and Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan of Malir kotla. Nikah was held in July 1934 and Barat proceeded to Malir Kotla on 4 August and returned with bride on 6 August 1934 to Qadiyan. Mirza Mehmood sent his son Mirza Nasir to England for higher studies next month. Mirza Nasir returned to Qadiyan in November 1938. Mansoora Begum died in December 1981. Mirza Nasir remarried to 24 year old Syeda Tahira Siddiqa in April 1982 at an age of 73 years.

Syeda Tahira Siddiqa Nasir the second wife of Mirza Nasir in her Book KHALIFATUL MASIH SALIS writes:-

“””After one month of marriage Mirza Mehmood sent his son Mirza Nasir to England for higher studies. During this period newly wed Mansoora Begum has faced the situation with great patience and courage. She did not mention of her pain to anyone else.
Once she did not receive money from Mirza Mahmood for his daily expenditures. She wanted to send a letter to her husband in England but had no money to pay postal charges. She was so self honoured a lady that she did not ask for the money even from her parents. So she took one of relative into confidence and sold the real silver or gold embroidery (suchha Gota) of her Dupatta.”””

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Other relevant Essays

The “Haq-mehr” aka Dowrie of Dr. Tahira, Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s bride in 1982

I have came across some interesting data in terms of the 2nd marriage of Mirza Nasir Ahmad, which happened in 1982.  Be sure to read this essay also:

The data
A lot was said about this marriage. In almost every khutba nikah, murabbis say that taqwah is the real criteria for nikah. But when Khalifa 3
selected his 2nd wife he forgot to check that she was not even a moosia (see below). These days everyone is supposed to do wassiyyat to get visa-free entry for
jannat but how come hazoor forgot this criteria when he was selecting his wife purely on the basis of taqwah.

One interesting fact is that the haq mehar of Dr Tahira was Rs 1000 (in 1982?) but the Haq mehar of Mubarka begum was Rs 56000 (in 1908?).
Jamat talks about simplicity, no lavish spending on such events like nikah, marriage etc. What kind of message the messiah of time is giving to poor people in
his community when he himself sets the mehar of Rs 56000 for his daughter (see khutba nikah). All the khutbas are about the simplicity and the example of
nominal mehar of Hazrat Fatima is always quoted by hazoors an murabbis but look what they themselves do…

Why did MGA take soooo much Haq Mehr for his daughter
Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (MGA) accepted Rs56000/= as haq-mehar for his daughter because his daughter WAVIED OFF HER RIGHT TO 1/8TH (ONE-EIGHTH) SHARE
IN PROPERTY OF HER HUSBAND. As nawabs did NOT want to let their property divided to other families, so instead of giving share in property they gave a decent
amount in form of haq-mehar to the bride. This haq-mehar was to become TOTAL PROPERTY of wife i.e. daughter of MGA. Moreover, as Maulana Noor Ud Din
(MNUD) sahib said that there is NO limit on haq-mehar amount AS LONG AS GROOM IS WILLING TO PAY AND DEPENDS ON HIS FINANCIAL HEALTH/ STATUS. MNUD sahib also
made it clear that even Rs56000/= was relatively MUCH LESS than standard in the nawab family of groom.

Dr. Tahira’s father was dead by 1982
Dr. Tahira’s brother Professor…..(I am forgetting his name, at the moment), who was professor in Qadiani College run by Qadianis in Rabwah, was close CONFIDANT of Mirza Nasir Ahmad (MNA), but when he came to know about intentions of MNA, he opposed him, as he knew that MNA is VERY OLD and SICK, so probability of her sister Dr. Tahira to become widow in her youth is VERY HIGH, other than the fact that she is in LOVE with MNA son and wants to marry him, in addition he knew that when her sister will become widow, then according to Qadiani Law, she can not remarry, so she will remain single. Since, father of Dr. Tahira had already died before, so her brother who was her guardian, was opposing this marriage.  During his opposition, all of a sudden he died and the news on folks tongues was that he has been POISONED to silence, as per TRADITIONS of Qadiani Khalifas. The only other close relative of Dr. Tahira who was alive was her mother.

Other comments from the old discussion forum, from 2008
“””In 1963 -66 was student in T:I:College and QK.3 was Principal. He has had a lot of Pigeons, and Dr. Tahira was near about 12 years, his brother was also profesor in T:I:College. Her house was not so far and she visited often to play with pigeons, at that time often students were telling each other as joke or real (God knows) that she comes to play with *Special Kabooter of Mian Nasir Sahib*. May be from that age she was having a soft corner and familiar with that one private kabooter, so it is quite possible that she was also intrested to mary with QK3, to play further with her beloved old kabooter”””.  See here:

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