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Ahmadi teachers at the Talim ul Islam High School were corrupt, they would pass Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, even when he failed

Ahmadiyya is a total fraud.  MGA and his family were all dummies and idiots who had no academic ability at all.  MGA’s precious “promised-son” aka Musleh Maud was a bad child, he never did anything good in his whole life, he lived the life of the son of a prophet, and indulged in women, men, drugs and everything Haraam.  In this specific reference, we have found Ahmadi-Mullahs admitting that they falsified records and passed Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad even when he failed in school.  He was a student at the newly built Talim ul Islam School at Qadian, which was shut down by 1904 and never officially re-started until 1947, in Lahore.

The story
Head Master Talimul Islam School Qadian says:

“Hazrat Masih e Maud has never been student of a teacher. Similarly, Hazrat Masleh e maud (Mirza Mahmood) was not a pupil of any teacher. No doubt he was educated in the school. I have taught him when I was a head master of the school and Molvi Shair Ali was also a teacher there. He (MBMA) was studying in school at that time. He used to fail in each class exams still we promote him to the next class just because of the reason he was dear son of Hazrat Masih e Maoud. He took the exams of middle I went with him but he got failed then he sat in the entrance test again he failed.”

The scans

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Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad predicted that he would return again

As we all know, the family of MGA always made strange prophecies and predictions.

The quote
“””He saw in that dream that he has come again to this world after many centuries and took over the command of an Ahmadi army from some other 6 or 7 generals on horseback as they have been lead astray of the path of truth on which he had put the Jamaat firmly. On his way to Sialkot, he met Ch. Maula Bakhsh sahib as an officer in the army and asked him to bring his forces to join his ranks, which Ch. sahib very happily did.”””

(Al‐Fazl, April 3, 1946, Pages 3–4)

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad did adultery, but his son, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, the Khalifa did it everyday

We have came across some information in terms of Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, the Khalifa, and the Lahori-Ahmadis.  The Khalifa claims to have been sent a letter from some anonymous Lahori-Ahmadi wherein they accuse the Khalifa of committing adultery on a daily basis.  The reference is from: Page 6 of Alfazl 31 Aug 1938

Summary of this quote
Refrence from al fazl says mirza qadiyani had committed adultery here and there, whereas Mirza Mahmood commits adultery all the times.

Mahmud Ahmad also says in this letter
” and from this accusation, you can tell that this person ( accuser) is a peghami ( literally a messenger, aka a Lahori-Ahmadi) that he had this kind of view about the promised Messiah”

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The letter

How Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad forcible married Noorudin’s daughter Amtul Hai in 1914?

We have found a very important interview by Mushtaq Malik wherein he interviews Professor Chaudhary Ghulam Rasool Sahib.  This is from the 2009-2010 era.  Professor Chaudhary Ghulam Rasool Sahib gives lots of info on Mirza Mahmud Ahmad’s forced marriage with the daughter of Noorudin.  He goes on to explain how Mirza Mahmud Ahmad poisoned her in 1924, which caused her to die.

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The video

Amatul Hayee or Amtul Hai, the daughter of Nooruddin and the wife of the 2nd Khalifa, Mirza Basheer-uddin mahmud Ahmad, and her mysterious death

Noorudin was the main ghost writer for MGA.  He even moved into MGA’s house around 1893, Nooruddin and his young wife, they didn’t seem to have kids until 1898 or so.  Which is very odd for new couple.

MGA arranges the marriage of Noorudin (roughly 50 years old) to the daughter (Sughra Begum) of Sufi Ahmad Jan (another Ahmadi).  It should be noted that MGA’s famous bait ceremony happened in the house of Sufi Ahmad Jan, who had already agreed to give away his daughter to Noorudin in January of that same year.

After 7+ years without any children, Noorudin finally had a son with Sughra Begum, Miyan ‘Abdul Ha’i.

5 children in total for Noorudin and Sughra Begum
Daughter—Amatul Ha’i—DOB is unknown, was married off to Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, the Khalifa, in May of 1914, See Walter.

Son—Miyan ‘Abdul Haye or Abdul Hai
Born February 15, 1899 also known as Abdul Haye, See Page 101

Son—Abdus Salaam
Son—Abdul Wahab
Son—Abdul Mannan Omar– He was born on 19 April 1910–28 July 2006

Noorudin dies in March of 1914, Amatul Hai is married off to the new Khalifa in May of 1914
As soon as Noorudin dies, the newly elected Khalifa seems to have quickly expanded his reach. He grew up in the same house as Amatul Hai since they all lived in MGA’s house.

Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad and Amatul Hai have 3 children from 1914 to 1924
1. Amatul Qayyum, daughter
2. Amatul Rashid, daughter
3. Mirza Khalil Ahmad, son

The location and whereabouts of these children are unknown in 2018

Amatul Haye becomes the secretary of Lajna in 1922, the Khalifas oldest wife becomes President

“””At the instruction of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II(ra) these signatory women assembled on December 25th, 1922 at the house of Hadhrat Nusrat Jehan Begum(ra), wife of the Promised Messiah(as). After Zuhr (afternoon) prayer, Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II(ra) made a short speech, and in this way the Lajna Ima`illah came into existence. After this session, detailed rules of Lajna Ima`illah were published in the magazine, Tadeeb-un-Nisa, which used to be published in Qadian under the editorship of Hadhrat Sheikh Ya‘qub ‘Ali ‘Irfani Sahib(ra). In this way the regular activities of the Lajna began.”””

“””Initially, there was no separate body in the community for women. Understanding the crucial role of women in Islam, and inspired by his second wife, Amatul Hayee Sahiba(ra), Hadhrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad(ra), Khalifatul Masih II (Second Successor to the Promised Messiah(as)), founded a separate organisation (within the community), Lajna Ima’illah, solely for women. Hadhrat Amatul Hayee Sahiba(ra) was its first secretary. After her, this important office was assigned to the wife of Hadhrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad(ra), Hadhrat Sarah Begum Sahiba(ra) and then to Hadhrat Sayeda Maryam Begum Sahiba(ra).”””

“””When Lajna Ima’illah was established, its members requested Hadhrat Nusrat Jehan Begum(ra), the Blessed wife of the Promised Messiah(as), to become its first president. It is likely that she presided over the first session, but during that very session she nominated Hadhrat Sayeda Mahmuda Begum Sahiba(ra) as president. Hadhrat Sayeda Mahmudah Begum Sahiba(ra) held that post until her death on 31st July, 1958. From August 1958, Hadhrat Maryam Sadiqah(ra) assumed this responsibility.”””

See the ROR, August 2009, see here:

Amatul Haye dies mysteriously in 1924
When the Khalifa returned from his tour of Europe in 1924, the daughter of Noorudin died mysteriously.

See here: Page  213,




Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad had 20+ children with 7 wives

This proves that the Mirza family is corrupt.  MGA’s son, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, eventually had 7 wives and 20+ children.  Ahmadiyya INC casually has hidden all the dates, however, it becomes clear that by 1920, he had 2 wives, but by 1930, he had 4, and as soon as a wife would die, he would replace her and thus  keep the maximum of 4 wives.

We have found some data that gives us some facts and figures
He had 24 long living children, 13 sons and 11 daughters, from seven wives.

From Mehmooda Begum called Umm Nasir (mother of nasir)

Three children died in infancy, among them was Mirza Naseer Ahmad, a son born in 1906

1. Mirza Nasir Ahmad, son
2. Naasira Begum, daughter
3. Mirza Mubarak Ahmad, son
4. Mirza (Dr.) Munawwar Ahmad, son
5. Mirza Hafeez Ahmad, son
6. Mirza Azhar Ahmad, son
7. Mirza Anwaar Ahmad, son
8. Mirza Rafiq Ahmad, son
9. Naseera Begum, daughter

From Amatul Hayye—married on May 31st 1914, died in 1924, See here

1. Amatul Qayyum, daughter
2. Amatul Rasheed, daughter
3. Mirza Khalil Ahmad, son—may have died, is not mentioned at all in

From Sayedah Maryam called Umm Tahir (mother of tahir) , the daughter of Dr Syed Abdul Sattar Shah, They were married on 7 February 1921 in the Mubarak Mosque.  She was barely 14-16 years old, whereas the Khalifa was 35.

She died in 1944

One son named Mirza Azhar Ahmad died in infancy the others are

1. Mirza Tahir Ahmad, son, born in December of 1928
2. Amatul Hakeem, daughter
3. Amatul Basit, daughter
4. Amatul Jameel, daughter

From Sarah Begum—married to her in 1925, she was dead by 1934

1. Mirza Rafi Ahmad, son–Born on March 27, 1927
2. Amatul Naseer Begum, daughter
3. Mirza Haneef Ahmad, son

From Azizah Begum called Umm Wassim (mother of wassim)–Married her in 1926
the daughter of Seth Abu Bakr of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

1. Mirza Wassim Ahmad, son
2. Mirza Naeem Ahmad, son

From Maryam Siddiqa called Choti Aapa (Younger Sister) and Umm Matin (mother of Matin)
Married on 30 September 1935.daughter of Hadhrat Mir Mohammad Ismail sahib, this was Mahmud Ahmad’s niece.  She was younger then 18, since she hadnt attended college at the time of marriage

1. Amatul Matin, daughter

From Bushra Begum aka Mehar Appa, married on 24 July 1944, daughter of Syed Aziz Ahmad Shah
NO children

The Ahmadi Khalifa, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad was against the creation of Pakistan!!

These days, you will see Ahmadi-trolls all over the internet lying about how Ahmadiyya leadership supported the creation of Pakistan.  However, if we examine the Khutba’s and announcements of the Ahmadi-Khalifa from 1944–1947, we will see quite the opposite.  Bashir Ahmad, in his famous book, “Ahmadiyya, British-Jewish Connections (1994) exposed lots of this information, we have found some additional info.

Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood says there is no need to partition India. Alfazl dated 12 April,1947.

The scans

A brief summary
Zafrullah Khan tells us that his Khalifa supported Akhand Hindustan, which was a stand for an undivided India.  The British were pursuing a policy of divide and conquer, this is why they wanted to divide up India.  Zafrullah Khan was a pawn that was used by the British to split up India, in fact, he secretly wrote the Lahore-Resolution as early as 1940.  It seems that even though the Ahmadi-Khalifa was outwardly against the creation of Pakistan, he had a backup plan if it was in fact created.

In 1923, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, the Ahmadi Khalifa, he ordered Ahmadis to stop doing Takfir on Muslims

As we all know, nowadays, the Ahmadi-trolls on social media are running around and denying that Ahmadis had ever done Takfir on anyone.  The truth is, the soon to be Qadiani branch of Ahmadis began doing open Takfir on all Muslims (shias. sunnis, sufi’s, all muslims), in 1911, at that point they weren’t “qadianis” yet, since the split happened in 1914.  The Split happened in 1914, and the Lahoris vs. Qadiani’s arguments began.  And they debated each other on a few topics, Prophethood, Takfir, Khilafat and Ismuhu Ahmad, the birth of Esa (As) was never an issue.

By 1923, the Ahmadi Khalifa changed his mind on Takfir and Ismuhu Ahmad
From 1911 to 1923, Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad, the Ahmadi Khalifa, and son of MGA, was busy making many many arguments wherein he called the deniers of the prophethood of MGA as Kafirs, his younger brother, Mirza Bashir Ahmad wrote extensively on this also, this fatwa of Kufr also included the Lahori-Ahmadis.  Thus, the Ahmadi Khalifa was trying to distinguish “qadiani” Ahmadis from other Ahmadis, to be clear, other Ahmadis who believed in MGA, yet rejected the Khilafat, they were not even Muslims per the Mirza family, they were Kafirs.

The quote
See Freidman, “Prophecy Continous” (2003) edition, see page 161

“Mahmud Ahmad wrote in 1923, that though it is true that the non-Ahmadis are infidels, one should not speak about it needlessly 56.”

56—Review of Religions,–22 (1923), page 51

The full PDF of ROR, 1923
A letter from His Holiness Khalifa tul Masih

Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, the Ahmadi Khalifa claims that child marriage is OK in the 21st century and Aisha was 12

MGA was married at a very young age, 12-13, his sons were also married off very young, in fact, in a farming economy, this is the norm.  However, in the 21st century, this norm has been abandoned.  Many Muslims have argued that the norms of farming economies don’t need to be followed, in fact, almost all Muslim countries don’t allow anyone to be married under the age of 16 by 2017However, Ahmadis have always been changing their position on many islamic issues, and then they lie about it.  With the case of the Age of Aisha at marriage, we have the same situation.  Since at least the 1960’s, Ahmadiyya sources have been telling us that Aisha was 19 when she got married to Muhammad (saw), however, previous Ahmadiyya sources argued that she was 12.  When we present this info to ahmadis, they refuse to answer, then they cry persecution.

The scan

Anwar ul Uloom by Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad

“””Muslims do not need any laws which prohibit what has been allowed by the Shariat and Islam. Interference with what has been permitted is an extremely bad thing. One such thing is marriage in childhood which is becoming less and less customary. Marriage in childhood comes with certain conditions such as when the girl reaches an age of maturity she may refuse such a marriage. This was something that the prophet himself had practiced. Aisha’s Rukhsati (bride leaving her parents home) took place when she was 12 years old. Arabs used to mature earlier. Aisha had a special status. If she had been older she would not have spent much time with the prophet and we would not have the benefit of her insight and service to Islam. To stop something that the prophet permitted and practiced is an important issue. I (the author) say we should stop child marriage on a temporary basis until muslims stop taking advantage of this permission.

Governments should be told about the defects of these laws and what the dangers for Muslims are. If the governments say we should not interfere in such matters, then we can be assured and we can tolerate this.”””

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