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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wanted Muhammadi begum’s husband to be killed

Dear readers, we have covered the topic of Muhammadi Begum at length.  Read all of these entries first.  We have found some interesting information to add to this saga.  As we were going through Hassan Odeh’s book on Ahmadiyya, we found this reference:

“We will kill her husband, as we killed her father, and will return her to you”

Tadhkirah, page 226. As quoted by Hassan odeh in 2000 in his book on Ahmadiyya, see page 96-97.

What did the Ahmadi’s change?
The word translates as kill, however, Ahmadiyya leadership decided to use destroy.  The word in arabic is used is “mohlaikoon” it is derived from the word “halaaq” means halaaq kerna, or to say ” main nay us murd ko halaaq ker diya, maar diya.

MGA and his team wanted other people to be killed also, Lekh Ram, Abdullah Athim and Dr. Clark

The reference in the 2009 edition of Tadhkirah was changed from kill to destroy

The exact same translation was done in the 2004 edition of Tadhkirah, the 1976 english translation remains unchecked.  

The reference from the 1967 edition of Tadhkirah, URDU


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We have written how the Qadiani-Ahmadi have in their desperation chased and tried to bribe the family of Muhammadi Begum, even after MGA died.  We wrote about how the Qadiani’s faked paperwork and misquoted many people.  Today, we present additional reports from that the 1950–70’s era on this topic, as well as scans.

Summary of these scans

Molana Manzoor. Ahmad Chinioti (1931-2004), was a religious scholar and has been a member parliament in Punjab Assembly. He has great services in the field of religious studies and Khatme Nabuwwat. He is the author of many books on the subject of Khatme Nabuwwat. He had a meeting with Muhammadi Begum, the sign of failed prophesy of Mirza Qadiani. It may be recalled here that Mirza Qadiani had prophesied that Muhammadi Begum would come to his Nikah virgin or divorced.

He wrote about this in the book Paigham Hidyat which has been summarised as under:-
“In June 1965, I along-with Molana Abdullah Ludhianvi Khateeb Jamia Masjid Ghalla Mandi Toba Tek Singh, went to Chak Shahzadian wala District Burewala, to see Muhammadi Begum, who was residing at that place with her eldest son Mirza Ishaq.

The husband of Muhammadi Begum, Mirza Sultan Muhammad migrated to this place from Patti India after partition in 1947. He was allotted 4 Murabba Land (100Acres) by the government. This land was managed by Mirza Ishaq.

It was known that Mirza Ishaq, the son of Muhammadi Begum had converted to Qadianiat due to the enticement of wealth and marriage with Qadiani Girl by the Qadianis, in 1930. The imam of local Masjid and residents of village told that Muhammadi Begum hated her son Mirza Ishaq for getting converted to Qadianiat and never ate food cooked by his wife as long as she was healthy enough to do cooking herself.

Since Muhammaadi Begum was at the last phase of her life at that time, Someone told that Qadianis are planning to take Muhammadi Begum to Rabwah and bury her after death to tell the world that Muhammadi Begum was converted to Ahmadiyya to fulfil the prophesy of Mirza Qadiani.

The Local Masjid Imam accompanied us to the house of Mirza Ishaq. We got seated in the DERA a place outside the house for guests. While we were having an introductory chat with the peoples in Dera, Mirza Ishaq, a tall sturdy man holding a DAANG, (long round baton) and a large utensil on the head, has arrived. He had a loud and heavy voice, after salutation he said Molvi What is it that you are here for ?

I said I wanted to know the address of your brother Asif Sultan. But why do u want to see him, if u need some information from him that U can have better from me. I said you are right, in fact I am here to have some information. Then he start speaking he said he became Ahmadi in 1930 and both his father and mother are non ahmadis.

Referring to the failed prophesy of Mirza upon his mother, father and maternal grand father, I asked him as to why he became Ahmadi, when the living evidence of lies of Mirza Qadiani is present at your home, to which he could not reply convincingly. However, he said it is like Pheri walla ( a mobile shopkeeper in the village), comes to sell his goods and raises his voice whomsoever like to purchase goods of his choice does so. Similarly Mirza sahib Qadiani came he raised a voice that he was Mujaddid Masih and Mahdi of 14th century , this voice appealed to him and he accepted it. Then Mirza Ishaq said ok make me a muslim if you can. Then the talk continued on the claims of Mirza Qadiani in a friendly manners like Mirza writing the months of Safar as the fourth month and Mirza,s claim that his son talked to him in the womb of mother.

Then I enquired him of the health of his mother , he said she has grown older, uses power glasses and listens to louder voice. Few days ago she had a fall injuring her face. Finding him a little softened, I said Mirza Sahib your mother is like my mother and I want to make Ziarah of her and to meet her personally.

He immediately declined to this request saying he has not even allowed an Ahmadi to see her. However, my constant flattery and requests made him change the decision and he said let me get the other ladies of house take aside. After a while he called us inside.

We entered the house to find Muhammadi Begum sitting on a large Palang (a desi bed). We sat on cain wood seats placed around. Respected lady would be at her 90s. Wrinkled face, with spectacle of thick powered glasses a wound mark on a side of face was visible. She had a graceful personality. Her son Mirza Ishaq coming close to her ear said “BAY BAY AEH GHAIR AHMADI MOLVI TUHADI ZIARAT WASTE AYE NE meaning mom these Non Ahmadi Molvis have come to see you. She got happy to listen to this and asked “GHAIR AHMADI NE” R they non Ahmadis ? He replied yes non Ahmadis, She smiled and said ok. I had certain questions to ask from her which could not be asked for many reasons. After sometime we requested her to pray for us which was communicated by Mirza Ishaq to her. She raised her arm to place her hand on our heads and prayed for us. Subsequently, we sought permission to depart Mirza Ishaq Again took his mouth near her ear and said BAY BAY ayh ijazat mang de ne. After few moments She replied IJAZAT HAI. We, then said salam and left the house. “

After that Molana wrote to her four sons in Lahore, requesting them not to allow Qadianis to take their mother to Rabwah. Molana received a reply from her son in law Said Muhammad Baig from Khanqah Dogran one letter from four Muslim sons of Muhammadi Begum duly signed by all four. which are as under:-

Letter from Said Muhammad Baig son in law of MB.

Mohtaram Janab Principal Sahib. Assalamo alaikum.

Your letter addressed to Akhtar Sultan reached to my son who was proceeding on leave to village. Since I have read your letter, it is my duty to reply to you to clarify the situation. This humble self states on oath that he is the son in law of late Sultan Muhammad and Muhammadi Begum and is a close relative to them. They have two daughters out of which one has been married to me. The other one was married to the nephew of Mirza Sultan Muhammad. Both Muhammadi Begum and Mirza Sultan Muhammad belonged to Ahlussannah wal jamaat. Mirzai party did their best to get Mirza Sultan sahib and Muhammadi Begum Sahibah to get to their side but could not succeed. Please do visit us my village Khanqah Dogran sharif lies on Sargodha Lahore road. My mother in law is seriously ill nowadays.Her four sons are in govt service at Lahore. One Mirza Ishaq has accepted Mirzaiyyat due to greed and he is also married in a mirzai family. Rest four namely Muhammad Asif Baig, Muhammad Ashraf Baig,Akbar Baig, and Akhtar Sultan are muslims of Ahlussannah waljamaat. They are in Govt service and reside in Choburji Quarter No.11A. You can meet them at 3 o clock at evening.
Wel wisher
Said Muhammad Baig.

Letter from four sons of MB.

Respected Manzoor Ahmad Chinioti Sahib.
Assalamo alaikum.
Your misaddressed letter finally reached to us. We would like to confirm here on oath that our mother Mohtarma Muhammadi Begum Sahiba is a muslim by the grace of Allah and believes in his holy prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe wasallam to be the last of the prophets. She is steadfast on the Muhammadan religion and will continue to believe so for ever inshaAllah. She belongs to the ahlussunnah waljamaat school of thought. She has nothing to do with Mirzaiyyat. We pray that Allah swt keep her on this right path. Please join us in our prayers. WASSALAM.
Muhammad Asif Baig, Muhammad Ashraf Baig,Akbar Baig, Akhtar Sultan.
Note. This letter is in response to your letter and may not be published without permission, we are retaining a copy with us.

Subsequently Molana Mazoor Ahmad sahib met with Akhtar Sultan who was a Section Officer and lived at Govt Quarters Chowburji, Lahore.

Muhammadi Begum died on 19 November, 1966, at Lahore, her funeral prayer was led by Molana Shahabuddin of Chowburji who was a disciple of Shaikhul Hind Molana Mahmoodul Hasan. She was buried in Qabrustan Miyani Sahib Lahore.

The scans

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Mirza Sultan Muhammad from Patti, District Lahore, married Muhammadi Begum (MGA’s niece/daughter), not MGA

Dear readers, to full understand who Mirza Sultan Muhammad from Patti is, you have to do lots of reading, this is by no means an easy subject to learn.  Nonetheless, start here.  Mirza Sultan Muhammad married MGA’s daughter/niece and MGA also predicted his death within a few years, which never happened.  Ahmadi mullahs went to the extreme of making up fake stories that Mirza Sultan Muhammad repented or apologized, or in some way was neutral in this whole matter.  However, that is a total lie.  Firstly, Mirza Sultan Muhammad served in the British military and even fought during WW-1 (1914–1918).  He was shot and survived and became a hero of sorts.  In the below we sill present lots of info….pay attention.

Ahmadiyya sources lied and told us: these were taken from,

“I have always, and still consider the late Mirza Saheb, a righteous and respected person who was a servant of Islam; who had a noble spirit and who was constant in his remembrance of God. I entertain no opposition to his followers and regret that for certain reasons, I was not able to have the honour of meeting him during his lifetime.” [Tashizul Azhan: May 1913]

“At the time of the prophecy, the Arya Hindus, because of Lekh Ram and the Christians, because of Athim offered me a hundred thousand rupees to file a case against Mirza Saheb. If I had taken the amount I would have become rich but it was my great faith in him that prevented me from doing so.” 

“I declare on oath that I have such firm faith in Hazrat Mirza Saheb which I think even you, who profess to be his followers, cannot claim”
[Al Fazl: 9th June 1921]

We found the original scan of the Al-Fazl of June 9th, 1921

3 years later, Mirza Sultan Muhammad was tracked down and he clarified in the below

The weekly Ahl-i-hadith newspaper of 1924 tells us
Weekly Ahl e Hadis Amritsar in its publication of 24th March, 1924 brought an interesting report in this regard. Urdu version of which may be seen in screen shot of weekly. English translation is as under:-

“”“Mirza Sahib Qadiani ,s each prophesy proved to be a decisive one for him. Because he always prophesied for a decision from Allah. So his prophesy regarding his heavenly wed bride was clear in its meaning but the man to whom the lady was married, was Mirza Sultan Muhammad of Patti, District Lahore. It was all important that Mirza Sahib Qadiani pays attention to him because he was the main irritant in the acquisition of his prophesied bride. Therefore, a stern time line of the death of Mirza Sultan Muhammad was prophesied which was to expire in August 1894. But when he did not die in the given time line, Mirza Qadiani starts saying that my prophesy scared Mirza Sultan which earned him extension in life. Finally Mirza Sahib Qadiani wrote that he would be a liar, if Mirza Sultan did not die in my life time. Facts are that Mirza Sahib Qadiani died in 1908, but Mirza Sultan is still alive. During a debate at Sikandarabad, Qadiani Muballigh Abdur Rehman Desi Misri stated that Mirza Sultan had written a letter to Mirza Sahib Qadiani assuring him that he (Mirza Sultan) considers him a saintly person. Although this writing do not affect the prophesy in any manner, yet Mirza Sultan was asked of this, he verbally replied he has never been a believer of Mirza sb Qadiani. On request he wrote the following text:- When Mirza Qadiani announced my death prophesy I never thought it to be true nor I was scared of it. I have always been and am a follower of my elders of Islam to this day.”””

Sultan Muhammad Baig Resident of Patti dated 30-03-1924.
Molvi Abdullah Imam Masjid Mubarak
Molvi Ahmadullah sb Amritsari 
Molvi Mola Bakhsh Khateeb Jama Masjid patti Distt Lahore.
Molvi Abdul Majeed Rasheed Resident of Patti.
Mistari Muhammad Hussain Naqsha Nawees Patti.

The scan

Molana Muhammad Hussain Batalvi has also confirmed from Mirza Sultan Muhammad thru one of his relative whether he has given Qadianis any such writing in their favour, he denied it


In terms of Muhammadi Begum, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was guaranteeing that she would eventually (TAQDIR E MUBRA) be married to him

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad lusted after his niece Muhammadi Begum for his entire life.  Initially, he was giving guarantees that he would end up marrying this innocent girl.  Read other essay’s on this topic here:

Summary of these scans

In his book Malfoozat Mirza Qadiani defines categories of TAQDIR (fate) as
“two main types of TAQDIR.

1.TAQDIR E MUALLAQ:- is the fate that is hanging and can be avoided with prayers and SADAQAT (charity).
2.TAQDIR E MUBRAM the fate that is inevitable. It is further divided into two types i.e.:-
(a) GHAIR HAQIQI (Inevitable but unreal) can be avoided or deferred with prayers and Sadaqat.
(b) Taqdir e Mubram Haqiqi . It is so firm and unavoidable that even the collective prayers of 100 prophets can not avoid this.

Now in hIs book Majmua e Ishtiharat Volume 2 page 43, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani writes that happening of Mirza’s Nikah with Muhammadi Begum is the kind of TAQDIR E MUBRAM that can not be avoided (meaning Taqdir e Mubram Haqiqi), because otherwise the words of God would become false. So if she is not married to him, he would be called as a liar in that case.

The scans


Even in 1907, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was still lusting for his niece, Muhammadi Begum

MGA was a sick man.  He lusted after his niece for almost 20 years, we have found what seems to be his final utterance on this topic.  See my other essay

The scan


When the frustration was at the peak and mirza qadyani could not get married with Mohammadi begum with all his letters to relatives , threats to family and divorces within family ( with her heavenly wife ) as per firm promise of yalash ( god of mirza ) , he said that ” …………..either the Nikkah has been abrogated or has been delayed ”

570 – haqeeqatul wahi .

When MGA died, Nooruddin commented…


Now, I would like to remind all the Muslims who have had and still have faith in the Noble Qur’an that since those addressed in it include also their offsprings, successors and those like them, then, can this prophecy not include the daughter, of Ahmad Beg, or the daughter of that daughter ? Does your law of inheritance not apply the regulations regarding daughters to their daughters ? And are the offsprings of the Mirza not his agnates ? I had often told dear Mian Mahmood (Mian Bashiruddin Mahmood, a son of the Mirza and the second head of the Qadiani movement after Hakim Nuruddin. ) that even if the Mirza were to die and this girl did hot enter into his wedlock, my adoration of him would remain unshaken. (Review of Religions, Vol. VII, no. 726, June and July, 1908, p. 279 (cited from Qadiani Mazhab).

The arabic on this page
“””O woman repent repent, calamity (bala) is after you””

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was offering bribes just to get Muhammadi Begum….

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad obsessed over a certain girl, Muhammadi Begum…we have found a quote from Seeratul-Mahdi wherein it is stated that MGA was so desperate to get this girl that he was in talks with the uncle of Muhammadi Begum and offered to bribe him.  See the quote below….this is from the 1888-era….

The scan

English translation
“””Mian Abdullah Sahb sanwari stated to me that once Hazrat Sahab stayed in Jalandhar for a month. In these days a real uncle of Muhammadi Begum tried to fix the marriage of Muhammadi begum with Hazrat Sahab. But he could not succeed. Father of Muhammadi Begum Mirza Ahmad Baig Hushiyar Puri was yet alive in those days and marriage of Muhhadi begum was not fixed to Mirza Sultan Muhammad. This uncle of Muhammadi Begum use come and go in a Tonga and was desirous to get some prize from Hazrat Sahb. As knot of Nikkah of Muhammadi begum was in the hand of this person, therefor Hazrat Sahb has promised to give him some prize. This humble says this person had bad intentions since beginning and wants to have some money from Hazrat Sahb. Because afterwards same man and his few other companions became the reason of marriage of girl at another place. But mother told me that Hazrat sahb kept few concerns in front of him about giving money to them. Mother also told me that elder brother of Muhammadi Begum was also involved in this.”””

“”””Biyan kia muhj say Mian Abdullah Sahb Sanwari ny k aik dafa Hazrat shab Jalandhar ma ja ker aik mah tak thehry thy. In dinoun Muhammadi Begum k Haqeeqi Mamoun ny Muhammadi Begum ka Hazrat Sahb sy rishta kerwa dainy ki koshish ki the. Magar kamyab na hua. Yeh un dinoun ki bat hy jub Muhammadi begum ka walid Mirza Ahmad Baid Hoshiyar Puri zinda tha or Muhammadi Begum ka mirza Sutan Muhammad sy rishta nae hua tha. Muhammadi Begum ka yeh mamoun Jalandhar or Hushiyar pur ma Yakak ma aya jaya kerta tha or Hazrat Sahb sy kuch Inam ka b khawahan tha or choankay Muhammadi Begum k Nikah ka aqad zayada ter isi shakhs k hath ma tha is liya Hazrat Sahb ny is sy kuch Inam ka wada b ker lia tha. Khaksar araz kerta hy k yeh shakhs is muamlay ma bad niyat tha or Hazrat Sahb sy faqat kuch Rupiya urrana chahta tha. Kiun k bad ma yahi shakhs or us k kuch sathi larrki ko doosri jaga bihaya janay ka moojab huy. Magar mujhay walida sahib any batay k Hazrat Sahb ny is ko rypiya dainy k mutailaq ba’az hakeemana ehtiyatain malhooz rakhi huy thein. Walida Sahiba ny yeh b iyan kia k is k sath Muhammadi begum ka barra bhai b shareek tha”””

New data on Muhammadi Begum found (2017)

One of my close friends in the Ahmadiyya-Awareness team has found an important reference in terms of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his lust after Muhammadi Begum, who was his niece.  Feel free to read the full story here:

Ahmadis lied about the testimony of Muhammadi Begums husband
Ahmadis present this:

Ambala Cantonment
21 March 1913

Dear brother,

Your letter was to hand. Thanks for the remembrance. As for the late Hazrat Mirza sahib marhum, I have always considered him to be, and still consider him to be, a good and righteous man, a servant of Islam, noble-hearted and one who remembers God. With his followers I have no antagonism whatever. Rather, I am very sorry that, due to certain reasons, I could not have the honour of seeing him during his life.

Sultan Muhammad

This letter is a lie
Its a fake, a forgery.  Read their full response here:

In 1894, the husband of Muhammadi Begum said

Brief translation and commentary
Its a scan page of “ishat us sunnah” which was lead by Mollana Muhammad Hessian Batalvi. We know Mirza Ghulam has prophesied about death of husband of Muhammadi Begam. It should be done after two and half years from their nikkah in September 1894. But Mirza Ghulam usually fails this prophesy. Then Mirza Ghulam Ahmed responded to people who called him liar by his well known excuse that husband of Muhammadi Begam was frightened from death of Begam’s father so he didn’t die and he repented, later he asked people for an denial of Begam’s husband to his claim if he is lying….Mollana Batalvi write a letter to his one friend Munshi Muhammad Saeed who was living in Rawalpindi and asked him to meet with Begam’s husband to know whether its true that he repented or not?

He met with Sultan Muhammad and asked him about this matter, third question which published in “Ishat us sunnah #6 vol 16 page 196″ (at the end of 1894)was:
What was effect of revelation of Mirza Ghulam on you? Whether you frightened or not?

His answer is:

I used to and still concern Mirza sahib a liar and prevaricator. I am a Muslim and I am very thankful to Allah.”

“Number 3 ma jo Kadiani na Mirza Sultan Ahmad Baig ka dar jana biyan kiya ha, ya mahz kizb ha. Ham na aik dost(Munshi Muhammad Saeed naqsha-novees Rawalpindi) ki marfat Mirza Sultan Muhammad Baig sa bazimn chand sawalat es amr k muthalq sawal kiya to unho na jawab main dar janay sa inkar kiya jo maha sawal zail ma naqal kiya jata ha.
Sawal soom: Mirza Ghulam Ahmed k ilham sa aap’k dil par kiya asar hua tah, kiya aap dar gay tah ya nahi?
Jawab: Mirza sahib ko main jhota or daraghgo janta hun or main Musliman aadmi hun. Khuda ka har waqt shukarguzar hun. Sultan Muhammad Baig-Baqal e khud.
Hazrat nazreen kiya aap jantay hain k dar soorat inkar a khof Mirza Sultan Muhammad Baig sa Kadiani na qasam ka mutalba bawada inaam yak hazar baghait chah-hazar (6000) kiyon nahi kiya jaisa k Abdullah Aatham sa kiya tah? Es ki waja ham sa sunian. Kadiani ko khob yaqeen tah k Sultan Muhammad Musliman, pehr nojawan, pehr Angrazi khawan, pehr police walo ka sobti or muthalq ha. Wo apnay sachay inkar par foran qasam kah kar rupiya wasool karay ga, Aatham ki tarha buddha or zaif ul qalab or esai nahi.”

Ahmadis knew that this reference existed, however, they purposely hid for over 100 years.

Even Nooruddin was ashamed of this incident

Now, I would like to remind all the Muslims who have had and still have faith in the Noble Qur’an that since those addressed in it include also their offsprings, successors and those like them, then, can this prophecy not include the daughter, of Ahmad Beg, or the daughter of that daughter ? Does your law of inheritance not apply the regulations regarding daughters to their daughters ? And are the offsprings of the Mirza not his agnates ? I had often told dear Mian Mahmood (Mian Bashiruddin Mahmood, a son of the Mirza and the second head of the Qadiani movement after Hakim Nuruddin. ) that even if the Mirza were to die and this girl did hot enter into his wedlock, my adoration of him would remain unshaken. (Review of Religions, Vol. VII, no. 726, June and July, 1908, p. 279 (cited from Qadiani Mazhab).

Ahmadis have been lying for years and years and years, they are sick and twisted people.



Ahmadiyya leadership lied about the age of MGA’s second wife, Nusrat Jehan Begum

Ahmadiyya leadership lies all the time.  They are all Mullahs who are concerned with job security, if Ahmadiyya fails, or loses members, Ahmadiyya-mullahs will lose their benefits and their livelihoods.  It is claimed by Ahmadiyya leadership that Sayyedah Nusrat Jahan Begum from Delhi was born in 1865 (see the authors introduction) , that is a total lie.  Its really impossible.  Her younger brother was born in the 1880–1882 era, that’s a 15 year difference. She has another brother as well, his birth is some time after 1883…its really unclear.  The issue here is that Mir Nasir Nawab, who was younger then MGA, he couldnt have possibly had children so many years apart….it seems very unlikely.  Nusrat Jehan was most likely 10 years old when she was betrothed to MGA at Qadian.  Her father seems to be very opportunistic, as he met the Mirza family in the early 1870’s and when MGA’s father died…he knew that there was a void…and MGA could easily marry his daughter and Mir Nasir Nawab could ascend to the throne in Qadian.  This is typical desi planning.  They arrange marriages which benefit themselves financially.

But MGA was impotent and everybody knew, even Mir Nasir Nawab knew
When MGA took on this marriage, he was impotent, and had been impotent for at least 10+ years, here is quote:

“”” one more problem i faced is that At time of marraige , my heart and brain was very weak and i was effected from several diseases …………………………………..and thus some of my friends expressed their greivance(concersn) at my marraige ………….and have come to know that you have done a marraige and that you have come to know through hakeem mohammad shareef orally that you didnot had the capability of that (marriage)…………….. ”
Ref : roohani Khaziyan 15 – Page 203 – taryaqul Qaloub”””

When did the marriage happen?



Who fathered Nusrat Jehan’s Children?
It is rumored that Noorudin fathered the children of Nusrat Jehan, not MGA.  This is plausible, since at the death of MGA, Nusrat Jehan claimed to be the “laundi” aka “escort” of Noorudin.    She made many other controversial statements upon the death of Nooruddin.

Mir Nasir Nawab and his wife and Nusrat Jehan moved into MGA’s house after MGA’s father died–1876
This is strange, as soon as MGA’s father died...the entire family (just 3 people) moved into MGA’s house (see page 2), per Ahmadiyya records, she was barely 10 years old, per my opinions, she was an infant, just a few years old.  Whats interesting here is that MGA also had a love affair with another infant, namely Muhammadi Begum, who was also coming and going in MGA’s home in those days, since she was his niece.  MGA eventually lusted after her and failed in his attempt to marry her.  This is a disturbing pattern.  It proves that MGA was a predator and saw infants as potential brides.  Mir Nasir Nawab moved his family out after barely a year. Since MGA didnt own the entire estate of the family…they were waiting.  When MGA’s brother died in 1883….Mir Nasir Nawab swiftly married his pre-teen daughter to MGA.

If we assume that Nusrat Jehan was 11 years old as she moved into MGA’s house
In those days, girls didn’t go to school and were normally married off by age 11-13….so why did they wait soooo long with Nusrat Jehan….obviously they have lied about her age.  Further, MGA married his sons off at ages 10–13, as well as his daughters….so this was normal practice in those days.

1904, she seems to have asked to be released from her marriage

She didn’t do purdah

Additional material

Ahmadiyya clerics have been caught editing the writings of MGA yet again

Dear readers, we have caught Ahmadiyya leadership editing the writings of MGA many times.  See here:

In this specific case, we have found an instance wherein there was editing in the case of the Muhammadi Begum prophecy.  In MGA’s book, “A’ina Kamalat Islam”, in the original edition, MGA and his team had written that Muhammadi Begum’s father, Mirza Ahmad Baig would die within 4 months, however, in later editions of this book, it was changed to 6 months.

But Dard tells us…
Dard tells us that the marriage of Muhammadi Begum happened on April 7th, 1892, see page 334.  He also tells us that her father, Mirza Ahmad Baig died Sep 30th, 1892.  That is 5 and 1/2 months.  Thus, the prediction of MGA was false.  However, the Ahmadiyya mullah team went back and edited….they began by inventing the system of Ruhani Khuzain, and thus burning all of the old books and creating new ones, with many edits.

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The scans

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