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Qadiani-Ahmadi’s are discrediting their Irish Maulvi Ibrahim Noonan

After the major L that he (Ibrahim Noonan) took at Speakers Corner vs. Adnan Rashid, we have heard many Qadiani-Ahmadi’s discrediting him. In fact, at Speakers Corner itself, 2 Qadiani-Ahmadi’s claimed that Noonan only specializes in discussing with Christians, nor Muslims. Adnan Rashid then responded with, what have you been teaching him for 30 years (15:10 timestamp)? We have created a tik tok clip herein.

Nevertheless, herein you can hear Yo Yo Khan (the real islam youtube channel) saying Noonan doesn’t know much and guesses (3:02 timestamp).

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Qadiani-Ahmadi Maulvi Ibrahim Noonan gets caught lying at speakers corner vs. Adnan Rashid

Noonie began lying at the very outset, he refused to admit that he believes in a new prophet after Muhammad (Saw), instead he was saying it in a roundabout way, he was saying that he believes in the prophet that was prophesied. However, this is grossly inaccurate, Qadiani-Ahmadi’s believe that anyone can become a prophet and the door is open and they quote 4:69 and 7:35. The same debate can be found herein.

The second topic starts at 7:47, the conversation changed to Mutawafeeeka (3:55). Adnan then calls Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya a good book, minus what MGA did later (his claim to prophethood). However, Adnan doesn’t know all of the claims of MGA therein. Adnan then talks about MGA being Mongol.

At 26:08, they begin talking about Ahmadiyya Takfir.

At 28:42, Noonan claims that the person who taught him Arabic was a Shaikh from Iraq, however, he doesn’t give a name.

At 45:00, Noonan presents Lane’s Lexicon.

At 48:10, Noonan gets caught lying about being a Salafi-Muslim for 18 months, upon questioning, he admits he doesn’t know anything.

59:20, Noonan says that Eisa (As) was an israelite prophet.

1:00:00+—Noonie lies about pursuing a PHD. He gets caught on his lies, he claimed that Nooruddin learned hadith with the son of Shah Wali Ullah, or the grandson, both lies. He also lied and said that Noorudin was a muhadith.

1:13:00—he talks about Razi and says if the famous Ahmadi youtuber cuts clips and makes it look like Adnan said jesus is dead, then Noonan should have him remove it.

1:16:00, Noonie starts talking about the prophet Elijah (as).

1:21:00—Noonan mentions the famous hadith of “imamukum minkum”.

1:21:56—They briefly discuss the famous fabricated hadith, “La Mahdi illa Eisa”.

1:22:56, Adnan calls MGA a Mongol again, and Noonie calls it a lie.

1:24:00—-Noonie cant read Arabic and thinks Hazrat is an arabic word.

1:30:57, Noonie didnt know what Hakam and Adal is.

1:32:51, in jest, Noonan tells Ali Dawah that he needs Arabic lessons.

1;34:49, Noonan admits that MGA never became a ruler.

1:35:40, Noonan tells Muslims if they dont like Britain, go back to your own country.

1:44:29, Noonie says that MGA never praised the British. Noonan says that MGA only praised the British Govt. in terms of them allowing religious freedom.

1:49:46, Noonie says that Jizya means that wars will end.

1:55:38, Noonie says in terms of Hakam and Adl, “The judge or whatever”.

1:58:03, Noonan forgets that he said the word Elijah was a “title”, not a name.

2:00:04, Noonie doesnt know the name of MGA’s mother.

2:02:22, Noonie tells someone that they are going to hell

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Noonan accuses Hani Tahir of being a fake Ahmadi 1999

The fake imam Noonan has publicly attacked Hani Tahir for being a fake Ahmadi as far back as 1999. Hani Tahir has responded herein.

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Why did Ibrahim Noonan approach a female ahmadi on twitter?

It seems that the Ahmadiyya pseudo imam, Ibrahim Noonan sent a DM to young Muslim girl on twitter wherein he gave her his resume. Noonie claims to have been a kickboxing champion and even officially fought for the government/country of Ireland. These are lies, Noonie also claims to have college degrees in theology from before he converted to Ahmadiyya, that is also a lie. Noonan said this in his attempt to began conversations with this woman (who seems to be a fake account). This is called sliding in the DM’s in the urban dictionary.

Noonie also covers up the fact that he never attended Jamia and was “grand-fathered-in” by one murrabi tho taught him over a period of several years, similar to how Rashid Ahmad became an imam in the 1950’s. In the past, He showed up at Speakers corner and made a fool out of himself, the video has since been deleted. In this same year, he admitted to chasing women and being a loser. He publicly beefed with Fiona O’Leary also, see here.

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@ImamNoonan EXPOSED!!!!

Watch my video explanation on this herein. Michael Dennis Peter Noonan aka Ibrahim Noonan is the token fake-Ahmadi-mullah from Ireland. In the early 90’s he had fallen in love with some desi girl (Marina Ayaz, we don’t know if she was a qadiani) that he knew in some college and then eventually divorced her (see the refs in the below). All of this happened since Ibrahim Noonan was an unemployed loser who really disliked working. This is very similar to MGA and his sons. Nonetheless, this is how Ibrahim Noonan joined the Ahmadiyya movement. Ahmadiyya INC needed a local Irishman as a Mullah so that they could properly spread their business in Ireland with a local white spokesman. Ahmadiyya does this in every country. Or they try. Thus, Mirza Tahir Ahmad hired Noonan in the late 90’s for this position. They also gave him another brown wife (Qanita Noonan), whom he is still married to. He didn’t attend Jamia in Pakistan, which was the only Jamia at the time (and Qadian). Instead, Noonan claims to have had studied under Hafiz Fazle Rabbi. Who is not a Murrabi, in fact, by 2021, he was working as Secretary Talim-ul-Quran and Waqf-e-Arzi in the UK. Maybe he worked with Noonan to help him learn the Quran only.

Further, he boasts on social media and regularly harasses people of all faiths and pretends to be a scholar on Islam and Christianity. He recently staged a video wherein he passed through the famous Speakers corner in Hyde Park and tried to have a conversation with some Christians. The conversation went wrong very quickly and Noonan kept saying that he had to leave, he kept calling people arrogant and finally at the end, he told the black man that he was his father. Fiona O’Leary had a huge beef with Ibrahim Noonan (@ImamNoonan) a few years ago in terms of Homeopathy and the Ahmadiyya fraud (2016-2017). She has had a run-in with the official Ahmadi-mullah, Ibrahim Noonan. Ibrahim Noonan has been ordered by his Khalifa to offend everyone, he is doing Jihad, he is using his Irish priviledge to specifically go after anyone who criticizes Ahmadiyya. This was over the usage of homeopathy by the Ahmadiyya Movement. Fast forward to 2021, the famous Ahmadi heart surgeon Kashif Chaudhary aka @KashifMD began tweeting against the uses of homeopathy. Many Ahmadi’s began attacking Kashif Chaudhary aka @KashifMD and calling him a traitor to Ahmadiyya. Is it wrong for an Ahmadi to disbelieve in homeopathic medicine? In classic Ahmadi argumentation the answer is yes and no. I have covered this topic via a video also, see herein and the essay herein. In the below, is an essay from, which is official jamaat material. In this essay, he argues that since the Khalifa said that homeopathy came from God, Ahmadi’s are forced to believe in it. Nevertheless, a few days ago, a huge argument broke out on twitter between Ahmadi’s, many Ahmadi doctors called homeopathy as just a placebo and essentially non sense. These Ahmadi’s argued and called each other Kafir on twitter.

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The #Qadianis didn’t show up vs. Adnan Rashid today


Adnan Rashid explains how Mirza Ghulam Ahmad willfully misattributed this hadith to the Prophet (peace be upon him) via al-Bukhari: “A voice from the sky..”(see in the below for the full quote and commentary.

A few moments later, after it was clear that NO Ahmadi Maulvi showed up, a Qadiani-Ahmadi (who claims to be the brother of another Qadiani at speaker’s corner) began asking Adnan Rashid about Dajjal. Brother Adnan again repeated how Mirza Ghulam Ahmad willfully misattributed this hadith to the Prophet (peace be upon him) via al-Bukhari. He also discussed how MGA accused Eisa (as) of being immoral for using the phrase “waladul-haraam” in 1906 via Chashm-e-Masihi (see page 16, online english edition).

A few moments later, it seems another discussion took place with another young man, who is a Qadiani. In this discussion, the Qadiani-Ahmadi was trying to arrange a debate between Adnan and the Ahmadiyya Movement. Interestingly, at the 7:30 timestamp, a Qadiani-Ahmadi chimed in and told Adnan that the jamaat told all Ahmadi’s to not have any recorded debates. at the 9:00 minute mark Adnan brings up Razi and how someone offered to pay his ticket to fly to London, hilarous!!! The Qadiani also said that Noonan’s speciality is not Islam, it’s Christianity (see 15:10 time stamp)! Check out brother Abdullah’s discussion with a Qadiani herein. Our brother, Ar-Razack from the Yemenite Front youtube channel had a discussion too.

And finally, another discussion took place herein.

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Razi vs. Adnan Rashid

Adnan Rashid released the second part of the video he had released earlier. Razi also responded to the videos. I have added this to the thread I had made earlier.

The second part of the video released by Adnan Rashid shows that Adnan Rashid knew what he was talking about. Razi in his response basically confirmed what Adnan Rashid was saying was true. In this second part of the video, even Ibrahim Noonan confirms that what Adnan Rashid was saying is true.

However, in the title of Razi’s video, Razi seems very upset that Adnan Rashid has supposedly lied, or makes it appear that Adnan Rashid has lied. But, in his explanation, in his own video, Razi accepts that the foul language was used by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, except, with a caveat, that it was justified. Why? Because the opponents of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad brought it upon themselves. I mean how much more sands of deception is this guy going to throw in people’s eyes?

Razi further states that such language has been used in the Quran, that the Prophet had permitted the usage of such language, and that Abu Bakr had used such language, that the Sunni imam Imam Abu Hanifa had used such language, that Rumi had used language. In some cases, Razi applies some mental gymnastics and twists the meaning to soften the blow.

In his video response, all Razi has done is agreed that Adnan was not lying…but not directly saying it as it is, as that would cause consternation among the sheep. Second, Razi has used some next level mental gymnastics to justify the language. And, thirdly, Razi is addressing the Sunnis and telling them that they should be okay with such language, because it is allowed by Shariah. I mean, come on! This proves Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is guilty as charged. Regardless of how you justify it. So, why make a video bashing Adnan Rashid, and accusing him of lying?

It makes you wonder as to why Ahmadis questioned people for leaving the Jama’at; why they question people for leaving religion altogether. Worst of all, Ahmadis get offended when such language is used on them.

I am baffled and dumbfounded at the low level that Razi stoops to to defend the Jama’at. Razi is basically looking at everyone straight in the eyes and saying, “So, what is the problem? It’s all about context!” Yes, the famous context fallacy!

Okay, I will give Ahmadis that it is about context! Sure. But, that still does not take away from the fact that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was using such filthy language.

Razi justifying that Muhammad allowed such language shows that Muhammad was not the best example for everyone. In fact, the exact opposite. And, when you delve deep into his life, you will see more of what is not becoming of good human conduct.



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Qadiani-Ahmadi Maulvi Raheel Ahmad (@maula_bas) had a meltdown vs. Adnan Rashid

A few days ago, Adnan Rashid and #Ahmadiyyafactcheckblog had a discussion on his recent debate with Ibrahim Noonan. This was on the #dawahwise youtube channel, after #Ahmadiyyafactcheckblog left, an unknown Qadiani-Ahmadi showed up and began squirming in front of Adnan Rashid and jumping around like a kangaroo when he was cornered to affirm that MGA called his Muslim deniers as “children of prostitutes” (Zurrayatal Baghaya).

Today, the Ahmadiyya Movement in the UK admitted that it was Maulvi Raheel Ahmad, on twitter as @maula_bas. He seems to be a recent graduate of Jamia. We had bumped into him many years ago, see herein. Maula bas=Good is enough, this was a fake revelation of MGA that Ahmadi’s wear on a ring, sometimes a wedding ring. 


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Adnan Rashid vs. Noonie, Part-2

It seems that a few minutes after their debate, Noonie and Adnan Rashid reconvened and continued talking (Check out Part-2 herein [“Zarrayatul baghaya” and “Waladul Haraam” are discussed] and on the Dawah wise channel). In the first 5 minutes, Noonie rambles about multiple topics and doesn’t seem to understand how information and discussion work.

6:22—he calls Noonie stupid. This is about the famous fabricated hadith, “La Mahdi illa Eisa”.

7:45—Noonie admits that he had in fact prepared to come and debate at Speakers Corner.

7:47, Noonie alleges that Ibn Kathir accepted the fabricated report, “La Mahdi illa Eisa”.

11:35–Noonie alleges that Adnan Rashid kept asking him earlier if the name of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was mentioned in the Quran. Adnan quickly said, NO, i never said that.

12:00—Noonie brings up the famous 62:3 and alleges that MGA is mentioned indirectly.

13:10—Noonie begins to use the Bible as evidence.

16:35–Noonie claims that India is East of Damascus. For the record, The latitude of Damascus, Syria is 33.510414. The latitude of Qadian is 31.8191° N. Not directly East.

17:54—Noonie doesn’t know that Jerusalem is North from Medina.

20:41—Noonie claims to be a former Christian Theologian, he claims to have graduated from the Dominican Institution of Theology and Philosophy. However, this is a lie, in fact, the Dominican Institution of Theology and Philosophy is in Berkely, California, how could Noonan have ever attended? How many lies can he tell? He then claims that he went on to other universities. Noonie also brings up Matthew 24:27 and claims that Jesus predicted that his second coming will be from the East.

24:00—-Adnan questions the behaviors of MGA and says that MGA wasn’t even a gentleman, how could he be a prophet.

27:02—Noonie admits that MGA did use harsh towards those who abused Muhammad (saw).

27:38–Adnan mentions how MGA called his deniers as “children of prostitutes”, “Zarrayatul baghaya”.

28:08–Noonie asks a Qadiani bystander if he can read urdu, he says no, however, Nooonan himself can’t read urdu.

30:03—Noonie accuses Muhammad (Saw) of being harsh to people.

30:40—Adnan asks, “is it justified in Islam, to insult people’s mothers”.

31:43—Noonie admits that MGA cursed at the mothers of people of who rejected him. Hilariously, Noonie keeps mis-pronouncing MGA’s name calls him “Mirza ghulamat”. He did this many times.

35:52—Noonie claims that some punjabi word has many meanings, this is most likely the word “kuttiyan”.

36:23—Noonie again says that MGA only cursed people because they were abusing Muhammad (Saw).

36:55—Noonie claims that Khabees is not a swear word, and mother’s say it all the time (maybe he means his mother-in-law).

37:03—Noonie doesn’t know urdu/punjabi, he didn’t know what “Kunjeree ka baita” means. Son of a prostitute.

42:36—Noonie didn’t do the homework on who MGA cussed at, he only knows what they told him.

40:51—MGA said that some was born from a crazy man’s sperm (pagaloo ka nutfa).

46:00—Noonie admits that MGA cussed at Muslims, after denying it for many minutes.

46:15—Noonie accuses Eisa (as) of abusing his rejectors.

48:10—the book Ain-e-Kamalat-e-Islam is discussed, it’s in Urdu and Arabic.

49:50—MGA’s insult, Waladul Haraam is discussed.

50:20—Noonan denies the Anwar ul Islam quote.

50:32—Noonie accuses Adnan of using Anti Ahmadi websites and claims that MGA never called anyone Waladul Haraam. Noonie denies the mere existence of this quote. Noonie even forgets the official website of the Ahmadiyya Movement.

In response to Adnan Rashid, Razi claims that other Mahdi’s can come (21:22 timestamp).

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