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Why did Ibrahim Noonan approach a female ahmadi on twitter?

It seems that the Ahmadiyya pseudo imam, Ibrahim Noonan sent a DM to young Muslim girl on twitter wherein he gave her his resume. Noonie claims to have been a kickboxing champion and even officially fought for the government/country of Ireland. These are lies, Noonie also claims to have college degrees in theology from before he converted to Ahmadiyya, that is also a lie. Noonan said this in his attempt to began conversations with this woman (who seems to be a fake account). This is called sliding in the DM’s in the urban dictionary.

Noonie also covers up the fact that he never attended Jamia and was “grand-fathered-in” by one murrabi tho taught him over a period of several years, similar to how Rashid Ahmad became an imam in the 1950’s. In the past, He showed up at Speakers corner and made a fool out of himself, the video has since been deleted. In this same year, he admitted to chasing women and being a loser. He publicly beefed with Fiona O’Leary also, see here.

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@ImamNoonan EXPOSED!!!!

Watch my video explanation on this herein. Michael Dennis Peter Noonan aka Ibrahim Noonan is the token fake-Ahmadi-mullah from Ireland. In the early 90’s he had fallen in love with some desi girl (Marina Ayaz, we don’t know if she was a qadiani) that he knew in some college and then eventually divorced her (see the refs in the below). All of this happened since Ibrahim Noonan was an unemployed loser who really disliked working. This is very similar to MGA and his sons. Nonetheless, this is how Ibrahim Noonan joined the Ahmadiyya movement. Ahmadiyya INC needed a local Irishman as a Mullah so that they could properly spread their business in Ireland with a local white spokesman. Ahmadiyya does this in every country. Or they try. Thus, Mirza Tahir Ahmad hired Noonan in the late 90’s for this position. They also gave him another brown wife (Qanita Noonan), whom he is still married to. He didn’t attend Jamia in Pakistan, which was the only Jamia at the time (and Qadian). Instead, Noonan claims to have had studied under Hafiz Fazle Rabbi. Who is not a Murrabi, in fact, by 2021, he was working as Secretary Talim-ul-Quran and Waqf-e-Arzi in the UK. Maybe he worked with Noonan to help him learn the Quran only.

Further, he boasts on social media and regularly harasses people of all faiths and pretends to be a scholar on Islam and Christianity. He recently staged a video wherein he passed through the famous Speakers corner in Hyde Park and tried to have a conversation with some Christians. The conversation went wrong very quickly and Noonan kept saying that he had to leave, he kept calling people arrogant and finally at the end, he told the black man that he was his father. Fiona O’Leary had a huge beef with Ibrahim Noonan (@ImamNoonan) a few years ago in terms of Homeopathy and the Ahmadiyya fraud (2016-2017). She has had a run-in with the official Ahmadi-mullah, Ibrahim Noonan. Ibrahim Noonan has been ordered by his Khalifa to offend everyone, he is doing Jihad, he is using his Irish priviledge to specifically go after anyone who criticizes Ahmadiyya. This was over the usage of homeopathy by the Ahmadiyya Movement. Fast forward to 2021, the famous Ahmadi heart surgeon Kashif Chaudhary aka @KashifMD began tweeting against the uses of homeopathy. Many Ahmadi’s began attacking Kashif Chaudhary aka @KashifMD and calling him a traitor to Ahmadiyya. Is it wrong for an Ahmadi to disbelieve in homeopathic medicine? In classic Ahmadi argumentation the answer is yes and no. I have covered this topic via a video also, see herein and the essay herein. In the below, is an essay from, which is official jamaat material. In this essay, he argues that since the Khalifa said that homeopathy came from God, Ahmadi’s are forced to believe in it. Nevertheless, a few days ago, a huge argument broke out on twitter between Ahmadi’s, many Ahmadi doctors called homeopathy as just a placebo and essentially non sense. These Ahmadi’s argued and called each other Kafir on twitter.

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In 1884, MGA was indirectly telling the world that the Quran are the words from his mouth

MGA received a revelation back in 1883, which was published in the Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya vol. 4 of 1884 (See page 401, online english edition)(its posted in the below). In this revelation MGA was prefacing his claim of bringing back the Quran after it left Earth. In 1883, MGA didn’t clarify as to whose “mouth” this was, he waited 24 years to clarify, and even then he lied (see the Al-Badr ref in the below for 1907). This is part of MGA’s claim of God which he kept denying and masking and is a rip off of the Bahai’s. Nevertheless, in 1907, MGA was claiming that this wasn’t his mouth, but the mouth of Allah, which proves that MGA believed that his God had body parts.
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Christians don’t like the Qadiani’s either!!!

There is a Christian youtube channel which is doing lots of work vs. Ahmadiyya, it’s called “Warrior’s of Jesus”. They recently reviewed Ibrahim Noonan’s comments on Jesus in India (and reported on the Christians who showed up and protested) and proved how the “Acts of Thomas” (Noonan called it the Gospel of Thomas) is a total forgery performed by the Portuguese and they staked their claim to India. In fact, in 1916, Ahmadi’s were agreeing with the Portuguese that St. Thomas travelled to India and died therein. The Portuguese totally lied about Jesus in India just to support/substantiate their colony. Remember, a few years back, many Pakistani-Christians protested Ahmadiyya in Canada and called their asylum claims as fake.

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Christians showed up at the #ukjalsa and protested the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s existence!!!

Andrew Sathy and a group of Evangelic Christians showed up to Tilford, UK (#ukjalsa) site and protested the existence of the Ahmadiyya Community. You can read about the full #ukjalsa herein. Imam Noonan also showed up and told these Christians that he would break their cross, however, the Messiah was supposed to do that and failed. Andrew Sathy asked Imam Noonan about historic sources for Jesus in India, and Imam Noonan was speechless, he mentioned MGA’s book, “Jesus in India”, which is full of lies.

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In 1916, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s were claiming that St. Thomas also travelled to India and died there

We have covered how the Ahmadiyya Movement conflated Europeans lies about Jesus in India. MGA and his team took those lies and twisted them even further to claim that Jesus=Yuz Asaf.
The ROR of July-1916 reports that Mufti Muhammad Sadiq visited Madras (also called Malabar and Chennai), and also visited the alleged Tomb of Saint Thomas. He then argued that this was in-fact a 1900 year old tomb, just like the Yuz Asaf tomb. Again, in 1916, via the ROR of Nov, an Ahmadi missionary, Hafiz Maulvi Ghulam Muhammad (B.A.) claimed that it wasn’t just Jesus who travelled to India, nay, he claimed that even St. Thomas had travelled to India and died. However, he didn’t tell the world that this was a lie from the Portuguese Empire. The Portuguese were the first Europeans in India and landed in coastal towns and setup their businesses. Ahmadi’s even use the ‘Acts of Thomas” as they try to prove that Thomas came to India. In this video, you can see the Ahmadi mullah Ibrahim Noonan arguing that St. Thomas claims to have met Jesus in India 1900+ years ago.

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Chaudhary Hameedullah was the inside man who made sure that Mirza Masroor Ahmad was elected in 2003

In 2003, when the 4th Khalifa died, Chaudhary Hameedullah emerged as the Chairman of the Khilafat Committee. This was not known before 2003, in fact, just recently, Mirza Masroor Ahmad revealed that he was conversing with Chaudhary Hameedullah at the back of the Qadiani temple in the UK when the announcement of the 5th Khalifa was made. This proves that Chaudhary Hameedullah was an inside man and had been ordered by the 4th Khalifa to make sure that Mirza Masroor Ahmad became the 5th Khalifa.

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Yusuf Pender EXPOSED!!! @ClareConvert

Yusuf Pender (@ClareConvert) grew up as an irish catholic, he converted to Qadianism without proper research. He seems to be great friends with @imamnoonan, who he seems to be working underneath as part of the Ahmadiyya Movement’s tabligh team in Ireland. In 2021, he is working as Press Secretary, Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Ireland and is most likely on the payroll of the Ireland Jamaat.

He claims to have converted to Ahmadiyya in 2005 with @imamnoonan . In fact, in 2007, we find him defending Noonan and his first marriage and his lack of financial support for his first set of children. Yusuf Pender admits that he first learned of Islam after the attacks of 9-11-2001 and thus, he saw all Muslims as terrorists. He says his introduction to Ahmadiyya was through MTA and a question/answer session of Mirza Tahir Ahmad. He claims to have written a letter to the Fazl temple in London and asked for a Quran to be sent to him. He then read “Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge and Truth. Again, he never studied classical Islam. He then tells that he was OK with believing that Eisa (as) was dead, but it took him time to come to the idea that MGA was a prophet. He then argues about the eclipses. However, again, he didn’t do the proper homework, nor does he know how MGA broke all the rules of understanding hadith. He argues that MGA was praised before his claims, however, that isn’t accurate, Batalvi was his friend and did defend him in 1885, however, MGA turned on him and claimed to be a prophet/messiah and was then cursed at by Batalvi. He then continues to quote the bible. He said he doesn’t believe the allegations against Ahmadiyya because Muslims look like immoral people. Again, he didn’t do the proper amount of homework. He claims that there are like 4000 Muslims in Galway who don’t have a mosque. However, the Ahmadiyya movement has barely 100 members, yet were approved to build a temple.

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Abdullah R. Scott, the first ever scottish Ahmadi and his visit to Qadian in 1931

In 1931, a scottish ex-military person named Abdullah R. Scott converted to Ahmadiyya, he even visited Qadian and gave his thoughts in the ROR. He arrived in Qadian 9th May 1931 and stayed for two months. He seems to have quit Ahmadiyya soon thereafter. Bashir Ahmad Orchard was another englishman who joined and became an imam, as is Ibrahim Noonan. He mentions the Noor hospital and how his son was sick and was admitted. He claims that Qadiani is barely 2 square miles and has a population of 7000. The ROR of Jan-Feb-1920 has reported that there were 2500 Ahmadi’s living in Qadian in early 1920. In the 1970’s, a professor, Muhammad Aslam reported that there were 1300 Ahmadi’s living in Qadian. 6 mosques are reported in the ROR of Feb-1932, thus, there were only 6 Ahmadiyya mosque’s in all of Qadian in 1932. Real also, “My visit to Qadian” by Friedrich Wagner (from Chemnitz, Germany)(See the ROR of May-1932 and June of 1933), he mentions Scott.

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