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Bashir Ahmad Orchard, the first non-desi-Ahmadi-imam


Dear readers, we have recently covered some of the non-pakistani-imams that were rushed through Jamia and even though they failed, were made imam’s by the Ahmadi Khalifa. Bashir Ahmad Orchard, previously known as John Bren Orchard (April 26th, 1920 – July 8th, 2002), seems to be their first ever indigenous European Ahmadiyya Missionary, he was born in Torquay, England and thus became the first ever English-Ahmadi-missionary. His brother was a Roman Catholic priest. But to the astonishment of his fellow officers, he began to take instruction in Ahmadiyya. For Bashir Orchard, after the war, there were no prospects, things were bad and rationing of the basic food, Britain was devastated by the german bombing and overall war effort, there was rubble everywhere, things were not looking good for him. Joining Ahmadiyya was a good situation, where he got a super-young desi- woman, employment and comfy life.

He was sent off as a missionary by the 2nd Khalifa, however, he didn’t pass Jamia or any other islamic school, the Khalifa waived all of that and made Bashir Ahmad Orchard a Murrabi nevertheless. He was given an important young Ahmadi woman, in fact, Orchard became a brother-in-law of the Khalifa since he married the only sibling of the Khalifa’s first wife.

His preaching was very unsuccessful, his son even admitted as much, both in Scotland and Guyana. He seems to have been specifically used as the token English-Ahmadi and was marketed as such. He also claimed to be a recipient of divine revelations and true dreams.

When he died in 2002, the ROR wrote the story of his life and conversion. Bashir Ahmad Orchard interviewed. His children interviewed.
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Who is James Sinclair? @pray_to_one

A major strategy of the Ahmadiyya Movement is to market their white converts. James Sinclair is wrapped up in a similar situation. Since he was white, he was given special treatment by the Ahmadiyya elite in Canada. James Sinclair ( on twitter as @pray_to_one) is native Canadian who converted to Ahmadiyya, via a love affair with an Ahmadi girl about 10 years ago (listen to an ahmadi imam, Afzal Mirza discussing the issue of fake convert marriages in Canada). He was immediately pushed by Ahmadi leaders to begin working as a spokesman or marketing manager of sorts for the Ahmadiyya Movement in Canada, this is most likely through the Waqf-e-Ardhi program. It is rumored that they paid his rent and gave him lots of perks. This isn’t a new process. In Ireland, Ibrahim Noonan (@ImamNoonan) is the token-white-convert who was made an imam without even going to Jamia. He also converted to Ahmadiyya while in love with an Ahmadi girl. He was able to avoid child support payments for 10+ years. Bashir Ahmad Orchard was the token white guy before Noonan. Noonan worked at a bar for many years and had a fetish for brown girls. In Germany, there is another token white guy, Abdullah Wagishauser who was a hippy, he converted to ahmadiyya and got a job. Abdullah Wagishauser is 1 of 9 trustees who manage the daily operations of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat International (AMJI). Damon Stengel is another.

He has also been working in Belize on behalf of the Ahmadiyya Movement. He also seems to own a cell phone repair shop and was in Belize teaching course on cell phone repair a few years ago.

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A Tahrik-e-Jadid pamphlet published in the late 1960’s-early 1970’s

We have found a Tahrik-e-Jadid pamphlet published in the late 1960’s-early 1970’s by Nur ud Din Muneer, (M.A.). It was published from Rabwah, and under the guidance of Mirza Mubarak Ahmad, who was working as the “Secretary Ahmadiyya Muslim Foreign Missions” and this is a Tabshir Publication. Mirza Mubarak Ahmad also wrote “Our Foreign Missions” (1961) in this same era.

On the second page, the Ahmadiyya Movement published MGA’s famous “Ahmadiyya will convert the whole world prophecy”, wherein it references “Tadhkiratu-Shahadatain” (1903) and MGA’s famous prophecy that Ahmadiyya will take over the world. MGA even wrote that it would take 300 years.

We have posted it in the below, this is an extremely detailed pamphlet which talks about the growth of Ahmadiyya in Japan, Singapore, West Africa, it even mentions Bashir Ahmad Orchard, the first ever Irish-Ahmadi and first ever Irish Mullah.

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Who is Bashir Ahmad Rafiq (1931–)?

Bashir Ahmad Rafiq, commonly known in #qadiani circles as B.A. Rafiq, he was an Qadiani-Ahmadi mullah from 1959 until he died. He mostly worked out of London, which was the headquarters of Ahmadiyya in the West (see B.A. Rafiq, “The Afghan Martyr’s” 1995). We have archived his entire autobiography herein. His wife is named Salima Nahid. He grew up in the village Mohib Banda, which is situated right in the midst of the agricultural fields. A few miles from his village, impatiently, in turbulent rapid waves, the water of the river Kabul joins the river Sindh at Attok. His family was the only Qadiani-Ahmadi family in the whole village.

His father left Islam in 1921 via, Moulvi Mohammad Ilyas Khan in Dastung, Pakistan. Moulvi Mohammad Ilyas Khan then gave his father his daughter in marriage.

In 1948, he joined the Furqan Force. He was thus immersed in Ahmadiyya and attended the Jamia at Rabwah until 1958 when he graduated.

In 1959, when he arrived in London, Dr. Abdus Salam lived 1/2 mile from the Fazl Mosque, thus, he was fast friends with Dr. Salam and his family. Dr. Salaam’s grandchild (a son of his daughter) Dr. Faiz ur Rahman, who is a son of Dr. Hameed ur Rahman and Dr.Azeeza Salaam, is engaged to marry my granddaughter Madeeha Henna Khan, a daughter of Abd ul Waheed Khan and Amat un Naseer (Neeno). May Allah bless this union overwhelmingly. Madeeha is very dear to me and she is my favourite.

Moulood Ahmad Khan was serving as the Imam of the London Mosque. I assisted him as his Deputy until the end of 1960.

In 1970, he returned to Pakistan to work as the private secretary of the 3rd Khalifa.

From 1973 to 1979, he seemed to be living in the same house as Chaudhary Zafrullah Khan. They were both living in the Ahmadiyya mission house in the UK. Zafrullah Khan became a permanent resident of the top floor flat of the Mission House in the UK. B.A. Rafiq and his family occupied the first floor. Zafrullah Khan translated Tadhkirah (1976) into english in this era and wrote many famous books on #Ahmadiyya.

Ahmadiyya sources claim that B.A. Rafiq was living in Pakistan in 1987, and wrote a book, and immediately moved to the UK, the Ahmadiyya movement claims that he was about to get arrested.
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Bashir Ahmad Rafiq’s autobiography and website

On this page, we have archived lots of data from Bashir Ahmad Rafiq, a loyal employee of the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s. He seems to have started a website and blog in the 2000’s. All of this data is from there. His final blog entry seems to be in 2014. We have placed his entire autobiography on a word doc and posted it in the below. We have also pasted the entire contents of it.
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The 1947 Qadiani-Ahmadi Jalsa in Lahore, Pakistan and Qadian, India

After the biggest massacre of Ahmadi’s ever in Ahmadiyya history (during partition, 1947), the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s settled in Lahore and organized the first ever Qadiani Jalsa in Pakistan. On 16 December 1947, the Khalifa announced during the Friday Sermon that just as the Jalsa Qadian would continue as normal, a zilli Jalsa [meaning in reflection of the original] would be held in Lahore on 27 and 28 December 1947, which was to be preceded by the Shura on the 26 December.

Thus, there were 2 Jalsa’s in the Punjab. Per Ahmadiyya sources, the Jalsa at Qadian was attended by 315 individuals of which 62 were Sikh and non-Ahmadi Muslim guests.
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The Ahmadiyya community in the UK–full financial report analysis for 2019

Per the UK charities commission’s mandatory report from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association United Kingdom (AMAUK) collected 22 million pounds for the financial year ending 30 June 2019, see the charities commission website. We have written analysis of some of the other Ahmadiyya charities in the UK, see here. It should be noted that the AMAUK is separate and behaves separately from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat International (AMJI). Continue reading “The Ahmadiyya community in the UK–full financial report analysis for 2019”

AL-SHIRKATUL ISLAMIYYAH is an Ahmadiyya non-profit company that owns MTA and spends 6 million a year on fundraising

Watch my quick video introduction on this topic herein. Another way that the Ahmadiyya jamaat operates is via AL-SHIRKATUL ISLAMIYYAH. This is a another charity that is operated by the Ahmadiyya jamaat via proxies. The main man is Abdul Baqi Arshad, who is a director of MTA, he also has stake in many other related companies. Mirza Masroor Ahmad doesn’t legally control anyone or anything. In reality however, Mirza Masroor Ahmad controls every single part of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, however, its not legal control, its manipulation and bullying that he uses against his own Mullahs, aka employees as he gets them to keep working to market the Ahmadiyya movement and thus gain converts. Abdul Baqi Arshad owned important companies that were storing money in Panama for the Ahmadiyya Movement, they are TJ Holdings and Bilal Investments Inc.

Also, why does the Mirza Sharif Ahmad Foundation hold the Ahmadiyya headquarters as an asset?

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The history of Ahmadiyya in Grenada

The Qadiani-Ahmadi’s have a failed mission in Grenada. Per Mirza Mubarak Ahmad’s, “Our Foreign Missions”, he claims that Bashir Ahmad Orchard was sent in the 1950’s. However, he was soon recalled to Rabwah in some type of emergency situation, and the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s never restarted the mission. However, they were close by in Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname.
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