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Shaukat Begum, a daughter of Mirza Tahir Ahmad also owned companies that were holding money in Panama

Shaukat Begum is one of the elder daughter’s of Mirza Tahir Ahmad and a big sister of Nida Al-Nasser. She is the wife of Mirza Safeer Ahmad Sahib (he is the paternal grandson of Mirza Bashir Ahmad) (See page 22). Her mother died in 1992, Asifa Begum. Shaukat was also a director in the famous Ahmadi company named in the Panama Papers, Asifa Holdings. Asifa Holdings seems to be a trust that the 4th Khalifa created as a pay off for his children. She worked as the secretary and director many times. In 2021, her niece (Nida Al-Nasser) leaked a famous audio which went viral across social media. 

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Update on Panama Papers, Ahmadi’s are now admitting that they held money overseas

The Ahmadiyya Movement lies about all of their operations. We caught them about 6-7 years ago as owning companies that were mentioned in the Panama Papers. The Ahmadiyya Movement will never officially admit as to why they stored money overseas in Panama. However, they did unofficially respond on Rabwah Times, they argued that since the Pakistani government is hostile to their operations in Pakistan, they did in-fact store money overseas in off-shore companies. Recently, on the Waqar Zaka show, an Ahmadi appeared and admitted again that the Ahmadiyya Movement did in-fact store money overseas in Panama (See at the 1:53:53 mark). This Ahmadi continued to argue that since in Pakistan, the Ahmadiyya movement isn’t allowed to build mosques and etc, and other work, they were forced to store all of their money overseas. However, this is a lie, the Ahmadiyya movement builds and maintains hospitals in Pakistan and is running their small city (Chenab Nagar). When Akber C asked as to why an off shore company called TJ holdings was holding the mortgage on an office property in London (for 15 years), the Ahmadi’s brain totally turned off (see at the 1:53:00 mark), in 2010, we wondered who had a mortgage on an Ahmadiyya property on Deer Park Drive; the only substantial building that is not a place of worship and the mortgage of which is always renewed after a few years. The company was known as T.J. Holdings and nothing was known of it. It is now located in the Panama Papers:

T.J.HOLDINGS S.A.,T.J.HOLDINGS S.A.,,PMA,Panama,,A B ARSHAD. He also had no answer in terms of who controls the Mirza Sharif Ahmad foundation.
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Mirza Masroor Ahmad owned companies that stored money overseas in panama–The Panama Leaks

I’ve written on this many times. Akber Chaudhry and Ak Shaikh made a really good video wherein they exposed the Mirza family. They explained how the Mirza family uses people as they change names of directors and etc. as they fulfill their legal obligations in terms of business practices. There is a detailed video which explains how and why most super-rich people stored money overseas in Panama. We have found that Abdul Baqi is a major player in this game that the Mirza family is playing. Many elites of the world stored their monies in Panama, just because of the tax free benefits, however, this is totally illegal. The Mirza family had been colluding with the elites of the world since at least 1940, Zafrullah Khan was their agent who was loved by the colonial powers and thus propelled to a position that would benefit the Mirza family. Even in the USA, Kareem Ahmad was heralded as the “Muslim-mega-donor” as he donated heavily to President Obama’s 2012 election, later on, he was indicted on man-slaughter. The Mirza family always had a representative in the Pakistani government, in fact, the grandson of MGA, Mirza Muzzafar Ahmad was the financial/economic minister in Pakistan in the 1960‘s. In Africa, they were given money by the British government to setup schools and build mosques and thus attract under-educated Africans and brainwash them to be loyal to the British government, a professor, who wrote academically about this called Ahmadiyya as a maritime implantation into Africa. Nowadays, Ahmadiyya officials can be fond rubbing shoulders behind the scenes with many congressmen as they continue to follow the orders of the Mirza family and grease as many politicians as possible. Furthermore, Qasim Rashid, the Ahmadiyya spokesman for the USA is running for political office in Virginia, this is how the Mirza family operates.

How to spot fraud at non-profit corporations?
As we all know, the Catholic Church has been raping boys and stealing money for over 1000 years. How do we spot financial fraud however?

The Ahmadiyya representative to the government in the UK
Tariq Ahmad, Baron Ahmad of Wimbledon is a British businessman and a Conservative life peer.[1] Born in Lambeth,[2] he was educated at Rutlish SchoolMerton Park, southwest London. He was appointed Minister of State for the Commonwealth and United Nations at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on 13 June 2017.[3][4]

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Ahmadiyya and the Panama Papers—2017 update

Ahmadiyya and the Panama Papers

We have archived an essay written by Akber Chaudhary many years ago in the below.
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Ahmadiyya implicated in the Panama Leaks

The Ahmadiyya Movement has been hiding money in off-shore accounts for long time.

The videos

Ahmadiyya needs to be reported for further investigation in America.  I hop charity watch is paying attention.

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#ahmadiyya #ahmadiyyatrueislam #ahmadiapartheid #Ahmadiyyat #rabwah #qadian #meetthekhalifa #muslimsforpeace #ahmadiyyafactcheckblog #nolifewithoutkhalifa #AhmadiMosqueattack #AhmadiyyaPersecution #Mosqueattack #trueislam #panamaleaks #panamapapers #panama


Just like #Ahmadiyya, the Mormon church is running a ponzi scheme

We have stated this many many times on this blog and in video’s, the Ahmadiyya Movement is global non-profit corporation that is robbing governments blind of tax dollars. These are allowed in capitalism, and since the end of WW-2, they have been allowed to spread around the world, the Ahmadiyya Movement hides money overseas in tax havens like Panama. Recently, the 5th estate youtube channel published a video wherein it exposed the financial misgivings of the Global Mormon Church and its business ventures around the world.

In the video posted in the below, Mormon whistle blowers (ex-Mormon’s). The video claims that there are 17 million Mormons worldwide with 200k in Canada alone. Nevertheless, the Mormon church is one of the most richest non-profit corporations in the world. The Mormon church has engaged in large-scale tax evasion. They recently sent 100 million Canadian dollars to the USA under a gift was given to Brigham Young University (BYU)(which was 70% of the tithing money received in 2016 from Canada). The Mormon Church operates 300 temples in 74 countries. Since 1985, the Mormon church claims that it has given away 3 billion dollars in humanitarian aid. Mormons are forced to pay 10% tithe (chanda), this is where this money has come from. Mormon leaders even tell Mormons to not spend money on food and instead pay the tithe.

Lars Nielsen is another ex-Mormon and he confirms the Mormon fraud. He talks about 100 million Canadian dollars to the USA under a gift was given to Brigham Young University (BYU). Lars Nielsen (and Mark Kelley) explain how the tax code in Canada won’t allow any charity to transfer million of dollars to another church in the USA, thus, Mormon execs. looked for a loophole to get the 100 million dollars from Canada to the USA, and they found it, and thus gave it to their own charity. Even if there is one student at BYU who is originally Canadian, if they can prove that they helped even one student, than the 100 million will be overlooked. By 2016-2018, less than 2% of the population of students at BYU were Canadian. In total, Mormons from Canada have given 1 billion dollars to the Canadian Mormon Church who then gave it to BYU, this costed the Canadian treasury 280 million Canadian Dollars in tax breaks. The Mormon church responded to 5th estate and claimed that what it did was legal. Since 2007, 46% of tithing money was sent to the USA, not spent in Canada. Since 2007, the Mormon church in Canada has donated 1 billion dollars to Brigham Young University.

Ryan McKnight is an ex-Mormon and created the website Mormon leaks,

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The history of #Ahmadiyya in #elsavador

In 2022, there are less than 3 Ahmadi’s in all of El-Salvador, there is no missionary, no temples and no mission houses. They seem to have trying to manage El Salvador from their mission in Guatemala. In 1991, the 4th Khalifa visited Guatemala.

In the mid-1980’s, there was lots of turmoil in El Salvador, this seems to have prompted Mirza Tahir Ahmad and his team to take action via tabligh. In 2008, via “”Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosques Around The World””, the Ahmadiyya Movement alleged that Mirza Tahir Ahmad started the Syedna Bilal Fund and in October-1986, he told Ahmadi’s to help the people of El-Salvador.

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UK regulator looks into Ahmadi charity after rape claims surface—SAMAA TV

SAMAA TV is reported that the UK regulator of charities is about to start auditing the Ahmadiyya Movement and its many linked charities in the UK. This is interesting in many ways, will the AMJI also be audited? What about the Mirza Sharif Ahmad Foundation, will the regulator also look into the Ahmadiyya asylum fraud situation? What about the money that the Ahmadiyya Movement has been storing in overseas tax havens like Panama? What about Rabwah itself? Why is it a private city? A state within a state? Isn’t this the reason why Rabwah is a sex den? Wasn’t it the British government who helped the Mirza family acquire Rabwah and run a state within a state wherein it raped men and women?

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