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Piggot was mentioned in the Review of Religions of Jan 1912

After MGA died in May of 1908, the fanatical Ahmadi’s went out of their way and tried to make some of MGA’s failed prophecies as successful. They kidnapped a few children of Batalvi and claimed that they had completed this failed specific failed prophecy and many others. In June of 1908, Noorudin explained away the the failure of the Muhammadi Begum prophecy and etc etc etc. Piggot was another failed prophecy, they had already mentioned Piggot in 1911 and brought up the “prayer duel” again in 1912. In this essay, they claim that Piggot’s name was wiped from this earth. However, this isn’t true, by 1912, Piggot was still living the life of a playboy, similar to Hugh Hefner. The writer of this essay has to be Muhammad Ali, who was the editor at the time, Maulvi Sher Ali was the assistant editor in those days (1911-1912) (See ROR, Full year of 1911, index page). They were presenting Piggot as a sign of MGA’s truth, which is academic dishonesty.
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January 1912, english ROR, pages 1-15.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Why were the Lahori-Ahmadi’s so confused about Piggot?

In March of 2004, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s published a bulletin wherein it was asserted that Piggot died as a result of MGA’s prayer duel (see page 4). Furthermore, in the 2001-2003 era, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s quoted the Qadiani branches Canadian version of the Gazette and defended Muhammad Ali for writing that MGA was a prophet in 1902. See pages 39-41, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s say again that Piggot would meet a severe chastisement which would end on his death as a result of MGA’s prayer duel.
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Even in 1907, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was still lusting for his niece, Muhammadi Begum

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Piggot was mentioned in the ROR of 1911

The Piggot prophecy was another failed prophecy of MGA, in fact, all of his prophecies failed.  MGA and his team of writers asserted Piggot would die in front of MGA’s eyes, i.e. in MGA’s lifetime.
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Ahmadiyya leadership has been caught “red-handed”, as they lied about Dr. Schweiso’s comments on Piggot

The story of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and company vs. Piggot has gained lots of popularity in the world of Ahmadiyya research and discussion in the past 7 years. Akber Chaudhry deserves all of the credit as he explained the failure of MGA prophecy and the subsequent cover-up job by the Ahmadi-mullah aka desperate employee. However, just recently, in our discussion forum on Facebook, we engaged an Ahmadi who seemed to be willing to discuss this prophecy. This Ahmadi never used critical thinking or academic honesty, he quickly found the “Ahmadiyya” responses to the Piggot failure and simply posted them, then, he tried to quickly wrap up the discussion and move on.  However, he did make one huge mistake, he pinned his main argument on the idea that Dr. Schweiso supported the notion that Piggot repented in 1904. He got this info from the Ahmadi-Mullah who has actually met Dr. Schweiso and recorded him answering a few questions. But the problem is….the video is doctored by the MTA team, Dr. Schweiso never thought that Piggot repented. How do I know??? Well, my team worked behind the scenes to get Dr. Schweiso’s phone number and were successful, we eventually called Dr. Schweiso at his home and confirmed many things:

1.  Dr. Schweiso never thought that Piggot repented from any of his claims in 1904 or any other year.

2.  Ahmadiyya mullahs aka employees were trying to make it sound that Dr. Schweiso agreed with the Ahmadiyya position and were trying to bully Dr. Schweiso into saying the opposite of what his research found.

3.  The Ahmadiyya mullah who interviewed Dr. Schweiso purposely doctored the interview.

4.  Ahmadiyya leadership has been purposely covering up the misgivings of MGA and his team of writers for over 100+ years.
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The Review of Religions of 1984 was asserting MGA’s prediction on Piggot, i.e. that Piggot would die in MGA’s lifetime

As we continue to collect data and post it on the story of Piggot and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and the subsequent “cover-up” job that was done by Ahmadiyya, we keep finding more and more information which proves that MGA failed in this prophecy, and all others.  In this instance, we have found an article in the ROR of 1984 by Syed Hasanat Ahmad, he also wrote “Hakeem Noorudin”, which can be found here:
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wrote that Piggot would not repent

Dear readers, as I continue to collect data on Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and Piggot it becomes more and more obvious that Ahmadis lie “ad-nauseam”, its never ending.  They are willing to go to any length to cover-up the indiscretions of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his failed prophecies.
In a previous essay, I proved that nowadays, Ahmadis are asserting that Piggot repented and thus the prophecy was avoided.  However, this contradicts MGA, since MGA wrote specifically that Piggot would never repent.

The reference
See Tadhkirah, 2009 online edition, see pages 567-568,

“””Upon prayer with concentration concerning Piggott, the Promised Messiah[as] saw in a dream some books on which it was written three times: Tasbih, Tasbih, Tasbih.and then received a revelation:

This revelation indicates that the present condition of Piggott is not good or that he would not repent in future. It can also mean that he would not believe in God, or that what he has done by telling such a lie against God and planning against Him, is not good. The part [Allah is severe in retribution] shows that his end will be doomed and he will be afflicted with God’s chastisement.
Indeed, it is a very daring thing to claim to be God.”””

[al-Badr, vol. 1, no. 4, November 21, 1902, p. 25 and
al-Badr, vol. 1 nos. 5 and 6, November 28 and December 5, 1902 p. 42 and
al-Hakam, vol. 6, no. 42, November 24, 1902, p. 6]

MGA and his team of writers and researchers clearly wrote that Piggot would never repent, however, after 100 years, Ahmadiyya leadership is asserting quite the opposite.

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In 1907, Ahmadiyya newspapers were still asserting that Piggot would die before MGA

As my readership knows, we have been discussing the story of “Piggot and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad” in the Facebook discussion forum.  The Ahmadi that we have been discussing this with, he knew nothing about this entire story before we mentioned it to him, however, he won’t admit to this fact or any fact for that matter.  Ahmadis are taught to be defensive and never admit to anything in any conversations with their critics or even those who are neutral.  Anyhow, this Ahmadi didn’t conduct his own research, he searched the internet and found the “cover-up” job by Ahmadiyya leadership, wherein it is falsely asserted that Piggot repented from his claims of Godhood after 1904, and thus MGA’s death prediction from 1902 was averted.  However, this is a false argument.  Piggot never repented.  Nonetheless, Ahmadiyya leadership went out of its way to doctor-up a false and misleading interview with Dr. Shweiso and Nick Barratt, wherein they used slick camera techniques and voice-overs to make it look like these people agreed with the Ahmadiyya position, i.e. that Piggot repented.  However, its a total lie, orchestrated by Ahmadiyya leadership in an attempt to vindicate Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

Ahmadiyya leadership was silent on Piggot from 1907 to roughly 2007
Akber Chaudhry and Ak Shaikh opened this issue and brought out the facts in this video, they totally exposed the Ahmadiyya position.  This prompted Ahmadiyya leadership to conduct a cover-up job on this matter.

If Piggot repented, why didnt MGA make an annoucement to that effect? 
Obviously, Piggot never repented from his claims of being God in the Christian sense of the word.  However, he was afraid of the British blasphemy laws and thus he took precautions that kept him from getting arrested.  That is all.  However, he still continued to assert that he was the God of Christians.

Review of Religions from 1907 proves that Ahmadiyya leadership didnt think Piggot repented
I have posted the reference to the ROR of 1907, which proves that Ahmadiyya leadership (MGA included) did not think that Piggot had repented at any point.  Nonetheless, this single reference proves that neither MGA nor any of ghost writers thought that Piggot had repented.  Case Closed!

The scan

The academic reference

See pages 120-121


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Piggot was mentioned by the Ahmadiyya newspaper, Review of Religions in 1903

As we all know, nowadays, Ahmadis are desperately asserting that Piggot repented from his claims of being God after he was warned by MGA.  Which is a total lie.  Piggot never knew MGA, nor did he ever respond to MGA’s letters and etc.  Further, MGA went a step further and was guaranteeing that Piggot would die within his lifetime, MGA went so far to place his entire reputation on the line.  See the ref…

Taken from the Review of Religions of Sep 1903

Click to access reviewreligionsenglish190309.pdf

Page 349-351

This was published in an English newspaper called the “The Sunday Circle”, London, Feb 14th, 1903:

MGAQ stated:

“If he does not repent of this irreverant claim, he soon shall be annihilated, even in my lifetime………..”

“The death of Mr. Piggot within my life-time shall be another sign of my truth. If I die before Mr. Piggot I am not the true Messiah, nor am I from God. But if almighty God makes me a witness of Mr. Pigots death, which shall be brought about by the efficacy of my prayer, let the whole world bear witness that I am the true Messiah, and that I am from God. We are both under the control of a higher power, and that powerful God shall bring the false Messiah to destruction within the lifetime of the true one.” 

The editor of The Sunday Circle then comments:

“It will appear from this that the same claimant who challenges one pretender to pray that the liar may die in the life-time of the true claimant, has predicted the death of the another pretender, fifteen years younger than himself , within his own lifetime……”

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s initial writings to Piggot in 1902

Ahmadis are scrambling to clean up the indiscretions of MGA and his team.  In this recent adventure, they have tried to assert that Piggot repented in 1905 and thus MGA’s prophecy came true. However, its a total lie. Piggot never repented, and Ahmadis know this. However, this is the common Ahmadiyya tactic. All of MGA’s death predictions failed, and as part of the cover-up job, Ahmadis pivot to the idea that all prophecies are conditional on repentance.
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Piggot vs. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad–the scan work, live from the Discussion Forum on Ahmadiyya on FB

Abid Mirza has engaged us on the discussion board.  He is hard to talk to, since he is only online a few days a week and seriously lacks the years of research work that is required to properly understand Ahmadiyya.  I’m 10+ years in this dirty-Ahmadiyya-game, Abid Mirza seems to be less then 2.  He relies on the script that has been provided to him and he only debates as a form of marketing for Ahmadiyya.  He routinely never makes it to the end of any conversation, since his Mullahs have never allowed him to critically analyze their arguments.

MGA vs. Piggot
The discussion rages on in the discussion board.  Ahmadis say that any prophecy is open and subject to forgiveness, and repentance, its up to Allah and etc etc etc.  What they forget is and ignore is that MGA sometimes went above this general rule and guaranteed many prophecies. However, this is the old Ahmadi “pivot-game”, they allow MGA to say that so and so prophecy is guaranteed, and MGA is sure of it and etc etc, See the case of Bashir-1 dying and the Muhammadi Begum saga.  Ahmadis have played this game before and they are playing it again.  No matter what…they will never admit that MGA’s prophecy wasnt fulfilled, they will lie to the end, since they are brainwashed to simply believe their mullahs and never question anything.

The scans

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