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Qasim Rashid has been ordered by his Khalifa to run for Congress

All Ahmadiyya politicians are controlled by the Mirza family.  This goes back to Zafrullah Khan and his work with the British government, he was the Ahmadi representative to the British government.  After 1947, he was arrogant and kept going to and supporting Ahmadiyya Jalsa’s and Ijtema’s in Pakistan even after being told to stop by his cabinet.  Furthermore, in 1976, an ahmadi was kicked out of the Ahmadiyya movement when he tried to run for political office in Pakistan.  In 2019, Qasim Rashid is the new face of Ahmadiyya politics in America.  He is running for District 28, the Virginia Senate.  This has been a republican-owned district since 1983.

What about the Ahmadiyya Communities view on women and working?  
What will Qasim Rashid say when questioned about the Ahmadiyya movement and their strict standards on women?

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Qasim Rashid confronted by Jesse Lee, a conservative Christian

Qasim Rashid and other Ahmadi’s are running around social media unchecked, they lie and give bogus information all the time.  Qasim Rashid lies about every single topic in this interview.  Qasim Rashid lies about Muslims and lying.  Muslims did lie, just like the USA lies to Russia and the world.  This is how governments talk to each other and the etc.  The Quran only talks about during peace time and between Muslims.  Qasim Rashid is also called socialist, which he is, however, he denies it.

The video

#ahmadiyya #ahmadiyyatrueislam #ahmadiapartheid #Ahmadiyyat #rabwah #qadian #meetthekhalifa #muslimsforpeace #ahmadiyyafactcheckblog #nolifewithoutkhalifa #AhmadiMosqueattack #AhmadiyyaPersecution #Mosqueattack #trueislam #atifmian

Ali Rizvi mentions the lies of Qasim Rashid in his book, in terms of Takfir from Ahmadis to Muslims


The lies of Ahmadi people continue day by day.  Ahmadi’s dont care, they are loyal to the Mirza family and gladly lie on their behalf.  I recently came across an ex-Ahmadi’s video on the subject of Takfir and Ahmadiyya and felt moved to post it.  In this video, the famous ex-Muslim, Ali Rizvi’s book “The Atheist Muslim”, is discussed, in his book Ali Rizvi mentioned his exchange with Qasim Rashid, and in terms of a specific quotation from MGA, wherein MGA clearly called all Muslims that reject him as non-Muslim.

Qasim Rashid initially authenticated the quote
Most people havent done the extant of research as me and my team, as a result, as they engage Ahmadis, they only have a few quotes, whereas I have a full catalog of supporting references in this case.  In fact see here:

My team
My team an I have collected more research data on Ahmadiyya then any other source on the internet, and we continue to work, in fact, when MGA did his Takfir in 1906, with Dr. Abdul Hakeem Khan, most of the writings from Dr. Khan were never revealed, however, my team and I have found them and posted them here:

Qasim Rashid then denied the quote altogether and called it a clerical error
Ahmadis get away with this type of behavior, since in this case, Ali Rizvi didnt have the supporting quotes.  In 1911, Mahmud Ahmad, the soon to be Khalifa, he quoted MGA as saying exactly what we know he said, i.e., all Muslims who reject MGA are non-Muslims.  Further, the Lahori-Ahmadis cited this quote vs. the Qadianis almost 10 times from 1914 to 1965, further, in 1935, the Al-Fazl newspaper (the official organ of Ahmadiyya), quoted it again.  Then, the 2004 edition of Tadhkirah also had the quote, it was only in 2009, when a new edition of Tadhkirah was published, thats when they removed the quote.

Enjoy the video!!!!

Shia “Imam Tawhidi” goading Qasim Rashid by pointing out MGA’s writings on Christianity being the “perfect manifestation of Satan”

I found this entire essay on reddit.

See here:

So this tweet happened:

If you follow the thread, you’ll see some comments from Ahmadis chiming in about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad clarifying numerous times he’s not suggesting anyone kill or cause physical harm of any kind, to Christians. Instead, he’s using the word “demolish” to talk about defeating an ideology so convincingly, no serious person takes it seriously. This much I’ll defend MGA’s statement.

However, what’s lost in that thread, is that coming out to say that Christianity is the “perfect manifestation of Satan” is quite over the top.

As is usual with Ahmadiyya Islamic apologetics, there’s a long convoluted reasoning and argumentation process that builds up to that. However, it is also true that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was personally focused and troubled by Christianity gaining a foothold in 19th century India–often pummeling Islam in books, magazines, and other discourse.

Much of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s writings on Christianity seem to come from a place of, “if you can make fun of my religion, I’ll ridicule yours”.

On the one hand, this doesn’t seem very messiah-like. We can disagree with Christianity without having to resort to hyperbole.

On the other hand, Islamic prophecy about the Latter Days “messiah” talks about “breaking the cross” and “killing the swine”. There are all kinds of apocalyptic end times imagery present in the hadith that orthodox Muslims wanted MGA to fulfill before they followed him. For Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to suggest he is a peaceful messiah andstill fulfill this mission/role, he has to come across as “destroying” Christianity intellectually.

Statements like those shown in Imam Tawhidi’s tweet of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s writings don’t help Mirza Ghulam Ahmad come across as reasonable or even rational.

Ahmadis are now working on discrediting the Imam

Most Ahmadis hated Nabeel, and avoided his invitations to debate, even Qasim Rashid

As we all know, Ahmadis are taught to hate their critics and pray for their deaths, and in stupendous fashion.  Ahmadis hated Lekh Ram, and Abdullah Athim, and Dowie, and Piggot, and Maulvi Sanaullah and many many others.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad prayed for the death of over 100 critics, and celebrated when any of them died.  Moreover, the vicious Ahmadi mullahs have brainwashed Ahmadis to hate all ex-ahmadis (like me) and to pray for their untimely death.

Nabeel Qureshi invited Qasim Rashid to debate
In the below, I have posted tweets wherein Qasim Rashid made some disparaging and rather rude remarks towards Nabeel…

Other Ahmadis tweeting vs. Nabeel

A new Ahmadi, Abid Mirza, makes a youtube video which contradicts Ahmadiyya theory and MGA

Abid Mirza is new to the Ahmadiyya arguments and hasnt read much
This guy is from Canada, wherein there seems to be an organized Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Association at York University.  However, he is new to research on Ahmadiyya, and makes many errors in our conversations on Facebook.  I have told him repeatedly that he is 10 years behind my team and I.  However, he doesnt listen to us.  He needs to do independent research, not regurgitate the lies that his Mullahs have told him.  However, he wont, he is stuck with his Mullahs and thus will never learn critical thinking.  In this specific video he contradicts all of MGA’s writings vs. his critics and even ALL Ahmadiya writers after MGA, like Mahmud Ahmad and Mirza Tahir Ahmad.  Since we all know that Mirza Tahir Ahmad rejoiced in the death of Zia and Bhutto.



“Batalvi ka Anjam” in english as “The end of Batalvi” by Mir Qasim Ali, 1931

This book is not on  It is missing.  I am only posting some quotes that I found.

Page 368 footnote,

“Muhammad Husain had two wives and seven sons and three daughters. He himself says that they had all turned out to be thoroughly wicked and irreligious. They severed all connection with their father and some of them even conspired to kill him (Isha‘atus Sunnah, Vol. 22 No. 8, pp. 225, 226). In 1910 Muhammad Husain complained of his children’s wickedness to the Editor of Al-Hakam Qadian, who advised him to send the two younger ones to the Qadian school. He accepted this advice and sent them to Qadian. 

When his friends came to know of it he had to write in defence in the Ahl-e- Hadith, Amritsar, dated 25-2-1910 that the boys were well looked after and that their religious beliefs were not being interfered with. But the enemies of Ahmadas could not bear it, so they pressed Muhammad Husain to get his sons out of Qadian. At last he yielded and sent them to Rupar where they drifted into ways of profligacy. On December 1, 1912, the two boys were brought to the Anjuman Ahmadiyya, Lucknow, in a miserable state. There was a complaint and the matter came to the notice of the police and the court. The Ahmadis of Lucknow tried to wean them from their wicked way of life but with no success.

Muhammad Husain died a miserable death in the beginning of 1920 at Batala. (See Batalvi ka Anjam by Mir Qasim Ali, 1931) ”

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A response to Qasim Rashid (National Spokesman for Ahmadiyya Community USA)

Professor Johnathan AC Brown vs. Qasim Rashid June–2017


Professor Johnathan AC Brown comments on his FB page vs. Qasim Rashid

Re: the Ahmadiyya question, I don’t generally talk about this because I’m not a specialist and there is a whole South Asian political history dimension that I’m not part of. But there are three points I feel comfortable making:

1) the Ahmadi tradition needs to be taken for what its representatives say TODAY, not what Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wrote or said a century ago. Every tradition has the right to redefine itself, so scriptural gotcha games are not useful. To clarify, what I mean is: for example, if Mirza Ghulam Ahmad said ‘Anyone who denies my prophecy is not a Muslim,’ but Ahmadis today say this is not what we believe, then their words should be definitive.

2) Ahmadi representatives have to stop throwing other Muslims under the bus and using tragedies to promote their narrow agenda. I first saw this after the San Bernardino shooting, when an Ahmadi representative came on CNN to say that this sort of thing would not happen if more Muslims would only embrace [insert name of current Ahmadi caliph, I forgot]. I almost choked on my comfort chips, and even the anchor wasn’t having any of it.

3) Ahmadi representatives need to stop using current geo-political crises like ISIS and terrorism to try to bully Sunni and Shiah leaders into accepting Ahmadis within the fold of Islam. Whether or not Ahmadis are Muslims is a real discussion of theology and identity that needs to take place with integrity, not as part of a PR ploy. Ahmadi representatives have to stop invoking grossly inaccurate and damaging bullying tactics like saying that Sunni extremism is the cause of Islamophobia (ala Kashif Chaudhry) or that saying Ahmadis aren’t Muslims is terrorism (ala Qasim Rashid).

Just my three cents.

The scans

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Qasim Rashid hates Muslims

Qasim Rashid was taught to hate Muslims.  He was radicalized in the 1980’s by Mirza Tahir Ahmad.  He thus goes around and pretends to be a Muslim.  He then asks questions to Muslims…and harrasses Muslims and has many beefs with almost all the top Muslim leaders in America.  He wants to force Muslims to accept Ahmadis as Muslims.  However, as we all know, Ahmadis are not apart of the Islamic-ummah, which includes Shias and Sunnis.  Further, in the USA, many christian groups dont consider Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons as Christian, are they terrorists??

The truth is that Qasim is the son of an Ahmadi-mullah, his entire life is controlled by the Mirza family, and they have radicalized him and many other Ahmadis in the same way.

Did the founder of Ahmadiyya do Takfir??
The biggest lie here is the cover-up job by Ahmadis in terms of who is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad??? They lied about MGA writing books and etc, as we all know, his right arm was broken…and thus he could never write more then a page per day….his arm wasnt strong enough to take the rigors of being a writer.  They also lie about the Takfir of MGA.

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