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Who is Qasim Rashid?

In 2022, he was ordered by his Khalifa to attack victims, Afzal Upal and Nida Al-Nasser. This proves that he is brainwashed follower of his Khalifa. In fact, Afzal Upal proved that the writings of Qasim Rashid contradict his Khalifa. Qasim Rashid hasn’t had a job in years, he was so desperate for money in 2020, that he paid himself from campaign funds. In 2020, he ran for Virginia Senate and lost. He was getting lots of out of state funding, which is suspicious. His finances were so bad that he sued JOSEPH CECIL VANDEVERE in 2021 for 75,000. His dad is an official employee of the Ahmadiyya Movement Canada, in fact, he only immigrated to America since his father was transferred to work in the USA. His sister quietly left Ahmadiyya and married a Sunni man and thus became Muslim. His brother, Tayyab Rashid masquerades as the Muslim Marine on twitter and claims to have some businesses. In 2018, he was confronted by Jesse Lee (a conservative Christian) about his many contradictions. In 2017, he was called about by Ali Rizvi about MGA’s takfiri comments (wherein MGA called his deniers as Kafirs), and the lies told by Qasim Rashid. In 2016, he attacked the famous Ex-Ahmadi, Nabeel Qureshi. In 2017, a group of Ex-Ahmadi’s made this video wherein they exposed the lies of Qasim Rashid. Also in 2017, Qasim Rashid stated that anyone who calls Ahmadi’s as non-Muslims are terrorists (see the scan in the below) he even attacked Professor Johnathan Brown. In 2016, he was exposed by Pamela Geller. Again, in 2016, he was exposed for trying to take credit for something he didn’t do.

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Qasim Rashid is unemployed and paid himself with campaign funds in 2020

Democrat candidate for Congress in Virginia’s First Congressional District, Qasim Rashid, has been taking money from his own campaign to pay himself a salary. According to his FEC Form 3 Reports of Receipts and Disbursements dated 7/1/2020 and 7/15/2020, Rashid received disbursements that total $18,014.37 as of the most recent filing. Rashid began paying himself from his “Rashid for VA” account beginning in January 2020 when he formally declared as a candidate. Rashid’s financial disclosure forms show no earnings from any job in 2019 and 2020, save for payments he made to himself from his campaign.

Rashid went up on television earlier this month with an ad that focuses on his work as a “human rights lawyer” potentially misleading voters into thinking he is a practicing lawyer. While that was the case years ago, he most certainly cannot claim to be a practicing attorney currently. He spent less than a year as an attorney at Karamah, a human rights organization, from May 2016 to April 2017, but records reveal that he hasn’t done any human rights work in court for several years. According to legal databases including Pacer, UniCourt, and the Virginia Judicial System records, there is no “Qasim Rashid” listed as the attorney of record in recent history. Also, according to this interview last week, he is currently unemployed, outside of taking a paycheck from his campaign donors.

As far as records show, one of the longest careers Qasim Rashid has ever held was at an admissions office of a for-profit, online college investigated for its deceptive recruiting and enrollment practices. Qasim Rashid was the Associate Director of Admissions for Kaplan University from 2006-2009 – a predatory for-profit online University plagued with scandal. Yet Qasim Rashid has completely scrubbed the mention of Kaplan off of all materials, including his LinkedIn page. He also went one step further and harshly criticized online universities as “a scam” in a Democrat primary debate just earlier this year.

“Qasim Rashid’s only recent job is being a candidate paid by his campaign committee with his donors’ money,” said RPV Chairman Rich Anderson. “He claims to be a human rights attorney, but has little work history to back that up. Why has he gone through such lengths to hide his previous employment history? Does he truly believe for-profit online universities are a scam, or is he telling the voters what he thinks they want to hear? The people of Virginia’s First District deserve better than a radically liberal con-man.”

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Qasim Rashid was ordered to attack Afzal Upal and Nida Al-Nasser

In a very quiet and discreet way, the main Ahmadiyya spokesman in the USA (Qasim Rashid) was ordered by his Khalifa to attack the character of Afzal Upal and Nida Al-Nasser. This article was not tweeted by him, nor was it on his facebook page, in fact, it was totally hidden from sight and given to Ahmadiyya trolls farms to share on the internet. Afzal Upal has already responded to it via this tweet, check out his essay herein. Qasim Rashid called the 44-minute audio illegal, he also clarified that he is no longer an official representative of the Ahmadiyya Movement and writing in his personal capacity (which is what his jamaat has ordered him to do). He totally avoided all references to the “4-witnesses” that his Khalifa was demanding from Nida Al-Nasser, nor did he comment as to why Harris Zafar’s article was removed from He also refused to admit that Nida reported the case to the Metro police in July-2021, after the audio occurred, the audio was released in Dec-2021, that’s when the AMA UK reported it to the police, Rashid totally lied about all of this. Instead, the attacked Afzal Upal and his intentions. Rashid refused to acknowledge that his Khalifa was trying to silence the victim over and over again, he also refused to comment on the rapists in Rabwah and the rape culture of Rabwah that even Afzal Upal brought up. Nevertheless, it is all posted in the below.

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Qasim Rashid’s article in the Independent contradicting KM5

This was posted over at the islam_Ahmadiyya reddit forum. In 2017, as Qasim Rashid was building his political profile and thus getting himself published in online magazines which might have a significant following. In his essay, he argued from the best source on rape in Islam, a famous hadith which clearly states that the death penalty would be given for those who commit rape. It should be noted that the context of this hadith is lacking. We assume that this incident was in some kind living area and the rape had occurred just moments before it was reported. Thus, in this type of situation and maybe others, the death penalty should be given. In fact, there is no ruling from any school of law which stipulates 4 witnesses for a rape charge. Thus, Mirza Masroor Ahmad’s blunder on the famous leaked audio looks like a sword over his head.

MGA never wrote on this topic, nor did any of the Khalifa’s. Harris Zafar also wrote that 4 witnesses are not needed, this article was deleted soon after the big audio leak.

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Who is Imam Qasim R. Ajose?

By 1927, Qasim R. Ajose was the missionary-in-charge and school supervisor, Ahmadiyya Movement, Lagos, British West Africa 1925–1935 (modern day Nigeria)(see his photo in the below and how it appeared in the ROR of Jan-1927). He seems to have met Maulvi Abdur Rahim Nayyar in 1922. Nayyar did not make inroads within the other factions with the exception of the Quranic group, primarily based in Okepopo and Aroloya. After an agreement to merge with Ahmadiyya, Imam Dabiri of the Quranic group was selected as Chief Imam. Dabiri was succeeded in the 1930s by Imam Ajose. Imam Dabiri would lead the prayers for the newly converted West Africans, who prayed via Maliki fiqh, Nayyar doesn’t seem to have ever led the prayer (see Fisher). Nayyar gave speeches in english which were translated by Ajose and others (see Fisher). Nayyar left by late 1922, and Ahmadiyya sources claim Nayyar left a local Nigerian in-charge, a man named Imam Dabiri. He was succeeded by Imam Qasim R. Ajose, missionary-in-charge and school supervisor, Ahmadiyya Movement, Lagos (see ROR, Jan-1927). In 1932, during controversy wherein many sects of Ahmadiyya were being created, Ajose was appointed the imam (see Fisher, page 106).

After 1935, he created a splinter sect of Ahmadi’s who were disloyal to the Khalifa (see Fisher also, page 109). West African Ahmadi’s had issues with the Indian-Ahmadi-imam’s and always wanted Imam Qasim R. Ajose to lead the prayer (see Fisher). Ajose had apparently replaced Imam Dabiri, who was the West-African face of Ahmadiyya in Nigeria uptil the early 1930’s. Fisher wrote his name as K.R. Ajose. 
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Who is Mir Qasim Ali?

Mir Qasim Ali was a Qadiani-Ahmadi. He was actively writing for the Qadiani Jamaat and debating opponents and starting newspapers. In fact, In 1931, he wrote: “Batalvi ka Anjam” in english as “The end of Batalvi”.

In 1909, he was with the Ahmadiyya team in Rampur as they debated Maulvi Sanaullah. He even started a newspaper from Delhi in 1910 with the Khalifa’s approval. In 1911 and 1915, he launched another newspaper. Mir Qasim Ali seems to have been very involved with defending the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s after the split of 1914. He seems to have written a few books, one of them is “Khilafat-i-Mahmud”, in english it would be, “The Khilafat of Mahmud”, he wrote another book, “Muslih Maud”, in english it would be “The Promised Reformer”. These books were quoted in 1966 by Qazi Muhammad Nazeer, as the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s responded to the criticisms of the Lahori-Ahmadi’s, specifically by Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqi. He had also collected all the announcements of MGA and had them published as “Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat” (see Muhammad Ali, 1922, (“Heresy in Islam”) this must have been the first edition (See page 85). He also seems to have added a footnote in some book by MGA named ‘”Tabligh-e-Risalat” (see page 7).

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Qasim Rashid is suing JOSEPH CECIL VANDEVERE for 75,000—2021

Qasim Rashid is the evil Qadiani-Ahmadi who has been ordered to run for political office by his Khalifa. As he was running for Senate about 3 years, its seems that JOSEPH CECIL VANDEVERE tweeted a picture and claimed that he would hang Qasim as such. Qasim immediately got a court case processed and got him convicted to about a year in prison. However, he is now appealing and Qasim is playing the victim. Qasim claims that he is fearing for his life and the lives of his wife and children.
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#Ahmadi’s lie about the writings of Muhammad Qasim Nanautavi on prophethood via Tahdhir al-Nas

#ahmadis are known liars. They have been taught to lie by their mullahs. In the case of Muhammad Qasim Nanautavi and his writings on the end of prophethood in Tahdhir al-Nas, #ahmadis incorrectly claim that Nanautavi believed that prophethood was open after Muhammad (Saw) for new prophets. This is a total lie. Muhammad Qasim Nanautavi only said that it is Allah’s business whether there are other worlds or not, and Allah could have parallel universes wherein additional prophets might be working and etc. Ahmadi’s have been using these false arguments for about 100 years and refuse to stop. Mufti Muneer Ahmed Akhoon explains it all herein too.
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Danielle Davis vs. Qasim Rashid, Virginia’s 28th District Senate Election vs. Senator Richard Stuart

Qasim Rashid’s run at the Virginia senate has been excruciating to watch. Qasim is obviously running per the order of his Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Ahmadi’s can’t run for public office without prior approval. Mirza Masroor Ahmad wants more political control and involvement from Ahmadi’s and has thus launched his best candidate. Qasim is going up against Richard Stuart.
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