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Mufti Muhammad Sadiq brought a white lady named Hidayt Budd to Qadian from Sri Lanka

Her name appears in the ROR of June and Sep-1925 as simply Miss Budd from Holland, in the June edition they claim that she is a convert to Ahmadiyya and was given the muslim name Hidayt. By Nov-1925, her essay’s begin to appear and more so in the March-1926, April, June and August 1926. In 1929, it seems that she showed up at Colombo, Sri Lanka and was brought to Qadian by Mufti Muhammad Sadiq via a special mission. Her name was changed to Hidayt Budd. She was most likely a prostitute that was bought and shared with the Khalifa at Qadian. Hafiz Qudratullah (1917-1994) was a missionary of the Ahmadiyya Movement and he explains how he saw her at Qadian in his youth. Hafiz Qudratullah (1917-1994 remembers seeing Hidayt Budd at Mufti Muhammad Sadiq’s house in Qadian (most likely in the 1920’s and 30’s).The english ROR posted her picture in the May-1929 edition of the ROR, she seems to have been single at the time. In the August-1929 edition of the ROR, it is explained how Hidayt Budd arrived in Colombo, Sri Lanka on May 10th, 1929. Ahmadiyya sources tell how she was apart of the Ceylon Ahmadiyya Association and gave speeches and etc. However, they don’t tell us how she got to Sri Lanka.  There seems to be a photo of her in the famous “Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosques Around the World”. In the September-1929 edition of the ROR, there is a letter of welcome from the local Lajna of Qadian. They appreciate her as the first Dutch person to join Ahmadiyya. In fact, it was Mufti Muhammad Sadiq who was sent by the Khalifa to pick her up from Colombo, Sri Lanka (see her letter published in the ROR of September-1929), they must have had some type of connection, he married her soon thereafter. She also reports that some of the Indonesian students at the Ahmadiyya Madrassa had written in Dutch on the wall so as to get her attention (men in indonesia spoke Dutch in those days). In the July-1930 edition, her name was changed to Mrs. Hidayt Sadiq, which proves her marriage to Mufti Muhammad Sadiq. An essay in the same ROR is ascribed to her, however, it was most likely written by Mufti Muhammad Sadiq and ascribed to her. She goes on to complain about the heat in India and decline the use of the Burqa.

She was there in 1934 when Miss Rufo was in Qadian, and when the Khalifa took lots of women down to river Beas and touched them sexually in the open river area. She disappears in Ahmadiyya history after 1934.

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“Qabar-i-Masih” (1936) by Mufti Muhammad Sadiq—free download

It seems that in 1936, through the funding of Seth Abdullah Allahdin, the Ahmadiyya Movement was able to publish “Qabar-i-Masih” (1936) by Mufti Muhammad Sadiq. Ahmadiyya sources claim that Mufti Muhammad Sadiq traveled to Kashmir in 1925 and completed his research in three years, others Ahmadiyya sources tell us that he visited again in 1934. This seems to be the first huge research project on the Yuz Asaf theory after many years. Remember, in 1926, via “Invitation to Ahmadiyya”, the Khalifa connected 23:50 with Yuz Asaf and claimed that MGA proved 2 things, that Eisa (As) died and that he was buried in Kashmir (see page 185-186 of the online english edition). Even if Tafsir-e-Kabeer, the Khalifa wrote the same. It wasn’t until Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s Khilafat, that was when Ahmadi’s began to disconnect the Quran (23:50) from the Yuz Asaf theory.

It was written in October 1936. They printed 1050 copies. The cecond page is in english, the rest is in Urdu.

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When Mufti Muhammad Sadiq was traveling out of India towards London (1917)

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq was allowed to travel thru a warzone (WW-1) in 1917. This is very odd, it seems that the British Government was eager for Ahmadi missionaries to travel to Ceylon, Mauritius and the UK and begin converting people all throughout the British government to Ahmadiyya, mostly non-whites. Nevertheless, in the below, we have “Sadiq Nama” Printed by Akmal (Zahoor uddin Akmal) in February 1918.

Sadiq Tract Series
Tract no 1
Muhammad Sadiq is named it “Sadiq Nama” Printed by Akmal (Zahoor uddin
Akmal in February 1918. “You (Sadiq) has send the details of his travel from Qadian
to London by sea travel. Some local day to day life observations for me to print.
Most of it is his experiences and observations of day to day life but there is some
information on how he arrived in London. He advised us (akmal) that it should be
posted free of charge, to subscribers of his “Akhbar Sadiq” (first time i have heard
of it) which had to be cancelled for some reasons, I am publishing it as per his

Akmal Feb 1918.
Page 2 Red box TRANSLITRATION No 1
Title: Qadian say ahbab kaa rukhsat kerna
“qadian say rawangi kay waqat jis shouk muhabat aour akhlas kay saath ahbab kee
bari (big) jamaat gaioun (village) say bahir do (2) miles kay fasla tuk mairay saath
hooi. Wo aik aisaa nazara tha jis kaa lutf main kabhee naa bhoolon gaa. Hazrat
khalifa tul masih (mirza mahmood) kaa drakhat kay naichay (under) kharay (stand)
ho ker dua kerna aour saari jamaat kaa Allah Taala kay hazoor khashoo kay saath
rona (sob) aour phir yay sub kutch is aajiz kay liya. Allah Allah yai khuda kee
rehmat thee jis nay mutchay yai izat deelai, werna main kiaa aour meri hasti kia. aik
aik kaa galay mil ker rona aour duain kerna, kia hee maqbool waqat thaa.
Piaaron kee joodai aour phir bazahir aik khoufnaak safar kay wastay, aour safar
bhee, aour safar bhi hazaarha miles kaa jis main koee rafiq e raah bhee naa ho.
Magar jub insaan Allah kay leeyai koee kaam kerta hai tow sub mushkilain asaan
ho jaati hain. Meri bivi (wife) ko to ronay say itnee housh bhee naa thi kay rukhsat
kay waqat sur utha (pick her face up) ker mayray mouhn (face) ko dekh sakti.
Azizam ABDUL SALAM bezahir zabat kiay houay tha, magar us kaa chehra us kay
dill kee baiqararee ko zahir kerta thaa. Haan sub say ziaada turpaa (troubled)
daynay waala piaree SAEEDA kaa cheekhna (wailing/crying with pain) thaa jiss kaa
khiaal yahaan bhee bai qarar ker daytaa hai. Sab say chota bacha ABDUL MOMIN
hai jiss nay waqat e rukhasat chand paisay leeay aour khush ho giaa. Azizam
MUHAMMAD MANZOOR lakhanau main thaa, us nay boht chaaha kay DEHLI aa
ker milay, magar us kee taaleem kay huraj kay khoouf say main nay ijazat naa dee,
wo boht raqeequl qalab hai, maaloom naheen us ghareeb kee kiaa halat hooi.
Notes: from qadian, he goes to Batala where he meets munshi abdul karim and
sheikh ghulam ahmad sahib (new muslim)

He stays over night in Amritsar, then from Amritsar to Bombay reason being that it
was a day journey. In Amritsar (he meets people) there were 2 host homes very
comfortable to stay. one was Dr Karam Ilahi Sahib and second one of Babu
Muhammad Ibrahim sahib misgar. Mian Nabi Buksh, Dr Ibaadu Allah Sahib who
was an old friend of mine, Mistree Allah Buksh Sahib. At Amritsar station, fewpeople
had come from Lahore, on the way to Dehli, he meets many people at the stations.
I gave a lecture in Ambala. At Dehli station, some ahbaab came from shahjahanpur,
DETAIL, and do not need to repeat (still to find this alfazal).

Same way from Dehli to Bombay, at different stations, many ahbaabs/co religiests
were waiting to meet me, (normally if one had to meet anyone travelling on the
train, they would go to the station and wait for the train to arrive). Arrived in

I stayed for one week at Nawab Syed Muhammad Rizvi,s house. Khawaja Shah
Muhammad Ijaz Ali came from Kohkun to see me, Hiji Muhammad Umar uddin
Sahib had already arrived in Bombay for me, Professor Muhammad Abdullah
joined/travelled with me from Ambala and accompanied me to Bombay. They all
came to see me off to the sea shore, Muhammad Ghaus came to Bombay from
Haider Abaad Dakan who gave garland of flowers. I got on the boat, and the boat
took me to the ship, which pulled its anchor and set sail.

page 4 No 2: He arrived in london, date not given, he goes on to tell us how was life
in London, at the end of this (day to day life in London date given is 21 October

PDF’s, english and Urdu
Sadiq Tract series, english
Sadiq Tract Series, Urdu

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Mufti Muhammad Sadiq and other Ahmadi editors lied about white converts to Ahmadiyya from Europe and America

Ahmadi’s are trained to lie and exaggerate. They learned it from MGA. As Ahmadiyya propoganda spread via the British government during WW-2, Ahmadiyya maulvi’s were under intense pressure from the Mirza family to get converts. Thus, they lied about converts many times, they published many news reports claiming that European women/men and American’s had joined Ahmadiyya, they even lied about Russell Webb and his conversion to Ahmadiyya. The list is endless. Nevertheless, today we found the case of Anthony George Baker. See his wikipedia entry herein. Interestingly, he refused to sign Bait in 1916 and died in 1918, nevertheless, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq still listed him as an Ahmadi convert. John Webster is another fake convert that they were presenting. Professor Clement Lindley Wragge is yet another fake-Ahmadi convert as is Alexander Russell Webb.
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Who is Mufti Muhammad Sadiq (1872–1957)?

Per Ahmadiyya sources only, he was born in Bhera, Pakistan on January 11, 1872(which was in British India at that time), which is roughly 100 miiles from modern day Rabwah, he died in Rabwah on January 13, 1957 at age 85. Muhammad Sadiq was a student of Noorudin in Jammu (roughly 1880–1890). Per Ahmadiyya sources, he was dropped off by his father (Mufti Inaytullah Qureshi Usmani) for religious training in the 1880’s, his father died before 1889, his mother, Faiz Bibi, joined Ahmadiyyat between 1896 and 1897, per Ahmadiyya sources only. Per the order of Noorudin, he visited Qadian in later 1890 and signed the Bait form, however, he might have also been present at Ludhiana for the firs bait in 1889, since so many lies have been told about this entire event. He would go back and forth, from his job in Jammu to Qadian quite frequently. He was never a Mufti, this title was given to him by MGA and other Ahmadi’s, who also seem to have called his father a Mufti, which is also wrong. He was a private secretary of MGA from 1891 to 1905. From 1905 to 1914, he was the editor of the Al-Badr newspaper, until it was forcibly shut down by the government.

From 1917 to 1920 he was a missionary out of the UK. In 1920 he travelled to the USA and opened a branch of Ahmadi’s. In the 1920’s, they also began to call him as Dr., however, we have proved that he had posted fake degrees while he was in America, just in an attempt to fulfill a prophecy of MGA wherein it was stated Mufti Muhammad Sadiq would get degrees.

In 1924, he returned to Qadian. His second wife was the famous dutch woman, Hidayt Budd (1929). Its unknown if they had any children. He moved to Rabwah in 1948 and died about 10 years later.
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F.L. Anderson was a fake Ahmadi from the USA, he never existed in reality

In 1905, via the Badr magazine, Muftree Muhammad Sadiq and MGA’s team of editors fabricated a story about a white man named F.L. Anderson’s conversion to Ahmadiyya. In 1908, after the death of MGA, he was mentioned in the Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya Vol. 5 as a convert to Ahmadiyya and given the name of Hasan. He wasn’t heard from again until 1921 when Muftree Muhammad Sadiq attached a photo of him into the Moslem Sunrise of 1921 wherein he claimed that he had converted to Ahmadiyya in 1901 via a letter (See “A Muslim in Victorian America” by Abd-Allah).

Anthony George Baker is another fake convert, as is Alexander Webb and Professor Clement Lindley Wragge.

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Mufti Muhammad Sadiq travelled to the tomb of Yuz Asaf in 1934

The Mirza family aka the Ahmadiyya Movement had every opportunity to buy this tomb in Kashmir, however, they never bought it. Its the famous tomb of Yuz Asaf, it is owned by Sunni Muslims who despise the Ahmadiyya Movement and consider Ahmadi’s as non-Muslims. It seems that on the 20th of May, 1934, the Khalifa sent his trusted advisor and in-house editor, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq to Kashmir on a mission to investigate. Obviously, the Ahmadiyya movement lied about the data in terms of this tomb, just like they lie about everything else.  Nevertheless, the Ahmadiyya Movement claims that Mufti Muhammad Sadiq wrote a book about this tomb, however, no one has ever seen it. By 2020, we have figured out exactly how MGA and his team of writers/reciters fabricated this entire story. As we all know, MGA and his team of writers/editors lied about almost everything they did. We have found a huge case of academic dishonesty in terms of MGA’s quotations to a persian book, “Ayn-ul-Hayat”. MGA and his team first quoted this book in 1898, in a book called ‘Raz-e-Haqiqat”, which was translated and published into english in 2016, see page 24. However, they were academically dishonest, they purposely didn’t mention that Yuz Asaf had a father and many other things, an Ex-Ahmadi, Shams ud Din, recently got a hold of Ayn ul Hayat and posted his results in a video, make sure you watch Part-2 also, these are in Urdu and watch part 3. We have also found “Ayn ul Hayat” and have posted the PDF’s in the below. This book proves that MGA totally lied. Shams ud Din found the book “Rahul ul Hayat” by Allama Muhammad Bakir, there is an urdu translation called, “Ainul Hayat”. On page 361, it is written that Yuz Asaf had a father in Kashmir. This immediately cancelled Yuz Asaf becoming Esa (As), since Esa (as) historically never had a father. Yuz Asaf was the son of a King and was able to live a life of excess. MGA never mentioned any of this. Yuz Asaf’s dad was a drunkard, and even prayed to idols. It is also important to read about Maulvi Shaikh Abdullah Wakeel’s story about Yuz Asaf.
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“Zikr-e-Habib” by Mufti Muhammad Sadiq (1926)

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq was an inside man working for MGA. In 1926, he published a controversial book on the life and times of his master, MGA, this seems to be the first edition, the second edition was published later, the original is obviously missing. In this book, he officially changed the year of birth of MGA to 1835. He also told how MGA also frequented “opera-houses” and etc in British India. MGA was even shown as willing to favor rich people over poor people. Mufti Muhammad even lied about the conversion of Mr. Wragge to Ahmadiyya, which never happened. MGA would give Mufti Muhammad Sadiq drugs without explaining what was in them. This book is spelled as Dhikr-e-Habib in the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah.

The first edition of Zikr-e-Habib(1926), free download——Zikar E Habib.

Mufti Mubasher Shah did a video on this too, see it here.
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The 1943 Jalsa at Qadian

Ahmadiyya sources report that Mufti Muhammad Sadiq gave a speech at the 1943 Jalsa at Qadian. In this speech, he gave a quote from MGA wherein MGA is alleged to have predicted how Mufti Muhammad Sadiq would get degrees. Thus, as soon as Mufti Muhammad Sadiq arrived in London, he began collecting fake degrees. This would continue in America, he faked degrees from 2 non-existence institutions.

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