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Syed Abdul Latif accompanied MGA to Jhelum in January of 1903


In terms of Syed Abdul Latif, Ahmadiyya editors/writers refuse to mention that this guy was given money from the govt. of Afghanistan to go for Hajj, however, he misappropriated those funds and when to Qadian and probably gave MGA the money (See the Afghan Martyrs, by Bashir Ahmad Rafiq 1995, page 45).  The picture in the above is from the Al-Hakam website,  A single page agreement was signed on this day, which gave birth to the famous Durand Line (borderline between Afghanistan and Pakistan). This accord was reached between Sir Mortimer Durand, a British diplomat and civil servant of the British Raj, and Abdur Rahman Khan, the Afghan Amir, to fix the limit of their respective spheres of influence and improve diplomatic relations and trade. The Afghan side was represented by Hazrat Sahibzada Abdul Latifra (who later did Bai‘at of Hazrat Ahmadas and was martyred in Kabul) with others dignitaries. The original 1893 agreement was written in English, with translated copies in Dari.

An additional reference that we need to find
Frank Martin, an Italian engineer serving at that time in Kabul, was a witness to the whole event. He writes:

    “This new man (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani), therefore, if his preaching was listened to, would upset Muhammadanism, and as he preached that Mussalmans must regard Christians as brothers, and not as infidel, this would render useless the Amir’s chief weapon, Jehad (religious war), in case of English or Russian aggression. So the Amir, when he heard of all this, sent word to the Moullah (Latif) to return, and the Moullah did so, preaching the new religion as he came and as soon as he was well within the boundaries of the country, he was made prisoner and brought to Kabul.”

Frank A Martin Under the Absolute Amir , Harper and Brothers, London, 1907, p. 203.

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad terrible Arabic pronunciation and Syed Abdul Latif

As we all know, MGA’s arabic was terrible His arabic was sooo bad that he never led any Salaat in his whole life.  The Ahmadi’s that surrounded him lied about this forever, and are sooooo stubborn, they would rather die then admit to the obvious.  MGA also stuttered terribly, this combined with his terrible pronunciation of Arabic meant that Maulvi Abdul Karim Sialkoti, Noorudin, and Ahsan Amrohi led the salaat at Qadian.  Nonetheless, we have found a new reference which also confirms this data.  It is from Bashir Ahmad Rafiq’s book, “The Afghan Martyrs” (1995), see pages 49-50.  An account by Hadhrat Hakeem Deen Mohammad, in this account, an Arab comes to Qadian, in 1902, while the first martyr of Ahmadiyya (Syed Abdul Latif) is also there and he is amazed that MGA can barely recite arabic properly.  MGA then says that Allah has gifted him with the writing of Arabic, not the reading of it.  However, Syed Abdul Latif was about to physically assault this arab.  So much for being peaceful in Ahmadiyya.

The quote
“””After Maghrib I saw the young man in Masjid Mubarak and I pointed the Promised Messiah (PBUH) out to him. After salutation and shaking hands he sat opposite the Promised Messiah (PBUH). At that time Hadhrat Sahibzada Abdul Latif was already seated immediately opposite the Promised Messiah (PBUH). After introducing himself, in a somewhat brusque manner the young Arab addressed the Promised Messiah (PB UH), and said, “You claim that you are eloquent in Arabic but you are I unable to pronounce the letters ‘ain’ and ‘qaaf like the Arabs .And you falter in your speech. These impediments detract from your eloquence. Witnessing the gross arrogance and the harsh manner of his address Sahibzada Abdul Lateef lost his cool and in this disposition was about to strike the Arab with his fist when the Promised Messiah (PBUH) caught hold of his hand, put it on his thigh, and put his own hand over it. Then the Promised Messiah (PBUH) said to the Arab, My claim concerning eloquence in the Arabic language relates to written Arabic and I do not claim that I can speak like those whose mother tongue is Arabic. I would therefore suggest that you look through some of my Arabic books which you will find in the guest house. Only then will you be able to assess my proficiency in Arabic. Then he said, “Many earlier sages had foretold that Imam Mahdi would stammer somewhat. Therefore a trace of stammering in my speech is proof of my truth. It Then the Arab guest said, “The companions who sit with you and are influenced by you do not seem to comprehend the measure of respect due to a guest. Had you not caught hold of his clenched fist this gentleman would surely have hit me.” In reply the Promised Messiah (PBUH) said, “Like you this gentleman is also a recent arrival and he belongs to a region i.e. Afghanistan, where the inhabitants are known for getting excited rather quickly. Surely his sentiments sprang directly from his love for me.” At that point of time Hadhrat Moulvi Noor-ud-Deen who was sitting at a distance said, ” Hadhrat Abu Bakar (MAPH) once slapped someone who was rude and irreverent in the presence of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).” With a smile on his lips the Promised Messiah (PBUH) said that here was a discernible resemblance. ” 

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“Eye witness account of sahibzada Abdul Latif” by Syed Ahmad Noor Kabuli (1921)

One of my “Ahmadiyya-Research-Team” friends in the UK recently found a book titled “Shaheed Marhoom Ke Chashm deed waqiat” Part 1 and 2, (Eye witness account of sahibzada Abdul Latif”). This book is written by his beloved student, Syed Ahmad Noor Kabuli, who also took Baiyat of MGA and subsequently claimed himself to be a prophet. The plain reading of book gives us an impression that Abdul Latif was not mentally sound person.  This Syed Ahmad Noor Kabuli eventually claimed prophethood and was most likely ex-communicated by the Khalifa.  Syed Ahmad Noor Kabuli admitted that he was drinking the water dripping from mirza ghulam coffin.  Apparently, as MGA’s coffin was being transported from Ahmadiyya buildings in Lahore to the train station, Ahmadi’s had put ice in MGA’s coffin to keep his body from smelling and etc.  As Ahmadi’s were escorting the coffin of MGA through the streets of Lahore, many people began throwing feces at the motorcade, it was a huge scene.  Syed Ahmad Noor Kabuli still drank the ice water that was oozing out of MGA’s coffin.  This book was published on December 26th, 1921.

Everyone in British-India wrote that MGA died of cholera
It is important to note that MGA even said that he thought he had cholera, as reported by his father-in-law, Mir Nasir Nawab.  Many newspapers and independent researchers wrote the same.  Noorudin, the new Khalifa was faced with this issue early on and told Ahmadi’s that even if MGA did die of cholera, death by cholera was considered martydom in his version of Islam.

Some additional data on Syed Abdul Latif


Here is the summary of this short book, written by a friend

“Abdul Latif lived in a village called Syedgah near Khost Afganistan. He was a friend of governor of the area who pays him remuneration for livelihood. Amir of Kabul has also fixed his remuneration at Rs 1100/- He had 4 wives and 18 children.

He was a negotiator on behalf of Amir e Kabul to decide borders of afghanistan with the British. When he was busy in negotiations with Britishers some one gave him a book of MGA. He was very happy to receive this book and offered reward to the doner of book. He read and liked the book and told his colleague that this is the man whom the world was waiting for. Now he has come.

At first, Molvi Abdul Latif thought Allah would select him for the job of reformer because there was none like him, but now after reading MGA’s book he come to know that god has sent the reformer. He then sent some of his students to Qadian to see the Masih e Moud as to who and how is he? Some student after visiting MGA in Qadian cast doubts on him but abdul latif said you are wrong in your doubts, this man is a true Masih. Then he sent Molvi Abdul Rehman his close friend, to MGA with gifts, dresses and Baiyat letter. Abdul Rehman stayed in Qadian and returned with MGA’s book for Mullah Abdul Latif.

After two or three months Abdul Latif sought permission from Amir e Kabul for Hajj. Amir e Kabul has been pleased to allow and gifted him many horses, camels and cash for Hajj expenditures. Instead of going to Makkah, he reached Qadian via Khost and Bannu. He stayed there for many months. He used to go on walk with Masih e Moud, and do not remove dust from his cloths till Hazrat sb (MGA) does so.

He received many ilham. Once while he was sleeping in guest room, suddenly got up and said Muhammad s.a.w. has been laid over me like a fabric sheet and has entered into me in such way that he s.a.w. can not be separated from me and then he received ilham meaning His s.a.w. body is of Noor, fragrance like pearl and this noor is under my control. (Nauzubillah).

Once while coming back from walk Molvi Abdul latif said to me (the author ANK), have you seen your father coming behind you. I said he had died long ago. He said no he was there. Once after walk he came to us and told that a Beautifully dressed HOOR from Jannah came to me and said have a look on me, I said no I would not look to you till Masih e Moud is before me. The author (ANK) claims that he had some ahmadi JIN in his possession, when he was imprisoned, these Ahmadi JINN offered him to destroy the city of Kabul for his release from Jail but he did not accept their offer.

His six months leave was over and he started preparation to leave for Kabul. When he left Qadian, hazrat sb (MGA) accompanied him about 1.5 miles. While parting, Molvi Abdul Latif fell on MGA’s feet and holding on to his feet, started crying and saying pray for me. Hazrat sb said ok I will pray for you but leave my feet first. Molvi Abdul Latif said no He would not leave the feet. Hazrat sb said this is my order and order is above the respect. Then he released the feet of Hazrat sb.

On way to Kabul few Chakralvi came to talk to him of MGA he said he is Ahmadi. But he calls himself Ghulam Ahmad the chakralvi replied. Molvi Abdul Latif said don’t call him Ghulam Ahmad because if you call him Ghulam Ahmed then he would become Syed and meaning Chief and chief is the servant of his tribe.

He said god has made the person of Muhammad Arabi s.a.w. And Ahmad Qadiani one and the same (Nauzubillah) so I swear upon god in whose hand is my soul I saw Muhammad and Ahmad in one person. (Nauzubillah) then he said he has destroyed himself so much in Masih e maoud that my person and person of Muhammad has become same and that the person of Muhammad has become inseparable from mine. (Nauzubillah).

He came back to Khost and started Tabligh of ahmadiyyat, wrote many letters to eminent peoples of area. The news reached Amir of Kabul who put up the case before Ulema. He was offered to repent which he denied and said he want it to be finished soon. So he was sentenced stoning to death. While few stones were pelted on him he was again offered to repent but he refused it again.

He was stoned in a hindoo cremation area, His dead body was recovered by the author and buried in a graveyard inside Kabul. But because of Shirk related gatherings at his grave the government removed the body remnants from there and were disposed of in a river.

The scans

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad called the killing of Maulvi Abdul Latif as greater then that of Imam Hussain

The conversion of Syed Abdul Latif to Ahmadiyya and his subsequent state killing is a strange subject.  Syed Abdul Latif was supposed to go to Mecca for Hajj, for that the government of Afghanistan had given him lots of money and 6 months of vacation time.  However, somehow,
Syed Abdul Latif went to Qadian and lived in the company of MGA for 6 months.  This is very strange, it is possible that he was working directly for the British government.  He even came into contact with an Arab who was also visiting Qadian.  Towards the end of 1902, MGA was summoned to Jhelum in connection with the Karam Din defamation case.  Syed Abdul Latif traveled with MGA to Jhelum to assist MGA in his court case.  Syed Abdul Latif was put to death by the Afghan government on July 14th, 1903.  Syed Abdul Latif was imprisoned for 4 months (See RoR-english, Nov/Dec 1903 edition) .  Which means that he left Qadian roughly March 1903.

The reference
MALFOOZAT Volume 3 page 496 and Volume 4 page 364

“”Sahibzada Abdul Latif left behind good example, if examined carefully his incident is greater than the incident of Hazrat Imam Hussian a.s. because Imam Hussain a.s. Was neither imprisoned nor chained it was only a war where Imam Hussain had an army and if His men were killed, the army of Imam Hussain killed the soldiers of other side as well. Contrary to that Molvi Abdul Latif sb was imprisoned with chained hands and feet. There was no chance of escape for him. The martyrdom of Molvi Abdul Latif is such a great martyrdom that it has no other example in 13 centuries of Islamic history””.


See also the English-ROR, page 407 1903

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Abdul Majeed Salik and his relationship with Ahmadiyya

Abdul Majeed Salik was an author and journalist, editor of Inqilaab.  He was Born on 13 Dec 1894, in GurdaspurIndia, he Died on 27 Sep 1959.  He wrote a biography of Iqbal entitled Zikr-i Iqbal. Today, the street in Muslim Town, Lahore, where Salik sahib lived is named Salik Street.  He lived close to Maulana Muhammad Ali’s house in Lahore in the Muslim Town suburb.

Was MGA’s body transported to Batala from Lahore via a British train?
The Weekly Etisam of Lahore, an organ of Jamaat Ahl e Hadis in its publication of 20 April, 2001, carried out this report on the authority of Qari Naeemul Haq Naeem who says at the time of death of MGQ, the man posted at cargo transport section at Lahore Railways was late Malik Sirajuddin Iraqi of Sohdra. He was real maternal uncle of Prof Hakim Inayatullah Nasim Sohdri. He happens to be the uncle of Qari Naeem, the narrater.  The relatives of MGQ requested for a coach for transportation of dead body of Mirza sb but he refused by saying that he does not have one. The relatives approached British Station Master who pressurised Malik sb to provide it . Finally he offered the coach which was used for garbage lifting which was accepted by the relatives.  The station master of the day did not allow Mirza ghulam body to travel in ordinary passenger carriages, even though the british person in charge of the station said so. So it is true that “that makhsoos duba” was a carriage parked along way away from lahore station, full of local garbage. The station master told these qadianees that you have only that carriage, and you can put his dead body in it. So that is what happened and mirza body and his mureeds had to travel in that full of station garbage (See “Moulana abul kalam azad kee mirza qadiani kay janazay main shirkat” page 26 onward).  However, he doesn’t mention how Ahmadi’s obtained a medical certificate from a British doctor to the effect that MGA didn’t die of cholera but some other intestinal issue, which is a lie, there was never any medical certificate.

Who is Mujahid ul Hussaini?
He was a journalist. He was Editor of daily Azad Lahore in 1956 and has authored many books. He spent 1 year in Jail during Khatme Nabuwwat movement in 1953.  He wrote a book denying that Abul Kalam Azad accompanied the funeral party of MGA from Lahore to Qadian. He gave details of how the dead body was first transferred from Ahmadiyya Building to Lahore Railway station and how the Railway bogey was acquired (thru the reference of magazine AL ETISHAM. Lahore APRIL 2001).

The reference
His tribute in Urdu was published in the Lahore Ahmadiyya paper Paigham Sulh, of 26 December 1951. An English translation of most of it first appeared in The Light and Islamic Review, September-October 1992. It was republished in the September-October 2001 issue with the addition of further material from the original Urdu article.)

He described going to see Maulana Nur-ud-Din as follows in an article in 1951:

“””””It was 1912. I had gone from Batala to Qadian to meet some friends. I went to see Maulana Hakim Nur-ud-Din, marhum and maghfur, in connection with the illness of a relation. It was the morning time, and the Hakim sahib was sitting in the front yard of his house attending to the needs of a crowd of people, consisting of both his followers and other needy persons. If one was having his pulse taken, another had come to seek medical knowledge, and yet another was waiting his turn to ask a question about religion. I too went and sat among the waiting people.

When my turn came I showed him the document detailing my relation’s illness, which the Hakim sahib read very carefully. While doing so, he asked me where I had come from …

[Mr. Salik narrates here his conversation with Maulana Nur-ud-Din, which we omit, and then he continues] …

My talk with him was going on when a man came to see him. The Hakim sahib left all his work and turned his attention to him. After saying one or two things to him, he introduced me to him, saying: This young man is Abdul Majeed Salik, grandson of Maulvi Mir Muhammad of Batala. Then he said to me: Meet Maulvi Muhammad Ali sahib. I met the Maulvi sahib with much admiration. I had been hearing for long that Maulvi Muhammad Ali, M.A., Ll.B., was a very skilled writer of the English language and was translating the Holy Quran into English, but it was only today that I met him. Then the Maulvi sahib asked the Hakim sahib the meanings of some places in the Holy Quran and discussed with him the meanings of certain words. Having finished, he bade me farewell with great affection and left.

After this, I next met Maulvi Muhammad Ali sahib when I was appointed editor of Zamindar in Lahore. At that time Maulvi Zafar Ali Khan and Dr. Iqbal had friendly relations with Maulvi Muhammad Ali, Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din, Dr. Yaqub Baig, Dr. Syed Muhammad Husain Shah and Shaikh Rahmatullah, but I met these revered elders only infrequently. After the publication of the Inqilab started, I met Maulana Muhammad Ali quite often. The Maulana used to live in a house adjacent to the mosque in Ahmadiyya Buildings and I used to go to meet him sometimes. He was very kind to me and highly praised the religious and political services of Inqilab.

Maulana Muhammad Ali became a true and staunch Muslim by living in the company of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Not only that, the greatness of the religion of Islam was so impressed upon his mind and heart that he devoted the whole of his life for its propagation. Every moment in his life was spent in the service of the faith. Besides the English translation of the Holy Quran, he wrote countless books on religious subjects. In my opinion, the best of these is the book The Religion of Islam, by studying which an English-knowing person can acquire such detailed knowledge about the religion which even the fully-qualified maulvis do not possess.

For the last fifteen years, Maulana Muhammad Ali had been living in Muslim Town [a suburb of Lahore – Ed.], where I also have my residence. So we used to meet often in various gatherings and functions. Despite his religious and pious nature, he was quite informal. He was, no doubt, an Ahmadi, but his relations with other Muslims were extremely sincere and fraternal. One reason was that he was the head of that group of Ahmadis whose beliefs are not intolerant. Secondly, he was by nature peace-loving. He used to give sympathetic support to the campaigns and movements of the Muslims, and did not tolerate takfir of them, because he believed that calling Muslims as kafir was inconsistent with the work of propagation. He presented the message of Islam not only to India but to the Western world as well. And it is a fact that he possessed the capability of doing so in every way. He was not only a learned man of the religion, but also a high-ranking commentator of the Quran and mujtahid. He was an English writer of the highest standard, who well understood the Western mind. He presented Islam to Western-educated people as well as to Westerners themselves in such a style that they could not help becoming convinced of the greatness of this faith. I believe that hundreds of seekers-after-truth in the Western countries became Muslims by reading the writings and books of Maulana Muhammad Ali, and it is as a result of his efforts that today the name of Islam is mentioned with respect in the West, hostility towards Islam having become infrequent. The selfless service of Islam, over a long period, will surely be a source of Allah’s mercy for Maulana Muhammad Ali, because Allah never wastes the efforts and exertions of the true servants of his faith.

There is no doubt that there was a little difference of belief between him and the general Muslims, but that difference was by no means so serious that the Muslims should ignore his services and fail to appreciate him. I am extremely dismayed to see that, when quite ordinary poets and writers die, the press and the radio devote hundreds of pages in their honour and relay endless speeches boring the listeners, but at the death of Maulana Muhammad Ali they did nothing. Muslim newspapers and magazines should have published detailed articles about his life and his work of the propagation of Islam, and talks should have been broadcast on the radio about his work. However, most newspapers did no more than publish just the news of his death. Two or three newspapers wrote notes which were about twenty lines in length. This is a reflection of the ingratitude and lack of appreciation of these times. However, in the religious circles in Western countries, regret was expressed at the death of the Maulana, and articles were written about his services. But the most important thing is that the Maulana will find his reward with Almighty Allah. The man whose work is accepted by Allah cannot have any concern about its acceptance by the world.

May Allah grant the Maulana shelter under the shadow of His mercy, make his services to the religion a cause for his forgiveness and for his elevation in rank, and grant that educated Muslims follow his example — Amin.”””

Who is Ahmad Nur Kabuli?
He was drinking water dripped from Mirza qadiani dead body, they were all screwed up mental people. Later in 1921 Ahmad kabuli has written a book, in 2 parts Hissa awal and Hissa dowm, called “chashamdeed waqiat Sahibzada Syed Abdul Latif Rais e Azam Khost”.It was about Abdul Latif who became ahmadi and was killed after arrival in Kabul.

The scan about Ahmad Nur Kabuli


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Who is Dr. Abdus Sattar Shah?

Dr. Abdus Sattar Shah was a British government official employee, he worked as some type of doctor.  Syed Abdus Latif had already been sending him to Qadian for a few years, nevertheless,
Dr. Abdus Sattar Shah accompanied Syed Abdul Latif on his visit to Qadian in late 1902.  By 1907, he was chosen to give his infant daughter in marriage for MGA’s dying son, Mirza Mubarak Ahmad.  They were married per some weird desi custom wherein marrying off a dying kid might somehow save his life.  He sided with the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s and remained loyal to the Mirza family after 1914.  In the 1917-1921 era, he agreed to marry off the same daughter (who had already married Mirza Mubarak Ahmad) to the Khalifa.  She was very young, barely 10-11 years old.  She is the famous mother of Mirza Tahir Ahmad, she was affectionately called Umme-Tahir by her inner circle and outer circle of Ahmadi’s.  Syeda Maryam was dead by 1944, her cause of death is unknown, she was roughly 37.  A great-grand-daughter of Dr. Abdus Sattar Shah is Fauzia Faizi, she recently gave an interview wherein she exposed the level of incest and rape that existed in the household of Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad.  Fauzia Faizi is the niece of Mirza Tahir Ahmad, her mom’s female cousin is married to Mirza Tahir Ahmad.  Fauzia Faizi is also a second or third cousin of Mirza Masroor Ahmad’s wife (Subuhee or Amatul Sabooh).

The children of Dr. Syed Abdus Sattar Shah, he had 8 children, 5 boys and 3 girls
1—Syed Wali-Ullah Shah, he married a woman was half turkish and half Syrian (the grandfather of Fauzia Faizi), Fauzia Faizi’s mother was Seema, his eldest daughter, he had 7 children in total.
2—Syeda Maryam (married to the 4th Khalifa, Mirza Tahir Ahmad)(died 1944)(Fauzia Faizi’s mom’s first cousin was Mirza Tahir Ahmad)
3—Hafiz Syed Mahmood Ullah
———————Grandson–Syed Dawood Muzaffer, he married the sister of Mirza Tahir Ahmad

The Khalifa, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad see’s Maryam walking in Qadian, he soon asks to marry her (1917)
Maryam was barely 10 years old, the Khalifa saw her walking in Qadian and seems to have fell in love.  He married her officially 4 years later in 1921 (see Fazl e Omar, page 215).  We think she was 14 at the time that she was taken home by the Khalifa.

She seems to be the same age as Amtul Hai
Syeda Maryam became the 3rd wife of the Khalifa.  We are not sure if she was given a separate house or not.  Amtul Hai must have been close by, we are also unclear on her living arrangements.  Amtul Hai was roughly 17-18 in this era.  In Fazl-e-Omar we are told that Syeda Maryam famously didn’t get along with both of her husbands wives.  The Khalifa left British-India for the UK in 1924, while he was gone, both of his young wives seem to have written letters begging for help, they claimed that the Khalifa was raping their daughters and etc.

Amtul Hai dies mysteriously in 1924, after the Khalifa returns from London

Syeda Maryam dies in 1944, Mirza Tahir Ahmad is 17 years old
The cause of death is not officially given.  Nor are the details given.  A few weeks after she died, the Khalifa married another woman, thus bringing his current wife count to 4.  WIFE #7
Bushra Begum aka Mehar Appa, married on 24 July 1944, daughter of Syed Aziz Ahmad Shah

NO children.

Random Stories from Ahmadiyya literature
MGA told Dr. Syed Abdus Sattar Shah about a revelation (roughly after 1902)

“”Dr. Sayyed ‘Abdus-Sattar Shah narrates that the Promised Messiahas said:

Very close to this Minaret, two angels appeared before me [in a vision]. They had with them two sweet loaves of bread. They gave those loaves to me, saying: One is for you and the other is for your followers.””1274 [Siratul-Mahdi, part 3, Riwayat no. 885, p. 263]

1274 note—Note by Hadrat Maulana Jalal-ud-Din Shamsra: This dream is published under About 1874, page 23, where one angel and a nan is mentioned; and word dervishes is used instead of followers. If it is the same dream, there may be some lapse in the memory of the narrator. Or it may be a different vision. [Allah knows best.]

(((See 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, page 1063)))

Dr. Syed Abdus Sattar Shah gets beat up for the cause of Ahmadiyya, but converts someone in the process
In this book, compiled by Ahmadi’s, it is written how Dr. Shah argued with a Non-Ahmadi Muslim, until his head was busted open.  The person who busted his head open feared that he was going to get arrested and given 20+ years in jail.  That person then converted to Ahmadiyya and NO crime was ever reported.  Its a fish story.


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Hadrat Doctor ‘Abdus Sattar Shah Sahib, Compiled by Ahmad Tahir Mirza, p. 63, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyyah, Pakistan

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Who is Maulana Ghulam Hasan Khan Niazi?


Maulana Ghulam Hasan Khan Niazi was the first person of Peshwari descent to convert to Ahmadiyya.  He famously got many other pathan’s to convert to Ahmadiyya.  He married his daughter to Mirza Bashir Ahmad in 1902.  The age of his daughter is unknown, we have to assume that she was less than 12.  This photograph was taken during Lord Headley’s visit to India during 1927/28. He is on the left, with Maulana Ghulam Hasan Khan of Peshawar, who was a prominent figure in the Ahmadiyya Movement since the time of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

He introduced Ahmadiyya to Syed Abdul Latif

He gives his daughter to MGA’s son, Mirza Bashir Ahmad

When Noorudin became Khalifa in 1908
Maulana Ghulam Hasan Khan was the most famous Ahmadi who refused to give his bait to Noorudin in 1908, he stayed in this condition until 1914.  After the election of the 2nd Khalifa, he sided with the Lahori-Ahmadi’s and seems to have never returned to Qadian.

After 1914
All of his other children were married off to Lahori-Ahmadis.

On 8th November, 1928 Maulana Ghulam Hassan Khan Niazi’s son, Abdul Lateef Khan, was married to the daughter of Dr. Mirza Yaqub Beg (of the Lahori faction).

He accused Muhammad Ali and other prominent Lahori-Ahmadi’s of misappropriation of monies.

He shocked the Lahori-Ahmadi’s as he moved to Qadian and entered the bait of the Khalifa and was buried in Bahishti Maqbara.  In addition to these sons and three daughters, Maulana Ghulam Hassan Khan at the time of his death in 1942 was survived by 29 paternal grandsons and 24 sons and daughters by his three daughters.

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Reference: The Hope Bulletin of May 2009, SEE

[The biography of Maulana Ghulam Hassan Khan Niazi was published in 1960 under the title of Hayat-e-Hassan” and is available in the Central Anjuman’s library at Darussalam, New Garden Town, Lahore.]

Translated and adapted by Akthar Masud Chaudary, Secretary, AAIIL, Hayward, CA, USA

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Who is Dr. Mir Muhammad Isma‘il (1882–1943/1947)? The brother-in-law of MGA

Dr. Sayyad Mir Muhammad Isma’il or spelled Syed Meer Muhammad Ismail was the younger brother of MGA’s second wife Nusrat Jehan, and the elder son of Mir Nasir Nawab.  He had a younger brother named Muhammad Ishaq.  Per MGA, Dr. Mir Muhammad Isma’il was roughly 10 years old in 1892.  Thus he was born in 1882 and only 2 years old when his elder sister got married to MGA.  He also narrated some famous traditions about MGA which were recorded into Seeratul Mahdi.  He died on July 18th, 1943, just a year before his younger brother, he was aged 61, which is relatively young.  He had 2 wives, his first wife of Syed Shaukhat Sultana, who was a close relative, most likely a cousin, however, there were no children from this marriage.  He married again to the daughter of Mirza Muhammad Shafi (a member of the Sadr Anjuman in Qadian), his daughter’s name was Amtul Latif.  They had 10 children together, 7 girls and 3 boys.  She was born in 1902 and died on 16 September 1964.  On the instigation/arrangement of Hazrat Amaan Jan (nusrat Jehan) Mir M Ismaeel married her in 1917 at the time when he was assistant surgeon in Civil Hospital of Paniput.

After MGA’s famous debate with Abdullah Athim, ahmadiyya sources report that Mir Muhammad Ismail left Ahmadiyya.  However, this is strange since he lived at Qadian and inside MGA’s house and was barely 11 years old.

He claims that MGA used to lead prayers inside of their house (they all lived together, he claims that MGA would lead prayers for the ladies of the house and the small kids.

He was sent to study medicine in 1900
Ahmadiyya sources tell us that his sister (the wife of MGA) bore the full expenses of his education.  However, its likely that chanda money was used to pay for his education, since his father was unemployed and received no pension.  His sister had no money either, in those days, women weren’t given money to spend at their own whims.

1900–Khutbah Ilhamiya
Ahmadiyya sources tell us that he was present in Qadian during Khutbah Ilhamiya and even memorized the material, which seems to be a lie.

Oct 2 1902–Oct 5th, 1902
He traveled from Qadian to District Saharanpur (UP) with Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad, his father (Mir Nasir Nawab) and Noorudin to perform the marriage ceremony of Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud’s Ahmad’s only sister-law from his first marriage.   Dr. Rasheed ud Din  received them at the train station (See Fazl-e-Omar, online english edition).  He had only 2 daughters, no sons, the elder daughter had married off to Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad earlier in the year.

He was appointed as 1 of only 14 senior ranking Ahmadi’s to the newly formed Sadr Anjuman.

He began working as an assistant surgeon.

May 25, 1908
MGA died and Dr. Mir Muhammad Ismail was not able to make it to Qadian.  He must have been in an area that was experiencing flooding and plague and was thus unable to leave.  Instead, he wrote a letter to his sister (MGA’s wife).

He gets married a second time.
Daughter–Syeda Maryam Siddiqua–married to the Khalifa in 1935
Daughter–Amtul Sahiba—married to Pir Salaud deen marhoum
Daughter—Tayyabba Sahiba—married to Nawab Mansoor Ahmad Khan Marhoum
Daughter–Amtul Qadooos—married Mirza Wasim Ahmad (her first cousin, a son of the Khalifa)
Daughter–Amtul Rafiq Sahiba–married to Hazratullah Pasha Sahib
Daughter–Amtul Sami Sahiba—married to Mirza Rafi Ahmad
Daughter–Amtul Hadi Sahiba—-married to Pir Zia ud Din
Son—Syed Muhammad Ahmad—
Son—Syed Tahir Ahmad Nasir—
Son—Syed Amin Ahmad—-

His eldest child, Syeda Maryam Siddiqua is born.

1935–His daughter
She was married off to the Khalifa on September 30th, 1935 (see Fazle Omar, online english edition, see pages 221–223).  Her age at the time of marriage is unknown, the Khalifa was 46 years old, and this was a replacement wife, the Khalifa already had 4 wives, however, one of them had died in 1934, so there was an opening.  Again in 1944, another wife of the Khalifa died, the Khalifa married again in just a few months.  Ahmadiyya sources tell us that she was the main scribe for the Khalifa as he dictated his famous Urdu-only commentaries of the Quran.

1933 29 January, page 9–Dr. Sayyed Muhammad Isma’il’s comments on his life before Ahmadiyya

Title: My Condition before becoming Ahmadi

“”””At the time, that I was not ahmadi, I do not want to reveal all the details, but my NATURE was:

I was displeased from Salat, mutinous from Holy Quran, disgusted with Fasting, foul mouth, (bud zabaan), shameless (bud Lagaam), corrupt with immoral behavior, (bud chalan), sinful (bud kaar).  I did not refrain from alcohol, or stayed away from bad (gandi) gatherings, was miser without boundaries. Never gave a penny in the name of Allah apart from spending money on self, wife and children, and on personal entertainments and enjoyments (khail tamasha).  Apart from frightening and pointless dreams, never saw a good dream.

Never sat in the company of pious person and always joined in with bad, immoral and faithless people.  I was very hard hearted, selfish, cruel natured, bad tempered, rude, bitter, rebellious and arrogant person.  Never sat in the company of pious people.  The talk in our meetings used to be, of the beauty of “Non Mehram women”, backbiting, making mischief, and creating conflicts.

Purpose of our life was to eat, sleep and sexual acts. Never remembered God. Discussions about deen, was reduced to making jokes and laughed about. Respect for my elders and parents set aside, they all were afraid and trembled from me.  Concerning the employment and the earnings, squeezed very last penny earned by unfair means (he would grab every single penny). Never slept peacefully at night, until I received bribes.  Stealing, I would acquire/confiscate any expensive, precious and of top quality, available from the government property. If those were already noted in a register, I would replace those with my old, broken and tattered things of the same name.  I would mingle and keep friends, with cruel natured, influential and powerful people, and arranged and inflicted huge cruelties on innocent people.

Forced poor people to sell their houses to pay for bribes.  Got the innocent girls/women raped.  Inflicted injuries on physically weak people and innocent children with poles (danda)and cain.  Conspired, instigate and arranged with greedy, vagabonds and scoundrels of the local area, and incited them to inflict the thefts in the local town (mahala).

The scan

He writes about the Khalifa as follows:

“””One major allegation is that Khalifa [MMA] is promiscuous. About this I would say that I am a physician, and I know that those people who are promiscuous and indulge in promiscuity even for few days, their condition becomes what is called in English language ‘wreck’. Such person’s brain does not work. His intelligence is messed up. His movements are not normal. In short his all powers are destroyed. By observing him from his head to toe, immediately makes it clear that this man has destroyed himself by indulging himself in to promiscuity. Therefore it is said, “Adultery uproots the person from his foundation (Quote from Holy Quran)”””” “. Reference: Al-Fazil. July 10, 1937

Scan about his marriage
Tarikh e Ahmadiyyat Vol 22 655 (1)

He dies and is buried in Qadian (See this video, at the 48:16 mark specifically—  However, Tarikh-e-Ahmadiyya claims that he died on July 18th, 1947.  Nevertheless, he is buried in Qadian and was forced to do Wasiyyat before he died just so that he could be buried in Bahishti Maqbara, he wasn’t exempt, since only the children of MGA were exempt.

The scan about his death from Tarikh-e-Ahmadiyya
Tarikh e Ahmadiyyat Vol 22 655

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