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In a fit of rage, Qadiani-Ahmadi Maulvi Razi ullah does Takfir of Adnan Rashid

Qadiani-Ahmadi Maulvi Razi ullah has totally lost it since the Dawah Wise youtube channel asked him to remove their content. Razi immediately made a video with Noonie, Yo yo Khan, Khurram, Maulvi Abufour and a few other Maulvi’s wherein he takfeered Adnan Rashid and etc.

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In a rage of jealousy, Razi does Takfir of #Ahmadiyyafactcheckblog

Razi has been raging about my appearance on the Dawah Wise youtube channel. Below are his tweets wherein he says I am non-Muslim, and remember, Ahmadi’s claim persecution on the same topic, i.e., being declared as non-Muslim.

Further, I asked Adnan about his comments on “Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya”, he has created a clip on his twitter channel herein. A longer clip can be found herein on Adnan Rashid’s youtube channel.

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Did Noorudin do Takfir in 1910?

Ahmadiyya sources have published a scan of the Al-Hakam of 1910 wherein the 1st Khalifa (Noorudin) seems to indicate that only Qadiani’s fall into the category of Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah. We are unsure of the context, Ahmadiyya sources didn’t give it. You can read the full Ahmadiyya Takfir timeline herein.

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Even Yohanan Friedman (2022) admits that MGA did Takfir against ALL Muslims

Recently, the Israeli orientalist, Yohanan Friedmann, Professor Emeritus of Islamic Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem – known in his field as an authority on the Ahmadiyya Movement through his work Prophecy Continuous – published his latest monograph entitled Messianic Ideas and Movements in Sunnī Islam. As expected, he devotes a chapter to the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, alongside three other claimants to mahdihood.

In this recent book, “Messianic Ideas and Movements in Sunnī Islam” (2022), he rightfully accuses MGA of doing Takfir, this was the 3rd book wherein he did this, the other 2 are Prophecy Continuous (1989) and a book chapter entitled Conversion, Apostasy and Excommunication in the Islamic Tradition (2016).

Interestingly, some Ahmadi’s agree that since MGA was a prophet (and Mahdi) his rejection equals kufr (see the quranic verses on the rejection of a prophet, via Mirza Bashir Ahmad). However, this Ahmadi, Iftekhar Ahmed, argues that MGA never did Takfir. He is a rookie, he doesn’t know that in 1923, the 2nd Khalifa told Ahmadi’s to stop doing open Takfir.

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Qadiani-Ahmadi murrabi keeps doing Takfir against #Ahmadiyyafactcheckblog, Khurram Shah too

Razi ullah Noman is the infamous Qadiani-Ahmadi murrabi in-training, who goes around and accuses Muslims of blasphemy and then he does Takfir on them. After getting totally demolished by #Faridresponds, Razi has gotten desperate and is making wild allegations and thus disproving the ahmadiyya persecution narrative. Khurram Shah followed with his own Takfir. This proves further how Ahmadi’s see all Muslims as Kafirs and only Qadiani-Ahmadi’s as the saved people. In their hearts, Ahmadi’s are evil people and only pretend to be nice to the western powers to get asylum and other business perks. 

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Imam Al-Ghazzali did Takfir of Ibn Arabi

Watch Bro Haji’s explanation herein. Ibn Arabi was a total deviant and shouldn’t be read for Islam, some Sufi’s might have quoted him without knowing his full aqida. In the below, I have copied and pasted the data. Ghazzali is also mentioned in the ROR of Feb-1942.

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The #Ahmadiyya Takfir timeline

In the below, we have chronologically catalogued how MGA did Takfir against Muslims and vice versa. It should be noted that MGA never quoted 4:94 (4:95 in the Qadiani Quran), thus, his comments on this verse are unknown. Obviously, this verse and the hadith of this nature refer to war time and how a Muslim shouldn’t suspect that a new Muslim had fake converted to Islam.

It should be noted that MGA did Takfir in 1891 (of Muslims who believe in abrogation). In 1902, MGA did Takfir on Shia’s and called their beliefs as shirk. In 1899, in Tiryaq ul Qulub, MGA said Kafirs are only those who deny law-bearing prophets, and since MGA wasn’t a law-bearing prophet, his deniers were not Kafir. However, MGA claimed prophethood in 1900-1901 and his attitude changed. In 1902, via Tohfa Tun Nadwah, MGA said Muslims are accountable for denying him. In 1906-1907 (via Haqiqatul Wahy), MGA denied write a letter to Dr. Khan wherein he did Takfir, however, a few pages later, MGA called Muslim’s who believe that Eisa (As) hasn’t died yet as committing shirk. Thus, MGA was basically doing Takfir 3-4 different ways in 1906-1907. By 1911, MGA’s son, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad was authenticating the letter to Dr. Khan and thus contradicted MGA. By 1923, the 2nd Khalifa told Ahmadi’s to stop doing Takfir to Muslims, and to do it silently and discreetly. Even in 2023, the same policy is in effect, Ahmadi’s call 1.5 billion Muslims as Kafir’s under their breath and thus lie.
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In 1902, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad openly did Takfir on all Shia’s

In 1902, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad seems to have started a war with Ayatollah Syed Ali Al-Hairi, who was a shia-Muslim in the Punjab. This led to MGA doing Takfir for the first time ever. MGA specifically targeted Ayatollah Syed Ali Al-Hairi of Lahore son of Ayatollah Syed Abul Qasim Razvi Date Of Birth: 1879 Place Of Birth: Lahore Passed away: 28 June, 1941. In 1995, these brothers created the Allama Hairi Trust. See also the ROR of Sep-1943, this is a quote from Malfuzat, MGA alleges that one of his teachers was Shia and would abuse Abdul Qadir Geelanee.
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Shiekh Ahmad Sirhindi did Takfir on Shia’s and said that all prophethood was law-bearing

Some silly #ahmadis think that Sirhindi supported the prophethood of MGA, that is a total fabrication, Sirhindi believed that 1/46th of prophethood remained and =muhadas, which was exactly what MGA claimed from 1880 to 1900. However, in 1901, MGA claimed to be an Ummati Nabi and back dated it to 1880. Nevertheless, we have an important study on Sirhindi Hwand have archived it in the below for future discovery. He wrote about Shia’s and how he thought they were Kafirs, he wrote about the 73-sect hadith. Sirhindi also holds that the
Q ur‘an, the Sunnah o f the Prophet, the Ijtihad and Ijm a‘ (concensus of opinion o f the jurists) are the only means to determine what things are halal (legal) or haram (illegal) and what acts are right or wrong.
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