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"Tazkiratul Mahdi"

What is “Tazkiratul Mahdi” by Pir Siraj ul haq Nu’mani (1915)???

This book seems to have been purposely lost by Ahmadiyya leadership.  It has many controversial stories in it.

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An Excerpt, taken from Upal (page 128)

One day I asked Hazrat Aqdas (as) [i.e., Mirza Ghulam Ahmad] “Hazoor, what do you say about the wahabi ghair-muqalads? Are they an impure sect? (I used to be a strongly prejudiced Hanafi back then).”

On listening to this, he smiled but stayed silent and didn’t say a word.

Next day, when I asked him again he said, “that sect is also from God and is not bad. When
people stressed taqlid and Hanafism so much that they turned the four saints into prophets then God created this sect with his wisdom so that muqallids return to the right path and become balanced.  The only thing bad about them is that each of them has become a mujtahid and an imam and started calling the four imams bad.“

I asked, “what do you think about the founder and the leader of this sect, Moulavi Nazir

He said, “I have good impression of Moulavi Nazir Hussain and he is also a waliullah.”
I said that “Huzoor, I should ask for forgiveness for many bad things that I have uttered about
Nazir Hussain”…

I traveled to Qadian, I said I am coming from Qadian. He asked, “did you also meet Mirza Ghulam
Ahmad? “ I said, “Yes I just came from his place.” He said, “It’s good that you went there and met
him. He is a holy person similar to the holy people of the past”… He said, “if you go to Qadian,
then convey my salam greetings in accordance with the Sunnah of the holy prophet.” (Numani,
1915: 214-215)

Tadhkirah, 2009 edition, refers to it
If you flip to the final pages of Tadhkirah, the 2009 edition, you will some references.  See pages 1064-1067.


The Ahmadi-cleric, Maulvi Syed Muhammad Sarwar Shah was an opium addict!!!–Nu’mani, Sirajulhaq (1915). Tazkiratul Mahdi. Qadian, India: Zia-ul-Islam Press


My team recently found a rare book written by Ahmadis, and about Ahmadis and from the earliest period in Ahmadiyya.  Its called Tazkiratul Mahdi, it was written by Sahibzada Sirajul Haq, and very early on in this history of Ahmadiyya, in fact, Upal recently quoted it.  Nu’mani, Sirajulhaq (1915). Tazkiratul Mahdi. Qadian, India: Zia-ul-Islam Press. See Upal’s bibliography, page 128 of the book.  His grandson married a daughter of Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad.  Maulvi Syed Sarwar Shah sahib had son named Syed Mubarik Shah. He lives in Hamburg, Germany. He is age fellow of Professor Chaudhry Ghulam Rasool sahib. They know each other from the days in Qadian. Until his last visit to USA in 2012 Professor sahib talked to Syed Mubarik Shah on telephone, in this writers presence. According to professor sahib, QK2 made sure that Syed Mubarik Shah does not get formal education and able to live good independent life as respected person. QK2 also made him part of inner circle of orgies and immorality. On telephone he used to repent on his life of sin he spent in company of QK2. During life of marhoom Abdul Mannan Omsar sahib, Syed Mubarik Shah use to call him and literally cry and ask him to pray for his forgiveness. In the literature produced by Haqqiqat Passand Party there is detail of  horrific disrespect of Holy Quran, involving QK2, his wife Maryam Begum, and young teenage boy Syed Mubarik Shah.

Summary of the quote
Molvi Syed Muhammad Sarwar Shah was a opium Addict. Pir Sirajul Haq Nu’mani writes in his book Tazkiratul Mahdi page 7 part 1 that Molvi Syed Muhammad Sarwar Shah used opium in great quantity. But he left it at the time of Baiat with MGAQ.

When did Sarwar Shah join Ahmadiyya? 
He wasn’t on the list of 313 Ahmadis in 1896.  He seems to have joined some time between 1899–1904.  He was a Deobandi-type-of Muslim before then.  Later on, he became an official ghost writer and companion of MGA, and then a teacher of Mahmud Ahmad, who eventually became the Khalifa in 1914.

Sarwar Shah hated the Lahori-Ahmadis
Sarwar Shah must have been told to write fake stories about the enemies of the Qadianis.


Hadrat Khalifatul Masih IIra related the following dream of the Promised Messiahas in his speech:

There was a throne laid out on the top of the small mosque and I was sitting on it and with me was Maulavi Nur-ud- Din. One person (whose name need not be disclosed)1271 began to attack us wildly. I said to someone: ‘Catch hold of him and expel him from the mosque.’ He pushed him down the stairs and he went away running. Bear in mind that the interpretation of a mosque is the community.

[Barakat-e-Khilafat, Speech of Hadrat Khalifatul Masih IIra, p. 31]

1271—-Note by Hadrat Maulana Jalal-ud-Din Shamsra: In his book Kashful-Ikhtilaf, Hadrat Maulavi Sayyed Sarwar Shahra (published February 1920, page 12) records this dream and adds that the man was Khwajah Kamal-ud-Din. When he was proposing a pact with the newspaper Watan, the Promised Messiahas said that he had seen dreams of warnings about him.

The scans

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Angels dance and sing for Mirza Ghulam Ahmad


Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was an opium addict.  When he was growing up, his teachers took opium, so did Noorudin, Sarwar Shah and mostly all of MGA’s inner circle, aka his team, MGA even gave pure opium to Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad when he was just an infant.

Side effects of Opium is crazy dreams
It is a medical fact, that if anyone takes opium, they will have crazy dreams, this explains all of MGA’s dreams that were recorded.  It must be noted that most of the controversial dreams/visions of MGA were deleted by MGA’s team.  However, my team has uncovered yet another dream from an old biography of MGA.

The dream
“”Peer Sirajul Haq a close associate of MGAQ in his book Tazkiratul Mahdi at page No. 47 part 1, writes that once he had a dialogue with Mir Nasir Nawab. I told him the correct word is peer e peeran (biggest peer) not peeran e peer. Then He says he went to Hazrat sb (MGAQ) for routine matter, hazrat sb, MGAQ told him that once at night i was lying at the veranda of my house I saw a malkooti Kashf (angel site) that many angels wearing beautiful dresses, were orbiting around me singing and dancing. The angels were orbiting around me in a way that each angel, while passing in front of me, does extend his arm pointing toward me and reciting verse from the poetry and the last line of poetry ends at word peer e peeran.””

The scan work

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was always giving poison to his followers!!!! SMH

MGA was drugging all of his followers with opium and other drugs.  Back in those days, people prayed for cures. since technology wasn’t advanced yet.  People would take medicines from their religious peers and see it as a sign of God, if they were cured.  Read my other essays here:



Sahibzada Sirajul Haq in his book Tazkiratul Mahdi at page no 10 part 1 writes that:-

“””It was the month of Ramazan when I got severe toothache Hakim Nooruddin and Dr. Abdullah gave and applied many medicines but to no avail. When the pain increased and condition deteriorated, next morning I went to Hazrat Sb (MGAQ), Hazrat sb got restless to see my condition. He opened his “Sandooq” (wooden box) and picked out a bottle of Quinine. He put few grams on his hand, mixed little water into it and rolled it over palm to make it into a pill (goli). Then he put the pill into my mouth with his own hand and asked me to swallow it. He filled water in a glass and presented to me and said drink the water. Then he said Quinine is a cure for all diseases. Allah will cure u too with it.So I got well within a couple of minutes.
Afterward once I got the same pain i had quinine myself but that did not work. So I perceived that it was the hand of hazrat sb that cured not the Quinine.”””

The scan

What is Quinnine??


Quinine Warnings

Quinine can cause serious side effects on your heart, kidneys, or blood cells. Stop taking this medicine and call your doctor immediately if you have the following symptoms:

  • Headache with chest pain and severe dizziness
  • Fast or pounding heartbeats
  • Unusual bruising or bleeding (nosebleeds, bleeding gums, purple or red spots under your skin) signs of infection (fever, chills, mouth sores)
  • Severe lower back pain
  • Blood in your urine

You should not take quinine if you haven taken quinine in the past, and it caused a blood cell disorder or severe bleeding. Quinine should not be used if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Long QT syndrome (a heart rhythm disorder)
  • Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (a genetic enzyme deficiency)
  • Myasthenia gravis (a chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disease)
  • Optic neuritis (inflammation of the nerves in your eyes)

To make sure quinine is safe for you, tell your doctor if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Heart disease or a heart rhythm disorder
  • Low levels of platelets in your blood
  • Low potassium levels in your blood (hypokalemia)
  • Liver or kidney disease

Pregnancy and Quinine

It is not known whether quinine will harm an unborn baby. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant while using this medication.

Quinine can pass into breast milk and may harm a nursing baby. Tell your doctor if you are breastfeeding or plan on breastfeeding.

Efficacy and safety in children under the age of 16 has not been proven, so consult your doctor before using in children.

Who is Molvi Abdur Rahim of Kashmir?

He was the son of Molvi Abdullah Wakil. He was born in 1907. He was arrested in 1931, at age 24, with Shaikh Abdullah and another Ahmadi, Ghulam Nabi Gilkar. His father Molvi Abdullah Wakil was an Ahmadi, however, by the time he died, he was a Bahai, its all a big mystery. Thus, we are unsure if Molvi Abdur Rahim was an Ahmadi or not. In 1934, he was appointed as a judge by Maharaja Hari Singh. His death is totally unknown. His name is sometimes listed as Molvi Abdul Rahim.

Sheikh Abdullah with other leaders of the 1931 agitation.
Sitting R to L: Sardar Gohar Rehman, Mistri Yaqoob Ali, Sheikh Abdullah, Chaudhary Ghulam Abbas. Standing. R:Molvi AbdurRahim, L:Ghulam Nabi Gilkar

Page from Civil List of 1945 shows at Sr. No 5 that Abdur Rahim(Molvi Abdul Rahim in photograph at left) one of the leaders of the 1931 agitation was appointed as a judge by the Maharaja in 1934.This proves that the agitation was for democratic reforms and not directed against the Maharaja. Even “Naya Kashmir” memorandum envisages a constitutional monarchy with the Maharaja as the head of State

Scanned picture of notes on the margin of Kant’s “Prolegmena” written by Molvi Abdul Rahim. The leaders of the 1931 agitation were Avant Garde lawyers and philosophers like Molvi Abdul Rahim M.A.(Phil)LL.B and scientists like Sheikh Abdullah M.Sc.(Chemistry). The agitation was for political and social empowerment for the subjugated majority( 80% of the subjects happened to be Muslims) of a feudal State and had no religious underpinnings or bias.(See Pandit Gwash Lal’s Clarion Call in Talk:Naya Kashmir)That is why the name of Muslim Conference was later changed to National Conference.The scanned pages are from a copy of the book belonging to Molvi Abdul Rahim which is in my possession.

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Heroes of Kashmir : Molvi Muhammad Abdullah Vakil,_Srinagar

‘Reading Room’ was brainchild of Molvi Abdullah Vakil

A Hidden Truth

Who is Molvi Muhammad Abdullah Vakil? Died in 1946 as a Bahai

Molvi Muhammad Abdullah Vakil was a lawyer who lived in Kashmir and the Punjab from roughly 1880 to 1948. He seems to have been an Ahmadi from very early on (the 1890’s), his father was Muhammad Siddique Lone and he belonged to the Gatipora area of Shopian, Ahmadi’s claim that he was really from Rajouri, India. He appears to have been friends with Haji Umar Dar, who’s village was 10 miles from the Shopian area. However, he is not mentioned in the famous list of 313 Ahmadi’s in 1896. Per Khawaja Ghulam Abdul Ghaffar, he completed his Munshi Fazl degree in Qadian (year unknown). He became a teacher at the famous Talim ul Islam High School in Qadian and was even the teacher of MGA’s sons.

He appears in Ahmadiyya history in 1898 as he allegedly tells MGA that the tomb of Yuz Asaf actually belongs to Esa (as) (see page 17), 40+  years (in 1946) later he tells the world how MGA edited his letter and lied about the entire incident. In 1931, he started the famous “Reading Room” in Kashmir. He also worked closely with Shaikh Abdullah, the Lion of Kashmir in the Kashmir riots of 1931 which led to the Glancy commission report and forced the Prime Minister to resign. In the 1930’s and when he died, his family specifically had to clear up the issue of whether he was an Ahmadi or not. His son was Molvi Bashir. By the early 1940’s, he seems to have become a Lahori-Ahmadi. He died in 1948, as a member of the Bahai’s (see the Bahai World, online 1981 edition, see pages 515-516).

His wives?
Per Khawaja Abdul Ghaffar Kashmiri, he had 2 wives (at the 24:00 mark). They were the sister’s of Khwaja Abdur Rahman.

He wrote his own biography
Most of his biography online comes from his book, “Hamara Adab”. As well as Shaikh Abdullah’s book, “Aatish-e-Chinar”. His connections with Ahmadiyya are heavily mentioned in these 2 sources. See also, “Tareekh-Jung-e-Azadi-Kashmir” by Munshi Nazir ud Din.

MGA and his team concocted many stories about Islam and the many religions of the world.  Their most embarrassing embellishment is the story of Yuz Asaf.  We have already connected a person by the name of Khalifa Noorudin Jamooni (not to be confused with Maulvi Noorudin), who was also involved in concocting this embarrassing story. John Rippon was correct when he called Ahmadi’s as academically dishonest. Max Muller also refuted Jesus in India. Pappas also called Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his team as academically dishonest.  MGA and his team of writers publishes an edited letter from Maulvi Abdullah to MGA in terms of the Yuz Asaf grave. This letter was published in MGA’s 1898 book, “Raz i Haqiqat” in english as “A Hidden Truth”. 40+ years later he wrote about how MGA edited his letter and mis-represented him about this tomb.

On October 29-30th, Syed Muhammad Sarwar Shah and Maulavi Abdullah Kashmiri were to represent the Ahmadis at a debate, and Maulavi Sanaullah the other party. The debate was held in the open under a banyan tree. There were only three Ahmadis at the debate and over 600 non-Ahmadis were present. Maulavi Sanaullah Amritsari told the villagers that the Ahmadis were afraid of debates.

1902–November 2nd
Molvi Abdullah and Sarwar Shah arrive at Qadian and give MGA the report of what happened with the debate with Sanaullah.

1902–November 15
MGA publishes his famous book, “Ijaz i Ahmadi“, which mentions Molvi Abdullah and Sarwar Shah‘s debate of October. MGA also publishes a reward announcement, which is silly and absurd.

He started the famous “Reading Room” in Kashmir. He also worked closely with Shaikh Abdullah, the Lion of Kashmir in the Kashmir riots of 1931 which led to the Glancy commission report and forced the Prime Minister to resign. The martyrs of July 13, 1931 were taken to Jamia Masjid after the police opened fire and 22 people were killed and hundreds injured. The bodies of the martyrs were laid in the shrine compound of Khawaja Naqashband Sahab R.A Khawaja Bazar Srinagar where Sheikh Abdullah, Mirwaiz Maulvi Muhammad Yusuf Shah and other leaders started delivering speeches against Maharaja Hari Singh.  Molvi Abdullah was the lawyer for Shaikh Abdullah in court.

He becomes a Lahori-Ahmadi (at the 24:00 mark).  

1945–Maulvi Abdullah wrote to the Ahmadi Khalifa exposing how his letter was edited
In response to MGA, Molvi Abdullah Kashmiri added a chapter Sholatunnar (Flame of Hellfire) in his Risal Mayar e Haq and catagorically denied to have reported this. He said in his letter of 1898 he never reported the grave to be of Essa a.s rather it was the MGAQ’s own fabrication. Mirza sb published his letter in his book Raaz e Haqiqat (1898). He said he does not know why his letter was amended. All he knows is that his letter did not contain what MGAQ has published.

Molvi Abdullah Kashmiri Says Mirza did not stop here but he sent letters to Egyptian Scholars containing this fabricated story of Yuz Asaf grave being the grave of Esa on the authority of my report and bearing witnesses of prominent Ulema of Kashmir including Mirwaiz Molvi Rasul all of whom were Sunni and believed Esa as to have been ascended to skies. This sent a wave of shock among Egyptian scholars like Allama Rasheed Raza of Egypt mentioned it in his book. But all it was a fraud by MGAQ.

On this denial by Molvi Muhammad Abdullah Kashmiri the Mirzai party objected as to why he remained silent for a long period of time. He says that he had become a blind in the love and affection of Masih e Maoud. The high status of Masih e Moud did not give him courage to say something on it.

However, on 25-10-1945 he wrote a letter to the Khalifa Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad seeking clarification as to why Mirza sb amended his letter, he asked him to provide references vide his reply dated 14-11-1945. The requisite references were provided to him. However he did not respond to it ever. Molvi Abdullah Kashmiri says if the scholars of Kashmir like Mirwaiz confirm that this grave of Yuz asaf is the grave of Essa a.s, he would publish his apology and pay a fine of Rs 500/- to Mirzaiyya.

1948–April 12th
He dies.  He was buried in a Muslim cemetary in Barzulla, which is close to the famous Jamia Masjid. He was buried with all the religous rites of a member of the Bahai, he seems to have been a secret member of theirs for many years. In the 1981 edition of the Bahai’ world, he is mentioned on pages 515-516.

His book–1945
Sholatun Naar aur Maqbara Khanyar by Molvi Abdullah Wakeel

Sholatun Naar aur Maqbara Khanyar by Molvi Abdullah Wakeel

The relevant scans

Some additional books

Index – Introduction by Mr Kondu

Book 1 – Khabr al-Sahih un Qabr al-Maseeh by Ibrahim Sialkoti, 1910

Book 2 – Tardeed-e-Qabr Maseeh der Kashmir by Munshi Pir Bakhsh 1920

Book 3 – Hazrat Maseeh kee qabr Kashmir Mein Nahee by Molvi Habibullah, 1933

Book 4 – al-Ta’aruf ba Yuz Asuf by Nurul Haq Alvi

Book 5 – Halaat Yuz Asuf by Mohammed Shah, Mufti and Historian

Book 6 – Maqbara-e-Ahmadiyyat – Maulana Saaduddin Atiq

Book 7 – Sholatun Naar aur Maqbara Khanyar by Molvi Abdullah Wakeel

Book 8 – Srinagar Kashmir aur Maseeh Qadiani

The work of Shams ud Din
Recently, an Ex-Ahmadi, Shams ud Din researched this topic and posted his results. Shams ud Din found the book “Rahul ul Hayat” by Allama Muhammad Bakir, there is an urdu translation called, “Ainul Hayat”. On page 361, it is written that Yuz Asaf had a father in Kashmir. This immediately cancelled Yuz Asaf becoming Esa (As), since Esa (as) historically never had a father. Yuz Asaf was the son of a King and was able to live a life of excess. MGA never mentioned any of this. Yuz Asaf’s dad was a drunkard, and even prayed to idols.

A free download of Ainul Hayat
Ainul Hayat

The tombmaster website, roughly 1992–2002
It is a strange coincidence that a few years back another very vocal proponent of Grave of Jesus in Kashmir, Mr. Abu Bakr – the Tombmaster, also embraced Bahaism when he lost faith in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. He created and operated a now defunct website called tombmaster. He was a Qadiani-Ahmadi and on this website, he supported the Ahmadi belief that Yus Asaf=esa.

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A Hidden Truth

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Maulvi Sarwar Shah (Qadiani-Ahmadi) vs. the Lahori-Ahmadi’s

Dear readers, we recently posted a book by Sarwar Shah, who was a cleric for the Qadiani-faction of Ahmadi’sSarwar Shah was also an opium addict and heavy smoker.  We went through his book and wrote a summary of what we found.  See this essay for corroborating data on this topic: and this one for data on the role of Sarwar Shah:


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Summary written by our Pakistani team

Khwaja Kamaluddin Advocate (1870-1932) joined Ahmadiyya in 1893 and became a close associate of Mrza Gulam Qadiani.
Being an educated person he realized that the whole system revolves around money making and Mirza family’s rule. So at the outset, he along with Molana Muhammad Ali Lahori raised voices against the cult like policies of the Jamaat.

Molvi Syed Sarwar Shah was also a close associate of Mirza Gulam Qadiani but he was a die hard supporter of Mirza Mahmoud and Mirza family. He wrote two letters to Molana Muhammad Ali Lahori giving accounts of the activities of Muhammad Ali and Khwaja Kamaluddin against Mirza Qadiani, his family and Khilafat of Mahmoud. For us this is an evidence of corruption in Qadiani Jamaat from beginning by its own leaders.
Here we have glimpses of book Kashful Ikhtilaf by Molvi Syed Sarwar Shah. His letters to Muhammad Ali Lahori, have been summarised as under:-
“Molana you are a good man but have two weaknesses, one you are short tempered person and the other one you rely upon your friend (Khwaja Kamaluddin) more than anything. This was the reason that during the life time of Hazrat sb (MGQ), you had shown your reaction on petty affairs so much that you got ready to leave Qadian and to this day you are not willing to forget your grievances against Khalifatul Masih (Mirza Mahmoud)andAhle Bait, meaning Mirza Family.

Do u remember hazrat sahib (MGQ) had related his dream to you that Kh. Kamaluddin has got mad and wanted to attack on him when he asked someone to get him out, he left the place himself then Hazrat sahib asked you to write to kamaluddin to seek repentance of Allah excessively. Instead of repenting, Kh. Kamaluddin, start raising question on hazrat sahib(MGQ)for financial irregularities and you supported to him as well.

May I also remind you of our travel to Gujrat when we were riding on a Tonga of Nawab Khan Sahib Tehsildar, I, was sitting beside you on rear seat and khwaja Sahib were sitting on front Seat with Driver.

Khwaja Sahib sought permission to pose a question and took hours to complete his question which was :-
in past we used to motivate our wives that they should try to follow the life style of Ambiya and Sahabas, they eat dry bread in lesser quantity, they wear thick and worn out patched cloths and spend much of their income for needs of nation. In this way we could succeed in saving some money to send to Qadiani for Jamaat. (Chanda).

But when our women had visited Qadian and saw the women of Mirza family and other residents themselves, they said to us “you were telling lie to us. We have seen ourselves the life style of Ambia and Sahabas. Their women are living such luxurious life that we can not even think of. Whereas we pay to them our hard earned money, while they are spending money for luxuries, that is received by them in the name of service of Islam. So you are liar and has kept us in dark by telling lie and now we are not going to spare money for sending it to Qadian.

Then Khwaja sahib said you don,t have true answer to this question whatever you reply to people, would not be valid in front of me. Then you (Muhammad Ali Lahori) replied to Khwaja sahib that Ambiya,s deed,except the deeds of Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w., are of two types one that happens as a prophet the other one that happens due to his being a BASHAR so the deeds as Bashar are not pure from the faults like all mankind. This reply depressed me and put under severe kind of pain and I kept on reciting “Lahoula wala quwwata illa billahil azeem.” In my heart.

Molana I have heard Hazrat Masihe Moud saying, it is the will of Allah that the Langar (free meal to poor)should be managed by him and if he withdraws from the management, this LANGAR would not be run for a single day. But this Kamaluddin, time and again insists that LANGAR management may be handed over to him. I told you of this and you brought Kwaja sahib to me to tell him of the instructions of Hazrat sahib regarding LANGAR.

Still Kwaja Sahib reiterated his stance that the langar management is harming the precious religious engagements of Hazrat sahib and the staff is not running it properly and spending excessive money so that is why it may be handed over to him. Then Khwaja sahib asked you to talk to hazrat sahib again but you said you would accompany him but would not talk.

Here I recall written complaint of financial irregularity against Hazrat sahib (MGQ)by one namely Babu Sahib and this was also supported by khwaja sahib who then complained about Langar that how Mir Sahib wastes the Meal by distributing it among gardeners and feeding to the garden dogs.

Many times Hazrat sahib has mentioned the weakness of IMAN of Khwaja Sahib and described the example of Saadullah Ludhianvi, in this regard. Then Hazrat Sahib ordered for publication of Ishtihar of Jalsa Azam which was also opposed by Khwaja Kamaluddin and he published subsequently when hazrat Sahib pressed hard for it.

Molana your friend Khawaja Kamaluddin conspired to break this Jamaat by making few notables to his side and the plan was to earn money by Tabligh in Europe. So he got hold of you first and unfortunately you became his supporter. I remember those meetings where Khawaja Kamaluddin was described as the POLOS OF JAMAATE AHMADIYYA.

Khwaja Kamaluddin used to tell somebody in front of you that we may place him (Muhammad Ali) ahead in the Jamaat. He also used to advise you how to stop Mirza Mahmoud ‘s selection as Khalifa. Kamaluddin studied your personality weaknesses of being short tempered and flattery lover. In fact you became a tool in the hand of Khwaja Kamaluddin.

Molvi Sahib think of the circumstances when Akhbar e watan was proposed which was the beginning of the scheme of Khwaja Kamaluddin. When at an evening Hazrat Sahib (MGQ) suddenly entered your room and said I want to ask you one thing which is, what is the reason that many Islamic magazines were published but remained ineffective but your magazine has great influence. If you publish a magazine without mentioning me, (MGQ), you would be presenting dead Islam which many non Ahmadis present. Then you immediately blamed Khwaja sahib by saying that Huzur same are my views here but It is Khwaja sahib who is insisting to publish a magazine without mentioning Huzur (MGQ). Then Huzur got a letter written to Khwaja sb by you. But now (after MGQ), you are publishing Magazines without any reference to hazrat Sahib (MGQ).

You made it an issue that Mirza Mahmoud declares non Ahmadis as Kafir, but it was not the real issue otherwise you would not have proposed him a Khalifa for Qadian while nominating the Khulafa e Masih. Or you would have made his nomination conditional that he repent from excommunication of Muslims, but no such condition was attached nor Mian sahib has repented for excommunication. After baiyat of Mian
Mahmoud You peoples also said only 20% of the Jamaat peoples pledged their Baiyat to him.

Khwaja Kamaluddin supported Hakim Nuruddin to become Khalifa after hazrat Masih e Moud but they insisted that Khalifa should not rule on Sadar Anjuman and Anjuman should be beyond the Khalifa,s rule. Khawaja Kamaluddin tried to get Khalifa under his influence but does not succeed then he starts saying that it was our mistake to make him (Nuruddin) a Kahalifa.

When Khalifa was to decide the issue of Anjuman, you said if Khalifa decides against what we think is right we would not accept any such decision because we know that Anjuman has the authority to appoint Khalifa and it does not come under the jurisdiction of Khalifa, rather Khalifa is supposed to obey Anjuman as we are a body came into existence on the WASSIYYAT OF hazrat Masih Moud (MGQ).

After this decision you and your supporters abused all those found to have opposite opinion. So much so Hazrat Nana Jan (Mir. Nasir Nawab) was not spared, abuses were hurled upon him he was about to be beaten, had he not taken refuge in the house of Hazrat Masih e Moud.

Next day Khalifatul Masih (Molv Nuruddin) led the Fajr prayer wherein a revealing condition prevailed upon him while reciting Surah Alburuj verses meant “ those who spread fitna among believers if they do not repent then hell fire would be their destination where they would be burnt” This was God ,s decision for you but to the surprise and shock of others you did not accept this.

But Molvi Nuruddin Sahib delivered a lecture afterward and asked you people to repent and take a fresh Bayat. You and your friend pledged their Baiyat. But then you reprimanded Khawaja sahib and said we have been humiliated at the hand of Our own made Khalifa and now I am not going to stay here anymore. “


Al-Bushra, a manuscript compiled by Pir Sirajul-Haqq Nu‘mani, quotes and summaries

This book, Al-Bushra, is an old manuscript, which seems to have been an unpublished collection of Revelations that was collected by a close companion of MGA named Pir Sirajul-Haqq Nu‘mani.  Parts of it are still written in the 2009 online edition of Tadkhirah. On the title page, it says Manzoor Elahi special Assistant of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani has compiled all of his revelations from the day of his appointment to the day of his death, during the khilafat of Molvi Nooruddin and published it from Qadian in Jan 1914.  There are many controversial things in this book, we will be posting them shortly.  A close companion of MGA named Pir Sirajul-Haqq Nu‘mani was also on the team that put this together.  Nu’mani wrote a biography of MGA the next year.

The full PDF of Al-Bushra, published in 1913, compiled under supervision of Abu alfazal Muhammad manzoor Ilhai & hakeem Noorudin
Albushra vol 1 and 2 Mukamal

Quotes from Al-Bushra, as given in the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah

1—-Translation [Arabic] “”””Even some men are not comparable to this girl.”””

*****Note by Hadrat Maulana Jalal-ud-Din Shams ra: This revelation was received at the birth of the Promised Messiahas’s daughter Sahibzadi ‘Ismat. (See Tadhkirah, 2009 online edition, page 1014).

 “””Then the book was brought and they were defeated.”””

[al-Bushra, p. 55,}((See Also, 209 online edition of Tadhkirah, page 1016)))

3——-On Monday after the Zuhar Prayer the Promised Messiahas

received the revelation:

“”””That is [Arabic] Be occupied with the worship of God, tasbih, tahlil, takbir, darud, and istighfar etc., throughout this night because this night is the most beautiful and wonderful night of all nights.”””

[al-Bushra, p. 66]((See Also, 209 online edition of Tadhkirah, page 1026&1027)))

4—–in roughly 1896/1897
Pir Sirajul-Haqq writes:
“””In 1314 AH. when my daughter Sajidah was about to be born, I had been commanded by the Promised Messiahas to lead the five daily Prayers and Jumu‘ah [Friday Prayer]. In the Friday sermon, I recited the surah al-Mu’minun [Chapter 23] up to . The following day the Promised Messiahas said to me: When you recited the verses of surah al-Mu’minun, they were also being conveyed to me as revelation as you recited them. This address of yours proved acceptable to God.”””

[al-Bushra, compiled by Pir Sirajul-Haqq Nu‘manira, p. 76 footnote]((See Also, 209 online edition of Tadhkirah, page 1030)))

5——-In roughly 1900
Pir Sirajul-Haqq Nu‘mani narrates that one day at the time of the Fajr Prayer, the Promised Messiahas said:

A short while ago, I received a unique revelation which I could not decipher. First I received the revelation:

“””[Urdu] Senior aunt came””””

I have no senior aunt, whether of direct relationship or of distant relationship. But my children have a senior aunt but she is opposed to me. Then I received the revelation:

“”””[Urdu] A telegram has been received.””””

[al-Bushra, manuscript, p. 113 footnote]

Note by Hadrat Maulana Jalal-ud-Din Shamsra: Hadrat Amirul Mo’minin Khalifatul Masih IIaba states: There are three prophecies in this revelation. First, that there would be a Khalifah from among the children of the Promised Messiahas. Second, that the senior aunt of his children would join the Jama‘at at that time, and the third prophecy was about the longevity of the senior aunt …that she would survive until that time and would take the pledge of allegiance at the hand of a Khalifah from the children of the Promised Messiahas. [Friday Sermon delivered by Hadrat Khalifatul Masih IIra, published in al-Fadl, vol.15, no. 47, December 9, 1927, p. 8]

Note by Hadrat Maulana Jalal-ud-Din Shamsra: The name of the respected senior aunt was Hurmat Bibi, and she was the widow of Mirza Ghulam Qadir, the elder brother of the Promised Messiahas. In 1916, she took a pledge of allegiance at the hand of Hadrat Khalifatul Masih IIra (See al-Fadl, volume 3, number 94, March 4, 1916) She died on December 1, 1927 at the age of 97. She was a musiyah and buried in the special enclosure of Bahishti-Maqbarah. [al-Fadl, vol. 15, no. 47, December 9, 1927, pp. 5–8]

Note by Hadrat Maulana Jalal-ud-Din Shamsra: ‘A telegram has been received’ meant that Allah the Almighty was conveying the news with a heavenly telegram. [See al-Fadl, vol. 15, no. 47, December 9, 1927, pp. 5–8].

6——-“diarrhea is about to come ” Urdu “haizay kiii ammdan honay waliii hay ہيضہ کي آمدن ہونے والي ہے” was reported between 20-31 july 1907 , as reported in Al bushra page 132 (vol.2 ) and reference of printing from “badr ” is also quoted

Scan work


Some scans from Al-Bushra

The Angels of Death use to put their fingers near nose as per Mirza Ghulam Qadyani . (al bushra Part 2 – vol 2 ) Kashaf of 30 Nov – 1905 also reported in (Alhakm page 3 pritning 10 and dated 10 nov-1905).

“”””Once my uncle who had died and came in my Royia ( kashf) and asked him about that world and that what use to happen ? and he said at that time strange view is their . Two angels that are in white dresses use to come and say ” finish Moula , finish moula ” and use to come near and out their two fingers near nose and say ” ooohh soul go out the way you have come in””””

7—(Albushra page 53-54, Vol-1)

In 1887 Mirza recieved a revelation which is a Quraanic verse of Surah Yusuf.ان کیدکن عظیم. Meaning O women no doubt your cunning plan is great.

To elaborate this revelation Mirza sb writes that once he received a letter of Mir Muhammad Ismail, then aged 10, who was brother of his wife Nusrat Jehan, from Patiala, informing that his mother (mother in Law of MGAQ) has died and there is no body to look after his younger brother Mir Ishaq. Then at the last lines he wrote that Mir Ishaq has also died. The news of two sudden deaths was very shocking for him. Since his wife NJ was ill, he could not disclose this sad news to her. Had the news been disclosed to her, she could have died of shock. At the same time the news could not be kept secret from her either.

This awkward situation put him in a state of dilemma. Mirza says He was so upset that He could not sleep at night. He says in small nap, he received this ilaham which he interpreted that the news of two death in letter was baseless and conveyed just to see them (Mirza and wife) in Patiala.

He says he then sent his servant Hamid Ali to Patiala to know the factual position. On return from Patiala, Hamid Ali told that both his mother in Law and Mir Ishaq are alive and the false news of deaths was sent as they were missing Nusrat Jehan very much and wanted her to reach Patiala and have a re union with the family in Patiala.

This Ilaham and elaborated story prove that Mother of Nusrat Jehan was a liar too.

The scans


8—-Al-bushra Vol-2 page 94
“MOOTA MOOTI LAG RAHI HAI” meaning he is suffering from excessive urination.

The scan
9—–(Albushra page 54 Vol-1)
MGAQ says Once we have to travel from Ludhiana to Patiala. An Ilham was received before the start of Journey which was that we will see some hardship and agony in this journey. I informed my journey companions of the Ilham. At the time of buying tickets I found to have lost a hand kerchief in which money was stuffed. While returning from Patiala to Ludhiana, on board a train, a britisher befooled us by telling a station to be of Ludhiana. We all got out of Train. When the train departed we came to know that this was not our destination rather we disembarked at a deserted place. So in this way my Ilham was fulfilled.

The scan

10—–Page -2 – Volume 2 -part 2 -Albushra 

” I have Twice seen in Roya (dream) that Hindus were bowing down as SAJDA (prostration) in front of me and calling me as avtar and Krishna and were giving NAZR (Something given as Food items by Hindus to gods to fulfil their requests).”””

Reference of alhakm is also noted on page as reported from Alhakam -vol.6-number 15 -page number 8- published 24-April 1902 )


11—-Al Bushra – Year 20-oct-1903

” In Evening time Hazroor (MIRZA QADYANI) narrated Old narration like this that One Big Square is lying on floor between Hindus . And i am Sitting among them . One Hindu point out towards other (hindu) that where is krishna ? The person to whom question is asked point towards me that here is krishna. The all the hindus started giving me money , NAZAR ( requests made to fulfill requests infront of God) Then among all the people one shouted ” HAY KRISHAN JEE ROO DAAR GOOPAL “.(also printed in Al badar -Vol.2 no.47-p.374- 16 dec-1903)


12—-(Reported in Al Bushra part 2 – ( 27 jan-1906 )

“””Seen a dream that an english man again and again say ” word and Two Girls ” When i have seen with concentration it was not an english man , but was Molvi Mohammad Ali M.A was saying those words .Then i received same words in ilham in English and then translation that is (in urdu) Aik kalam aur dwo larkhyeian .”””

(reported in Al badar vol.1 New series no.5 – year 1906 – As well


13—–Al Bushra -part 1 & 2


Mirza Qadyani`s “Cola Wine Bottle” was in fact a ” sacred Book ” as per Satanic Roya of 05-may-1906.


” Roya : that a person gave a medicine bottle of Cola wine .that is red colored medicine . It is wrapped . On face it seems like a bottle but person that gave it says that it is a book . It looks like a book but to say that person call it a book . I say at that time that his time has come and i should hire him as servant .I signed on that book then i got Ilham (arabic Translation) :This is my book and no one to touch it expect those are special (sincere) helpers . Then(again) i got ilham that (arabic Translation) Allah will raise us high and we will not be downgraded . ( Also Quoted in Al badar -2 Number 19- year 1906 )


14—Al Bushra ( Ilhamat Part 1 )137 Number
Ilham Quoted in page no 50 ” PERATION- UMER BARATOUS – BAPALATOUS ” . Note : Due to hurry i did not know that Last word is PARHTOUS Or BAPALATOUS. and on Number two the word umar is arabic. Now in this place meanings of BARATOUS and PERATON have to be discovered that what are these and which language does they belong. (As written in Maktoobatay Ahamdia – vol:1 – page 68- date of nazoul of ilham 12 dec- 83 ).


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