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Review of Religions, May and June of 1939, Professor Clement Lindley Wragge’s interview of MGA from 1908

Professor Clement Lindley Wragge was a renowned astronomer of his time. He lived in England, but in 1908 was visiting India as part of his world tour during which he gave lectures on astronomy to very large audiences. In May 1908, he stayed in Lahore for a short period. There he gave a lecture which was well attended, especially by many highly placed English people.  Mufti Mohammad Sadiq was also present and he met the professor after the lecture. He briefly explained to Professor Raig the proofs and arguments put forward by Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) in support of his claim to be the Promised Messiah of his time. Upon hearing these the Professor wished to meet Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) straight away. Mufti Sahib sought first to arrange a time with Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) who gave his permission; the meeting took place after Zuhr prayers on 12th May 1908. Mufti Mohammad Sadiq acted as the interpreter and the conversation was originally recorded in Urdu.  The dialogues between the two are recorded in the Malfūzāt, the discourses of Ghulam Ahmad. Some of his followers believe that Wragge had converted to Islam and stayed a Muslim until his death. Proof of his conversion is cited by Ahmadiyya Muslim scholars in the form of letters written to Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, a companion of Ghulam Ahmad, by Prof. Wragge after his meeting with Ghulam Ahmad at Lahore.[12] However, more personal family records suggest that Wragge remained a theosophist up until his death in 1922.[13]

Why did Ahmadi’s lie and write that he converted to Ahmadiyya?
In typical Ahmadiyya pattern, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq claimed that Professor Clement Lindley Wragge converted to Ahmadiyya, Zafrullah Khan said the same.  The family of the Professor ended up telling the world that he was a theosophist.  Nevertheless, Ahmadiyya unofficial website people still claim that Wragge converted to Ahmadiyya in 1917.  Per Zikr-e-Habib, Muft Muhammad Sadiq claims that Wragge converted to Ahmadiyya while Sadiq was in England (1917).  However, this is a total lie.

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Mufti Muhammad Sadiq helped change the Date of Birth of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad from 1839/40 to 1835

We all know how MGA wrote 1839 or 1840 as his Year of birth.  It seems that it was Mufti Muhammad Sadiq who was at the fore-front of falsifying MGA’s Year of Birth.  He published his famous Zikr-e-Habib in the 1930’s and mentioned that MGA told him that he was born in the Punjabi month of Palghuna and it also fell on the 14th of an islamic month and on a friday.

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq and his book Zikr-e-Habib
“This humble one was born in the month of Phalugna on a Friday on the 14th night of the moon” [Zikr-e-habib by Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib pages 238 & 239]

My Commentary
Sadiq argued that MGA had personally told him that he was born in the Punjabee month of Phalguna, on a Friday, on the 14th night of the moon.  However,  the Punjabi month (and we know Phalguna always starts from 13 February and ends at 13 March. Second, Date of Islamic month was 14 and Day was Friday.


The date which satisfies all the above mentioned conditions is:

  • Gregorian Calendar : Friday 1-March-1839 A.D.
  • Islamic Calendar: 14 Dhu’l Hijjah 1254 A.H.
  • Hindu Calendar: Phalguna 16, 1895 V.E.

Online Gregorian-to-Islamic dates conversion OR

Online Gregorian-to-Hindu dates conversion

Personally, I don’t really trust MGAQ’s claim that he was born on Friday or 14th of the lunar month or during Phalguna. Apparently, MGAQ wanted to claim that his date of birth was somehow special, for Friday is a special day for Muslims, day 14 of the lunar month has a full moon night and Phalguna is a special month in Hindu religion. However, I have done this small research just to expose the lies of the Ahmadiyya leaders who finally claimed that MGAQ’s actual date of birth is 13-Feb-1835 based on his writings.

It is crystal clear that the Ahmadiyya leaders just wanted to push MGAQ’s date of birth far away from 1839/1840 to give him closer age to 75. However, the date 13-Feb-1835 which they suggested didn’t fall in the Hindu month of Phalguna.

Ahmadis claim that 13-Feb-1835 is 1-Phalguna-1891 V.E., while the correct calculation shows that 13-Feb-1835 falls in the previous Hindu month, exactly on 15-Magha-1891 V.E.

Here is the result as per

However, just for the sake of argument, if we’ll accept the Ahmadiyya’s false claim that 15-Magha in the calculations of is equivalent to 1-Phalguna, this will still expose their shameful lies. Based on the same Ahmadi’s false assumption, the nearest Friday 15-Megha to the years 1839/1840, 14th of the lunar month is 9-Feb-1838.

Here is the result as per

Moreover, based on the Ahmadi’s false calculations, the date 1-March-1839 can be considered 30-Phalguna-1895 V.E. since they should accept +/- 1 day accuracy for the Hindu lunar date calculations.

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad favored the children of rich-chanda-heavy-giving-Ahmadi’s over the poor ones

We have recovered yet another story from the infamous “Zikr-e-Habib” book that was written by Mufti Muhammad Sadiq over 80 years ago.  In this story, MGA shows his true habits and his true purpose, i.e. to favor Ahmadi’s that give excessive amounts chanda (charity) over those who were poor.

The story
ZIKR E HABIB PAGE 85 under the caption 
“”””Once while playing in the house of Huzur (MGQ), Children had a quarrel. The son of Ghulam Hussain Owen man, (a poor), has uttered obnoxious word for the Son of Shaikh Rehmatullah 
(a rich man and a big chanda payer). The son of Shaikh sb complained to hazrat sahib (MGQ). Hazrat Sahib punished the son of Ghulam Hussain, the Roti baker, with few slaps on his face. Wife of Ghulam Hussain could not control his emotions, she expressed her anger against this act of Hazrat Sahib (MGQ) before husband in objectionable manners. HAZRAT sahib (MGQ), ordered Ghulam Hussain to immediately leave the Qadian with family. He remained out of Qadian for two years before his apology was accepted and he was allowed to return.”””

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad frequented British-opera-houses in the Punjab, per Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, his companion

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq was one of the main ghost writers for MGA.  He served MGA and Noorudin like a slave.  He wrote his biography on MGA in the early 1920’s, its “Zikr-e-Habib”, there are so many controversial stories therein.  In this specific story, it is reported that on a trip to Amritsar, which seems to be most likely in late 1891, Munshi Zafar Ahmad reports that Mufti Muhammad Sadiq was leave at night and go and attend the local opera-house and thus enjoy this aspect of western culture.  Further, Munshi Zafar Ahmad seems to have went and told on Mufti Muhammad Sadiq to MGA.  MGA replied that it wasnt a big deal that Mufti Muhammad Sadiq frequented these places, since MGA himself also frequented them in his past life, or when he was also the same age as Mufti Muhammad Sadiq (Sadiq was roughly 19 years old).  This is a summary of what I understood from this report.  Further, MGA lived a life of open pleasure, at his brothers wedding in roughly 1850, MGA’s father hired 22 dancing girls.  MGA was allowed to be alone with men and women and normally they gave him many favors, like massages and other touching.  Mahmud Ahmad quickly picked up on all of these behaviors and thus ran around Qadian with reckless abandonment.

Mahmud Ahmad and Zafrullah Khan also visited an opera house in 1924
An interesting story, while visiting the British govt., just before the Brits broke the final Islamic govt. in the world, Mahmud Ahmad seems to have visited and enjoyed an opera wherein women were scantily clad and frolicking about.  In October 1924, on his way back to India, he stayed at Grand Hotel, Paris along with Sir Zafarullah Khan. On 27thOctober, he went to a Cabaret called the Cabaret Duneont to see a show of ‘life and death’. He also desired to see the sexual behaviour and aspects of nudity of the European Society. He took Zafarullah to an opera house and saw obscene scenes and performance of French gay girls. This is his own confession.1 He left the house only after the end of the show.2


  1. AlFazl Qadian, 18 January, 1934
  2. AlFazl Qadian, 17 July, 1946
The quote
“””Once Munshi Zafar complained about mufti Muhammad sadiq (who use to sleep on same bed due to small size of munshi Zafar ) to mirza ghulam ahamd qadyani , in absence of Muhammad Sadiq that he has gone to theatre . Mirza qadyani replied that ” I have also gone once It is to see what happens there . And he said nothing more”””Reference: page 18 – zikry habib written by qadyani Murrabi and shaahabiii mufti Muhammad Sadiq .
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Mufti Muhammad Sadiq was drugged by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

People ask me all the time, how is it possible that some people, who seem to be otherwise intelligent and well-read and etc etc, how could these people have accepted Ahmadiyya when they knew that MGA was a fraud?  I’m sure every person is an individual case, some were fooled, some were drugged, and some were overly into the habit of worshipping people, which they never admit to, they call peer-e-mureeed or whatever, anyhow, this is a serious problem in the Indian subcontinent.  In the case of Nooruddin, he seems to have prescribed “sex-drugs” or the “love-potion” aka “zadham-e-ishq” to his patients before he ever met MGA.  He then gave it to MGA as he tempted him to make the claims of Mujadid and maseel-e-maseeh.  In the case of Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, it seems that he was drugged by MGA.  In 1936, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq wrote the famous book, “Zikr-e-Habib”, in this book, he accidentally gave out lots of juice details.  Below are some excerpts that prove that MGA was drugging him.

Page 245, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq is writing a letter to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

“There is taneen (tinnitus maybe?) in my ears, if it suitable to take tablets (he is referring to a particular tablet) please send them to me.  I feel ashamed to trouble you again and again, if it is ok please write me the composition/ingredients so I can make it myself.”

There is a footnote here by Sadiq
“Once due to stomach/digestion problem, I suffered from fever repeatedly, Hazrat sahib used to buy fresh ingredients to make a tablet made it with his own blessed hands and send it to me.  Allah gave me the cure/shiffa with it, I did not know its ingredients at the time, but Hazrat Sahib told me later.”

Another Excerpt, page 336
Mufti Muhammd Sadiq relates:

“In 1904, I was head master at Talim ul Islam high school of Qadian.  During those days, I would accompany Hazrat Aqdas (aka MGA) during the court case of Karam Din, at Gurdaspur, and suffered from light fever all the time, after the court case was over, episodes of fever increased, due to that I was staying at home most of the time and could not concentrate on the teaching work. I was under the treatment of Molvi Nooruddin, when I had no benefit from his treatment, Hazrat Masih Maud started to give me his medicines and I was benefitted by a certain tablet, Hazrat Masih Maood prepared it with hands daily and send it to me.  I asked repeatedly about the ingredients, so that I am able to make it myself, without troubling him but he (MGA) would not tell me.  He used to tell me that he can make it and send it to me.  The reason for my insisting was that I did not want to trouble him for making it.  His precious time is not spent on making the tablet rather it could be spent on important religious work.  Out of kindness of his heart, Hazoor always made the tablet and then sent it to me.  Later on, I found out the composition of that tablet, it was Afyun (bhung) dhatora quinine, and Kaphoor, also more ingredients of the same nature.  That tablet is famous by the name of Hib-a-Jadid” and is sold in all medicine sellers of Qadian.”


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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad liked to lock himself in a room for hours

The behaviors of MGA are indicative of a opium-addicted.  He never led Salaat, never did a public speech, never gave adhan, he complained of being sick all the time, etc etc etc etc…

This is biographical book written about MGA from one of his closest admirers.

The Quote
English translation of Page 34 of a book “Zikr A Habib” by Mufti Muhammed Sadiq. POSTED ABOVE BY Maher Baig.
Title: Solitude

“Hazrat Masih Maoud had one habit that, once a day for one or two hours, he used to separate himself from everyone. In Gurdaspur, the house all of us, were stationed, on its ground floor, as we enter from the door (means front door), there was a smallish room on the left, that room was used as a toilet in the past. There were other parts on the top of the house dedicated as toilets. So Hazoor got the small room (previously used as toilet) cleaned up and washed it properly. The the floor also laid out. (what he means is that Hazoor got this small room cleaned and washed and its floor was done up new) -and at midday hazoor would lock it from inside and sit there in solitude for 2-3 hours.””


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