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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and 2:106, the quranic verse of abrogation

Q.2:106 and Q16.101 are the two “verses of abrogation” contained in the Quran. — Qur’an 2:106, When We substitute one revelation for (another) revelation, – and Allah knows best what He reveals (in stages),– they say, “Thou art but a forger”: but most of them understand not.  Chapter 16 was revealed before Hijra and Chapter 2 right after Hijra.
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad seems to have supported Abrogation

Thanks to Hani Tahir, we have obtained some interesting references which link MGA to the concept of abrogation. At a minimum…MGA would forget his own revelations…and he would say that he would get “new ones” in their place. This is from later on in MGA’s career, after 1901. Further, Noorudin rejected abrogation as early as 1877-ish, as he totally agreed with everything that Sir Syed wrote (see Noorudin, by Zaf Khan).
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A change in Allah’s ways? Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and 33:62 and 35:43

Ahmadi’s think that Allah doesn’t change his ways (Sunnat)(see 33:62 and 35:43), however, Allah literally changed many laws as he sent 124k prophets. In fact, the Quran abrogated all religious beliefs before Islam. Furthermore, even in the Quran there is abrogation, thus proving that Allah allowed alcohol in the early days of Islam and slowly made it haraam. Muslims even prayed to Jerusalem in the early days until the Kaaba was changed in the opposite direction to Mecca.
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“The Merchant of Qadian” by Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

I wanted to archive this work by Dr. Syed Rashid Ali and his amazing website. It’s archived in the below.

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Is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad binding on a Muslim to accept?

A few years ago, Khurram Shah told Kashif Shehzada that MGA’s revelations weren’t binding for Muslims to accept (39:55 mark), check out the clip on twitter herein. It seems that Khurram Shah didn’t know what MGA wrote in 1902, nor did he know the full breadth of comments by MGA on those who deny his prophethood. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad did in-fact do aggressive Takfir vs. 1 billion Muslims, we have posted the full timeline in the below. We leave you here with one quote from 1902:

In Tuhfatun-Nadwah, MGA claimed to be the arbiter (al-hakam) as explained via sahih hadith, and thus all Muslims who reject MGA. In this book, MGA said:

“””All Muslims are obligated to obey me in matters of religion and to accept me as the Promised Messiah. Those who have received my message but do not accept me as their arbiter or as the Promised Messiah nor believe in the Divine origins of my revelation will be accountable for this in the heavens even if they are Muslims. For they have rejected that which they should have accepted at its proper time.””” (see page 15, online english edition).

They also discussed 3:45 of the Quran and how Allah named Eisa (as), as the messiah, son of mary.

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After returning from Europe in 1955, the 2nd Khalifa hung out at the Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi, Pakistan

After returning from an extensive tour in Europe and with a small piece of metal in his neck, the 2nd Khalifa spent lavishly on a reception at the Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi, Pakistan in September of 1955. Ahmadiyya sources claim that the 2nd Khalifa gave a lecture on Sep-21-1955 ( See Tarikh-e-Ahmadiyyat, Vol. 17, pp. 29-34 also). Many local newspapers commented on this reception, a few of them are as follows, Roznama Inqilab of Karachi, Roznama Jang of Karachi, The Daily Evening Star of Karachi, The Daily Pakistan Standard of Karachi, Roznama Amroz of Karachi, Roznama Millat of Lahore, Roznama Nawa-i-Kashmir of Lahore, and Roznama Pasbaan of Dhaka. He was also at the Beach Luxury Hotel in 1953, see the refs in the below.

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The Ahmadiyya in Germany An Online-Platform as a Multi-Functional Tool by Lauren Drover

This article describes the online-platform of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Germany (AMJ D) <;. It argues that not only does this media-portal serve as a source of information for members and as a tool for missionary activity, but also as a platform on which the AMJ D consciously constructs a media-persona designed to appeal to the societal context of Germany. The article shows that the AMJ’s online-persona is carefully constructed to soften the tensions between German-European lifestyles and Islam. This attentively planned media and PR outlet, the article concludes, is proof of the self-awareness of Ahmadis in Germany and of the reflective way new media are used in this context.

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The #Ahmadiyya Takfir timeline

In the below, we have chronologically catalogued how MGA did Takfir against Muslims and vice versa. It should be noted that MGA never quoted 4:94 (4:95 in the Qadiani Quran), thus, his comments on this verse are unknown. Obviously, this verse and the hadith of this nature refer to war time and how a Muslim shouldn’t suspect that a new Muslim had fake converted to Islam.

It should be noted that MGA did Takfir in 1891 (of Muslims who believe in abrogation). In 1902, MGA did Takfir on Shia’s and called their beliefs as shirk. In 1899, in Tiryaq ul Qulub, MGA said Kafirs are only those who deny law-bearing prophets, and since MGA wasn’t a law-bearing prophet, his deniers were not Kafir. However, MGA claimed prophethood in 1900-1901 and his attitude changed. In 1902, via Tohfa Tun Nadwah, MGA said Muslims are accountable for denying him. In 1906-1907 (via Haqiqatul Wahy), MGA denied write a letter to Dr. Khan wherein he did Takfir, however, a few pages later, MGA called Muslim’s who believe that Eisa (As) hasn’t died yet as committing shirk. Thus, MGA was basically doing Takfir 3-4 different ways in 1906-1907. By 1911, MGA’s son, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad was authenticating the letter to Dr. Khan and thus contradicted MGA. By 1923, the 2nd Khalifa told Ahmadi’s to stop doing Takfir to Muslims, and to do it silently and discreetly. Even in 2023, the same policy is in effect, Ahmadi’s call 1.5 billion Muslims as Kafir’s under their breath and thus lie.
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s violation of ‘yada` al-harb’ in 1900

In 1900, MGA and his team of writers decided to abrogate Jihad altogether. Ever since 1947, #ahmadis have been denying this, since they moved to an islamic country (Pakistan).

The story is as follows, initially, in 1891, when MGA claimed to be the Promised Messiah and in his book, “Taudhe Maram” in english as “Elucidation of Objectives”, MGA claimed that the famous sahih hadith on the Messiah repealing the Jizya only meant, “”The abolition of Jizyah is self-explanatory. It only means that Jizyah will no longer be required. Human hearts will spontaneously respond to the truth, rendering recourse to war unnecessary. Winds of change will blow and people will flock to enter the fold of Islam. The gates will be flung wide open; it will be an influx en masse. As a result, Jizyah will become obsolete, for no one will be left to pay it””.

9 years later, in 1900, MGA argued in “The British government and Jihad” and had it published on May 22, 1900 that the Messiah was prophesied to stop “religious” wars. However, this is a lie, in Bukhari the hadith says, ‘yada al-jizya’, not ‘yada` al-harb’. Even if it did say ‘yada` al-harb’, that would mean an end to “wars” (see Nuzhat Haneef) not “religious wars”. MGA wrote, ‘deenee jangoan kaa khaatimah kar day gaa’.

We have found 3 hadith from Sahih Bukhari which have the same report, and unanimously it reports the word “jizya”, not “harb”. It seems that MGA might have been referring to “Krehl’s edition of al-Bukhari” (1862), which reads jizya but mentions the other version on the margin. Al-Bukhari’s commentators deal only with the jizya version, though some of them also mention the other one (See Prophecy Continuous by Freidmann. See page 167, footnote 11, unconfirmed). Maudoodi seems to have (unconfirmed) agreed that there was another version which read as “harb”, but again, this was in terms of ending “wars”, not “religious wars”. Maudoodi is asserting that ending Jizya=ending war, since if everyone is Muslim, no would is even alive to pay jizya (Friedman and MGA admitted to this too). However, #ahmadis refuse to even acknowledge this position. Finally, it should be noted that MGA had called Abu Hurraira as stupid since he connected 4:159 to the return of Eisa (As). Abu Hurraira is the source of the information all three times.

MGA even quoted 47:5 of the Quran to support his view that the Messiah would end “religious wars”. Again, MGA and his team of writers lied, Chapter 47, verses 1–10 are about Muslims who were at war with the disbelievers in Mecca. MGA and his team of writers specifically quoted one small line from 47:5 and didn’t quote the entire verse or the context (See Tafsir ibn Kathir). Maudoodi also wrote that this hadith means “jizya will end”.

MGA and his team of writers don’t seem to have ever mentioned this argument again.

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