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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad did adultery, but his son, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, the Khalifa did it everyday

We have came across some information in terms of Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, the Khalifa, and the Lahori-Ahmadis.  The Khalifa claims to have been sent a letter from some anonymous Lahori-Ahmadi wherein they accuse the Khalifa of committing adultery on a daily basis.

Summary of this quote
Refrence from al fazl says mirza qadiyani had committed adultery rarely whereas Mirza Mahmood commits adultery all the times.

Mahmud Ahmad also says in this letter
” and from this accusation, you can tell that this person ( accuser) is a peghani ( literally a messenger, aka a Lahori-Ahmadi) that he had this kind of view about the promised Messiah”

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The letter

Dear readers, we have found a she-male at Qadian, a relative of Pir Siraj-ul-Haq Nomani


Dear reader’s, from time to time we come across new data on Ahmadiyya.  Recently we found a website which is dedicated to the off-spring of an Ahmadi family, the family of Chaudhry Maula Bakhsh Sahib Bhatti Sialkoti.

On that website we found the above picture
As we were surfing this website, we came across an interesting picture.  This picture was taken after the death of Maulvi Abdul Karim, if you notice, it was saved since Chaudhry Maula Bakhsh Sahib Bhatti Sialkoti is in this picture.  In fact, he is sitting directly next to MGA.  We also notice that there are a few unknown people in this picture.  This is impossible, since barely 20 different people ever took picture with MGA in his lifetime.  We believe that Ahmadiyya leadership know who these people are but refuse to acknowledge them for whatever reasons.

A she-male is also a close companion of MGA
MGA never had any pictures taken of his wife, his daughters, or any “women of his house” in Qadian.  Taking pictures of Muslim women in Qadian was taboo and never happened.  In fact, all the women of MGA’s family never had any pictures taken even uptil 2018.  So who is this she-male looking person?  In the Urdu caption it is written that this was a relative of Pir Siraj-ul-Haq-Nomani, who was a super-close companion of MGA, in fact, he wrote all of the letters that MGA was given credit for.  However, in those days it was common for someone to dictate what should be written and sent out in letters.  Nonetheless, he answered all of MGA’s mail, the same way that the modern-day Khalifa has his secretary answer his mail.

Pir Siraj-ul-Haq Nomani lives with MGA
Based on all of the data that we have seen, which covers the immoral life of MGA and his sons, we are concluding that this she-male was a sex-slave of Pir Siraj-ul-Haq-Nomani, and was thus living with him, inside of MGA’s house.  Further, MGA was always getting massaged from Pir Siraj-ul-Haq-Nomani and many other men and women.  We are concluding that MGA’s house was a sex den, wherein men, women, the trans-gendered and she-males were frolicking freely and massages and sex were normal.

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Syed Abdul Latif accompanied MGA to Jhelum in January of 1903

Ahmadi’s are liars, fornicators, editors of MGA and closet homosexuals and etc etc etc.  In terms of Syed Abdul Latif, Ahmadiyya editors/writers refuse to mention that this guy was given money from the govt. of Afghanistan to go for Hajj, however, he misappropriated those funds and when to Qadian and probably gave MGA the money (See the Afghan Martyrs, by Bashir Ahmad Rafiq 1995, page 45).

Some testimonies on the immoral life of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad

Mirza Mahmud Ahmad was a terrible person, he was even worse then his father, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.  Some time back, an old Ahmadiyya awareness site published a series of testimonials i in this regard, we have posted them in the below.




Including the testimonials based on testimonies of Amat-ul-Rashid Begum (wife of Mian Abdul Rahim Ahmad) daughter of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, Mirza Hanif Ahmad son of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, and Sister in Law of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad i.e. wife of Dr. Abdul Latif.

Introduction: Following are extracts of some of testimonials collected and published in the book ‘Tarikh-I-Mahmudiyyat Kay Chand Ahem Magir Posheeda Auraq-Hissa Awal’ (Translation: Few Hidden But Important Pages Of History Of Mahmudiyyat-Part One). Published by Ansar-I-Ahmadiyya.
For the purpose of brevity I am not translating the detail introduction of the witnesses. Rather, just a brief introduction. Also to avoid repeating I will not write the oath that every witness took before recording his testimonial. The oath is combination of sentences like: I swear on the name of Allah SWT who is my creator and creator of universe, He is my master and He is in command of my life and death. If I lie, I invite His wrath on me and my family, If I lie, I and my family may be destroyed etc. Those readers who are interested to read in detail, I refer them to above referenced book.


History of AMII is witness to the fact that MMA never dared to accept these challenges he just tried to ignore them, with the hope that these allegations will die down with the passage of time. He did not even appoint the commission, to investigate the allegations made against his own character. Nor he followed any other course to get him self honorably acquitted of these horrendous allegations. Instead he ordered murder, social boycott, and harassment of those who were questioning his character.

MOMENT OF THOUGHT: AMII and their Khalifas have been propagating for the last 87 years that their Jamaat spreads only Love and Peace. And they take very well care of its members etc. By reading the following testimonials AMII members will see the other horrific side of AMII. Readers will see the cruelty and immorality rampant in the ruling Khalifa family of AMII.

Testimonial Number 1: Today, I again announce through advertisement and challenge Khalifa of Qadian [Mirza Mahmud Ahmad–MMA] if there is one grain of truth in his claims, then he should conduct a ‘Dua-I-Mubailiah’ (Prayer Dual) to acquit himself from the allegations leveled against his character and conduct. So that the one who is liar gets the wrath of Allah SWT and dies in the life time of the other who is true. And the world in the result of this makes the clear judgment between the truth and the false hood.
Former slave of the Caliph of the Qadian, Mian Muhammad Zahid. (Reference: Mubailiah Newspaper).

Testimonial Number 2: I often use to hear from my ‘Sihalian’ (female friends of females) that Mian sahib [MMA] is adulterer. But I could not believe it. My father was a very sincere Ahmadi. Before making any decision he used to ask Hazrat sahib [MMA] permission. My father once asked me to deliver one letter to MMA (at that time he use to live in Kasre-Khilafat, {Palace of Caliph} Qadian), in that he asked for his permission����. When I delivered letter to him [MMA], he asked me to wait here, and further said, “I will be back, two men are waiting for me outside”. He stepped outside the room and after few minutes after bolting all the rooms behind the room in which I was waiting, entered inside. He also shut and bolted the outside door of this room too. This room in which I was standing was the 4th room on the inside. When I saw this situation, I got scared and started wondering. Then, Mian sahib [MMA] started teasing me and asked me to do bad acts. I refused and resisted. He finally pushed me on the bed and raped me. His breath was stinking, I felt dizzy. He was using foul and vulgar language. Probably, he had drunk some thing that is called alcohol, as his senses were not normal. Then he threatened me, “if you will tell it to any one, it will be you who will be defamed and will get bad reputation, no one will doubt on me”.
Note: Name of the witness is not disclosed at this time. If MMA gets ready for Mubailiah then the name will be disclosed.
Reference: ‘Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (Maseeh Mahud) Kee Tahreehroon Mein Mirza Mahmud Ahmad Kee Tasweer (Translation: In the writing of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (Promised Messiah), the picture of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad).

Testimonial Number 3: My stay in Qadian is the cause of loss in my faith in Caliph of Qadian. [MMA]. If I had stayed far from Qadian like other Qadiani brothers, then I would not have been exposed to dark secrets of this business group [The Qadiani Khilafat system]. Or if I had built my house in Qadian or if I had accepted the employment of Caliph of Qadian, then I would not have dared to make this announcement ����..
Shaikh Mushtaq Ahmad. Ahmadiyya Dawa Ghar (Ahmadiyya Drug Store), Qadian. 

Testimonial Number 4: With my belief that Allah SWT is present and is watching me, I swear on His name, and to swear on whose name and then lie is the work of cursed ones. I give the testimony. I am confident and I have this belief that current Caliph MMA is a worldly man, he is pervert, he is worshipper of luxury and comfort. About his perversion I am ready to take oath whether it is in house of Allah i.e. mosque or Kabbah Sharif (in Makkah) or some other sacred place. All the time I am ready to take oath with the invitation of Allah’s wrath on me. If Caliph sahib is ready for Mubailiah then I am ready and present for Mubailiah. I have written these words with my hearty intention so that truth can be seen by others.
Dr. Muhammad Abdulah, Eye hospital, Qadian, Currently in Lailpur (Faisalabad). 

Testimonial Number 5: I bear witness that Allah is present and is watching me, I swear that current caliph MMA is worldly man, he is worshipper of comfort and luxury, he is a pervert man. I am all the time ready for Mubailah with him.
Mistri Allah Bakash Ahmadi, Qadian.

Testimonial Number 6: Sister in law of MMA i.e. wife of Dr Abdul Latif. MMA caliph of Rabwah is pervert, adulterer human. I have personally witnessed him committing adultery. I take oath by placing my hand on my two sons and invite wrath of Allah SWT.
Mrs. Dr. Abdul Latif (husband of sister of wife of MMA).

Testimonial Number 7: After satisfying myself according to Sharia (Islamic Law) and knowing that Allah is present and watching me, I say that current Caliph sahib i.e. MMA’s character is extremely bad. If he shows inclination towards mubailiah, then with the grace of Allah I am ready all the time to have mubailiah with him.
Abdur Rab Khan Berham. (He used to work in the office of Sadar Anjuman office Bait-Ul-Mal. He used to live in the portion of Sir, Muhammad Zafar Ullah Khan bungalow. He was also breast fed by MMA sister. He was very close to MMA family).

Testimonial Number 8: My reason for leaving the Qadiani Jamaat [Ahmadiyya Movement In Islam-Headed by MMA] is black works and bad works of MMA. This is a fact that Khalifa sahib [MMA] is not sacred and not a holy man. Rather, he is a pervert man. If Khalifa sahib is ready to make a decision on this issue, then I am ready to accept challenge of Mubailiah.
Atiq Ur Rehman. Former Mubaligh Jamaat Ahmadiyya, Qadian.

Testimonial Number 9: I swear on the name of Allah who is present and watching me, and write this statement. My mother narrated to me that she used to live in the house of Khalifa MMA, she said: I have witnessed that MMA use to mesmerize young non Mehram girls (the girls with whom marriage is allowed in Islam) and put them to sleep. Then you use to pinch them with fingers on different parts of their body. Still they did not wake up.
(ii) Once I was climbing the stairs in the house of MMA that from the upper floor MMA was coming down the stairs. When we came across each other, he [MMA] grabbed my breast. I had to release my self with force.
Ali Hassain.

Testimonial Number 10: By real brother of famous Qadiani Mubaligh (missionary) Malik Abdur Rehman Khadam Gujrati, author of ‘Ahmadiyya Pocket Book’. I swear on the name of Allah. Those who take false oath on His name are cursed ones. Dr Nazir Ahmad Riaz, waqaf-e-zindigi in Rabwah and currently stationed in Rawalpindi, in my presence in my house in Lahore has narrated many incidences, that convinces that MMA is first rate pervert. In front of me and other friends he has stated with explanation that MMA along with his wives in an organized plan regularly commits adultery and orgies. Doctor sahib has further stated that he has personally witnessed these sessions of orgies with his own eyes. If Dr. Nazir Ahmad denies this statement, then I will challenge him for Mubailiah. More over, since I use to work as superintendent in the office of the private secretary of Khalifa sahib. So, I had many chances to observe the MMA very closely. In this regard I am myself in addition to being ready to do mubailiah on his character. I am also ready to mubailiah on his claim of ‘Musleh Mahud’, all the time.
Malik Aziz Ur Rehman.
Former Superintendent in the office of private secretary and In-charge of Foreign missions accounts.

Testimonial Number 11: I bear witness that Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWS is messenger of Allah SWT and last and final prophet. Islam is a true religion. I believe that Ahmadiyyat is truth. I believe in the claims of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. I believe him to be the Promised Messiah. After this I take oath and invite Allah’s wrath on me if I lie. I with my knowledge, observation, and after witnessing with my own eyes, and knowing that Allah SWT is present and is watching me, I say under oath that Mirza Bashir Ud Din Mahmud Khalifa of Rabwah [MMA] in his presence in front of his own eyes with his own will has made his wife to commit adultery with a ‘Ghair Mard’ (i.e. with a strange man). If I am taking a false oath than may Allah’s wrath and curse descent on me. I am ready to take oath against MMA on this point.
Mohammad Yousaf Naz c/o Abdul Qadir
Terath Singhjey Awami Road
behind Shalimar Hotel, Karachi.
(Reference: In the writings of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (Promised Messiah), picture of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad).

Testimonial Number 12: Current Khalifa [MMA] is extremely pervert man. He behind the veil of spirituality hunts women. For this purpose he has appointed few men and few women as his agents. Through them he gets hold of innocent girls and innocent boys. He has made a society that has men and women as its members and in this society adultery is committed i.e. orgies and debauchery is committed in a group settings. Shaikh Abdur Rehman Misri. Maulvi Fazil, BA. Co worker and companion of MMA in his trip to England in 1924.
Former acting Ameer of Qadian Jamaat.
(Reference: ‘Door-I-Hazir Kah Mazhabi Amar. (Translation: Religious Tyrant Of Current Era)).

Testimonial Number 13: I take oath on the Uniqueness of Allah SWT, I take oath on the truthfulness of Holy Quran, I take oath on the innocence of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWS. I according to my definite knowledge, I consider Mirza Bashir Ud Din Mahmud Ahmad [MMA], Khalifa Rabwah to be impure human. I stand on my conviction. I am convinced that a firry speaker like you [MMA] who has been deprived of power to speak, and is suffering from other diseases e.g. stroke is definitely punishment from Allah�. Other than this your most sincere ‘mureeds’ (slaves) have told me unbelievable secrets about you. E.g. Your sincere slave Mr. Muhammad Saddiq Shams, has repeatedly given me arguments to prove that your character is UnIslamic. In this regard he has shown me your private letters. Here as a caution I think it is important to write that if Mr. Muhammad Saddiq Shams has objection in the truth of my statement then I am ready to do Mubailiah with him on the veracity of my statement. Abdul Majeed Akabar.
House Number 5, Block D, Temple Road, Lahore. 

Testimonial Number 14: I take oath on the name of Allah SWT, who is present and is watching me, in his control is my life, Who is all powerful and the punisher. Those who take false oath on His name are the cursed ones. I give this statement: >From 1932 to 1936 I use to live in the house of Mirza Ghull Muhammad in Qadian. During this time, many times on the instructions of a woman namely Aziza Begum, I use to take her letters as per her instructions in a secret way, with out mentioning about them to any one to Khalifa MMA. Khalifa MMA in the same way while repeating the same instructions like the one of Aziza Begum use to send the reply. (Letters use to be in English). Other than this, 10 o’clock at night, I use to escort this woman through the external route, when ever her husband had gone out of town. This woman use to do unusual make up, when ever she visited MMA’s office. As per instructions I use to escort her back after one hour or two hours. Other than these incidences I have come to conclusion that MMA character is very bad and for this I am ready to do Mubailiah with him any time.
Hafiz Abdul Salam s/o Hafiz Sultan Hamid Khan.
Teacher of Mian Nasir Ahmad (i.e Mirza Nasir Ahmad-3rd Khalifa of Qadiani Jamaat). 

Testimonial Number 15: I take oath on the name of Allah SWT, knowing that He is present and is watching me. I have witnessed with my own eyes, when MMA was committing adultery with Sadiqa. If I lie then Allah’s curse be on me. Ghulam Hussain Ahmadi. Testimonial Number 16: I believe from my heart that MMA is highly pervert man and low character man. Countless eye witness testimonies that has reached me, and that I am ready to believe that MMA commits adultery and sodomies. To prove that I believe this from my heart. Therefore, I am ready to challenge MMA to do Mubailiah with me on his character. Mirza Munir Ahmad Naseer. Testimonial Number 17: I on oath knowing that Allah SWT is present and watching, say that I have my self with my own eyes seen Mirza Bashir Ud Din Mahmud [MMA] committing adultery. If I lie in this regard then may Allah’s curse fall on me.
Shaikh Bashir Ahmad Misri son of Shaikh Abdul Rehman Misri.

Testimonial Number 18: I take oath on the name of Allah SWT. I know that He is present and watching me. I know those who take false oath on his name are the cursed ones. I write this statement that I separated from my ba’it (pledge) of MMA because true details of incidences against MMA, reached me. These incidents involved Ahmadi boys, girls and women with whom MMA has committed sodomy and adultery. Based on these reasons I wrote to MMA that against you Ahmadi boys, girls and women give details of incidences and give their statements. In this situation either you constitute a commission and present the case to it or get ready for Muabiliah. Either you take an oath or give us a chance to take oath on the occasion of annual Jalsah (convention) in presence of all the Ahmadis. So, that these every day fights end and truth prevails. But MMA did not dare to follow any course instead he adopted the technique of Kuffar (infidels in time of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWS) and ordered Social Boycott. >From 1937 up to today I have a belief that MMA is adulterer and pervert man. He has no association with Allah SWT, Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWS and his servant Hazrat Promised Messiah. If I am liar in my belief, then may Allah’s curse fall on me.
Hakim Abdul Aziz.
Former superintendent, Anjuman Insar Ahmadiyya, Qadian.

Testimonial Number 19: I make this statement with the knowledge that Allah SWT is present and is watching me. And to take false oath on the name of Allah SWT is a great sin. I state that I have seen with my own eyes MMA committing adultery. I also accept that he committed sodomy with me too. If I lie then may Allah’s curse fall on me. From my child hood I use to live there.
Munir Ahmad.

Testimonial Number 20: The older son of Abdur Rehman Misri sahib, Mr. Hafiz Bashir Ahmad in front of me took Holy Quran in his hands and said these words: Allah SWT should destroy me, if I lie that MMA committed sodomy with me. I swear on the name of Allah, while I am wrting this incidence.
Muhammad Abdullah Ahmadi.
Cement Furniture House, Muslim Town, Lahore.

Testimonial Number 21: Mirza Ghull Muhammad sahib was a wealthy resident of Qadian. He was owner of huge property. He was member of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib’s family. His second widow (younger wife) told me: I have personally seen with my own eyes MMA committing adultery with his own daughter, and also with some other women. Once I asked him, “Hazur what is this”? MMA replied, “Quran and Hadith permits this. But it is prohibited to spread it in public”. (Nauzubilah Min Zalik). I am writing this statement under oath, knowing that Allah SWT is present and is watching this, so that may be my Muslim sisters and brothers learn some thing from this.
Syedah Ume Salih Bint Syed Ibrar Hussain.
Saman Abad, Lahore.

Testimonial Number 22: Based on the testimony of Mirza Hanif Ahmad son of MMA. I swear on the name of Allah SWT, with the full knowledge that he is present and is watching me. And those who take false oath on his name are the cursed ones. I state that Sufi Roshan Deen sahib who use to work on the wheat grinding mill (Chaki) of AMII in Rabwah as mechanic (Mistri). He is long time former resident of Qadian. He is a sincere Ahmadi. He had close relations with the MMA and some other members of his family. Especially, Mirza Hanif Ahmad son of MMA, had extremely sincere relations with respected Sufi Roshan Deen sahib. Because of this respect from his heart Mirza Hanif Ahmad use to visit Sufi sahib every day and stay with him for hours in his house. Some time he used to take Sufi sahib to his room in Kasre-Khilafat [Palace of Caliph-i.e. MMA residence], and entertain him there. Sufi sahib has told me many times that Mirza Hanif Ahmad swears on the name of Allah SWT, “The person who you believe is ‘Musleh Mahud’ commits adultery”. Mirza Hanif Ahmad has seen with his own eyes, his father [MMA] committing adultery. Sufi sahib further said that he has asked Mirza Hanif Ahmad that before he makes such a severe allegations about his father, he should put concentrate on his memory, as it may not be the case that the woman you are thinking is stranger might be one of his mothers. It may not happen that you come under the wrath of Allah SWT. On hearing this, still Mirza Hanif Ahmad was consistent under oath on his eye witnessed testimony, and he kept saying that his father is not of pure character. He further said that he has never observed any miracle of his father. Though, he [MMA] has extreme obsession that some how he gets worldly control. If I am lying in my statement, and my only objective is to dodge members of Jammat [AMII], then may Allah befall his exemplary wrath on me, my wife, and my children. So that it strengthens the faith in every sincere follower. Yes, in addition I am witness to financial embezzlements, financial irregularities and dishonesty of this so called Caliph [MMA]. I am eye witness to all this. Because this humble one has worked nine and half years in ‘Tahreek-I-Jadeed’ [Branch of AMII that deals with its foreign branches and collects money from those branches, and keeps its account in head quarter] other departments of AMII, in the capacity of an accountant and junior auditor.
Chaudhry Ali Muhammad.
Former Waqif-e-Zindghi. Currently, special correspondent Kohistan. Lailpur.

Testimonial Number 23: Based on the testimony of Amat-ul-Rashid Begum (wife of Mian Abdul Rahim Ahmad) daughter of MMA. I take oath on the name before transcribing few sentences, so that people who still believe in the sacredness of MMA the Caliph of Rabwah, it becomes a guidance for them. If I lie in my following statement then may Allah’s curse fall on me and my family. I am Ahmadi by birth. Up until 1957 I was associated with the Caliph hood of MMA. MMA based on his self hatched conspiracy expelled me from Rabwah Jamaat. By stepping out side the environment of Rabwah, I got informed about the extreme conditions about the character of MMA. Hearing this I met with daughter of MMA, Mrs. Amat-ul-Rashid Begum, wife of Mian Abdur Rahim Ahmad. She confirmed pervert, promiscuous character of MMA. We had lot of talk, one especially most important is when I asked Amat-ul-Rashid Begum, “Does your husband know these conditions”? She replied, “Saleh Noor sahib, what should I tell you? What our father has been doing to us? If I tell all those details to my husband, he won’t even let me live in my house even for one minute. Then where I will go”. With this tears came into the eyes of Amat-ul Rashid. Hearing this earth shattering words, I could not control my self. So I got up and went into the other room. Based on these information, I believe in what I have heard from Dr. Nazir Ahmad Riaz, Muhammad Yousaf Naz, Raja Bashir Ahmad Razi. I say with my full belief and complete confidence that MMA is pervert, and promiscuous man. Based on these character qualities he is today caught in the curse of Allah SWT.
Muhammad Saleh Noor, Waqif-e-Zindghi.
Former worker of Waqalat-I-Taleem Tahreek-I-Jadeed.
Former personal assistant to Mian Abdur Rahim Ahmad (Son in law of MMA).

Testimonial Number 24: Introduction: Dr. Nazir Ahmad Riaz was Maulvi Fazil, Waqif-e-Zindghi, special physician to Khalifa Rabwah. MMA himself paid expenses from AMII funds for Medical education of Dr. Riaz. Dr. Riaz had special expertise in venereal diseases. For a long time he use to be member of inner circle of MMA����he was thoroughly well informed of the inside details of MMA house. He was eye witness to many secrets. He was special confidant of MMA. About MMA principle Dr Riaz wrote: When I use to live in Rabwah, I use to have special relation with MMA. Together we use to have good time. Some time we use to get to talk about poetry, some time we use to poke fun on the false sacredness of MMA. MMA’s principle is: Muust Rakho Zikar-o-Fikar Subah Ghahi Mein Inhein Aur Pukhta Kar Dhu Mizaj-e-Khankahi Mein Inhein (Josh) Aur Khud Khoob Rung Ralian Munao Aish-o-Ishrat Mein Basar Karoh ���
Yours, Riaz (Dr. Nazir Ahmad Riaz).

Testimonial Number 25: If I lie, may Allah SWT curse fall on me. Mr. Ghulam Hussains Ahmadi writes: Beside my own testimony I mentioned about Habib Ahmad Ijaz. He took me to Qadian. I inquired from him, after making him take the oath. After swearing he told me, ” MMA twice did ‘Mundabazi’ (Sodomy) with me. First time in Kasre-Khilafat (Qadian) and second time in Dilhozee (Hill resort in India). When I asked for written testimony, he did not write with detail, rather an incomplete one.
Following is the statement of Habib Ahmad Ijaz:
In respect of Mr. Brother Ghulam Hussain sahib.
Aslaam Alikum.
What I have told you��..with the knowledge that Allah SWT is present and watching, I say that it is very true. And if I lie, may Allah’s curse fall on me.
Sincerely, Habib Ahmad Ijaz.

Testimonial Number 26: In the days when I use to live in the Rabwah in quarters constructed from mud. I use to live opposite to Kasre-Khilafat. Near by was the house of Shaikh Noor-Ul-Haq Ahmad “Ahmadiyya Syndicate”. When I became friend with him, he mentioned to me about the interests of MMA. In the light of this information my objective of ‘Waqif-e-Zindghi’ seemed useless to me. For such a big allegation, mere statement of Shaikh sahib was not enough. May Lord have mercy. Dr. Nazir Ahmad Riaz, through whose friend ship, I had a chance to spend few moments in the ‘personal house of sin’ of MMA. After that any praise or testimony to testify good character of MMA was not enough for me. Now with the blessings of Allah SWT I am an un shakable witness on the pervert and promiscuous character of MMA. I am a man with experience in life. All these orgies are done in a thought out organized scheme. There is no issue of chance or mistake. The days when I use to live there ‘Mahasib Kah Gharial’ (Clock of the custodian of treasury in Rabwah that sounded with the bang hourly) had the status of standard time.** I don’t know what is the procedure now. On my this statement if any one challenges me, then I am ready to take oath with the invitation to Allah SWT wrath in case I lie.
Waslam, Bashir Ahmad Razi, B. Com.
Former Junior Auditor Sadar Anjuman Ahmadiyya, Rabwah.
** By ‘Mahasib Kah Gharial’ it meant that if some person is invited in the ‘personal house of sin’ of MMA, at 9 PM, no matter if it is already 9 PM on his watch, he can not enter inside, unless it is time on the ‘Mahasib Kah Gharial’.

Testimonial Number 27: Introduction: Late Khan Bahadar Abu Al Hashim was father of Chaudhry Salahuddin Nasir Bengali. He lead the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Bengal�� When he retired, along with his whole family he settled in Qadian. In the Sector (Muhalah) ‘Darul-Anwah’ he constructed a fine bungalow. His family had close relations with MMA family. Later the children and widow moved to Rabwah and lived in the quarters constructed from mud�..���Because of close relations with family of MMA and beside working in different offices of AMII, Chaudhry Salahuddin Nasir Bengali came to know about the pervert life of MMA. When he got sure about the promiscuous life of MMA, he decided to leave Rabwah. In a secret way, at night in darkness he along with his sisters and mother left Rabwah for Lahore. There he started writing openly in newspapers and delivering lectures exposing the dirty, pervert, promiscuous life style of MMA. He was the first General secretary of Haqiqat Passand Party. Chaudhry Salahuddin Nasir Bengali wrote in newspapers: “Qadiani Jamaat has a secret organization namely ‘Fidayan-I-Ahmadiyyat’, that need to be exposed. This consists of masked, dangerous young men. Who are in favor of physical torture. They eliminate any one who discloses their secret. This organization has killed number of people” Reference: Nawa-I-Pakistan April 21, 1957. “Chaudhry Salahuddin Nasir Bengali in his speech said, ” In the veil of sacredness what ever we have seen is the cause of our disassociation with the Jamaat [AMII]”. He further said, “I am young member of very decent family of East Pakistan. And I have left the Jamaat because of the embezzlements of MMA. And with honesty I believe that his Khilafat is an open sample of tyranny””.
Reference: Nawa-I-Pakistan. April 28, 1957.

Testimonial Number 28: Introduction: Dr. Mir Muhammad Ismaeel sahib is maternal uncle and father in law of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad. He wrote in AMII newspaper: “��..One major allegation is that Khalifa [MMA] is promiscuous. About this I would say that I am a physician, and I know that those people who are promiscuous and indulge in promiscuity even for few days, their condition becomes what is called in English language ‘wreck’. Such person’s brain does not work. His intelligence is messed up. His movements are not normal. In short his all powers are destroyed. By observing him from his head to toe, immediately makes it clear that this man has destroyed himself by indulging himself in to promiscuity. Therefore it is said, “Adultery uproots the person from his foundation (Quote from Holy Quran)” “. Reference: Al-Fazil. July 10, 1937 Quotes of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad: “Because of this nutrition does not get to my brain. Physicians were of the opinion that with in few weeks my mental condition will get back to normal. So far what ever, improvement took place, its speed is not fast enough���.I can walk couple of steps with people’s help, that too is with difficulty. Condition of my brain and tongue is such that I cannot deliver sermon even for few moments. Physicians have strictly prohibited me from doing any such work that require mental exercise.”
(ii) To confirm Dr. Mir Muhammad Ismaeel sahib’s statement, let’s hear from the tongue of MMA: “I had the stroke (paralysis). Now I am disabled even for ‘Paakhana, Peshab’ (to shit and urinate), and depend on others for this. I can not walk even two steps”. Reference: Al-Fazil April 12, 1955.
(iii) On 26th February, around Mughrib Time (sunset time), I had an attack of paralysis on the left side of my body. For sometime I was absolutely disabled with my hand and foot. There was a pause in my mental activity. And my brain has stopped working. At this time I am absolutely sick and I can not think even for a single minute”
Reference: Al-Fazil April 26, 1955.

I request the AMII readers to ponder on the verses of Holy Quran, and know that only you, yourselves will be answerable for your beliefs and actions in this world. Your excuse that your leaders, Qadiani Khalifas, parents, asked you to follow what they preach, will not help you on the day of judgment. Nor your Qadiani Khalifas, leaders, will take the responsibility of straying you i.e. their followers. Rather they will exempt them from responsibility by saying, when the guidance from Allah SWT came to their followers, then it belief becomes the responsibility of individual.


Please, don’t say that “Hazoor” is TOO BUSY and sick etc to take such oath. There are many other members of Qadiani Khalifa Khandan who have lot of time at their hand and are not busy. My Qadiani friend when you will never find ONE person in WHOLE Khalifa Khandan to take such oath, you will know find the truth of above testimonials. Good Luck with your efforts to convince ONE MEMBER of Khalifa Khandan to take this Oath.


Mirza Basheer uddin Mahmud Ahmad was poisoned as a child, then had many mental issues

MGA’s eldest living son from his second wife has lots of issues as a child.  He was Bashir-2 and MGA was afraid that he was also going to die, thus he (and his team) masked the famous “Promised-Son-Prophecy”.  MGA was embarrassed when Bashir-1 died and made lots of excuses.  Thus, they were purposely unclear in terms of what child was the Promised Son, they even wrote that it might be Mirza Mubarak Ahmad, however, he died at age 7 in 1907.  Interestingly enough, Muhammad (Saw) progeny was cut-off by Allah, thus ending the cycle of prophets on planet Earth.  In the below, we prove that Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad was a sick person, just like his father, yet he was privileged and allowed to do as he wished.  He most likely had brain damage from being given opium as a child as well as being poisoned with dirty breast milk.  

Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad was given pure opium by MGA as a child

    “During my childhood, he (Mirza Ghulam) gave me OPIUM for sickness. Gave it to me for six months continuously.”

Statement of Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmood, Khalifa Qadian, Minhaj-ul-Talibeen, p.74.

A new book published by tells us more
In a new published by Ahmadiyya INC, they tell us of another story.

See here:
The Promised Son
Written by Rashid Ahmad Chaudhry
First published in the UK, 2017
© Islam International Publications Ltd.
Published by:
Islam International Publications Ltd.
Islamabad, Sheephatch Lane
Tilford, Surrey GU10 2AQ, UK

Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad was poisoned from breast milk? 
See page 8:

“””Hazrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad ra was born on 12 January 1889 around 10 o’clock in the evening. He was lovingly nicknamed Mian by his parents. In those times it was customary for a maid to be employed to look after a child. The maid who was appointed to look after him had been very ill but she had not told anyone. Eight of her children had already passed away due to an illness they contracted through her breast milk. The maid, without seeking permission from the parents, gave some of her milk to Mian Mahmud ra. This led to the illnesses infecting the blood of Mian Mahmud ra. From the age of 2 to 12 Mian Mahmud ra remained very ill. Sometimes he would get a fever, while at other times he would suffer from coughing fits. The doctors said that it was unlikely that he would survive very long, but the doctors were not aware of Allah’s promise. Allah had promised that the chosen one would live for a long time and his fame would spread all over the world.

Mian Mahmud ra was a favourite of his parents, but they took his upbringing and discipline very seriously. The Promised Messiah as and his wife continuously strived to make him a model Muslim.””””

Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad was still married off at roughly 12-13, the 1902 era
He was then married off to a young bride.  He then failed his matriculation exam and was an embarrassment to Ahmadiyya.

In 1907 he was accused of immoral behavior with women

Were the mental issues heriditary?

He becomes the Khalifa in 1914 and immediately forcibly marries Noorudin’s daughter
Mirza Basheeruddin kept running wild, he was priviliged and above the law.  She ended up dying mysteriously, she had 3 children with the Khalifa, all of those children seem to be missing from the management of the Ahmadiyya Movement.  As soon as she died..the Khalifa immediately married again.  From roughly 1925, the Khalifa always kept 4 wives, when one would die, he would marry another.

Was his younger brother the promised reformer?

The 1930’s, homosexuality and etc

His agonizing death

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claims that a Muslim man should divorce his wife immediately for dialogue with men

MGA was sick and twisted, check out this quote:

MGA claims that a Muslim man should divorce his wife immediately for Haraam dialogue with men
“”For instance, if a person is guilty of an approach towards the wife of another which, though it does not proceed as far as adultery, yet amounts to its preliminaries, it would become incumbent upon the self-respecting husband of the woman to divorce her on account of her willingness to tolerate such an approach. Her children would also be sadly afflicted. The husband would have to endure all this injury on account of the misconduct of a villain.”””(see Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam, online edition, page 42).

Some brief notes on “The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam” aka “Islami Usool Ki Falasifi”(1896)

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad never did any public speeches, nor did he ever give any Friday Khutbas, nor did he ever lead Salaat as an Imam.  This list is endless.  In this case, I am reviewing yet another pre-written lecture, which was read out by Maulvi Abdul Kareem.  MGA gave the excuse of being sick, however, the truth is that MGA spoke with a terrible stutter/stammer and was too shy to speak publicly.

Info from Dard about this book
“When, however, he (MGA) began writing the essay, he was overtaken by a severe attack of diarrhoea.”, Page 477.

Khwaja Kamaluddin objected to the content of this book
Khwaja was MGA’s personal lawyer, he even bailed MGA out of jail in 1904 under duress.  He was a good speaker and one of Ahmadiyya’s top-5 at that time.  During Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad’s arguments vs. the Lahori-Ahmadis, Mahmud Ahmad confessed to an old story wherein Mahmud Ahmad was only 8 years and MGA and his team had written “Islami Usool Ki Falasifi”.  The Khwaja seems to have read a copy of the lecture and wasnt impressed by its contents (See Mahmud Ahmad, “Truth about the Split” (1924).  Mahmud Ahmad tells us that the Khwaja was so embarrassed by the content of the lecture that he tried to hide marketing signs that Ahmadiyya leadership had paid for.

MGA claims that a Muslim man should divorce his wife immediately for Haraam dialogue with men
“”For instance, if a person is guilty of an approach towards the wife of another which, though it does not proceed as far as adultery, yet amounts to its preliminaries, it would become incumbent upon the self-respecting husband of the woman to divorce her on account of her willingness to tolerate such an approach. Her children would also be sadly afflicted. The husband would have to endure all this injury on account of the misconduct of a villain.”””(see Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam, online edition, page 42).

Nuzhat Haneef’s data on this lecture
p355 of Begum Nuzhat Haneef’s seminal work “Recognising the Messiah” says this:

“””I would also like to mention that I have heard (through personal communication) from two different Ahmadee sources that the material in Islaamee Usool kee Filaasafee seems to have been taken from `Abdul Qaadir Jeelaanee, a renowned Muslim saint/scholar of the 6th century AH. But I have not verified this myself.””””

MGA contradicts all of the writings in this book, since he divorced his wife in 1892, for no good reason
MGA forced his son Mirza Fazl Ahmad to divorce his wife in 1892.  This is a well known story.  Further, MGA was lusting after his niece in this era, namely Muhammadi Begum.

The rest of the book is nonsense also
On page 197, he begins to talk about his “divine-converse”.  However, in 1896, MGA had gotten it all wrong, he denied prophethood in this era, and later on claimed that he was confused about his prophethood for 20+ years.

He also quotes many verses of the quran which are neutral in terms of Ahmadiyya vs. Sunni thought.

MGA’s paper didnt win 
Ahmadiyya leadership has totally lied about this conference and its aftermath.  Further, Ahmadis had people on the panel that were sympathetic towards Ahmadis and thus gave them extra time.

Nur ud Din concluded the conference
MGA’s ghost writer and speech preparer, Maulvi Nur ud Din was a moderator at the conference and the the person who was to officially close the conference.  This data alone proves that MGA has official support during this conference.  Further, there didnt seem to be any other Muslim there to present the case for Islam.  Thus, the entire conference was a sham, further, there is no way to tell if Maulvi Abdul Kareem read out the entire lecture or not, this book wasnt published in Urdu til 1905, additional content could have been added.

Ahmadi-trolls are offended by me and my blog

I’ve recently been asked some questions by some Ahmadi-trolls.  Most of these guys are unemployed and spend all day on FB marketing for the Ahmadiyya Movement.  The questions can be found here:

My response
I am not a preacher of any religion, I am not an Imam, I am simply an educated man who can read, write and conduct critical thinking.  Most Ahmadis cannot, and its not their fault, they are radicalized and brainwashed by the Mirza family.  Further, he claims that my essays don;’t deserve a response, however, he has spent many hours talking to me and reading my essays and now responding.  Obviously, Damon Stengel is another “brainwashed-Ahmadi” and can’t think for himself.

Damon doesn’t know Urdu or Arabic
I just wanted to point out that 99% of the African and American born Ahmadis dont know urdu at all, hence they can never read the books of MGA and they never read the english books, which number 40+ in 2017.  Further, his knowledge of Arabic is elementary.  The reason I bring this up is because this is an excuse that Ahmadis make when they are cornered.  They claim that since we can’t read urdu…we can never summarize what MGA has written.  OK…that argument has been destroyed.  Moving on…

Damon quotes Mirza Masroor Ahmad, as he urged Ahmadis to be nice to their critics
Damon goes on to quote his Khalifa wherein he has ordered Ahmadis to be nice on social media to their critics.  However, that is instructions from 2016-2017, and its outwardly only.  In reality, Ahmadis hate their critics and have hated them since the times of MGA.  MGA prayed for Lekh Ram to die and was happy when Lekh Ram was finally murdered in 1897.  Further, MGA prayed for Abdullah Athim to die in 15 months and failed, and this was during a gentleman’s debate, in fact, MGA’s own brother-in-law left Ahmadiyya in this saga.  The list goes on and on….ever heard of Dowie or Piggot??  Or Sanaullah or Dr. Khan???  Ahmadis have hated their critics and dealt with them harshly since 1889.

MGA exploited the concept of Mubahila
Before MGA, muslims never did Mubahila against anyone…Muhammad (saw) never even did Mubahila, there was an incident wherein Muhammad (Saw) challenged Christian delegation, however, that is a deeper topic and not meant to be normal etiquette in any debate.

Mirza Masroor Ahmad was only giving lip service
So remember, Ahmadi Khalifas lie all the time….they say things in public, however, they oppose them behind the scenes.  Case in point. Qasim Rashid hates Muslim leaders in the USA, and his boyfriend, Kashif Chaudhry, they are both terrorizing and harrassing Muslim leaders in America and per the orders of the same Mirza Masroor Ahmad.

I was referring to my local Ahmadi-mullah
Would you like his name??  I actually discussed Ahmadiyya with his son a few months ago…he is another example of the brainwashed Ahmadi.  His father, he barely knew anything about Ahmadiyya and would refuse to admit to not knowing any given subject.

Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad was most likely bi-sexual
This is wherein Damon Stengel proves that he hasn’t read enough literature.  There is so much data on this topic. This was the notorious son of MGA, he failed in school and was a terrible student in general.  What makes it worse is that all of his teachers were Ahmadi-mullahs and they tried to teach him day and night, however, he was just like his father, he was terrible at academics and learning in general and spent his whole life taking sex drugs and fornicating with men and women.

Case in point, in 1907, he was accused of illicit sexual behavior, see here:

Damon then mentions that there is no compulsion in religion
He loses me here…I dont get it.  I agree, there is no compulsion in Islam.

Damon then accuses of some type of personal benefit for critiquing Ahmadiyya
This is hilarious and ridiculous.  I dont need anyone money, I make good money.

Many college students are brainwashed
Its beneath me to explain this to Damon, he is arguing that Ahmadis can’t brainwashed idiots, since some Ahmadis have went to college and became doctors and etc.  However, Damon doesn’t know, any people can be pass college and learn, it simply takes time, money, effort and a support system, in fact, the jewish community and Christian community has proved this.

Jamia is not an accreditated Institution
The Ahmadiyya Jamia is a fraud.  Most of their top Mullahs fail arabic, in fact, the first ever African-American-Ahmadi-Mullah admitted to failing in Arabic, however, he was still made an imam…since they needed a black-man on the team.  Another case is of Ibrahim Noonan, he barely knows any arabic and Islam.

Ahmadis don’t double-check their Mullahs
Damon admitted to this….however, he didn’t fully admit…Ahmadis do ask questions to their local mullahs, however, they dont research the books for themselves and thus just take the Ahmadi-mullahs answer on face value.

Ahmadis leave Pakistan for money….not persecution
See..this is where Damon Stengel is clueless.  He hasnt researched this issue at all.  There is NO Ahmadi oppression in Pakistan, its all a lie.  See here:

Why do Ahmadis do charitable works?
Ahmadis are conducting marketing on behalf of the Mirza family.  That’s all…consider it Corporate Social Responsibility, thats all….even the KKK did blood drives.  I never said Refugees are bad….I said that the Ahmadiyya movement purposely got declared non-muslim and the Khalifa should be arrested for human trafficking.

You misrepresent the quran on 22:59
You didnt even give a reference to your interpretation of this verse.  What did MGA write about it??  What about other Ahmadi mullahs??  See….your brain doesnt even understand the importance of this referencing.  When you get the reference…let me know…

Ahmadiyya census?
If Ahmadiyya has all the official numbers?  Why arent they published in a per-country format? This is proof of lying…Further, I asked Naveed to tell me why Ahmadiyya leadership lied about converts, specifically from 95–2003….he never answered, and im sure that you will never answer, read here:

Lets see what Damon has to say now…lets see if he will dig up the homework that I have given him.  He probably won’t.


Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad was accused of immoral behavior at Qadian (1938)–he calls it normal

Ahmadis are fond of making silly and stupid parallels.  In the 1930’s, when Mahmud Ahmad was accused of homosexuality and other sex crimes in Qadian by Bashir Misri, he defended himself by saying that ALL holy people are accused of sexual mis-conduct by their followers. This argument sufficed for the poor and ignorant followers of Mahmud Ahmad, however, the Lahori-Ahmadis soon chimed in and objected to Mahmud Ahmad’s arguments.  See below for the exchange.

See these essays also:

Appendix in Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqi’s book, Truth Triumphs

Peculiar Technique of Self exoneration

Mudslinging Against the Righteous

Al-Fazl published a Friday Sermon by Mian Mahmud Ahmad Sahib in its issue dated December 2, 1938.  As usual Mian Sahib commented on the opening chapter of the Quran “the Fatiha”.  This time the caption was, “Sheikh Abdur Rahman’s dark vituperation and Maulvi Muhammad Ali Sahib”.  In this connection, my only fault is that I referred to a printed decision of the High Court, which contained serious allegations against Mian Sahib by his former follower.  In my Friday sermon, I said that in the times of Hazrat Mirza Sahib, Qadian enjoyed reputation for the righteous and piety, but now it is known all over the world for something else.  Mian Sahib has given vent to great fury.  The deplorable aspect of the whole matter is that Mian Sahib is at pains to prove that even during the times of Hazrat Sahib, the reputation of Qadian did not arise from piety and purity and that even in those days also, enemies apart, the followers (God Forbid) levelled charges against Hazrat Sahib similar to those now levelled against Mian Sahib. 

Not content with this, he goes on further.  He holds that even the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him) had to face similar dark allegations from his disciples. 

This is Mian Sahib’s peculiar technique of self-exoneration.  He scandalizes the righteous in self-defence.  I have no doubt that there are evil-minded people who fling allegations without rhyme or reason.  But one may ascertain from the old Ahmadies and non-Ahmadies whether or not it is a fact that the people who came to Qadian, used to first contact the enemies to gather knowledge about Hazrat Mirza Sahib before taking the oath of fealty.  The visitors always found that even the enemies both, Muslims and Hindus, were convinced of the piety and righteousness of Hazrat Sahib, despite their hostility on grounds of creedal differences.  Even the enemies did not assail the character of Hazrat Sahib.  Thus the question of a follower finding fault with his character did not arise at all as it is in the case of Mian Sahib.  It pains me to learn that Mian Sahib repudiates these irrefutable facts.  He is now consoling his followers in the distant parts of the world, by telling them that even during Hazrat Sahib’s time, people harbored doubts and suspicions against the character of Hazrat sahib, as his own (Mian Sahib’s) enemies and followers do about him.  Mian Sahib may spin a long yarn in his sermons.  He may indulge in verbal jugglery to camouflage facts.  But no historian can deny two evident events.  The first is that there is a world of difference between Qadian of 40 years ago and the Qadian of today.  Qadian, 40 years ago was the Qadian which Sir Muhammad Iqbal regarded as a specimen as it then was a synonym for piety and righteousness.  But today its character is such as even friends shed tears and keep quiet.  It is because it has fallen into the abyss of degradation and ill fame.  This has spread to the nook and corner of the world. 

Mian Sahib hurled a threat at me under the caption of “Maulvi Muhammad Ali and his family”, and declared that he could take revenge by scandalizing me and that he would do it.  My submission in this connection is that if scandal-mongering against me and my family can confer exoneration on him, he is perfectly welcome to do so.  He may use this recipe.  He may abuse me in any manner he likes.  But for God’s sake, he should desist from embroiling the Promised Messiah.  In his sermon, Mian Sahib says, “The allegations which Misri Sahib is levelling against me, are the same which some men of his (Hazrat Sahib’s Community used to level against the Promised Messiah”. 

What a heinous scandal!  This dark lie has been hurled in a Friday Sermon from a pulpit, just to cast a veil on his own failings.  There are statements made in the courts.  Let alone Misri sahib! Here in his (Mian sahib’s) case there is a long line of followers beginning from Maulvi Abdul Karim of Mubahila who levelled allegations against his character.  If there is even a grain of truth in what Mian Sahib says about the Promised Messiah, he should arise and publish a poster or statement in which any follower of Hazrat Sahib levelled such a charge as has been levelled against him. I have abstained from repeating these allegations.  But I now quote them as Mian Sahib himself has published them in Al-Fazl and which hold the Promised Messiah as a target of impious allegations:

“The present Khalifah is licentious.  Under the guise of holiness, he is a womanizer.  He has employed some men and women as agents for this purpose.  Through them, he entraps the innocent boys and girls.  He has set up a society which compromises men and women.  They indulge in adultery.”

Mian sahib may beguile and satisfy his followers in any manner he likes best.  But there is not an iota of truth in the dark lie that some members of the Lahore section of Ahmadiyya Movement ever levelled any such allegation against the Promised Messiah.  If Mian sahib has any proof in support of his stunt, he may boldly come out into the open. 

The Promised Messiah is in a class by himself.  Mian Sahib has presumed that, God forbid, all the righteous people have been accused of low moral character.  This is why he has not spared even the holy person of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him) and has declared that even he was the victim of such dark accusations by his disciples.  In this strain he says:

“Perhaps they think that we alone are being abused and we alone are the people who are subjected to such vituperations, whereas, the fact is that, the scandal mongers set afloat such things against Jesus Christ and they were his followers.  They propagated scandals against the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him) and they were his followers.  Thus eminent personalities had to face such allegations from their followers.  This being the case, neither my community nor I, nor for the matter of that anyone else can escape such accusations.”

The question of Prophet Moses and Prophet Jesus apart.  We have before our eyes all the events in the life of the Holy Prophet in the historical perspective.  Is there any Muslim who levelled such charges against the Holy Prophet as have been levelled against Mian Sahib?  That the Holy Prophet’s sacred person was above and beyond calumny is an irrefutable fact and the enemies were challenged thus:

“I have indeed lived among you a life-time before this.  Will you not understand? (10:17)

It meant that even the enemies could not find fault with him.  Is it at all thinkable that the Muslims could or would do it? I ask: Did his (The holy prophet’s) followers (as vainly asserted by Mian Sahib) regard him (the Holy Prophet), God forbid, as of objectional character, as the followers of Mian Sahib regard him by levelling accusations against him?  We there any devoted disciple, who said about him that he is a woman chaser?  Does this technique confer any exoneration on Mian Sahib?  If this technique is tenable to them every evil-doer and a criminal can advance this plea in his defence. 


Mian sahib had to take recourse to this erratic course, because he had abandoned the right course.  He has consoled himself with the idea that a guilty person can claim exoneration by accusing another man.  He may or may not admit.  But it is a fact that such charges were levelled against him as simply aspersions on Qadian and the Promised Messiah.  If I had been in Mian Sahib’s place I would have met Maulvi Abdul Karim’s (of Mubahila) challenge by immediately denying on oath the charge, not for my own sake but for the sake of Qadian and the Promised Messiah.  This was the straight course for exoneration which Mian Sahib did not adopt.  Misri Sahib made a demand which was rather difficult. But in view of the disgrace that the rejection of his demand has brought in its wake, it is much easier to accept it and set up an independent Commission to investigate the matter.  After all the followers of Mian Sahib were bound to be the members of this commission.  Nobody could assert that they would give an adverse verdict against their religious leader without rigorously sifting the evidence.  On the contrary their verdict would have been the same as is evident from their professions that even if they were to see Mian Sahib behaving in an objectionable manner they would belie their eyes.  The adoption of this formal technique would have settled the whole affair within the four walls of Qadian.  This would have saved the community the disgrace it is suffering at the moment.

Mian sahib’s assertion that the authors of the accusations, are not his followers because they differ with him on the question of Khilafat, is wrong.  In the first instance this dissension on khilafat, arose because they detected serious drawbacks in the person of the Khalifa himself.  There was no such dissension before this discovery.  Moreover, Mian Sahib had solemnly declared that no one could take Ba’it even if one did not see eye to eye with him in certain matters.  This being his declared formula that even such people may be regarded as his followers, as call the people Muslims, whereas Mian Sahib regards them as Kafirs.  Even such people also are his followers who impute kufr to people whom Mian Sahib regards as Muslims. 

As for the accusers they had been his followers for years together and were very close to him.  After all it is the duty of Mian sahib to explain why they have levelled against him such charges as one does not ordinarily level against one’s enemies. 

I regret to say that I had to waste my time on this vexed issue.  I am perfectly conscious of the fact that the Muslims are dissipating their energies in undoing each other on very petty issues.  This is why their resistance against their genuine enemies is growing weak.  I have always striven to see that my Jamaat should be devoted single-minded to countering the activities of the enemies of Islam.  If Mian Sahib had restricted his vituperations against my person only I would have kept my peace.  But as he tried to defend his person by assailing the holy person of the Holy Prophet, I had no other alternative but to take up pen in defence of the Holy Prophet.  I do not claim to sinlessness.  I am a weak human being and pray for the mercy of God. 

December 8, 1938                                                     Muhammad Ali

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